August 07, 2012 - PCW Wrestling - Redmond, OR

Attendance: 6,225 (83%)

Rex Butler makes his way to the ring as the show comes on the air. Butler talks about the “air of excitement” in the locker room with Battle at the Bay looming on the horizon. Butler says that there’s a lot of exciting things happening in the PCW, but the reason he’s out tonight is not one of them. He calls out Beth Phoenix, who walks out, her arm in a sling and the Women’s Title wrapped around her waist. Rex helps her into the ring, and the fans cheer as she waves to them. Rex says that, unfortunately, due to Beth’s injury, she will not be able to defend the Women’s Title this Saturday night. Therefore, he must have Beth relinquish the title. Dropping her head, Beth unbuckles the belt from her waist and hands it over to Rex, without looking at him. Rex asks if she has anything to say to the crowd, but Beth just shakes her head. Rex announces that this Saturday, the Women’s Title will be on the line as Tamina will face Phoenix’s replace, BAYLEY! Beth’s music begins to play, as she leaves the ring, and the show goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Kelly Kelly is seen sipping a Starbuck’s drink. A male member of the security staff comes to say hello but is brushed off by Kelly. As he walks away, MELINA attacks Kelly from behind! Melina lays into Kelly in the hallway, before taking what’s left of Kelly’s drink and dumping it over her. Melina bends down and says that’s a message from Becky, and that Kelly will see Melina this Saturday night.

Alex Payne vs. Jack Swagger (w/The Swagger Flying Eagle)

As of late, Jack Swagger has been dealing with a two-pronged situation that seems to have taken his mind off his in-ring work. His personal life has been made stressful by the arrival of a former love interest in Vickie Guerrero; and every time he steps into the ring, he has to worry whether or not his personal mascot is going to cost him a match. Tonight, that concern had to be in the back of his mind as he stepped in to take on Alex Payne, hoping to pick up a victory. Swagger certainly wasted no time in taking out his frustrations on Payne. But Payne was able to hold his own, fighting back against Swagger, and turning this into a match that the crowd quickly got behind. It shouldn’t have been a surprise when the Swagger Flying Eagle grabbed Payne’s ankle, tripping him. The referee threatened Swagger with interference, but Swagger wasn’t having it. Swagger banished his own mascot from ringside, just in time for Payne to roll him into a Boston crab in the center of the ring. Swagger struggled to reach the ropes, eventually tapping out. Payne celebrated his upset victory as Swagger rolled outside the ring, holding his lower back, and destroying the ringside area.

Alex Payne made Jack Swagger submit to a Boston crab in 8:30.
Rating: ¼

Commercial Break

Justin Gabriel vs. Delirious (w/Daizee Haze)

Much like Swagger, in the first match of the evening, Delirious has found himself in the middle of a battle with Drew McIntyre, fighting for the honor of his manager, Daizee Haze. They are slated to face each other this Saturday night, but Delirious has another issue to deal with before the weekend. Justin Gabriel has won multiple championships during his tenure in the PCW and is one of the most decorated champions in the short history of the company. Those facts seemed to have escaped the outrageous mind of Delirious heading into this match-up. Delirious and Gabriel traded advantage throughout this match, with Delirious trying to put Gabriel away every chance he got. But Justin Gabriel is nothing if not resilient. Delirious had him in the corner and looked poised to lay in a number of forearms shots, but Gabriel was able to duck out of the corner and lock on the Koji clutch. Gabriel dropped down to the canvas, locking the hold in tighter, as Daizee Haze tried to push the bottom rope closer to Delirious. DREW MCINTYRE ran from backstage, grabbing Haze, and pulled her away from ringside. While bashing on McIntyre’s shoulders, Haze could do nothing but watch Delirious pass out in the ring. Gabriel was awarded the match, and after the bell sounded, McIntyre dropped Haze onto the aisle-way and walked backstage.

Justin Gabriel made Delirious pass out in the Koji clutch in 9:04.
Rating: ** ¾

A video is shown, recapping Luke Gallows’ victory, last week, to advance to tonight’s tournament finale against Bobby Roode. The winner will face The Big Show, this Saturday, for the vacant Heavyweight Title!

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, a video recapping Bobby Roode’s victory from last week is shown.

Backstage, Harlem and Lance Bravado walk into Rex Butler’s office. Lance steps forward and, seeking some sort of motivation from his brother – who motions for Lance to continue – tells Butler that he acted unprofessionally and wanted to apologize. Lance says that he would like to sit down with Butler, after the show, and discuss things. Lance says he wants to compete Saturday night if Butler would still allow that to happen. After the moment, the two men shake hands, and Butler tells them to enjoy the rest of the show.

Tournament Finale
Luke Gallows vs. Bobby Roode

A lot hung in the balance as Gallows and Roode stepped into the ring tonight. The Big Show watched from backstage, anticipating who his opponent would be in four days’ time. Gallows – the bigger of the two men – took advantage early on. Roode came back, surprising Gallows with a snap suplex. Feeling the effects of the earlier part of the match, Roode climbed the turnbuckles, only for Gallows to get to his feet and rack Gallows on the corner ropes. Roode fell onto the apron, and Gallows pushed him out to the concrete with his foot. Outside the ring, Gallows worked over Roode before hitting a flying shoulder block that seemed to have done some damage to Gallows as well. Both men eventually returned to the ring, and Roode ducked a running clothesline attempt, hitting a spinebuster slam as Gallows came back off the ropes. Roode covered Gallows for the 1-2-3. After the match, Roode laid on the canvas as he was announced the winner.

[Tournament Finale]:
Bobby Roode pinned Luke Gallows after a spinebuster slam in 5:11.
Rating: **

Card Rating: ** ½

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