April 15, 2012 - HWL Rebellion PPV

HWL Rebellion PPV
April 15, 2012
Prudential Center – Newark, NJ
Attendance: 12,060 (67%)

A video package plays with “War of Change” in the background. Pyrotechnics shoot through the arena as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Newark. They run down the matches scheduled for tonight.

The backstage area is shown, as Adam Cole is seen entering the arena. Daniels and Michaels acknowledge that Cole is the man of the night, whether he wants to be or not.

Also backstage, Michael Tarver is seen stretching in the locker room. Daniels and Michaels talk about his match tonight with Chris Sabin, and how Tarver was hand-picked by Peter Bradshaw.

Outside of the Vixen’s locker room, Nikki Bella confronts Women’s Champion Hamada. Nikki tells Hamada that, even though she took the title off Nikki, her time as champions is up. Nikki says that her sister is going to be the only three-time Women’s Champion after tonight. Hamada tells Nikki that she should be worried about Eve instead of her.

A video package is shown of Brie Bella winning a battle royal to become the number-one contender for the Women’s Title.

HWL Women’s Title Match
Brie Bella vs. © Hamada

Brie Bella came into this match as the only woman to hold the Women’s Title on two occasions. After winning a battle royal two weeks ago on Anarchy, she was poised to start an unprecedented third reign as champion. She just had to get past current titleholder, Hamada. After getting a quick threat from Brie’s sister, Nikki, Hamada came down to the ring determined to keep the title in her grasp. Both women put up a great match. Hamada picked up a near fall with a Michinoku driver. Brie, giving up years and skill to Hamada, reversed a clothesline and connected with a back elbow, rocking Hamada. Brie rolled the champion up, getting ahold of her trunks, as the referee counted 1-2-3.

[Women’s Title Match]:
Brie Bella pinned Hamada after a back elbow in 0:06:40.
Rating: ** ¾
(Brie Bella won the HWL Women’s Title.)

A preview for the next up-coming HWL pay-per-view, FULLY LOADED, is shown as “Full Circle” by Otherwise plays in the background. FULLY LOADED will be live, May 13th, from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Backstage, Randy Orton confronts Adam Cole in the hallway. Orton tells Cole that tonight will prove whether or not Cole can be trusted. Cole tells Orton to let him handle whether or not he can be trusted; and that Orton should be concerned with defending his title against CM Punk.

In the locker room, Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon celebrating their chance to challenge for the Tag Team Titles later tonight.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Chris Sabin about stepping into the ring with Michael Tarver. Sabin says that he respects where Tarver came from, and said that anyone with a background in mixed martial arts is someone to take seriously. But, Sabin says he’s not scared of Tarver, because Sabin is here to make an impact, and return to the glory days of being a champion.

Michael Tarver vs. Chris Sabin

Before the match, Sabin said that he respected Tarver’s background as a mixed martial arts fighter. If Sabin didn’t mean those words, he will after this match. Tarver, trying to impress Peter Bradshaw, took the speedy high-flier and grounded him with submission holds and takedowns. However, Sabin obviously had prepared for this type of match, as he was always positioned near the ropes, breaking the holds. Sabin was able to fight back, and dodging a submission attempt, took Tarver’s leg out from under him. Tarver, now unable to stand, fell victim to the Cradle Shock, as Sabin picked up the win.

Chris Sabin pinned Michael Tarver with the Cradle Shock in 0:10:30.
Rating: *** ¾

Backstage, CM Punk is shown entering the arena. Daniels and Michaels speculate what muse be going through his mind as he prepares for the cage match tonight.

Outside the locker room, Adam Cole is approached by an HWL road agent, who tells Cole that Peter Bradshaw wants to see him in Bradshaw’s office. Cole looks suspicious, but follows the agent away.

Also backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado what their thoughts heading into their title defense. Angle says that, just like on Monday night, he and Maldonado applaud the ability of Cabana and Colon to win a one-night tournament. However, Angle says that winning a tournament does not make either of them champions.

HWL Tag Team Title Match
Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon vs. © Kurt Angle & Martin Maldonado

Since winning the Tag Team Titles in February, Angle and Maldonado have been very adamant about their idea of being the best tag team in the HWL. And, for as long as they held the titles, that’s exactly what they would be. But, every now and then, a team comes out of nowhere and shocks people. Cabana and Colon were hoping to be that team tonight. After making their way through a tournament six days ago, Cabana and Colon gave their best effort to-date against a much more comfortable team. This match was back and forth from the start. Angle looked to have had Cabana in the Angle Slam, but Cabana tagged out, which let the match continue. The end of the match saw Angle make a quick tag to Maldonado, as Cabana ran around ringside, pulling Angle of the apron. Inside the ring, Colon ducked a clothesline from Maldonado and hit the Backstabber for the shocking upset!

[HWL Tag Team Title Match]:
Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon defeated Kurt Angle & Martin Maldonado when E. Colon pinned M. Maldonado with the Backstabber in 0:15:05.
Rating: *** ¼
(Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon won the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

A preview for the next up-coming HWL pay-per-view, FULLY LOADED, is shown as “Full Circle” by Otherwise plays in the background. FULLY LOADED will be live, May 13th, from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Backstage, Adam Cole enters Peter Bradshaw’s office, asking what Bradshaw wants. Bradshaw informs Cole that he was the one who named Cole special referee, it was not something Cole has a right to. Bradshaw says Cole can disrespect Orton or Punk, because that’s between them; but he says that Cole will respect the owner of the company. Bradshaw says that Cole has a lot riding on his shoulders tonight. The pressure to call this match fairly is going to be immense. Bradshaw says that he would hate to see Cole do something to ruin his main event. Cole says that Bradshaw’s threats don’t bother him; and that the main event is safe with Cole as referee.

Also backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Eve Torres has she is feeling, just moments from stepping into the ring with Nikki Bella. Eve says that she feels great, nervous and anxious to get into the ring. Eve says that she’s seen the bullying that The Bellas have been doing as of late, and that nothing will keep her from competing tonight. Eve says that, tonight, Nikki gets a taste of her own medicine.

In the locker room, Shane Hagadorn tells Steve Corino to calm down. Corino says that he’s going to kill Jesse Neal for what he did on Monday. Hagadorn tells Corino not to get irrational; but that he’ll get his hands on Neal soon enough.

Nikki Bella vs. Eve Torres

The feud between these two Vixens had started boiling over after Eve came up short against Hamada at Wrestleocalypse II. Nikki Bella has claimed that Eve was trying to steal her spotlight, and that Eve did not belong in the HWL. This match did not see a lot of classic wrestling holds. It one way, it was more of a sanctioned catfight. Eve and Nikki went after each other from the bell, ripping at each other’s hair and screaming through the arena. Matters got worse, when BRIE BELLA came to ringside, distracting Eve. Brie attacked Eve outside the ring, softening her up for the Bella Buster by Nikki. However, Eve found the strength to kick out. Eve tried to fight back, only to have Brie trip her from behind. This set up Nikki’s springboard cross body that secured the 1-2-3.

Nikki Bella pinned Eve Torres after a springboard cross body in 0:10:27.
Rating: ¾*
[Brie Bella interfered against Eve Torres.]

After the match, Brie entered the ring, as she and Nikki continued to attack Eve. Nikki grabbed Eve by the arms, and it appeared that Brie was going to hit Eve with her newly-won Women’s Title, but MELINA ran down from the back and cleared the ring! Melina stood over Eve as the Bellas regrouped outside the ring, and made their way up the ramp.

Backstage, Jesse Neal tells Alisha Hicks that Steve Corino has only hurt himself – and stopped any success he may’ve had – by the choices he’s made; or by the choices that Shane Hagadorn have made, and he chooses to follow. Neal says that, tonight, Corino will find out why he should regret breaking up their partnership.

In the locker room, Ric Flair tells AJ Styles and Matt Morgan that tonight could go down as the biggest – most important – night of their careers. Flair says that he knows from experience that winning 16 Heavyweight Titles are each important; that Styles’s three reigns, and Morgan’s X-Division Title victory are important; but there are some nights that mean more. Flair says that, after the months they and Brutus Magnus and Rob Terry have been dealing with each other, nothing outside of a victory will be tolerated.

Also backstage, The Bella Twins tell Alisha Hicks that Eve Torres deserved everything she got tonight. Nikki says that she proved that Eve doesn’t belong in the HWL – or anywhere in professional wrestling for that matter. Brie says that there’s a reason the Bellas have been as successful as they have been: they’re the best female wrestlers in the sport, today.

Jesse Neal vs. Steve Corino (w/Shane Hagadorn)

After joining together two months ago, to defend the Tag Team Titles – which they were unable to do – Steve Corino forcibly let Jesse Neal know that their partnership was over. Corino has continually blamed Neal for their title loss, but had been avoiding Neal in the ring since that time. Tonight, there was no escaping. Neal, himself, had been itching for a chance to get his hands on Corino. He got his chance tonight, and did not squander it. Corino did not back down from the fight, and both mean put their all into this match, trying to one-up the other. By the end of the match, both men were spent, but Neal was able to place Corino on the turnbuckle and hit a superplex into the center of the ring. Slowly, Neal made his way over, draping his arm over Corino as the referee counted the pin.

Jesse Neal pinned Steve Corino after a superplex in 0:11:26.
Rating: *** ¾

Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Brutus Magnus about The British Invasion’s upcoming match with the Conglomerate. Magnus says that the thoughts running through his mind – not to mention Rob Terry’s – would cause them to stand here for hours, talking. Magnus say that for months, Ric Flair, AJ Styles and Matt Morgan have made his and Rob’s lives living hells. Magnus says that he and Terry have months of frustration to get out of their systems tonight, and that the Conglomerate will pay for their actions inside the ring.

Also backstage, CM Punk is confronted by Adam Cole. Punk looks ready to fight. Cole says he knows what’s at stake tonight – for Orton, for Punk, and for himself. Cole says he’ll do his absolute best to call the steel cage match down the middle. Punk moves in closer and says he doesn’t believe Cole. Punk walks away as Cole stands there, staring.

A video package highlights the on-going feud between The British Invasion and The Conglomerate.

Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry (w/Chelsea) vs. AJ Styles & Matt Morgan (w/Ric Flair)

For nearly three months, Rob Terry and the members of The Conglomerate have been going after each other like rabid dogs. In what started as a way to get out of the group in mid-February, Terry found himself getting blindsided by both Styles and Morgan. For weeks, he was attacked, and told to do Ric Flair’s bidding, or he would not be “let go”. Keeping his end of the bargain, Terry not only got multiple beatings, but also a match with Morgan at Wrestleocalypse. That night, he defeated Morgan, and rejoined with former partner, Magnus, helping Magnus defeat AJ Styles. Since Wrestleocalypse, the matchup between these two teams was unavoidable. It was clear that, when this match was signed, the winners were the only things that mattered. For over 20 minutes, these four men battled in and around the ring. Multiple double-teams, from both sides, were used, trying to gain any sort of advantage. Magnus hit the Tormentum on Styles, but AJ was able to kick out. The damage had visibly been done, as Magnus tagged in Terry, who hit Styles with the Freakbuster for the 1-2-3.

Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry defeated AJ Styles & Matt Morgan when R. Terry pinned Styles with the Freakbuster in 0:24:57.
Rating: ½

A preview for the next up-coming HWL pay-per-view, FULLY LOADED, is shown as “Full Circle” by Otherwise plays in the background. FULLY LOADED will be live, May 13th, from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

A shot of the ring shows the steel cage being lowered from the rafters. A video package is shown of the events that have led up to this match, between Randy Orton and CM Punk. When the video ends, Adam Cole is introduced, and comes out to the ring wearing a referee’s shirt.

Steel Cage Match for the HWL Heavyweight Title
(w/Special Referee – Adam Cole)
CM Punk vs. © Randy Orton

The crowd was absolutely buzzing for this match as Punk and Orton made their way into the cage. Orton stood in the corner of the ring, holding up his Heavyweight Title as, across the ring, Punk kept looking back and forth between Orton and Cole. The match started, and both men went right after each other. Punk got the advantage early on; but it was clear from the start that he and Cole would have problems. On a number of occasions, Punk would get into Cole’s face, complaining about slow counts. Cole would remind Punk that he could disqualify Punk if he touched Cole. One distraction was too much, as Orton blindsided Punk and took over the match. Orton worked over Punk, eventually taking him down with a powerslam that got a two-count. Orton then got into Cole’s face, and was also told that Cole could end the match if touched. This gave Punk a chance to come back, shoving Orton face-first into the steel cage, unprotected. Orton fell to the canvas, and Punk made the cover, receiving another slower count from Cole. Punk slammed the canvas in disgust, and made his way to the cage door. Punk tried to exit the cage, but Orton pulled him back in. Punk quickly turned and landed a shot to Orton’s midsection, and once again, went towards the door. Orton grabbed Punk’s leg, wrapping his own legs around, keeping Punk inside the ring. The match continued to go back and forth. Punk ducked a clothesline, and set Orton up for the G.T.S., but Orton grabbed ahold of the ropes, blocking the move. Cole told Punk to let go, but Punk kicked the ropes, releasing Orton’s grasp. Punk went for the G.T.S. again, only to have Orton grab onto the cage itself! Orton wriggled free of the move and started climbing the cage. Punk went up after Orton, and Orton smashed Punk’s face into the steel cage. As Punk fell to the canvas, he grabbed Orton’s ankle, bringing Orton down with him. Orton was the first one up, and connected with an RKO, but Punk was able to get his foot on the rope, breaking the count! Orton paced around the ring, as the fans chanted for Punk. As Punk got to his feet, Cole grabbed him, and hit the Panama Sunrise in the center of the ring! Orton turned around, saw Punk lying on the canvas, and covered him. Orton stared at Cole as Cole counted the 1-2-3.

[Heavyweight Title, Steel Cage Match]:
Randy Orton defeated CM Punk by pinfall in 0:23:04.
Rating: ¼
(Randy Orton retained the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

After the match, Cole grabs the Heavyweight Title and hands it to a stunned Orton, in the center of the ring. Cole exits the ring, through the cage, and makes his way up the ramp, as the crowd boos. Orton stands over Punk, in the center of the ring, holding the Heavyweight Title, as Rebellion goes off the air.

Card rating: *** 1/2

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