Horizon Wrestling League

Horizon Wrestling League is a fictional wrestling promotion run with the help of the TNM-7 wrestling simulator and created by TJ Baker. The HWL has no affiliation with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Total Nonstop Action (TNA) or Ring of Honor (ROH). All characters used are real, but storylines/angles are all fictional and created by the owner. The latest card was April 25, 2010 (in TNM time).


In January 2009, Randal Baker - a southeastern billionare - struck a deal with the owners of the three major wrestling promotions in the United States: Vince McMahon of WWE; Dixie Carter of TNA; and Cary Silkin of ROH. For a substantial sum of money, Baker was given the rights to sign any number of wrestlers, referees and other talent that he found necessary. Baker struck deals with a number of talent, and announced that the HWL would broadcast it's first show - on the G4 Network - that summer.




Championship Current Champion Date Won Former Champion
Heavyweight Title Desmond Wolfe April 25, 2010 Kane
X Title Rhino April 25, 2010 Montel Vontavious Porter
Tag Team Titles The Motor City Machine Guns April 25, 2010 The Legacy
Womens Title Natalya April 19, 2010 Velvet Sky




In September 2009, the HWL struck a deal with London-based Premiere English Wrestling. The deals made the PEW the official developmental promotion for HWL. The PEW goal is to get athletes prepared for the rigorous life in the HWL.

Premiere English Wrestling

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