April 25, 2011

Attendance: 9,693 (56.7%)

A video package is shown of the highlights from last night’s Rebellion pay-per-view.

“Headstrong” plays through the arena as fireworks shoot through the air. The cameras pan around the arena, showing the crowd going crazy. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Monday Night Anarchy. Josh Daniels says that, now with Rebellion behind them, the superstars of the HWL can look down the road to Fully Loaded on May 29th. They announce, that tonight, Kaval and Kofi Kingston will take on the team that came up short in their battle with the Tag Team Champions at Rebellion: AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson. And, also, tonight will be the debut of Maryse - the newest member of the HWL roster.

Kurt Angle’s music begins to play, and the crowd goes crazy as “The Olympic Gold Medalist” walks down to the ring, carrying the Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. Josh Daniels comments on what Angle had to go through last night during his title defense against Randy Orton, and the post-match against by the Golden Opportunity winner, Abyss. Angle gets on the microphone and says that for the past few weeks he has had to deal with more things then he has ever had to deal with during his time as Heavyweight Champion. Angle says that he had to deal with Randy Orton’s constant backstabbing, and cheap shots every single week leading up to last night at Rebellion. He says, that on top of that, he had to worry about Abyss coming from behind and trying to take him out every time he stepped foot inside the ring. Angle says that he has had enough of it; and that he finished with Randy Orton last night. Angle says that with Randy Orton behind him, he can turn his attention to other things: like “The Monster”. Angle says that he is not going to wait for Abyss to decide when to cash in his Golden Opportunity and challenge for the Heavyweight Title; he demands that Peter Bradshaw - who he knows is in the arena tonight - signs a title match between himself and Abyss for later tonight. Angle says that he doesn’t care if Abyss uses his Golden Opportunity tonight or not, but he just wants to get “The Monster” in the ring, one on one, to end things once and for all. Angle throws down the microphone, and storms out of the ring, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels discuss the reasons, given by the Champion, as to why he wants the match to be made.

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Eddie Edwards made Tyson Kidd submit to the Achilles Lock in 0:10:57.
Rating: ¼

Great way to start off the Anarchy after Rebellion! Tyson Kidd and Eddie Edwards put on a show for the fans in Tulsa tonight, and set a very high mark for the rest of the matches in the show. Edwards found himself slightly overwhelmed tonight, as he had to deal with both Kidd and Natalya, standing at ringside. During the match, the referee found himself in a bad position as he fell victim to a clothesline by Tyson Kidd, that sent him down the concrete at ringside. Edwards took control of the match as another official ran down to the ring to continue the match. A few minutes later, though, the initial referee regained consciousness, and he and the referee in the ring debated who would finish the match. As this was going on, Kidd connected with a low blow before grabbing Edwards’ arms behind his back as Natalya entered the ring with a steel chair. Natalya swung the chair, only to have Edwards duck, and connected with Kidd; opening up a small gash on his forehead. Edwards quickly tossed Natalya out of the ring and locked in the Achilles Lock as the referee noticed Kidd tapping out.

After the match, both officials checked on a bloody Tyson Kidd as Edwards left the ring to a mixed reaction.

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Coming back from the break, a very distraught and upset Daffney is seen with Alisha Hicks. Daffney says that she had the Women’s Title in her sights; that she was just a few seconds away from holding her first piece of championship gold in the HWL; that that it was all thrown away when Velvet Sky walked away from the ring, getting counted out. Daffney says that Velvet was lucky. Lucky that she was in too much shock to chase after Velvet and drag her back into the ring so that she could win the Women’s Title. Daffney says that she has spent every waking moment since last night, trying to figure out ways to make Velvet Sky pay for what she did at Rebellion. Daffney promises that the next time she sees Velvet Sky, that there will be no more Beautiful People in the Vixens locker room.

Nikki Bella pinned Maryse with the Sitout Facebuster in 0:15:05.
Rating: ¾ *

Newcomer Maryse made her debut tonight against a returning, former Women’s Champion, in Nikki Bella. Nikki came out strong, showing no signs of ring rust during her lengthy hiatus from the ring, picking up a few near falls on her opponent. Nikki became flustered after thinking she had put away Maryse early on, and that caused her to fall victim to an inside cradle while arguing with the referee. Maryse kept off the offense, showing some impressive moves learned during her days with the “other guys”. And, like Nikki, Maryse secured a couple near falls, but was unable to put her opponent away. The end of the match saw Maryse go for the French Kiss, only to have Nikki reverse the move and connect with the Sitout Facebuster for the victory!

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Backstage, Peter Bradshaw is seen talking to someone on the phone, when Yoshi Tatsu barges in. Tatsu says that he was robbed last night, when Adam Cole pulled his tights while pinning him, and retaining the X-Division Title. Tatsu says that that the whole world saw what Cole did, and he asks Bradshaw to reverse the decision made by the referee last night. Bradshaw says that he will take it into consideration and watch the footage. Tatsu thanks Bradshaw and leaves the ring as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels question what Bradshaw could - or be willing to - do in the event that Adam Cole did pull Tatsu’s tights at Rebellion.

Also backstage, Alisha Hicks is confronted by a groggy Natalya, who is attempting to be restrained by Tyson Kidd after his match earlier tonight. Natalya says that she heard what Daffney had to say about Velvet Sky’s retention of the Women’s Title last night; but says that all of Daffney’s whining will not change the fact that she is no longer the #1 Contender. Natalya says that Daffney had her chance and didn’t get the job done. She says that it’s her time to bring the title back to where it belongs. Natalya then issues a challenge to Velvet Sky, for a Women’s Title Match, next week on Anarchy.

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Kaval and Kofi Kingston defeated AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson when Kaval pinned Anderson with the Warrior’s Way in 0:16:50.
Kaval suffered a concussion. He will be out for approximately one week.
Rating: *** ¾

Both of these teams were looking to correct their mistakes that led to losses against the Tag Team Champions in the past couple weeks. Kofi and Kaval looked very impressive, shocking Styles and Anderson with an array of aerial moves. Styles and Anderson, however, were able to match their high-flying counterparts, seemingly at the perfect time, to keep the match going. Kaval took a hard spill to the concrete after being double clotheslined over the top rope by Styles and Anderson. Kaval stayed motionless at ringside for a few moments, while Kofi battled with both their opponents. Eventually, Kaval made it back to the apron, just in time to make the hot tag and clean house, causing the crowd to go crazy! Kaval connected with a beautiful power slam on Anderson, before climbing to the top rope and hitting the Warrior’s Way for the victory.

After the match, Kaval laid motionless on the canvas as Kofi and the referee checked on his condition. Medical personnel was requested, and they rushed down to the ring as Josh Daniels said he and Scott Michaels hoped everything was OK.

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As Anarchy returns, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are seen talking in the hallway backstage, when they are approached by “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Flair says that neither man had any business coming down to ringside last night, and costing Styles and Anderson the Tag Team Titles. Richards counters, and says that Flair had no right getting involved in their match against Styles and Anderson, two weeks ago. He says that Flair is just a hypocrite who only complains when something doesn’t go his way. Enraged, Flair throws a punch at Richards. Richards ducks the blow, and Eddie Edwards connects with a vicious knee to Flair’s midsection. He and Richard proceed to assault Flair in the middle of the hallway. Richards throws Flair into the cement wall, opening up a small gash on “The Nature Boy’s” forehead. Richards then straddles Flair and repeatedly punches him, forcing blood to spew all over the floor. Richards gets up and kicks Flair in the ribs - for good measure - before he and Edwards flee the scene, leaving Flair lying in a pool of his own blood.

Rob Terry pinned Colt Cabana with the Freakbuster in 0:10:45.
Rating: ** ¼

Colt Cabana tried all he could tonight, to wear down the much bigger opponent, but “The Freak” has that nick name for a reason. Rob Terry did fall victim to some well-placed and well-timed moves by Cabana, but the match quickly spilt onto the floor, where Terry easily took advantage, throwing Cabana into the guardrail. Terry then hoisted Cabana into the air and dropped him, head first, onto the guardrail, causing Cabana to bleed from the forehead. Terry then rolled Cabana back into the ring before hitting the Freakbuster for the victory.

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Kurt Angle defeated Abyss by disqualification in 0:18:19.
Raitng: ** ½
(Kurt Angle retained the HWL Heavyweight Title.)
[Randy Orton interfered against Kurt Angle.]

The crowd in Tulsa had been anticipating this match all night long, and they were ready for action when the two men were introduced. Angle started off strong, using his speed to pick up an early advantage over Abyss. The tide quickly turned as Angle failed to connect with a baseball slide to the concrete, and Abyss gladly used everything he could find to make Angle pay for his mistake. Back in the ring, Abyss continued his assault on the Heavyweight Champion as Randy Orton made his way down to the ring. Orton slid a steel chair into the ring before jumping onto the apron, distracting the referee, as Abyss bent the steel over Angle’s head. Abyss went for the cover, but only got a two-count, as Angle was able to get his foot over the bottom rope. Enraged, Abyss got into the referee’s face as Angle slowly composed himself, before attempting to hit the Angle Slam, but Angle was unable to life Abyss onto his shoulders! Angle ducked under a clothesline attempt and hit a flying forearm, before going for the cover. As the referee counted to three, “The Viper” slid into the ring and struck Angle in the back with the steel chair! The referee called for the bell, and Angle was announced the winner as Abyss and Orton did a number on the Heavyweight Champion.

A few moments later, Cody Rhodes ran down from the back and cleared the ring, getting a huge ovation from the crowd! Rhodes checked on Angle as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels thanked everyone for tuning in.

Card rating: ** ½

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