April 02, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Denver, CO

Pepsi Center
Attendance: 9,550 (50%)

The show starts as Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton makes his way out to the ring. Orton listens to the jeers from the crowd, and says they can’t change the fact that he is now the most powerful man in the HWL. Orton says that CM Punk is just like the fans, in that he isn’t happy with Orton being champion either. Orton says that the crowd and Punk can all blame the same person for what happened at Wrestlocalypse: Colt Cabana. Orton says that warned Punk for weeks that he probably couldn’t trust Cabana. Punk wouldn’t listen, and now he’s out of a title. Orton says he was right and that he told Punk so. Orton wonders if Punk is going to listen to him from now on. Orton says he hopes Punk is listening tonight, because just like at Wrestleocaylpse, when Orton beats Punk at Rebellion – and retains the Heavyweight Title – Punk will have no one to blame but himself.

CM Punk’s music plays as Punk joins Orton in the ring. Punk grabs the microphone out of Orton’s hand and the two of them stare each other down. Punk says that he’s tired of waiting. He wants to settle things right here, right now. Punk and Orton get set to fight, but are interrupted as Peter Bradshaw makes his way onto the stage. Bradshaw understands that Punk has had a trying week, and that knowing he has a chance to regain the Heavyweight Title in two weeks is making him anxious. But Bradshaw says that he can’t have Punk and Orton fight tonight, even though the fans would love to see it. Bradshaw tells Punk that he will just have to wait until Rebellion to get his hands on Orton. Bradshaw says that, in the fairness of safety and the main event at Rebellion, he is sending Punk back to his hotel to cool off and get some rest. Punk looks on, dumbfounded, as he is asked to leave the ring. Orton leans over the ropes, waving goodbye to Punk as the crowd chants “Bullshit!” Punk glares at Bradshaw as he walks by, saying that Bradshaw is making a huge mistake. Punk walks through the curtains as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, CM Punk is seen walking through the backstage area, and is confronted by Adam Cole. Cole starts to speak, but Punk stops and pushes Cole into the wall. Punk says that whatever smart-ass comment Cole has, to keep it to himself. Punk lets Cole go and walks out of the arena as the camera goes to ringside.

Fatal Four Way Match
Velvet Sky vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Melina

Brie Bella came out strong in tonight’s opening contest, in a match-up consisting of former Women’s Champions and a newcomer in Melina. Brie seemed focused on dishing out punishment to Velvet Sky – whom she has had quite the past with – before connecting flush with a kneelift for the 1-2-3.

[Four Corners Match]:
Brie Bella defeated Velvet Sky, Natalya, and Melina when Brie pinned Sky after a kneelift in 0:10:11.
Rating: ** ½

After the match, Brie slid out of the ring, celebrating her victory as Natalya and Melina looked on from the apron

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Nikki Bella tells Alisha Hicks that she doesn’t understand why Eve Torres is getting all the attention. Nikki says that Eve is injured and hasn’t even proven herself worthy of the time she’s been given. Alisha asks whether or not Nikki is jealous of the attention Eve is getting. Nikki attacks Alisha and screams that she is not jealous of anyone.

Chris Sabin vs. Rami Sebei

Last week, Chris Sabin asked Peter Bradshaw to consider giving him an opponent for Rebellion, saying that he could be an asset to the HWL. Tonight, Sabin was given a good first challenge, in the form of former X-Division Champion, Rami Sebei. Sabin came out strong, showing that he wasn’t going to back down a challenge, no matter who it was. A timely mistake by Sabin caused Sebei to take control of the match, nearly getting a pinfall victory. However, Sebei kept up the attack, narrowly getting Sabin to pass out in a rear naked choke. Sabin was able to reach the ropes, fighting back, and connected with the Cradle Shock for a stunning victory.

Chris Sabin pinned Rami Sebei with the Cradle Shock in 0:10:03.
Rating: *** ¼

After the match, Sabin crumples to the floor, still feeling the effects of the rear naked choke. The referee raises his arm, from the canvas, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Chris Sabin is seen rubbing his neck, as he approaches Peter Bradshaw backstage. Smiling, Sabin asks if Bradshaw saw what just happened in the ring. Bradshaw says that it was impressive. Sabin asks if Bradshaw has found him an opponent for Rebellion. Bradshaw says that he has, and announces that Sabin will take on Michael Tarver in two weeks. Sabin looks stunned as Bradshaw walks off.

Also backstage, Scott Hanson is seen with Jesse Neal. Neal says that Corino is trying to make himself feel better by throwing out insults. Neal says that he didn’t come through in the Golden Opportunity Match, but was at least willing to put himself out there for it. Neal says that Corino is just bitter because he hasn’t had the same success as he did before his former partner left the HWL. Neal says that Corino has no friends, yet alone teammates; and that Corino needs to remember that Shane Hagadorn turned his back on the last team he managed to ride the coattails of Corino. But that was when Corino was a champion. Now he has no title, no teammates, and pretty soon no one else to watch is back. Neal says that he proved last week that he could get to Corino. Neal knows that he’s getting under Corino’s skin, and that at Rebellion, the ultimate insult will be when he beats Corino in the center of that ring.

Jeff Hardy & Kaz vs. AJ Styles & Matt Morgan (w/Ric Flair)

Last week, The Conglomerate issued a challenge to the newly reformed British Invasion for the upcoming Rebellion pay-per-view. With the challenge accepted, and the matched signed, Styles and Morgan set their sights on Hardy and Kaz tonight. Hardy and Kaz took The Conglomerate by surprise in the beginning of the match, using their speed to get the better of “The Blueprint”. Kaz connected with a baseball slide to the outside, where he and Hardy worked over Morgan, before Styles was able to come over and even things out. Styles whipped Hardy into the ring post, allowing he and Morgan to double team Kaz, before tossing him back into the ring. From that point on, Morgan and Styles went to work. Hardy tried to even things up, late in the match, but was grabbed by Ric Flair who connected with a low blow on the outside. This allowed AJ to hit the Styles Clash for the 1-2-3.

The Conglomerate (AJ Styles & Matt Morgan) defeated Jeff Hardy & Kaz when Styles pinned Kaz with the Styles Clash in 0:09:06.
Rating: *** ¼

After the match, Styles and Morgan exit the ring, joining Flair on the ramp. The camera pans to show Jeff Hardy laying prone on the concrete at ringside, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, the Tag Team Champions – Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado – make their way out to the ring. Angle says that everything in wrestling, much like life, is cyclical. Everything has its time and place. Just like the state of tag team wrestling in the HWL. Angle says that the only difference is that, in wrestling, when a team like he and Maldonado have been on the top so long, competition tends to get stale. The paying customers get tired of seeing the same teams try, over and over, to get what they know they can’t have: the HWL Tag Team Titles. Angle says that’s the state the division is in now; that there’s no one left for he and Maldonado to face. Angle says that there are teams being thrown together for the sake of adding depth; but none of them have the history to even call themselves worthy of being number one contenders. Angle then issues an open challenge to any team, or two individuals wanting to try their luck, to come out and accept a title shot at Rebellion.

The arena fills with tension until Peter Bradshaw appears on-stage. Bradshaw says that he appreciates Angle’s willingness to allow anyone to challenge him and Maldonado for the titles in two weeks; but that, ultimately, that decision is his to make. Bradshaw says that there are new teams vying to make a name for themselves, and that getting a title shot would certainly put their names on the map. So, instead of allowing an open challenge to be issued, Bradshaw announces that, next week, a four-team tournament will be held to determine who will face Angle and Maldonado at Rebellion. Bradshaw leaves the ring as Angle prepares for his match.

Commercial Break

Jesse Neal vs. Kurt Angle

Steve Corino wasted no time in getting his retribution on Jesse Neal, in the form of giving Kurt Angle weapons to inflict damage with. Angle reluctantly used the offering from Corino, but as the match continued, the Tag Team champion seemed right at home taking the advantage that was given to him. However, even with the use of foreign objects, Angle was not able to put Neal away. Neal recovered from an Ankle Lock attempt, planting Angle with a vicious clothesline. As Neal made the cover, Corino entered the ring and broke up the three-count, getting Angle disqualified.

Jesse Neal defeated Kurt Angle by disqualification in 0:09:09.
Rating: *** ¼
[Steve Corino interfered against Jesse Neal.]

After the match, Corino continues to assault Neal in the middle of the ring. He whips Neal into the turnbuckles, and lands a series of stomps. Corino gets into Neal’s face, saying that Neal will never be better than Corino. Corino winds up to punch Neal, but get stopped by Angle. Corino spins around and attempts to hit Angle, but Angle ducks and throws Corino over the top rope! Corino gets to his feet and makes his way up the ramp, followed by Shane Hagadorn, as the camera goes backstage.

Backstage, Scott Hanson is seen with Brutus Magnus and Rob Terry. Scott says that it was a special moment seeing the reuniting of The British Invasion at Wrestleoclypse. Magnus says it was, indeed, and that it was only a matter of time before they were back together. They just needed the right reason to join forces once again. Terry says that the reason they got back together is a similar hatred for Ric Flair and his backstabbing “yes men”, AJ Styles and Matt Morgan. Terry says that what Morgan may be walking around as X-Division Champion, but what happened to Styles two weeks ago, was just a taste of what they have coming to them. Terry says that The Conglomerate is being put on alert for Rebellion.

Commercial Break

A preview for REBELLION is shown, as “War of Change” plays in the background. REBELLION will be held live, Sunday April 15th, from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey!

Backstage, Scott Hanson is seen with Adam Cole. Scott asks what is going through Cole’s mind after his earlier confrontation with CM Punk, knowing that he still has to face Santino Marella later tonight. Cole says that Punk is bitter. Punk is jealous. Punk is angry at himself for allowing someone who he considered a friend to cost him the Heavyweight Title. Cole says that Punk is desperate to do whatever it takes to get that title back, even if it means threatening Cole. Cole says that, what Punk needs to remember is that, at Rebellion, if Cole gets touched in a threatening manner, Punk’s hopes of regaining the title are gone in an instant! Cole then says that he’s headlining Anarchy tonight because he’s proven that he’s capable of anything possible inside the ring. He says he will not stop with headlining tonight; and that after he cashes in his Golden Opportunity, he will be headlining pay-per-views for the foreseeable future.

Claudio Castagnoli & Michael Tarver vs. The British Invasion (w/Chelsea)

Earlier in the evening, Michael Tarver was announced as Chris Sabin’s opponent at Rebellion in two weeks. Before he could think about the up-coming pay-per-view, he and Claudio Castagnoli had to contend with the reformed team of Brutus Magnus and Rob Terry. It hadn’t been since mid-2011 since Magnus and Terry teamed up with each other, and at the onset, that teamwork was a little rusty. This gave Castagnoli and Tarver an opportunity to show what they could do against former Tag Team Champions. Tarver looked impressive, as he was clearly trying to send a message to Chris Sabin; but eventually, the rust wore off and Magnus and Terry came back. Magnus took control of the match, tossing Tarver out of the ring after a quick tag to Castagnoli, before hitting Claudio with the Tormentum for the 1-2-3.

The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry) defeated Claudio Castagnoli & Michael Tarver when Magnus pinned Castagnoli with the Tormentum in 0:09:55.
Rating: ** ¼

After the match, Magnus and Terry celebrated with Chelsea inside the ring, as Anarchy went to commercials.

Commercial Break

Santino Marella vs. Adam Cole

Santino has had a rough couple weeks, losing at Wrestleocalypse and coming up short last week against Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. As he prepared to take part in the four-team tournament, set up by Peter Bradshaw, to determine the number one contenders to face Angle & Maldonado at Rebellion, he stepped into the ring with the Golden Opportunist, Adam Cole. Cole has been busy lately, being named the special referee for the cage match between CM Punk and Randy Orton at Rebellion; and with his recent run-ins with Punk lately, Cole has had his plate full. Tonight, he got more than he bargained for from Marella. Cole had control of the match until a missed shoulder block gave Marella the opening he needed. Marella was unable to put Cole away, and the match turned into a back-and-forth brawl. Both men were nearly counted out, as they used everything at ringside they could to wear the other down. In a bit of desperation, Cole connected with the ring bell, tossing it aside, before rolling back into the ring. Cole sat atop the turnbuckles as the referee counted Marella out.

Adam Cole defeated Santino Marella by countout in 0:28:20.
Rating: *** ¼

After the match, Cole celebrated in the ring, with the crowd roaring their disapproval, as the medical staff tended to Marella. Anarchy goes off the air with Cole make his way up the ramp.

Card rating: ***

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