April 12, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Knoxville, TN

Monday Night Anarchy
April 12, 2010
Thompson-Boiling Arena
Knoxville, Tennessee

HWL Owner, Peter Bradshaw, started off the show this week by coming to the ring with the HWL Women’s Title draped over his shoulder. Bradshaw says that, over the weekend, he was contacted by BRIE BELLA, who informed him that she would be leaving the HWL. Citing family issues with her sister as her reasoning, Brie effectively dropped the HWL Women’s Title. Bradshaw says that he will make an announcement, later in the show, as to the future of the Women’s Title.

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X-Division Title Tournament - Quarter Finals:
Evan Bourne vs. Montel Vontavious Porter

This match was a classic battle of speed vs. power as both men were hoping to advance to the semi-finals next week. MVP used his strength to gain the upper hand over the high-flying Bourne, but was unable to keep the youngster down for the three-count. However, MVP didn’t need a pin-fall tonight, as he was able to move out of the way of a baseball slide by Bourne, sending Bourne crashing onto the concrete floor at ringside. Seeing his chance, MVP slid back into the ring and watched as Bourne was counted out! With the win, MVP will move on to face Kaz in the semis.

Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Evan Bourne by countout in 6:12.
Rating: * ¾

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks catches up with Kaz as he enters the arena to a tremendous cheer from the fans watching at ringside. Kaz says that he is excited to see where he can go in the X-Division tournament, and says that he feels like the man to beat, citing his pin-fall over Rhino in last week’s six-man tag match. Then, out of nowhere, Rhino goars Kaz on the concrete floor, must to the fans’ dislike! Rhino stands over Kaz and says that, if Kaz can make it through next week, his destiny will be met at Rebellion. Rhino walks away, leaving Kaz squirming on the ground…

Heavyweight Title Tournament - Semi-Finals:
Mr. Anderson vs. Desmond Wolfe (w/Chelsea)

Two men with reputations for being very cocky faced-off in the first semi-final round match of the evening. Mr. Anderson was coming off a victory over Randy Orton, and was hoping to do the same to Wolfe before the Englishman could run his mouth, but Wolfe wasn’t willing to go down the same way Orton had. Desmond took the fight to Mr. Anderson and, in the process, began to hear some fades cheers for his actions. Anderson did whatever he could to fight back, but he was no match for the Jawbreaker Lariat, as Desmond Wolfe picked up the victory and supplanted himself in the Heavyweight Title Match at Rebellion on April 25th!

Desmond Wolfe pinned Mr. Anderson with the Jawbreaker Lariat in 7:27.
Rating: ** ¾

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The Motor City Machine Guns come out to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd. They play to the Knoxville crowd, getting them to boo them louder, as ALEX SHELLEY grabs the microphone. Shelley says that he and Chris Sabin have been around the world for this business. Shelley says that they have spent time in the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom, and have been champions everywhere they’ve gone. Sabin then gets on the mic and reminds everyone that they were the final Tag Team Champions in the PEW at the end of 2009. Sabin says that he and Shelley have made the step up to the HWL roster, and that there is nothing stopping them from winning the Tag Team Titles at Rebellion. Shelley takes the mic back and states that it doesn’t matter to them who they have to face at Rebellion, but that their goal is to never let go of the HWL Tag Team Titles.

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Rankings Match:
Lethal Consequences vs. The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya)

The new “Rankings” System implemented by Peter Bradshaw saw it’s debut tonight as Lethal Consequences tried to move closer to a Tag Team title match, and The Hart Dynasty tried to keep their space secure for their own possible run. However, neither team was able to defeat the other as they battled to a time limit draw. After the match, all four men brawled in the center of the ring, until HWL officials rushed down and separated them.

The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) and Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed) battled to a draw in 20:00.
Rating: * ¼

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, Peter Bradshaw is seen sitting behind his desk, the Women’s Title propped on the corner. Bradshaw says that, since the title has been vacated only a week after it was won, he has no choice but to award it to a willing owner. He goes on to say that, next week, the Women’s Title will be on the line in a match between the top two ranked women in the HWL: Velvet Sky and Natalya.

X-Division Title Tournament - Quarter Finals:
D’Angelo Dinero vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi Tatsu picks up a very impressive victory tonight, using the Northern Lights suplex to move on to the semis.

Yoshi Tatsu pinned D’Angelo Dinero after a Northern Lights suplex in 9:26.
Rating: *

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Heavyweight Title Tournament - Semi Finals:
Kurt Angle vs. Kane

Kurt Angle came into this match hoping to duplicate his fortunes from last week, by defeating another “big man” of the HWL, but “The Big Red Monster” had other plans for the “Olympic Gold Medalist”. The two, multi-time World Champions, fought each other tooth-and-nail tonight, taking each other to the limit… much to the fans delight. On multiple occasions, Angle attempted the Olympic Slam, but Kane was much heavy. Eventually, Angle’s back appeared to have been injured as they brawled outside the ring, and Kane had found his opening. With time winding down, and with a chance to go into Rebellion and challenge for the Heavyweight Title, Kane connected with the Choke Slam From Hell for the victory!

Kane pinned Kurt Angle with the Choke Slam From Hell in 17:54.
Rating: *

Card Rating: ***

HWL Rebellion - 04/25/10 - Washington, DC
HWL Heavyweight Title Match Kane vs. Desmond Wolfe

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