April 18, 2011

Attendance: 11,745 (78.3%)

“Headstrong” plays, and fireworks shoot through the arena, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Monday Night Anarchy. It is announced, that after the events at the end of last week’s Anarchy, Peter Bradshaw has signed a singles match between “The Viper” Randy Orton and “The Monster” Abyss, with Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle as the Special Referee! Josh Daniels says that Kurt Angle could find himself in a tough position tonight. Scott Michaels warns Angle to keep his head on a swivel.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring, carrying the HWL Heavyweight Title over his shoulder, getting a very good reaction from the crowd. Angle says last week was bittersweet for him. He had picked up a victory over Jey Uso, and then found himself in the grip of “The Monster” Abyss; a man who, at any time in the next five months, could challenge him for the title belt. Angle admits that he saw his reign as champion flash before his eyes last week, but that he still managed to do whatever it took to get out of Abyss’s grip. Angle says that he had a first-hand look at what Randy Orton did, in the center of the ring, and that he knows Orton is serious about taking the title this Sunday at REBELLION. But, Angle says that tonight, Orton has to deal with Abyss… not him. Angle claims that he still lives his life by the three I’s instilled in him by his father; and says that he has no reason to call tonight’s main event for anyone: neither Orton nor Abyss. Angle says that he’s going to call the match as he sees it, and as fairly as he possibly can. And, if either Abyss or Orton have a problem with how the match ends, then can take it up with Angle after the fact. Angle drops the microphone, and leaves the ring, as the crowd cheers.

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AJ Styles pinned Eddie Edwards after the Dominator in 0:13:03.
Rating: ***

Last week, these two men where the in the ring for the deciding factor as their respective teams faced-off against one another. Styles came in looking to avenge the DQ loss, as Edwards was looking to show his newfound dedication to the business since having Davey Richards sign with the company. The match went out to the ring, early on, and saw Styles attempt the Styles Clash, but Edwards slid out of the move before AJ could drive his head into the concrete. Edwards fought back, and nearly put Styles away with an inside cradle, but Styles kicked out and quickly rolled outside the ring to catch his breath. Edwards followed suit, only to be blindsided with a low blow by Ric Flair as he turned the corner! Styles then locked in and hit the Styles Clash onto the concrete before rolling into the ring. Styles distracted the referee while Flair rolled Edwards underneath the bottom rope. Styles went for the cover, but somewhere Edwards had enough power to put his foot on the rope, breaking the count. Furious, Styles picked up Edwards and hit the Dominator in the center of the ring, before making the cover as the referee counted the three.

After the match, Styles, Flair and Chelsea made their way up the ramp to a roar of jeers from the crowd.

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with The Bella Twins - Nikki and Brie - and welcomes them back to the HWL. Nikki says it’s great to be back, and that she can’t wait see the faces of all the male fans, across the country when she and Brie tear up the other Vixens in the HWL. Brie agrees that it is great to be back, but that she has more important goals: like retaining the Women’s Title, that she won on the debut episode of Anarchy last year. Brie says that she has been stewing ever since then, because at the time, she couldn’t fully commit to the HWL. But, now, she says she has every intention on putting her best towards becoming a two-time Women’s Champion. The interview is cut short as Natalya confronts the two returning Vixens. Natalya says that Brie and Nikki are out of their leagues, and that they’ve made the biggest mistake of their careers by returning. Natalya tells them that the Women’s Title is her’s to regain, and then warns them to stay out of her way. Natalya pushes Brie into Nikki before leaving in a fury. Brie and Nikki stare at each other dumbfounded as the camera cuts back to the ring.

Colt Cabana pinned Cody Rhodes after a flying cross body press in 0:09:18.
Rating: ** ½
[Kyle O’Reilly interfered against Cody Rhodes.]

Cabana demanded this match, claiming that he lost unfairly to Rhodes three weeks ago, by countout. Cabana clearly took his aggression out on Rhodes tonight, beating him from post to post inside the ring. The match went outside momentarily, allowing Rhodes to take over control by ramming Cabana’s injured lower back into the steel ring steps. Rhodes rolled back inside, looking to capture another victory by countout, but Cabana rolled under the bottom rope, determined not to repeat the same fate. Kyle O’Reilly made his way to the ring as Rhodes and Cabana battled in the ring, and stood at ringside watching the events unfold. Rhodes attempted the Cross Rhodes, only to get kicked in the gut by Cabana, who ran into the ropes and connected with a beautiful flying cross body. Outside the ring, O’Reilly grabbed Rhodes foot, not allowing him to kick out as the referee counted the three!

After the match, Cabana quickly rolled out of the ring as Rhodes got to his feet and argued with the referee, pleading his case. The referee swore he didn’t see anything as O’Reilly entered the ring and chop-blocked Rhodes’s left leg! O’Reilly worked over the leg until HWL officials came down to the ring. O’Reilly escaped the ring, and fled through the crowd, as the officials tended to Rhodes inside the ring.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Kaval and Kofi Kingston. Kingston says that both he and Kaval have been multiple champions in Premiere Championship Wrestling. Kingston was one-half of the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions; and Kaval was the longest-reigning Television Champion. Kingston says that tonight, they are going out to the ring to prove that just like Adam Cole, they can become successful on the big stage, in the HWL.

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The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd) defeated Kaval and Kofi Kingston when D.H. Smith pinned Kaval with the Saito Suplex in 0:15:41.
Rating: *** ¼
[Natalya interfered against Kofi Kingston.]

Two former PCW Tag Team Champions squared off against the longest reigning HWL Tag Team Champions tonight, hoping to fully claim themselves spots on the major roster. Their chance got off to a rocky start as Kaval held Tyson Kidd while Kofi Kingston went to clothesline him over the top rope. Instead, Kidd escaped and watched as Kingston knocked Kaval to the concrete below! D.H. Smith took care of Kingston, as Kidd went outside, and continued the match. Kaval and Kingston tried to fight their way back into the match, but appeared to be no match for the Tag Team Champions. Smith put Kaval away with the Saito Suplex as the crowd exploded with jeers.

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The final preview for REBELLION is shown, with “The Fad” playing behind the graphics, highlighting the matches for the event. REBELLION is this Sunday, live from the Ford Arena, in Oklahoma City!

X-Division Match
Yoshi Tatsu pinned Steve Corino after a German suplex in 0:13:50.
Rating: *** ½

Steve Corino came out very strong in the beginning of this match, having his way with the number one contender for the X-Division Title. Corino’s momentum stopped when both men were taken down after a double clothesline that nearly saw both men get counted out. Corino was the first to his feet, albeit slowly, and continued to control the match until Yoshi connected with a spinning leg kick that sent Corino outside the ring. Yoshi used the guardrail to his advantage, bracing Corino against it as he landed vicious chops to his chest. Yoshi tossed Corino back inside, and connected with another spinning heel kick, that only garnered a two-count. Yoshi then hit Corino with a German suplex for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Yoshi Tatsu celebrated inside the ring, as Adam Cole appeared at the top of the ramp. The two of them stared at each other, while Cole patted the X-Division Title draped over his shoulder, as Anarchy went to commercials.

[Special Referee: Kurt Angle]
Abyss and Randy Orton battled to a draw in 0:20:00.
Rating: ***

Kurt Angle kept his word and called the match straight down the center. Both Randy Orton and “The Monster” Abyss came within seconds of putting the other one away, but they were both eager to show that they could stand whatever their other one threw at them. Abyss nearly got himself disqualified for choking Orton against the ropes, and quickly got into Angle’s face as the “referee” pulled him off of Orton after a five-count. The end of the match saw Abyss connected with the Black Hole Slam onto “The Viper”. But as Angle’s hand was about to hit the canvas for the third time, the time keeper rang the bell, signaling the end of the match! Angle called the match as the ring announcer confirmed the draw.

After the match, a furious Abyss grabbed Angle from behind and hit him with a devastating choke slam in the center of the ring! Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels offered up that it’d be a great chance for Abyss to cash in his “Golden Opportunity”, but “The Monster” simply stared down at both Orton and Angle as the crowd jeered.

Card rating: *** ¼

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