August 10 2009 Monday Night Anarchy Omaha Ne

Monday Night Anarchy - 08/10/09
Qwest Center - Omaha, Nebraska
G4 Network

Kory Chavis defeated Cheech by countout in 0:11:53.
Rating: * 3/4

Kory Chavis picked up the victory in the first match tonight after Cheech tried a suicide dive from the top rope. Chavis was quick enough to move out of the way, allowing Cheech to come crashing down hard onto the metal guardrail at ringside. Chavis easily rolled back into the ring and watched as Cheech was counted out.

Brent Albright defeated Tyson Kidd by disqualification in 0:06:04.
Rating: *
[Cody Deaner interfered against Brent Albright.]

Brent Albright appeared to have this match won on pure size and strength alone, but Cody Deaner made the process quicker, attacking Albright with a HUBCAP! Deaner bent the hubcap around Albright's skull before running away from the ring, leaving Albright motionless on the canvas.

Angelina Love defeated Melina by disqualification in 15:30.
Rating: **** 1/4
[Maryse interfered against Melina.]
[Tara interfered against Angelina Love.]

Melina found herself directly in the midst of the on-going feud between Tara and the duo of Angelina Love and Maryse this week, as Maryse and Tara came down to the ring to make a statement. All four women brawled in the ring after the bell sounded until officials came down and broke it up.

Austin Aries and Randy Orton defeated Consequences Creed and Evan Bourne when
R. Orton defeated E. Bourne by countout in 0:04:56.
Rating: * 3/4
(Kurt Angle no-showed.)

Kurt Angle was nowhere to be found as this match was being announced, so Austin Aries found a suitable replacement in "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton. Evan Bourne was choosen as the hopeful assistance that Consequences Creed needed to find the whereabouts of his partner, Jay Lethal. However, Bourne was not able to hit his top-rope crossbody block to the outside of the ring as Orton was able to move out of the way.

AJ Styles defeated Matt Morgan by disqualification in 0:15:37.
Rating: ** 1/2
[Randy Orton interfered against AJ Styles.]

It appeared that Randy Orton didn't get enough action earlier tonight, as he made his way to ringside during tonight's main event. He spent most of the match watching the action inside the ring before grabbing a steel chair and smacking Styles in the back of the head. After the bell sounded, Heavyweight Champion Matt Morgan stared at Orton in disbelief as Styles was tended to by the official.

Card Rating: ** 1/2

Match Observations:
Upset with his partner's failure to defeat Kory Chavis tonight, CLOUDY walked out of Omaha, claiming that he was moving on to find a better partner. Infuriated by his partner's decision, Cheech has demanded a rematch against Chavis next week on "Anarchy".

Due to the "uncalled for" attack by Cody Deaner on Brent Albright tonight, HWL Commissioner Tim Jacobs has announced that they will face off against each other on August 23rd at "Turning Point". After the match, Albright said that Deaner should "pack up his trailer and run, because [i] am coming after [you]."

Also announced for next week's show will be a tag team match between the teams of Tara/Melina and Angelina Love/Maryse. And, also, sources are saying that Tara will finally choose her opponent for the Womens Title next week, as well.

Another huge match has been signed for next week as new #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles will be determined in a Triple Threat Elimination Match. Tim Jacobs has said that if Consequences Creed and Evan Bourne win, that Jay Lethal MUST be released before "Turning Point".

And, it has officially been announced that the HWL Heavyweight Title will be decided in a Triple Threat Match at "Turning Point" as AJ Styles earned his spot in the main event, thanks in part to Randy Orton's interference tonight.

HWL Turning Point - 08/23/09 - Minneapolis, MN
Heavyweight Title Match: AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton vs. (c) Matt Morgan
Tag Team Title Match: (c) Beer Money, Inc. vs. ???
Women's Title Match: Tara vs. ???
Brent Albright vs. Cody Deaner

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