April 26, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Baltimore, MD

Monday Night Anarchy
April 26, 2010
1st Mariner Arena
Baltimore, Maryland

Highlights from last night’s pay-per-view are shown , showcasing the big events that took place at Rebellion. The final highlight stops with Desmond Wolfe hitting the Jawbreaker Lariart on Kane, adding a sense of suspense. Then Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the sold out 1st Mariner Arena and announce that tonight’s main event will be KURT ANGLE vs. KANE!

Newly crowned HWL Heavyweight Champion, DESMOND WOLFE comes to the ring, alongside Chelsea, to a surprising roar of applause from the crowd. He gets a microphone and says that last night, at Rebellion, had to have been his biggest achievement to-date in his wrestling career. Wolfe says that he had to beat some of the best athletes in professional wrestling on this way to the title match last night, and that he understands that no one was giving him a shot at beating Kane, but that, with the title around Wolfe’s waist, he proved all his critics wrong. Wolfe says that he knew it would take a while to become Heavyweight Champion when facing “top competition”, but now Wolfe feels there’s nothing that can stop him.

Wolfe is interrupted by the sounds of Mr. Anderson’s entrance music. Mr. Anderson steps out on-stage and soaks in the jeers from the crowd, staring at Desmond Wolfe. Anderson says that things are going to be a little different for Wolfe now, because there’s a new number one contender gunning for the Heavyweight Title. Anderson says that, last night, he defeated Kurt Angle, and now he’s got his sights on winning his first-ever Heavyweight Title at Fully Loaded.

Wolfe interrupts and says that Anderson has already lost to him once before, in the tournament, and that Wolfe sees it happening again.

Pissed, Anderson rushes down to the ring and begins to brawl with Wolfe as Chelsea flees the ring. The crowd goes crazy until HWL officials rush down to the ring, separating the two from each other. Anarchy goes to commercials with both men staring at each other, fuming.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match
Angelina Love vs. © Natalya
Angelina Love had the chance to redeem herself, after her poor performance in the Battle Royal last night at Rebellion, but she was up against a well-rested champion. While Angelina put up a strong fight, it showed that the rest Natalya received for not wrestling at the pay-per-view paid off. Natalya locked in patented Hart submission - The Sharpshooter - to pick up the victory.

Natalya defeated Angelina Love when Angelina Love passed out in the Sharpshooter in 12:22.
Rating: ***

Commercial Break

Alisha Hicks is seen backstage with Kaz. Hicks asks how Kaz feels about becoming the number one contender for the X-Division Title, and knowing that he will face Rhino at Fully Loaded. Kaz says that he’s very pleased with what he was able to accomplish; he says that he was lucky to beat a great athlete in Yoshi Tatsu, to earn the shot. Kaz says that Tatsu will eventually find his way into the challenging position, but that there was nothing stopping him from getting back into the ring with Rhino.

Randy Orton vs. CM Punk (w/Luke Gallows and Serena)
Orton had his hands full tonight, as he was trying to pick up his first win in the month of April, but he also had to contend with the outside distraction of Luke Gallows and Serena. Punk, too, was hoping to get his first win of the month, as he had fallen victim to Kane on the first Anarchy. Punk had a little easier time of getting the upper hand, thanks to interference from Serena, which kept Orton off his game for the entirety of the match. With the presence of Punk’s enforcers, Orton was never fully into the match, and Punk easily locked in head scissors. Orton struggled and tried to reach for the ropes, but Luke Gallows pulled them away from Orton’s grasp. Having no more energy to continue, Orton went limp, causing the referee to call for the bell. After the match, Punk, Gallows and Serena celebrated in the ring, standing over the motionless body of “The Viper”.

CM Punk defeated Randy Orton when Randy Orton passed out in a head scissors submission in 9:56.
Rating: ** ¾
[Serena interfered against Randy Orton.]

Commercial Break

AJ Styles and Ric Flair come out to the ring - dressed in fine suits - to a roaring jeer from the crowd. Flair tells the crowd to shut their mouths and listen to what The Phenomenal One has to say. Styles says, that for months, he has been under the guidance of the best wrestler to have grace the business. Styles says that, from the very first time they met, Flair had already started making him better. Styles says that Flair made him realize that he was always thinking about the wrong people - the fans - when he should’ve been thinking about himself. Styles says that Flair told him the fans were always going to turn their backs on Styles after he lost, or after he dropped a championship belt. Styles says that he now sees the truth, and that he is the only one that will never turn away. Styles says that he’s in the ring, demanding a match at Fully Loaded, because Mr. Bradshaw didn’t have the guts to put him on the main card at Rebellion. Styles says that he has prove that he’s worth getting title shots in the HWL, and not to be overlooked for younger wrestlers. Styles says that he wants to prove to the fans that he doesn’t need their backing. And, Styles says that he wants to prove to Flair that he’s worthy of being taken under “The Nature Boy’s” wings.

Suddenly, Styles and Flair get cut off by EVAN BOURNE. The crowd goes up in a riot as Bourne makes his way to the ring and is handed a microphone. Bourne says that, just like AJ, he has something to prove to Mr. Bradshaw. Bourne says that he wants to prove that he’s not some independent wrestling “daredevil” who could be stepped on by the others in the back. Bourne says that he wants to prove that he has what it takes to be a top name in the HWL. Bourne says that, unlike AJ though, he does want to prove to the fans that he’s worth their cheers, because if it weren’t for them, neither he nor Styles would have jobs. But, Bourne says, most importantly, he wants to prove to AJ that there’s a new “high-flyer” in town, who has what it takes to become a star. Bourne says that, if Styles is up to it, he accepts the challenge for Fully Loaded… in any match that Styles wants.

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Non-Title Match
Lethal Consequences vs. © The Motor City Machine Guns
Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed got their chance to show what they could do against the Tag Team Champions tonight just a few short weeks away from their title match at Fully Loaded. However, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin continued on their winning ways, picking up the victory, and further showing their dominance over the Tag Team division in the HWL. Things might not be looking good for Lethal Consequences, as this is the second time they’ve lost to the Machine Guns. Hopefully, their luck can turn as Fully Loaded approaches.

The Motor City Machine guns defeated Lethal Consequences when C. Sabin pinned Lethal after the Made in Detroit in 12:42.
Rating: ** ¼

Commercial Break

Mr. Anderson is seen backstage with Alisha Hicks. Anderson says that Desmond Wolfe thinks he has the upper hand on him because Wolfe has beaten him before, but that Anderson isn’t going to just give in and allow it. Anderson says that he wants to show Wolfe that things are going to be different the next time they step into the ring with each other. Anderson then issues a challenge to anyone on the HWL roster, to a match next week, and that he wants Desmond Wolfe at ringside to see what’s in store for the Heavyweight Champion at Fully Loaded.

D’Angelo Dinero vs. Kaz
X-Division Champion, Rhino, came down to ringside before the match, stating that he wanted to see how much Kaz had improved since losing to MVP in the semi-finals of the title tournament. When asked, Rhino said that he was not “scouting” Kaz, because the X-Division Ttle on his shoulder says that Rhino doesn’t need to scout his opponent. During the match, Dinero was on a mission to send a message to Yoshi Tatsu after attacking him last week on Anarchy. However, Kaz had something to prove to the man sitting at ringside, and didn’t allow Dinero his chance. Frustrated after getting a close two-count, Dinero attacked the referee and threw him over the top rope! Rhino, seeing the referee down, slid into the ring and helped assault Kaz! The referee, after getting to his feet, called for the bell as HWL officials rushed down to the ring. Rhino and Dinero slipped out and watched as Kaz wiggled on the canvas in pain.

Kaz defeated D’Angelo Dinero by disqualification in 13:21.
Rating: ** ¼

Commercial Break

Kurt Angle vs. Kane
Both men were coming off tough losses last night at Rebellion. Angle lost the chance to become number one contender to Mr. Anderson, and Kane lost a match that looked to be heavily in his favor. Kane, however, had to watch Desmond Wolfe walk away with the HWL Heavyweight Title, and tonight was looking for a form of retribution. Angle found himself in a dilemma throughout the match, trying to fend off Kane’s rage and fury, and also having to deal with MATT MORGAN, who made his way down to ringside. During the match, as Kane had the referee distracted, Morgan hit Angle with a vicious chair shot. But, Kane wasn’t able to put Angle away. Frustrated further, Kane loss his grip on the match and eventually fell victim to a double reverse chinlock, giving Angle the victory! After the match, Angle had plenty to say to Matt Morgan, who slowly made his way backstage.

Kurt Angle defeated Kane when Kane passed out in a double reverse chinlock in 9:10.
Rating: ***

Card Rating: ***

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