April 30, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - London, England

The O2 Arena – London, England
Attendance: 19,940 (99.7%)

The show opens from the O2 Arena, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome the US viewers to London. They announce Steve Corino vs. David Otunga for tonight, as well as a 10-man battle royal to determine “The Blueprint’s” opponent for the X-Division Title at Fully Loaded.

Randy Orton’s music hits as the Heavyweight Champion comes down to the ring. Orton poses in the corner, getting booed by the crowd, before grabbing the mic. Orton says that Matt Morgan is one of three things: delusional, living a lie, or eating up all the crap that Ric Flair is feeding him. Orton says that Morgan hasn’t been one of the top guys in nearly three years. Orton gives credit for Morgan being the first-ever HWL Heavyweight Champion, after beating CM Punk; but Orton says he beat Punk for the title, too, at the biggest event in the HWL. Orton says that Morgan is crazy if he thinks he has what to takes to challenge for the Heavyweight Title. But, Orton says that he will give Morgan one more chance to either beat him or get RKO-ed in the center of the ring…

Peter Bradshaw appears on-stage, and says that it’s absolutely great to be back in London! Bradshaw says that he likes the idea of a match pitting the X-Division Champion against the Heavyweight Champion; but since they are in London tonight, there should be something that makes this match special. Bradshaw then announces a no-disqualification match for later tonight. Bradshaw also says that Ric Flair will be banned from ringside, in order to give both men a fair chance at victory. Bradshaw leaves the stage as Orton stands in the ring, starring at the ramp.

Backstage, CM Punk is seen entering the arena on crutches. Alisha Hick approaches and asks if showing up tonight, in this state, is a good idea. Punk says it’s a great idea, because he’s not going to give Adam Cole the satisfaction of knowing he’s done something to keep Punk down. He says that he is not staying down, and that he will keep fighting until he takes the Golden Opportunity from Cole at Fully Loaded.

Nikki Bella is shown heading towards the ring as Anarchy goes to commercials…

Commercial Break

Tiffany vs. Sarita

Nikki Bella came out to the ring, joining Josh and Scott on commentary, as two new Vixens debuted. Tiffany was making her first appearance in an HWL ring, and Sarita – the former HWL Women’s Champion – returned after nearly two years away. During the match, Nikki says that Sarita has already proven she can be a Women’s Champion; but that Tiffany would be a better challenge to her sister’s title than either Melina or Eve Torres. Nikki sat at ringside as Sarita hit a belly-to-belly suplex for the victory.

Sarita pinned Tiffany after a belly-to-belly suplex in 5:11.
Rating: ¼*

Backstage, Alisha Hicks asks Jeff Hardy what his mental state is like after losing last week. Hardy, looking down, and avoiding Hicks’ eye contact, says that he knows there are people asking questions due to his absence a couple weeks ago. But Hardy says that he’s fine, and he will prove it in the ring later tonight.

Also backstage, Nikki Bella is seen walking towards the Vixens’ locker room, when she is approached by Melina. Melina tells Nikki that what she said at ringside was out of line, and that she doesn’t know what anyone in the back is capable. Nikki asks if she was out of line, why is Brie still champion? Melina changes topics and says that neither Nikki nor Brie has answered their challenge for Fully Loaded. Nikki says that Melina is quickly getting out of line, and if she doesn’t stop, she’ll have bigger things to worry about than Fully Loaded. Nikki says that Melina and Eve will get their answer with she and Brie feel like giving it to them. Nikki walks away, leaving Melina fuming.

In a taped video message, Chris Sabin says that he is going to make sure he has a ticket – and a place – in Cleveland, Ohio at Fully Loaded. Sabin says that he came back to the HWL on a mission: to be a singles star without anyone holding him back. Sabin says that tonight, he will do just that, by winning the #1 Contenders Battle Royal.

In another taped video message, Rami Sebei says that he has been X-Division Champion before; and that it was Matt Morgan who defeated him for the title. Sebei says he knows what he has to do to get back to the mountaintop; that the others in the battle royal don’t have what it takes to get there. Sebei says he will meet Morgan again, in Cleveland; but this time the result will be different.

Commercial Break

Christopher Daniels vs. Jeff Hardy

Over the last week, Jeff Hardy has been hearing rumors about what the cause of his absence last week might’ve been. Hardy, himself, has been tight-lipped about the situation since returning, only saying that he would not miss another date. With those questions lingering over his head tonight, Hardy stepped into the ring with the debuting Christopher Daniels, from PCW. Daniels is by no means a rookie, and he and Hardy have had numerous encounters in the squared-circle, so the anticipation was high as this match started. As expected, this match was fast-paced, as both men showed off their speed and agility. As is his custom, Hardy brought a chair into the ring, and used it to hit it a springboard swanton on Daniels for a two-count. Daniels fought back, sending the match outside the ring, where he was able to wear Hardy down, ramming his back into the apron. Back inside the ring, Daniels connected with a springboard elbowdrop, only getting a two-count. Daniels missed a shoulderblock in the corner, allowing Hardy to grab another chair from ringside. However, Hardy looked staggered as he set the chair up, and collapsed to the canvas. Thinking nothing of it, Daniels suplexed Hardy into the center of the ring. Daniels went to the top rope and hit the Best Moonsault Ever for the 1-2-3.

Christopher Daniels pinned Jeff Hardy with the Best Moonsault Ever in 0:07:39.
Rating: *** ¾

After the match, Daniels leaves the ring as the referee calls for assistance. Medics rush down to the ring, checking Hardy as the crowd watches on. A gurney is wheeled out to the ring, and Hardy is placed on it, before being pushed back up the ramp.

Backstage, Matt Morgan tells Alisha Hicks that for too long, he was held back. By others who were trying to get ahead of him; but mostly by himself. Morgan says that he was once the top guy in the Horizon Wrestling League, and that by winning the X-Division Title, he’s on his way to claiming that spot once again. Morgan says that he came close to beating Randy Orton the last time they stepped into the ring. He knows it, and Orton knows it. Morgan says that, tonight, he is confident that he will get the job done.

As Morgan confidently walks away, Jesse Neal staggers into view. Neal looks distant, and keeps looking behind him every few seconds. Alisha asks Neal if everything is OK. Neal cautiously looks around the area before saying that he may have underestimated Steve Corino’s ability last week. Before Alisha can ask another question, Neal staggers out of view as the show cuts to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, CM Punk is seen slowly making his way towards the locker room, when Adam Cole comes from behind, and pushes him into the wall, causing Punk to lose his balance. Cole kicks out one of Punk’s crutches, and tells Punk that he can very easily make sure Punk’s not at Fully Loaded. Punk stumbles, but finds his balance, before swinging his other crutch into Cole’s midsection. Punk bends the crutch over Cole’s back before throwing Cole into the wall. Punk walks away from the scene as Cole slumps to the ground in pain.

Backstage, David Otunga is seen getting ready for his match, when he is approached by Alisha Hicks…

AH: “David, you’re just moments away from stepping into the ring with Steve Corino; but what is going through your mind, knowing that Matt Morgan and Randy Orton are tonight’s main event?”
DO: “Honestly? I’ll go back to what I said last week. No one has given me a shot to prove what I can in the pressure situations. But don’t get me wrong; that’s just fine with me. No one thought I could become a professional wrestler either, and here I am, just two weeks away from challenging for the Heavyweight Title! But, Randy Orton is doing what everyone else has done my entire career: he’s underestimating me. He’s too caught up in what’s going on with Matt Morgan and The Conglomerate, that it would shock everyone if I walked out of Fully Loaded as the new champion. That is, everyone but me.”

In the Vixens locker room, Eve Torres and Melina walk in to find their suitcase open and emptied of their contents. They start searching the locker room, until Eve screams from the bathroom. Melina joins her to find their belongings in the shower, soaking wet and ruined. They turn to leave, but stop to read a message on the bathroom mirror: “Challenge accepted… bitches!”

Melina: “Oh… they have no idea what a bitch is!”
ET: “They’re dead!”

Jeremy Buck vs. David Otunga

The audience got a surprise when Otunga’s scheduled opponent – Steve Corino – did not show up. However, Jeremy Buck was more than willing to fill in, hoping to get more exposure on the main roster. The newcomer’s eagerness quickly cost him an opening, giving Otunga control of the match. But the match didn’t have time to develop, as RANDY ORTON came down to the ring, breaking up an Otunga pinfall attempt. After the bell rang, Orton grabbed Otunga and RKO’d him in the center of the ring! Orton rolled under the ropes and headed up the ramp, as the crowd roared with boos.

David Otunga defeated Jeremy Buck by disqualification in 3:02.
Rating: * ¾
(Steve Corino no-showed.)
[Randy Orton interfered against David Otunga.]

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Alisha Hicks catches Randy Orton as he is heading towards his locker room…

AH: Randy, Randy! Do you have any explanation for what you did just moments ago to David Otunga?
RO: “I think my actions were explanation enough. He wants to go around saying that he’s being overlooked and underestimated? I’m the Heavyweight Champion, Alisha. I don’t overlook anyone who is a challenge to my title reign. What I did out there just now should prove to David Otunga that I know exactly who he is and what he’s after.”
AH: “Well, can you say that, after what just happened, your mind is still focused on your rematch with Matt Morgan?”
RO: “Alisha, I understand you’re trying to do your job, but Matt Morgan is about to find out just how focused I am on him. And, with Ric Flair banned from ringside, he’ll have no option but to focus on me, too.”

Orton walks into the locker room, slamming the door behind him…

At ringside, Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels recap the thwarted attack by Adam Cole on CM Punk. A live shot shows medical officials tending to Cole backstage, as Daniels and Michaels ask where Punk is, and in what condition he is in.

A preview for Fully Loaded is shown as “Full Circle” by Otherwise plays in the background. Fully Loaded will be live, from Cleveland, Ohio, on May 13th.

Non-Title Match
Ric Flair Banned From Ringside
© Matt Morgan vs. © Randy Orton

The crowd had been building up for this match ever since it was announced at the start of the show. Matt Morgan and Randy Orton – the X-Division and Heavyweight Champions, respectively – facing off once again, without Ric Flair at ringside. Orton took control from the start, and he worked over Morgan, wanting to prove that he was the better wrestler. Morgan, however, tried to fight back, knowing that, in his mind, he had the chance to defeat the top guy in the HWL. Things didn’t look too good for Morgan’s comeback; and, with The Conglomerate, things are never as easy as they should be. Sensing the match slipping away, AJ STYLES came down to the ring, pulling down the top rope, sending Orton crashing to the canvas. Quickly the referee called for the DQ, as Morgan slid outside and joined Styles, who was attacking Orton.

[Match with Managers Banned From Ringside]:
Randy Orton defeated Matt Morgan by disqualification in 6:16.
Rating: *** ¼
[AJ Styles interfered against Randy Orton.]

After the match, Morgan and Styles continued their assault on Orton, until DAVID OTUNGA ran down to ringside! Otunga clotheslines Styles from behind, sending him to the canvas. Otunga and Morgan began to trade blows as Styles slowly got to his feet. Styles and Morgan quickly overpower Otunga, whipping him into the ring steps. Morgan and Styles leave the scene as Orton and Otunga lay prone on the ground.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Josh Michaels and Scott Daniels recap the events that just took place, as Orton and Otunga get helped backstage. The camera goes backstage to Alisha Hicks, who is with Peter Bradshaw:
AH: “Mr. Bradshaw. Moments ago, we saw a vicious attack on Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and his challenge at Fully Loaded, David Otunga. First, what repercussions – if any – will there be against The Conglomerate? And secondly, do you feel this jeopardizes the main event at Fully Loaded?”
PB: “Well, to be honest, Alisha, it’s too early to tell on both accounts. Ric Flair and AJ Styles took it upon themselves to go against my ruling tonight; and, because of that, it would be fair to say that there is some form of punishment being handed down. What that is, I’m not sure right now. And, as for the main event at Fully Loaded, that will really all depend on how both Randy and David recover from the heinous actions that took place tonight.”

As Bradshaw walks away, CM PUNK walks by, twirling his remaining crutch in both hands. Alisha stops him:
AH: “Punk! Punk! What are you doing? How is your knee feeling?”
CP: “Oh, the knee? Funny you should ask. My knee is perfectly healthy, Alisha! Adam Cole found that out earlier tonight, and he’ll find out at Fully Loaded that he doesn’t have what it takes to play mind games with CM Punk. Why don’t you go ask him how he’s feeling?”

Punk walks away as the scene cuts back to the ring…

#1 Contenders Match
10-Man Battle Royal

Ten men were introduced to the ring, before the start of the match. The crowd booed vociferously as John Cena and Jesse Neal started off the match. Neal attempts to throw Cena over the top rope, but Cena blocks it. Kofi Kingston clothesline Cena to the canvas. Neal attempted a diving shoulderblock, but Cena rolled under, as Neal got caught in the ropes. Cena threw Neal over the top rope for the first elimination. Kaz attacked Cena from behind, as they but Cena recovered, sending Kaz into the turnbuckles. Cena tried to toss Kaz out of the ring, but Kaz held on to the ropes, and slid back into the ring. Brutus Maganus and Rami Sebei were going at each other on the other side of the ring. They were brawling back and forth until Sebei connected with a roundhouse right. Sebei tried a second roundhouse, but Magnus countered it with an armbreaker; but Sebeir reversed it into a sleeperhold. Michael Tarver made the save, and Magnus hit a power bomb in the center of the ring. Across the ring, Chris Sabin and John Cena are seen double-teaming Kofi Kingston. Cena clotheslined Kingston, and Sabin connected with a kick to the back, before trying to throw Kingston out of the ring; Kingston held on and slid back under the bottom rope. Back to Sebei and Magnus: Magnus reversed an irish whip, and ducked a clothesline attempt by Sebei. Magnus connected with his own clothesline, sending Sebei tumbling to the concrete for the 2nd elimination. In a battle royal, friendships and partnerships are put on hold for the chance at personal glory. Magnus attempted to powerslam his tag partner, Rob Terry, but Terry countered it with a vicious lariat! Across the ring, Kofi Kingston was working over John Cena. Cena pushed off, and the two men began brawling in the corner. Kingston hit a flying dropkick on Cena, and Rob Terry quickly takes over the attack on him. Cena fought back, and tossed Terry over the ropes for the 3rd elimination! Kaz came from behind, and locked in a half nelson sleeper on Cena; Cena broke the hold. Kaz ran into the ropes, but got spinebustered by Cena. Cena continued to work over Kaz, as Kofi Kingston came back around. Cena and Kofi began to brawl again. Cena sent Kofi into the corner, trying to throw him over the ropes, but Kofi held on, sliding back into the ring. Cena hit a flying shoulderblock on Kofi before shouting “You can’t see me”, getting boos from the crowd. Brutus Magnus came over, but was quickly clothesline by Cena. Michael Tarver – who had been quiet so far – went after Kofi while he was down, hitting a knee lift. Kofi reversed a choke attempt, as the two men began to brawl. Kofi connected with a hurrancara in the center of the ring. Tyson Kidd and Chris Sabin were quick to jump on Tarver, as Kofi went back to Cena Kofi got a few good shots in on Cena before Kaz and Chris Sabin attacked him from behind. Kingston fought back as Tyson Kidd attacked Cena from behind. Kidd tried to throw Cena over the ropes, but it was blocked. Cena blocked a submission attempt by Kidd, picking Kidd up and dumping him over the ropes for the 4th elimination! A “Learn to rap” chant started as Cena and Kofi went after it once again. Kofi worked over Cena, and was setting up for the Trouble in Paradise, but Chris Sabin dropkicked Cena before Kofi could hit it. Sabin tried to toss Cena over the ropes, but Cena blocked it. Magnus came over, as he and Sabin double-teamed Cena in the corner. Magnus attempted to hit Snakes Eyes, but Cena slid out to safety. Michael Tarver missed two clotheslines on Sabin, but countered and armdrag with a Fujiwara armbar. Sabin reached for the ropes, but Cena came over to make the save. Sabin and Kaz worked over Tarver. Sabin attempted a Yakuza kick, but Tarver blocked it. Tarver tossed Sabin over the ropes, but Sabin caught himself. Tarver kneed Sabin in the back, dropping him to the floor for the 5th elimination! Tarver then turned his attention to Kofi, with the same results as Sabin. Kofi is the 6th elimination! Tarver and Magnus began going back-and-forth in the ring as the area started to clear out. Tarver locked Magnus into an abdominal stretch, only to have Kaz break it up. Magnus took control, eventually hitting Snake Eyes into the corner. Kaz came from behind, working over Magnus; but Magnus rolled out of a dropkick attempt. Across the ring, Tarver and Cena brawled with each other, until Magnus locked Cena in an armbar submission. Tarver made the save, before hitting the Tarver’s Lightning on Cena. Tarver chocked Cena, but Kaz made the save. Magnus came over, but Tarver connected with a fist to the midsection, before turning back to Cena. Tarver worked over Cena – with help from Kaz – and tried to send Cena out of the ring, but Cena slid back in under the ropes. Magnus attacked Cena, but Cena reversed it, lifting Magnus up with the Attitude Adjustment, but Magnus blocked it. Cena suplexed Magnus near the ropes. Eventually, the constant barrage that Cena had been under during the match caught up to him. After a three-on-one against Tarver, Magnus, and Kaz, Cena feel victim to a Magnus clothesline that sent him over the top rope for the 7th elimination! With three left in the match, it came down to Magnus, Tarver and Kaz. Magnus and Tarver went after each other. Magnus gained the advantage, powerslamming Tarver to the mat. As Tarver used the ropes to get to his feet, Magnus clotheslined him over for the 8th elimination! Kaz and Magnus were the only two remaining – vying for a shot at Matt Morgan and the X-Division Title – and the last moment of the match were furious. Magnus attempted to choke Kaz, but Kaz countered with a superkick out of nowhere, stunning Magnus. Kaz went to work, before hitting a swinging neckbreaker in the center of the ring. Kaz grabbed Magnus and tossed him over the ropes for the 9th elimination and the victory!

[10-Man Battle Royal]
Kaz won a 10-man Battle Royal:
X J. Cena threw out J. Neal in 0:46.
X Magnus threw out R. Sebei in 2:31.
X J. Cena threw out R. Terry in 3:03.
X J. Cena threw out T. Kidd in 5:32.
X Tarver threw out C. Sabin in 7:32.
X Tarver threw out Kofi in 7:40.
X Magnus threw out J. Cena in 13:29.
X Magnus threw out Tarver in 15:34.
X Kaz threw out Magnus in 16:59.
Rating: *** ½

After the match, Kaz fell to his knees in celebration, as Daniels and Michaels congratulate him on his victory, earning him a spot to face Matt Morgan for the X-Division Title at Fully Loaded. Anarchy goes off the air with Kaz continuing to celebrate.

Card rating: ***

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