April 11, 2011

Attendance: 17,766

“Headstrong” blares through the arena, and fireworks shoot from the stage, as Josh Daniels welcomes everyone to Monday Night Anarchy. It is announced, that tonight, Jey Uso will get the chance of a lifetime, when he steps into the ring against Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, in a non-title match.

Randy Orton’s music hits, as “The Viper” comes out to the ring. The hometown crowd gives him a mixed reaction as he grabs a microphone. Orton says that, last week, he simply wanted to send a message to Kurt Angle: that he could do whatever the Heavyweight Champion could do, only better. Orton says that he was out-numbered last week because Abyss couldn’t keep his nose out of other people’s business. He says he was still able to fight off “The Monster”, and hit the RKO on Anderson. But, because of the ineptitude of the officials in the HWL, Anderson was able to kick out. Orton says that, all of sudden, he finds himself rolled up, and the referee has no problem counting to three! Orton says that he’ll deal with the officials later, because he has a bigger issue with the fact that Abyss interjected himself in Orton’s match. He says, because of that, Abyss has now made himself a problem; and that after Orton takes care of Kurt Angle at REBELLION, he will gladly turn his sights on the Golden Opportunity winner.

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Cody Rhodes pinned Steve Corino with the Cross Rhodes in (insert time).
Rating: *
* ½
[Colt Cabana interfered against Cody Rhodes.]**

Last week, Cody Rhodes’s fate was sealed for REBELLION, when he accepted a challenge by Kyle O’Reilly for the April 24th pay-per-view. Tonight, he stepped into the ring with Steve Corino, who was coming off a loss to Jey Uso at Wrestleocolypse. Both men stopped at nothing to ensure themselves victory; which for Rhodes, having to deal with Colt Cabana - who came down to the ring with a chair in-hand. Corino clotheslined Rhodes outside the ring, and distracted the referee as Cabana hit a vicious chairshot to Rhodes’s back, before sinking away from the ring. Corino brought Rhodes back into the ring, and worked over his injured back, before connecting with the Sliding Lariat. Corino went for the cover, and was shocked when he was only able to get a two-count! Corino argued with the referee, allowing Rhodes enough time to get to his feet and catch his bearings, before stunning Corino with the Cross Rhodes to pick up the victory!

After the match, Colt Cabana came back into the ring, and once again attacked Rhodes with the steel chair! The referee tried to grab the chair out of Cabana’s hand, but he was pushed to the canvas, as Cabana continued his assault. Eventually, HWL officials came down to the ring, causing Cabana to drop the chair and leave the ring. The crowd booed while the officials tended to Rhodes inside the ring, and Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks caught up with X-Division Champion, Adam Cole, wanting to know why he attacked D’Angelo Dinero last week. Cole chuckles to himself before saying that he attacked D’Angelo Dinero because he could attack D’Angelo Dinero. Cole says that he’s the X-Division Champion for a reason: because when he wants to do something, he gets it done. He says that, tonight, Dinero will face the same fate as Wrestleocolypse.

[Non-Title Match]
Velvet Sky pinned Sarita with the Beauty Mark in 0:19:51.
Rating: *

Sarita, the former Women’s Champion, coming off a series of hard-fought battles against Natalya, stepped into the ring with the champion tonight, hoping to get herself back on the right track. Velvet Sky was looking to get a strong victory as she heads on a course towards REBELLION, where she will defend the title against her fierce rival, Daffney. This match had the crowd’s attention for nearly the entire length of the time limit, with both Vixens pulling out all the stops to pick up a victory. The end of the match saw Velvet connect with the Beauty Mark for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Natalya ran down to the ring and attacked Velvet Sky from behind, sending her to the concrete outside the ring! As Velvet struggled to her feet, Natalya locked Sarita into the Sharpshooter, in the center of the ring! She torques back on Sarita’s legs, putting loads of pressure on her lower back, until Velvet gets back into the ring and breaks up the hold. Velvet begins to put the boots to Natalya, but Natalya rolls out the ring and heads backstage, taunting the Women’s Champion. Velvet glares at Natalya, begging her to come back into the ring, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Returning back, Alisha Hick catches up with Natalya, and asks her why she attacked Sarita just moments ago. Natalya says that she wanted to give Sarita one final blow, to let her know that she’ll never be as good as Natalya. She says that, last week, she was acknowledged as the greatest Women’s Champion in the history of the HWL. She warns Velvet Sky and Daffeny, saying that she’s coming for her title, and it doesn’t matter who has it after REBELLION.

AJ Styles, Mr. Anderson, Ric Flair and Chelsea come down to the ring to jeers from the crowd. Ric Flair says that Styles and Anderson have continually been stepped over and pushed aside since joining up as a team. Flair says that no one takes them seriously, because they have only been given one shot at the Tag Team Titles over the past few months. Flair promises that things are going to join in the near future, and says that AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson are issuing a challenge to The Hart Dynasty, at REBELLION, for the Tag Team Titles.

The American Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) defeated AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson when E. Edwards defeated Styles by disqualification in 0:04:34.
Rating: ** ¼

Before the match, Styles and Anderson claimed that they were going to “shake things up” in the HWL, and challenged The Hart Dynasty to a Tag Team Title Match at REBELLION. But, tonight, it seemed liked they were up to their usual tricks, as Ric Flair tripped up Eddie Edwards, getting his charges disqualified.

After the match, Edwards turned his attention toward Flair, who made his way up the ramp as Styles blindsided him with a dropkick to the back of the head, sending Edwards tumbling to the concrete. “The Nature Boy” pounced, and started landing kicks to Edwards’s midsection, while Styles and Anderson double-teamed Davey Richards. Anderson hit the Mic Check before he and Styles rolled out of the ring, and joined Flair and Chelsea on the ramp. The crowd jeered as the camera focused on the carnage left at ringside.

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks catches up with Colt Cabana, demanding a reason for his attack on Cody Rhodes earlier tonight. Cabana says that two weeks ago, Rhodes was only able to beat him by countout, and that was only because he had injured his back and couldn’t get to his feet by the referee’s 10-count. Cabana says that he made a statement to Rhodes, tonight; and that is 100 percent. Cabana says that he wants a rematch against Rhodes, next week, on Anarchy. Cabana leaves the ring as Josh Daniels admits that Cody Rhodes has a full plate, dealing with both Colt Cabana and Kyle O’Reilly.

[Non-Title Match]
Adam Cole defeated D’Angelo Dinero by countout in 0:24:16.
Rating: *
* ¼**

This was a rematch of the X-Division Title Match from BEST OF THE BEST in February, when Cole was able to defeat Dinero for the belt. Last week, Cole refueled that fire by attacking Dinero during his match against Matt Morgan, allowing Peter Bradshaw to give Dinero another shot. “The Pope” came out strong, clearly angered by losing the title, and then being blindsided for Cole’s own humor. Dinero was able to connect with the DDE after the match went past the time limit, but Cole showed that he is smarter then what his actions say, and he was able to get a foot on the rope to break up the count. The champ fought back, and connected with a spinning leg lariat, that send Dinero’s head crashing onto the canvas. Dazed, Dinero became an easy target for Cole, who tossed Dinero outside the ring and celebrated as the referee counted “The Pope” out.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks gets a comment from Jey Uso - with Tamina - as he gets ready for his main event match against Kurt Angle. Uso says that it’s a huge moment in his career, because he’s being given a chance to show what he can do against the best in the business. He promises to go out and give this match all he has, but says that he wishes his brother was here to see it live. Jey says that he knows Jimmy is watching back home, and that he hopes he makes his brother proud tonight.

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A promo for REBELLION is shown - with “The Fad” by Chevelle announced as the theme song. Josh Daniels and Scott Michael go over the matches that have been announced for the event, including a rematch for the Heavyweight Title between “The Viper” Randy Orton and the Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle. Josh Daniels announces that the event will take place in 13 days, live from Oklahoma City!

Non-Title Match
Kurt Angle made Jey Uso submit to the Ankle Lock in 0:09:24.
Rating: *** ¼

Jey Uso came out very strong tonight, showing an impressive array of moves, getting an early advantage over the Heavyweight Champion. Angle was able to fight back, hitting a belly-to-belly suplex, to take back control, but was unable to put away Uso. The fight found it’s way outside the ring, where Angle used the ringpost and guardrail to wear down Uso, before rolling him back into the ring. Angle wasted no time, locking in the Ankle Lock, as Uso quickly tapped out.

After the match, as Angle celebrated in the ring, the arena went dark. When the lights came back on, “The Monster” Abyss was standing behind him! Abyss grabbed Angle by the throat, readying himself for a choke slam, but Angle was able to sneak out of the hold, and slide out of the ring. The crowd jeered Abyss as Angle stared himself walking back up the ramp. Abyss made a motion, with his hands, signifying that the Heavyweight Title would be his, and Angle stared in horror. Then, suddenly, “The Viper” Randy Orton jumped into the ring from behind the barricade, and stalked Abyss as the crowd perked up. Abyss turned around and fell victim to an RKO in the center of the ring! The crowd gave Orton a mixed reaction as he turned his attention to Kurt Angle. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels thanked everyone for tuning in tonight, and wondered what was going to happen, next week, just six days away from REBELLION!

Card rating: *** ½

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