April 16 2012 Monday Night Anarchy East Rutherford Nj

IZOD Center
Attendance: 11,182 (56%)

A recap of the events from Rebellion are shown. Pyrotechnics shoot off inside the arena, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to East Rutherford.

CM Punk’s music hits, and the crowd starts to cheer. Punk looks determined heading down the ramp, grabbing a microphone as he enters the ring. Punk says he’s not going to waste any time, because he’s only out here for personal reasons. Punk says he was screwed out of the Heavyweight Title last night, and everyone from East Rutherford to Chicago could see it as plain as day. Punk says that he’s not here to call out Randy Orton, because Punk had his chance to win back the title. Punk calls out Adam Cole, demanding that he put his Golden Opportunity contract on the line at Fully Loaded. Punk says he doesn’t want the match tonight, because he wants Cole to savor the feeling of knowing that Punk is coming for him. Punk says he’s not leaving the ring until Cole gives him an answer.

Instead of Adam Cole, Peter Bradshaw makes his way on-stage, to a mixed reaction. Bradshaw tells Punk that Cole has not arrived at the arena, but is scheduled to be here later tonight. Bradshaw tries to go on, but is interrupted by Punk leaving the ring and walking up the ramp. Punk tells Bradshaw to stop any thought he has, because Punk will be waiting for Cole, and will be the first person to welcome him. Punk leaves the stage, with the crowd cheering, as Bradshaw looks on.

Backstage, Eve Torres thanks Melina for coming to her aide last night. Melina tells Eve that it’s not fair what Nikki and Brie think they can get away with. Melina says that the Bellas need to be taught a lesson. Daniels and Michaels announce that Melina versus Brie Bella is next.

Commercial Break

Returning from break, Daniels and Michaels recap the opening statements made by CM Punk. A live shot shows Punk pacing around the parking garage, waiting for Adam Cole.

A video package shows the post-match attack on Eve Torres by the Bella twins, and Melina coming to Eve’s rescue.

Non-Title Match
Melina (w/Eve Torres) vs. HWL Women's Champion Brie Bella (w/Nikki Bella)

Melina came out like a ball of fire tonight, clearly still upset about the actions taken by the Bellas over the past few weeks. She had a very strong showing, offensively, taking the newly-crowned Women’s Champion by surprise. Melina picked up a couple near-falls early on, and looked like she would pull out an upset, when Nikki approached Eve at ringside. Melina, taken off guard trying to get Nikki’s attention, was hit with a back elbow by Brie. Brie made the cover, grabbing Melina’s tights, as the referee counted the 1-2-3.

[Non-Title Match]:
Brie Bella pinned Melina after a back elbow in 0:06:12.
Rating: * ¾

After the match, Brie grabbed the Women’s Title, as she and Nikki made their way up the ramp, taunting Eve.

Backstage, a car is seen pulling into the parking garage. CM Punk prepares for battle as the car comes to a stop. The door opens to reveal Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Orton gets out of the car, and he and Punk stare at each other. Orton adjusts the title belt on his shoulder and walks away. Punk slams his hands on the trunk of the car as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Randy Orton about the confrontation he had with CM Punk just moments ago. Orton says that he no longer has an issue with Punk; that Punk’s issue now is with Adam Cole after what happened last night. Orton says the only time he’ll have an issue with Cole, is when Cole cashes in his Golden Opportunity contract.

In his office, Peter Bradshaw is approached by Michael Tarver. Looking dejected, Tarver tells Bradshaw that it’s ashamed by his failure last night, and humbled to tell Bradshaw that he’s sorry for not getting the job done. Bradshaw attempts to speak, but Tarver puts up a hand, and walks out of the office.

Jesse Neal vs. Chris Sabin

Both men came off big wins last night at Rebellion, and were looking to continue that success tonight. Neal started off strong, controlling a portion of the match. Sabin took over after a missed swinging neckbreaker by Neal, and nearly put the match away with a DDT, but Neal kicked out at two. More back and forth before Sabin missed a dropkick the second rope. Neal then speared Sabin for the victory

Jesse Neal pinned Chris Sabin with the Spear in 0:06:05.
Rating: ***

In the parking garage, Alisha Hicks approaches CM Punk, looking for a comment. Punk stops Alisha by saying that he’s not in a mood to talk. Punk says that talking will not help him, and that he said all he wanted to say earlier tonight. Alisha slowly backs away from Punk as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Colt Cabana approaches CM Punk in the parking garage. Cabana tells Punk that it’s his fault for this happening in the first place, but that everything will sort itself out. Punk tells Cabana that he doesn’t know what it’s like to have anything – especially not a title that should still be his – taken from him, twice, by things that are out of his control. Punk walks away, leaving Cabana silent.

Backstage, Edwin Colon is seen walking through the hallways, smiling and chatting with crew members as he passes. Out of nowhere, Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado attack Colon, sending him into the wall. Angle directs as Maldonado smashes Colon into the wall and throws him over table holding equipment. Maldonado picks Colon up and hits the Gringo Killa on the floor! Angle and Maldonado drag Colon into a corner and walk away.

Also backstage, Peter Bradshaw tells Alisha Hicks that, next week, a battle royal will be held to determine the number one contender for the X-Division Title at Fully Loaded.

Jeremy Buck & Kaz vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Michael Tarver

The question running through everyone’s mind during this match was ‘Where is Jeff Hardy?’ Hardy was not at ringside for this match, and was replaced by Jeremy Buck, from the PCW roster. Buck and Kaz worked well together during this match, but still struggled with the powerful team of Castagnoli and Tarver. The end of the match saw Kaz whip Castagnoli into the turnbuckles, and catch him by surprise with a quick fisherman’s suplex for the 1-2-3.

Jeremy Buck & Kaz defeated Claudio Castagnoli & Michael Tarver when Kaz pinned Castagnoli after a fisherman suplex in 0:06:06.
Rating: *** ¾
[Jeff Hardy no-showed.]

Commercial Break

After the break, Randy Orton’s music plays as the Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring. Orton grabs a microphone, but before he can start speaking, the crowd starts a “Cheater! Cheater!” chant. Orton looks around the crowd and says that it’s only cheating if he had known it was going to happen. Orton says that he had no idea what Adam Cole was going to do last night; but that it’s happened, the issue is between Cole and CM Punk. Orton says he is standing in the ring as the HWL Heavyweight Champion, and like it or not, no one can do anything about it. Orton says with Punk no longer able to challenge for the title, he wants to know who will step up and face him at Fully Loaded.

David Otunga’s music begins to play, as he comes out to answer Orton’s challenge. Otunga says that he hasn’t been seen much lately, because he’s been biding his time. Otunga knew that either Orton or Punk was going to make a challenge tonight, because that’s what champions do. Otunga says that he’s been overlooked because other things have been grabbing everyone’s attention. Otunga says he has been quietly climbing up the ladder, getting closer to where he wanted to be, and no one paid him any mind. Otunga says that changes tonight. Otunga says that he is ready to show everyone that he deserves to be a main eventer in the HWL, and says he will challenge Orton at Fully Loaded.

Orton smiles and says that we’ll see what Otunga can bring to the table. Orton extends his hand, and Otunga shakes it; but Orton turns it into an RKO! Orton rolls out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp as the camera shows Otunga in the ring.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Matt Morgan about Peter Bradshaw announcing a battle royal to name his challenger at Fully Loaded. Morgan says that he’s the largest X-Division Champion in the history of the HWL; no one will be able to take the title away from him. As Morgan starts to walk off, he is stopped by Bradshaw, who says, because of Morgan’s actions last night at Rebellion, he will be fined for putting his hands on an official. Bradshaw walks off as Morgan glares in his direction.

Out in the parking lot, the camera shows CM Punk pacing back and forth. Daniels and Michaels confirm that Adam Cole is scheduled to be here tonight, but no one has seen him. Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

No Countout-No DQ Match
Brutus Magnus vs. Rami Sebei

Twenty-four hours before this match, Brutus Magnus was part of a brutal match at Rebellion that lasted nearly 30 minutes. Tonight, he would put his body on the line again, in a match with only one rule: pinfalls must take place in the ring. Rami Sebei is the second-longest single-reign champions in X-Division history, and is familiar with these types of matches. That did not stop Magnus from using the guardrails and ringpost to wear Sebei down, before planting him with a powerbomb onto the concrete floor! It looked like the match was over, as Magnus rolled Sebei into the ring, but somehow, Sebei was able to get his foot on the rope. Sebei fought back, to little avail, as the powerbomb outside obviously took its toll. Magnus landed a high knee before picking up the 1-2-3.

[No Countout-No DQ Match]:
Brutus Magnus pinned Rami Sebei after a high knee in 0:08:03.
Rating: ***

Backstage, Colt Cabana is walking through the hallway, and finds Edwin Colon beaten in the corner. Cabana tells a crew member to stay with Colon as he goes to find Peter Bradshaw.

A preview for the next up-coming HWL pay-per-view, FULLY LOADED, is shown as “Full Circle” by Otherwise plays in the background. FULLY LOADED will be live, May 13th, from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Colt Cabana enters Peter Bradshaw’s office, and demands Bradshaw find who attacked Edwin Colon. Bradshaw starts to say something, but Cabana tells him to do whatever he has to do, before leaving the office.

In the locker room, Steve Corino thinks Shane Hagadorn didn’t have his back last night at Rebellion. Corino says maybe Jesse Neal was right, and Hagadorn is only looking out for himself. Hagadorn says that he didn’t want to get Corino disqualified, if the referee caught him trying to help. Hagadorn says he knew how much Corino wanted to beat Neal on his own; that’s why he didn’t get involved. Corino shakes his head and walks off.

David Otunga vs. AJ Styles (w/Ric Flair)

David Otunga had his chance to prove he belonged with the main events tonight, but it was derailed by the earlier attack at the hands of Randy Orton. Otunga down to the ring, still feeling the effects of Orton’s RKO; and AJ Styles – with the teaching of “The Nature Boy” – took advantage. Styles worked over Otunga before hitting a backbreaker to pick up the pinfall.

AJ Styles pinned David Otunga after a backbreaker in 0:06:14.
Rating: *** ¾

Backstage, Colt Cabana is seen making his way back towards Edwin Colon, when his ambushed by Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado. Both men land shots to Cabana, before throwing him into a rack of steel chairs. Maldonado grabs Cabana’s arms as Angle lands a number of punches. Angle gets into Cabana’s face and says he and Maldonado are invoking their rematch clause for Fully Loaded. Maldonado drops Cabana as the two walk away, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, Randy Orton enters Peter Bradshaw’s office, and says no matter what, he wants a match signed between he and David Otunga at Fully Loaded. Orton says he’ll teach Otunga a very good lesson.

Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels recap the events that took place earlier, between Randy Orton and David Otunga, as a video package plays of their confrontation.

Non-Title Match
X-Division Champion Matt Morgan (w/Ric Flair) vs. HWL Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton

This match was signed after Orton’s interference in Morgan’s match last week against CM Punk. Morgan went after Orton aggressively, letting out his frustrations from the past week, but was unable to get a pinfall on “The Viper”. Orton fought his way back, hitting and RKO out of nowhere, but Morgan was able to kick out. The match eventually made its way outside, where things turned into a brawl. The referee tried to restore order, but was unable to. He counted out both men, just as Orton powerslammed Morgan onto the concrete floor!

[Non-Title Match]:
Randy Orton and Matt Morgan battled to a double countout in 0:10:24.
Rating: ** ¾

After the match, Orton continued landing shots on Morgan as the referee and other HWL officials rushed down to ringside, pulling them apart. Ric Flair and Randy Orton share words as the camera goes backstage.

Backstage, CM Punk is still seen pacing around the parking garage, when he is attacked by Adam Cole, with a metal pipe! Cole hits Punk with the pipe in the midsection and across the back, before tossing it aside. Cole lifts up Punk’s head and tells him that Punk’s challenge is accepted. Cole leaves Punk laying on the pavement as Anarchy goes off the air.

Card Rating: *** ¼

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