August 11, 2012 - Battle at the Bay - San Francisco, CA

Attendance: 11,550 (70%)

Pyro shoots from the stage as Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield welcome everyone to San Francisco for the first-ever Battle of the Bay event. They announce the six matches that will take place tonight, and the camera goes to the ringside area to start the show.

Melina vs. Kelly Kelly

Over the last couple weeks, Kelly Kelly found herself in a heated situation with fellow Vixen Becky Bayless. Bayless blamed Kelly for her inability to earn a shot at the Women’s Title, and this match was signed for the two to settle their differences. But, last weeks, those plans changed when MELINA debuted, attacking Kelly on behalf of Becky, who had been called up to the main roster. Kelly found herself facing someone she didn’t prepare for, therefore she had no game plan for Melina. She did shock Melina by kicking out of the Sunset Split, but Melina came back with a stiff kick to the head for the victory.

Melina pinned Kelly Kelly after a kick to the head in 9:38.
Rating: * ¼

Backstage, Brooke Barlow is seen with Daizee Haze and Delirious before his match-up with Drew McIntyre. Daizee says that Delirious is finally going to avenge her, for the actions of McIntyre. After tonight, McIntyre will know to never put his hands on Daizee again.

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Drew McIntyre vs. Delirious (w/Daizee Haze)

The feud between these two all started during a match-up nearly a month ago when Drew pushed Daizee Haze to the ground while she tried to interfere on Delirious’ behalf. Delirious spent the ensuing time attacking McIntyre – all in the hopes of avenging his manager. In the last couple weeks that singular goal has cost Delirious matches, and only infuriating him more. Tonight, that fury was on full display, as he took the fight to McIntyre. However, Delirious’ rage caused him to make a crucial mistake, and McIntyre was able to capitalize. McIntyre hit the Future Shock to pick up the victory. After the match, McIntyre celebrated his victory as Daizee Haze fumed from outside the ring.

Drew McIntyre pinned Delirious with the Future Shock in 6:34.
Rating: *** ¾

Backstage, Bayley is seen talking to Beth Phoenix – who has her injured arm in a sling – leading up to her title chance later tonight. Beth tells Bayley that she doesn’t blame Bayley for her injury; and that she believes Bayley has the ability to walk away with the Women’s Title tonight. Bayley thanks Beth and promises to give her a title shot when she’s healthy. The two hug before Bayley walks away.

Also backstage, Brook Barlow is seen with Kenny King and Rhett Titus. King says that they’ve been nothing more than a side note – if even that – since The Bravados won the Tag Team Titles. Titus says that neither of them care whether or not the Bravados are here tonight, or if Wade Barrett can find a partner to fill in for Jay Lethal. All that matters is that they walk out with the Tag Team Titles tonight.

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Match for vacant Women’s Title
Bayley vs. Tamina

Since coming up short in her last attempt at the Women’s Title, Tamina has done everything she could to get back in the ring with Beth Phoenix. Those plans took a hit when the champion went down with an arm injury a week before their prospective match. When it was announced that Tamina would be facing Bayley – the upstart who would be filling in for the injured Phoenix for the vacant title – her chances of winning the title skyrocketed. However, whether it be the motivation she received from the former champion before the match, or the support from the hometown crowd, Bayley – even after being slammed into the ring post – did not give up. Bayley took everything Tamina could give her, and kept getting back to her feet. Bayley shocked the PCW when she hit the Bayley-to-Belly Suplex for the 1-2-3. After the match, Bayley cried at ringside with the Women’s Title, after becoming only the second woman to hold it in its history.

[Match for vacant Women’s Title]:
Bayley pinned Tamina with the Bayley-to-Belly Suplex in 6:03.
Rating: * ½
(Bayley won the PCW Women’s Title.)

Backstage, Wade Barrett is seen with Brooke Barlow. Barrett says that he hated the fact that Jay Lethal left the company, so he went back home to find a reliable partner to help win back the Tag Team Titles. Barrett introduces MARTIN KIRBY – the current Grand Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. Kirby says that he’s honored that Barrett asked him to come to PCW, and have a shot at gaining another title to his name.

PCW Television Champion Chris Hero is seen standing in the backstage area. He says that tonight is going to be his first real challenge since winning the TV Title. Hero says that all signs show that the odds are stacked in his favor, but he reminds everyone that he beat nine other men for this title in one night. One “Punjabi Giant” won’t stand in his way.

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Tag Team Title Match
The All-Night Express vs. Martin Kirby & Wade Barrett vs. © The Bravado Brothers

The Bravados knew they didn’t have an easy title defense on their hands tonight. Facing a team that feels they should have been in the Bravados’ place and another team with one member looking to regain what was taken from them last month. The Bravados attacked both teams before the bell rang, hoping to pick up an advantage, taking their opponents off guard. The champions and The Express have had a tense rivalry over the last month, and tonight was just another chance to take out their dislike for each other between the ropes. Kirby and Barrett picked their spots, by tagging themselves into the match when they felt one of the other teams were at their weakest point. Martin Kirby showed off his skills inside the ring, possibly gaining some interest – and new fans – during his time in the ring. Kirby and Barrett were much more calculated in their approach to this match, and it paid off for them as Barrett connected with the Wasteland on Harlem for the 1-2-3.

[Triple Threat Match for the Tag Team Titles]:
Martin Kirby & Wade Barrett defeated The Bravado Brothers (Harlem & Lance) and The All-Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King) when W. Barrett pinned Harlem with the Wasteland in 13:39.
Rating * ¾
(Martin Kirby & Wade Barrett won the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

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A preview for PCW’s next Special Event: “Canadian Collison” is shown. Canadian Collison will take place, LIVE, September 8th, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Television Title Match
The Great Khali (w/Rajin Singh) vs. © Chris Hero

One month ago, a battle royal for the vacant TV Title hung in the balance as Khali and Hero stood across from each other. On paper, Khali should have been the odds-on favorite to walk away with the title belt, but “The Knockout Kid” came out on top, sending the Punjabi Giant toppling onto the concrete. In the ensuing weeks, Khali had been threatening Hero that he would lose the title when they got into the ring again. Khali, once again, came in as the favorite – in a straight-up singles match – but Hero came out swinging early on. Hero worked over Khali, slowly wearing him down. Hero had Khali locked in a half Boston crab when Rajin Singh jumped onto the apron. With the referee distracted, KAZARIAN ran through the crowd and cracked the ring bell over Hero’s skull! Singh jumped off the apron, as Khali covered Hero… but Hero kicked out just before three! Khali worked over a now-bloody Hero, hitting a power slam and a huge powerbomb; but somehow Hero was able to kick out at two. Hero was getting the worst for wear but was able to duck a chop from Khali and hit a running forearm that took Khali off his feet. Hero made the cover, but as the referee was counting to three, Kazarian entered the ring and broke up the pin! After the match, Kazarian rolled out of the ring as Hero was announced the winner. Khali grabbed Hero and hit a double chokeslam, leaving Hero in the center of the ring.

[Television Title Match]:
Chris Hero defeated The Great Khali by disqualification in 11:29.
Rating: -3/4*
[Kazarian interfered against Chris Hero.]
(Chris Hero retained the PCW Television Title.)

Backstage, Bobby Roode is seen with Brooke Barlow, just moments away from his shot at the Heavyweight Title. Roode says that he got through two of the biggest men in PCW to get to this point. Beating The Big Show should come as no surprise to anyone. Brooke says that some people might think Roode is a little cocky heading into a match with the former champion. Roode says there’s a thin line between cockiness and confidence; he’ll leave it up to his critics to decide which it is.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, the camera shows Bayley backstage, celebrating with her family. Bayley hugs her mom and dad before Beth Phoenix appears. They hug each other. Beth taps the title belt on Bayley’s shoulder and says she’s glad Bayley won it. Beth reminds Bayley that she won’t go easy on her.

The Big Show is seen backstage with Brooke Barlow. Brooke asks Show for a response to the comments made by Bobby Roode earlier tonight. Show says that Roode has gotten cocky too fast for only beating two men to earn his shot tonight. Show says that Roode isn’t at the same level as himself, and promises to knock Roode out as a reminder tonight.

Match for vacant Heavyweight Title
Bobby Roode vs. The Big Show

The Big Show mentioned before this match that he had two things he wanted to do tonight: win back the Heavyweight Title and end Bobby Roode’s cocky attitude. Show seemed poised to do just that, as he used his size to overpower Roode. Roode tried everything he could to go blow-to-blow with Show, but it was said that Show would win that fight every time. Roode had to figure out a way to get him off his feet. Roode eventually went to an aerial attack, connecting with a number of kicks to the head that sent Show to the canvas. Dazed, Show staggered to his feet as Roode jumped onto the second turnbuckle. From there, Roode connected with a Blockbuster, pinning Show for the victory and becoming the new Heavyweight Champion!

[Match for vacant Heavyweight Title]:
Bobby Roode pinned The Big Show after a Blockbuster in 5:45.
Rating: ** ¼
(Bobby Roode won the PCW Heavyweight Title.)

Card Rating: * ¼

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