April 23, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Hartford, CT

XL Center
Attendance: 8,212 (53%)

Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Hartford. They recap the events that closed out last week’s Anarchy, as Adam Cole attacked CM Punk with a steel pipe.

Adam Cole’s music begins to play as he makes his way to the ring, carrying the Golden Opportunity briefcase. Cole asks if the video that was just shown was great or not. Cole says that is just an example of how unafraid of anyone he is. He has never backed down from a challenge, whether it be for the X-Division Title or an Elimination Chamber match for the Golden Opportunity contract. Cole says that if it wasn’t clear enough last week, he accepts – and welcomes – Punk’s challenge for Fully Loaded. Cole says that he hopes Punk’s leg heals before May 13th, because he wants Punk at his best. Cole leaves the ring, as the camera goes backstage.

Backstage, David Otunga is seen entering the arena. Daniels and Michaels wonder what Otunga will have to say after last week’s attack by Randy Orton.

Velvet Sky vs. Natalya

The Vixens started things off tonight, as Velvet Sky and Natalya got ready to square off. Velvet shocked the crowd – and Natalya – coming out of the gate, attacking the second-generation star. Velvet had control, sending Natalya to the concrete. Back inside the ring, Velvet was quick to lock in a sleeperhold, which Natalya was unable to get out of it.

Velvet Sky made Natalya submit to a sleeperhold in 2:20.
Rating: ** ½

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, Peter Bradshaw catches Adam Cole on his way back to the locker room. Bradshaw says that, tonight in the main event, Cole will face Martin Maldonado.

David Otunga makes his way out to the ring. Otunga says that he has been just like everyone else over the past few months, watching Randy Orton rise to the top of the HWL. Otunga says that Orton has no right to call himself champion, because whether he likes to admit it or not, Orton’s matches have been won by different people. Otunga says that Colt Cabana is the reason Orton became champion in the first place; and that Adam Cole is the reason Orton was able to retain at Rebellion. Otunga says that Orton has not had a clean victory when it matters, and that he will not have the luxury of someone else handing him a tainted win at Fully Loaded.

Randy Orton’s music hits, and the Heavyweight Champion joins Otunga in the ring. Orton says that Otunga running his mouth doesn’t prove anything. What does prove something, is that Orton left Otunga laying in the center of the ring last week with an RKO. Orton says that he’s done it once, and he’ll have no problem doing it again before Fully Loaded. Orton and Otunga stare at each other as the camera goes backstage.

Backstage, Jeff Hardy is seen entering the arena.

Also backstage, Shane Hagadorn tells Steve Corino that it’s possible that Jesse Neal’s comments have gotten to Corino. Hagadorn promises Corino that he has nothing to worry about, and that Hagadorn will lead him back to championship gold.

Commercial Break

No Disqualification Match
Michael Tarver vs. Steve Corino (w/Shane Hagadorn)

Despite Shane Hagadorn’s attempts to calm his charge down, Steve Corino looked like a man with too much on his mind as he made his way to the ring for this match. Michael Tarver entered the ring with a completely different mindset, confident that he could pick up a victory. Tarver quickly took advantage of Corino’s far-off state, and this match looked like it would be over early. However, with disqualifications taken off the table, this allowed room for Hagadorn to repeatedly interfere in the match. His tripping of Tarver allowed Corino to lock him into an STO, but Tarver was able to reach the ropes. Angered by feeling he now had to face two opponents, Tarver took charge once again, ending the match with the Tarver’s Lightning for the 1-2-3.

[No Disqualification Match]:
Michael Tarver pinned Steve Corino with the Tarver’s Lightning in 8:09.
Rating: ***
[Shane Hagadorn interfered against Michael Tarver.]

Backstage, in the locker room, Kaz asks Jeff Hardy is everything is OK. Hardy says that everything is fine, and apologizes or hanging Kaz out to dry last week. Hardy says he has to go make things right with Peter Bradshaw, and leaves the room.

Also backstage, CM Punk is seen limping into the arena, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Jeff Hardy enters Peter Bradshaw’s office. Hardy tells Bradshaw that he wanted to do the right thing and apologize, in person, for not being at the show last week. Hardy says that he’s ready to make up for it, if Bradshaw is willing to give him the chance. Bradshaw says that he respects Hardy’s honesty; and that he and Kaz are scheduled next, in tag team action.

Also backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Eve Torres and Melina. Eve says that she should have expected what happened at Rebellion, and it’s her fault for not planning ahead. But, what The Bellas did last week was crossing a line. Eve says that she and Melina are challenging Brie and Nikki to a tag team match at Fully Loaded.

Jeff Hardy & Kaz vs. The Conglomerate (AJ Styles & Matt Morgan) (w/Ric Flair)

Peter Bradshaw granted Jeff Hardy a chance to make up for missing last week’s show, but the team Bradshaw picked to face Hardy and Kaz would probably not be anyone’s first choice. Styles and Morgan have been livid backstage, after not getting the deed done against The British Invasion at Rebellion. Tonight, they had their chance to release their aggression, albeit in a quick-paced match. Both teams worked well together, and a double team by Kaz and Hardy sent Morgan to the concrete, as Kaz and Hardy worked over Styles. However, Morgan quickly re-entered the ring and used a double clothesline to send both men to the canvas. Hardy rolled out of the ring, and with Morgan standing guard, Styles hit Kaz with the Styles Clash for the 1-2-3.

The Conglomerate (AJ Styles & Matt Morgan) defeated Jeff Hardy & Kaz when Styles pinned Kaz with the Styles Clash in 7:11.
Rating: *** ¼

Backstage, CM Punk is seen limping towards the arena floor, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

CM Punk slowly makes his way to the ring as Anarchy returns from the break. Punk says that he’s faced a lot of adversity during his life – in and out of the wrestling business. People would always make fun of him, or pressure him into situations where drugs and alcohol were involved; but he held his head up high, because he knew he would never give into that temptation. In wrestling, there could a countless number of people that said he didn’t deserve the success he had gotten; no one was willing to give him a fair chance, so Punk says he took every opportunity he could to prove those people wrong. Punk says that what happened at Rebellion and last week’s Anarchy were examples of how different he is from Adam Cole. Punk says that, for two straight nights, Cole used cheap tactics to take advantage of a situation – a situation he had no reason to be a part of. Punk says that all Cole is proving is that he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to Punk, face-to-face. Punk says that Cole will have no other choice at Fully Loaded.

Out from the crowd, Adam Cole jumps the barricade and slides into the ring, as he and Punk begin to brawl. Punk lands a number of shots, but Cole kicks Punk’s injured leg, sending him to the mat. Cole works over Punk’s knee, until HWL officials come to ringside. Cole exits the ring, escaping through the crowd, as the officials check on Punk.

Backstage, Michael Tarver is seen looking into a mirror inside the locker room. Talking to himself, Tarver says that he is better than his performance at Rebellion; that tonight, he proved that he could still do what it takes to win a match. Tarver says that he belongs in the HWL, and that no one can tell him otherwise.

Also backstage, Colt Cabana and Edwin Colon are seen with Alisha Hicks. Colon says that Kurt Angle and Martin Maldonado showed their true colors last week, and proved to everyone that they are sore losers, by attack he and Cabana. Cabana says that they will accept the rematch challenge, and put the belts on the line at Fully Loaded.

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, Alisha Hicks catches up with Adam Cole as he reappears backstage. Hicks asks Cole about what happened in the earlier tonight, and Cole says that he has never played by the same rules as others. He has found a proven tactic that takes CM Punk off his game, and if Punk wants to even things out, he’ll have to find a way to do it.

No Disqualification Match
Rami Sebei vs. Jesse Neal

Jesse Neal was on a hot streak coming into this match, after defeating Chris Sabin last week. He looked ready to continue that streak, but Rami Sebei came into this match with a chip on his shoulder. After coming up short last week, against Brutus Magnus, Sebei appeared to have changed his tactics in the ring; Sebei brought a steel chair into the ring and used it repeatedly throughout the match, until it was no long usable, causing the referee to throw it outside the ring. Sebei connected with a neckbreaker, but only got a two-count. In a fit of rage, Sebei tossed the referee outside the ring, and did more damage to Neal, choking him out in the center of the ring. As the referee got to his feet and reentered the ring, Sebei hit a swinging DDT or the 1-2-3.

[No Disqualification Match]:
Rami Sebei pinned Jesse Neal after a swinging DDT in 8:04.
Rating: ** ¾

After the match, Shane Hagadorn made his way to the ring. Inside, he stood over Neal, taunting him. Neal slowly gets to his feet, with Hagadorn still taunting him, but before Neal can grab ahold of Hagadorn, Steve Corino slides through the ropes and his Neal in the back with a chair! Corino tosses Neal through the ropes and starts beating him at ringside. Corino smashes Neal’s head into the steel ringsteps and whips him into the barricade. Corino grabs the chair from the apron, and swings it into the guardrail, hitting flush with Neal’s head. Corino walks away as the camera goes backstage.

Backstage, Matt Morgan tells Alisha Hicks that he once was one of the top guys in the HWL; that he was a threat for the Heavyweight Title. He says, last week, he proved that he still had what it took to stand in the ring with the best in the business. Morgan says that there is no doubt he will be the X-Division Champion for a long time coming, but that he is not finished with Randy Orton.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Rob Terry is seen in the hallway, stretching, as Claudio Castagnoli approaches. Castagnoli looks over Terry and shakes his head. Castagnoli says that he has stepped into the ring with men much bigger than Terry, and defeated them. He says that he could easily do the same thing to Terry. Terry tells Castagnoli that he’ll have his chance to put up or shut up later tonight.

Also backstage, Alisha Hicks asks David Otunga about his confrontation with Randy Orton last week. Otunga admits that he bit off more than he could chew last week, facing Orton in the center of the ring; but that he was prepared to stand his ground if he needed to earlier tonight. Otunga says that everyone needs to know that he will not back down from Randy Orton; and that the title shot he has at Fully Loaded will be the biggest moment of his career. Otunga says that he will not let that slip by.

A preview for Fully Loaded is shown with “Full Circle” by Otherwise playing in the background. Fully Loaded will be live, May 13th, from Cleveland, Ohio.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Rob Terry

Claudio Castagnoli made some big claims earlier tonight, saying that he would defeat Rob Terry in the ring. Claudio stunned the crowd – and “Big Rob” – when he caught Terry in the airplane spin, lifting the big man fully off the canvas. This amazing show of strength seemed to have worn Claudio out, as he was unable to keep up his momentum. This allowed Terry the chance to take over, wearing down Claudio. Terry hit the Freakbuster for the 1-2-3.

Rob Terry pinned Claudio Castagnoli with the Freakbuster in 6:08.
Rating: ** ½

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton makes his way out to the ring. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels wonder why Orton is coming out to the ring now, and that it must be important. Orton grabs the mic and says that he has to give credit where it’s due, saying that Matt Morgan was able to hold his own last week; however, even though Morgan didn’t lose the match, he didn’t win it either. Orton says that he is open to another match with Morgan, but that he has other things to worry about – like scouting his challenger at Fully Loaded.

As Orton leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, he is blindsided by Morgan. The two men brawl with each other on the stage as HWL officials rush to the scene, attempting to break them up. Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Martin Maldonado vs. Adam Cole

It was announced that, because of his actions as of late, Cole would step into the ring with a furious former tag team champion. It was announced that Maldonado and Kurt Angle would get their rematch at Fully Loaded, but he had other business to take care of tonight. Maldonado took his aggression out early on, but Cole has earned the reputation for being a fighter, and he fought Maldonado with all he had in this one. Maldonado went for a splash into the corner, but Cole escaped and started going after Maldonado’s knees. Cole worked over Maldonado more, after not getting him off his feet with a suplex. With Maldonado incapacitated, Cole was able to lift him up and connect with a Crash Thunder Bomb for the 1-2-3.

Adam Cole pinned Martin Maldonado after the Crash Thunder Bomb in 5:07.
Rating: ***

Card rating: ** 3/4

HWL Fully Loaded - 05/13/2012 - Cleveland, Ohio
Heavyweight Title Match; David Otunga vs. (c) Randy Orton
Tag Team Title Match: Kurt Angle & Martin Maldonado vs. (c) Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon
Golden Opportunity Match: CM Punk vs. Adam Cole
Nikkie Bella & Brie Bella vs. Eve Torres & Melina

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