April 19, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Roanoke, VA

Monday Night Anarchy
April 19, 2010
Roanoke Civic Center
Roanoke, Virginia

Just six days away from Rebellion, Kaz comes out to start the show in his street clothes, and says he has something to get off his chest. He says that, last week, Rhino attacked him while his back was turned, because he knows it was the only time Rhino could take advantage of him. Kaz says that he’s never backed down from a fight, and calls out Rhino to finish things, once and for all. After a few tense moments, RHINO appears on-stage and makes his way down the ramp. Rhino slides into the ring as he and Kaz get into a shoving match, much to the fans’ enjoyment. However, both men stop at the sound of Mr. Bradshaw’s voice, as the HWL Owner appears on-stage. Bradshaw says that the two men will fight each other, but that it will not be tonight. Bradshaw says that, at the earliest, the two men could take their aggression out on Sunday night, at Rebellion. But, there are only two ways to make that happen. Bradshaw says that both men either lose their matches tonight and face either in six days, or they both win their matches, and face each other for the HWL X-Division Title in six days. Bradshaw leaves the stage as Rhino and Kaz stare at each other.

Commercial Break

HWL Women’s Title Match:
Velvet Sky vs. Natalya

Velvet Sky was hoping to change her luck against Natalya tonight, taking part in her second Women’s Title match in three weeks, but the Hart Dynasty member was more of a challenge then she was hoping for. Using her strength advantage over Velvet, Natalya held control for most of the match, even locking in the Sharpshooter for 34 seconds! Velvet showed a lot of resolve by not tapping out to the move, but it visibly weakened her. Natalya took advantage of this and hit the Michinoku Driver for the victory to become the second HWL Women’s Champion!

Natalya pinned Velvet Sky after the Michinoku Driver in 10:41.
Rating: **
(Natalya won the HWL Women’s Title.)

Commercial Break

Alisha Hicks is with Montel Vontavious Porter when Anarchy returns. Porter says that he saw the confrontation between Kaz and Rhino earlier in the evening. Porter says he wants to warn Kaz of something that Kaz may not be aware of. Porter says that, Kaz can spend all night long worrying about when and where he’s going to face Rhino, but that that is just going to make it easier for Porter to take Kaz’s spot in the X-Division Title Match on Sunday night at Rebellion.

AJ Styles (w/Ric Flair) vs. Randy Orton

AJ Styles picked up an impressive victory of Randy Orton tonight, hitting the Styles Clash for the win. With the win, Styles moves up one spot in the Heavyweight Title rankings.

AJ Styles pinned Randy Orton with the Styles Clash in 6:39.
Rating: *

Commercial Break

Desmond Wolfe and Chelsea come out to the ring as Anarchy comes back from commercials. The fans are a mix of cheers and boos as Wolfe begins to speak about his plans for Rebellion. Wolfe says that he knows people aren’t going to give him a chance against Kane on Sunday night. Wolfe admits that Kane is a much bigger opponent than he has faced in the tournament, but that Kane’s size advantage doesn’t concern him. Wolfe says that he has fought much bigger, and much stronger, men during his years in England. Wolfe says that he hasn’t seen anything from Kane to make him worry about losing the Heavyweight Title, and that every “big man” like Kane has a weakness…

Wolfe gets cut off as the lights in the Civic Center go off; the crowd cheering with delight. When the lights come back on, Kane appears behind Wolfe as the crowd goes crazy! Chelsea screams, and leaves the ring, causing Wolfe to turn around. When he does, Kane grabs him by the throat and hit’s the Choke Slam From Hell in the center of the ring! Kane stands over Wolfe and smiles as Chelsea begs him to stop from ringside.

Commercial Break

Legacy vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

In what is the quickest match in the history of the HWL, to date, the Machine Guns “stole” a victory tonight as Alex Shelley countered a Cody Rhodes body slam into an inside cradle. Holding the tights, out of the referee’s line of sight, Shelley was awarded the pin-fall! After the match, the Machine Guns quickly left the ring and celebrated their victory as the crowd voiced their distaste.

**The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) defeated The Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, Jr.) when A. Shelley pinned C. Rhodes after an inside cradle in 0:41.
Rating: * **

Commercial Break

Backstage, after the commercials, PETER BRADSHAW is seen with Alisha Hicks. Bradshaw says that, with Natalya winning the Women’s Title tonight, that there must be a new number one contender. At Rebellion, he says, a second Battle Royal will be held to name the new challenger for Natalya and to finalize the standings in the Women’s Title rankings.

X-Division Title Tournament - Semi-Final:
Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Kaz

Kaz came into this match wanting to make sure that he was taking part in the X-Division Title match at Rebellion, and the only person he had to go through was MVP. However, MVP appeared to have been a fortune teller as Kaz was unable to keep his mind on the match at hand, when Rhino appeared on-stage, distracting him. MVP used this opportunity to hit the Playmaker for the victory. After the match, Rhino looked on with pleasure as Kaz slowly got to his feet.

Montel Vontavious Porter pinned Kaz with the Playmaker in 14:43.
Rating: *

Commercial Break

X-Division Title Tournament - Semi-Final:
Yoshi Tatsu vs. Rhino

The final tournament match of the week pitted “The War Machine”, who seemed to have the pressure lifted off his shoulders, having helped MVP defeat Kaz earlier in the evening, against the younger Tatsu, who was hoping to complete the task of taking out the biggest names in the tournament. Tatsu was taking all that Rhino could give him, but Rhino’s pressure was alleviated once again, when D’ANGELO DINERO came to the ring and attacked Tatsu with a chair! Rhino then hit the Gore for the victory! After the match, as Dinero was making his way up the ramp, KAZ jumped the barricade and attacked Rhino as the crowd went crazy! HWL officials rushed down to the ring and separated the two.

Rhino pinned Yoshi Tatsu with the Gore in 7:55.
Rating: ** ¼
[D’Angelo Dinero interfered against Yoshi Tatsu.]

Card rating: ** ¼

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