August 12, 2012 - HWL Unbreakable - Sacramento, CA

HWL Unbreakable PPV
August 12, 2012
Power Balance Pavilion – Sacramento, CA
Attendance: 11,083

A preview video for the event is shown, with “This is Gonna Hurt” by Hoobastank playing in the background. When the video ends, Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Sacramento and Unbreakable. They go over the seven matches on tonight’s card before sending things to ringside for the first match of the night.

Rami Sebei vs. Kofi Kingston

Things started off with fast-paced action tonight, as these two men finally got the chance to get into the ring with one another without the guise of sneak attacks. Kofi was looking to get even with Sebei, who played a hand in Kofi losing to Kevin Steen last month at Justice. Kofi sent Sebei through the ropes and then shocked everyone by hitting Trouble In Paradise onto the concrete floor! Just as it looked that Kofi would have a sure win, as he rolled into the ring, Kofi inexplicably rolled back outside and grabbed Sebei. Back inside the ring, given the chance to remain in the match, Sebei fought back, although it was clear the finisher outside the ring had taken its toll. Despite his best efforts, Sebei was not able to make a comeback, and Kofi came out on top after a dropkick for the 1-2-3.

Kofi Kingston pinned Rami Sebei after a flying dropkick in 7:10.

A video is shown from earlier in the day of Kaitlyn and Leva Bates sharing their thoughts on Nikki Bella being added to the Women’s Title Match. Kaitlyn told Alisha Hicks that whether she likes it or not, Peter Bradshaw made the move. She says that Nikki had a legitimate argument to be added to this match; but says that it won’t stop her from doing her best. Kaitlyn says her goal – no matter how many women she faces – will be to walk out as Women’s Champion. Leva – with Brie Bella – tells Alisha that it’s an absolute travesty that Nikki is being added to this match. She says that the only reason Nikki’s being added to this match has nothing to do with “video evidence”.

In a pre-recorded video Michael Tarver says he knew when John Cena stepped foot into the HWL that things were going to be different, and he wanted to be a part of that. What better way to ruffle some feathers than to take aim at a living legend? Tarver says that smacking the taste out of Ric Flair was one of the greatest moments of his career; but being able to finish off AJ Styles tonight will be even better.

Triple Threat Match for the Women’s Title
Kaitlyn vs. Nikki Bella vs. © Leva Bates (w/Brie Bella)

During her short time on the main roster, Leva Bates has not been shy about making enemies. Thanks to some help from Brie Bella, those enemies seem to be coming faster and faster. Tonight, two of those so-called enemies were coming after Leva for the same reason: The Women’s Title. Kaitlyn was hoping to prove herself, once again, on the big stage – after earning her shot at the title belt last month. Nikki Bella – the former champion – was looking to regain a championship that had literally been stolen from her, by her very own twin sister, a month ago. Tonight, Kaitlyn and Nikki joined forces, for the sole purpose of making sur the title was taken away from Leva. They worked well together for most of the match; but as things wore down, tension started to grow between the two of them. The tension came to a head when Nikki broke up a pin attempt by Kaitlyn, tossing her outside the ring. There, Brie Bella – getting a chance to assist her protégé – cracked Kaitlyn with the title belt! With Brie’s attention focused outside the ring, there was nothing she could do when Nikki hit Leva with the Bella Buster for the 1-2-3!

[Women’s Title Match]:
Nikki Bella defeated Kaitlyn and Leva Bates when she pinned L. Bates after a Bella Buster in 16:00.
Rating: -*
[Nikki Bella won the Women’s Title.]
(Brie Bella interfered against Kaitlyn.)

Backstage, AJ Styles is seen warming up with Ric Flair by his side, as Alisha Hicks approaches. Alisha asks for a comment before AJ’s match in a few minutes. Styles says that Michael Tarver is a big man; that he could be an imposing force inside the ring. But, instead, he chose to follow John Cena and his bad example. Styles says it doesn’t matter if Tarver respects him or not; but what matters is that he respects men like Ric Flair. Tonight, Styles says he’ll teach Tarver all about respect.

Also backstage, Ted Hanson cautiously approaches John Cena, as he is seen talking to Michael Tarver. Ted says that the HWL fans are wanting to know why they don’t see John Cena in the ring more often. Cena scoffs at the question, shaking his head as Tarver walks towards away. Cena looks around before asking Ted why he should care about the fans. Cena says that he’s paid his dues, spent countless years inside wrestling rings – on free TV – only to have the people in the stands boo him. Cena says he doesn’t care what the fans think about him; but he knows that, just like tonight, they’re going to pay their hard-earned money to tune in in the hopes that he gets his ass beat. Cena says it’s easy money before walking away.

Michael Tarver vs. AJ Styles

AJ Styles came into this match, wanting to teach Michael Tarver a lesson a respect, after the actions Tarver took against Ric Flair a number of weeks ago. It appeared, from the start, that the lesson was not going to be well-received, as RAMI SEBEI came down to ringside. As it’s come to be expected, the members of the newly-formed CeNation enjoyed the advantage in the numbers game. Having to now watch is back, AJ became an easy target for Tarver’s power, which was used to keep the former three-time champion grounded. Styles was able to fight back, hitting a Styles Clash – but Tarver was able to kick out, thanks to some outside help. Later in the match, Styles ran into the ropes, only to have Sebei pull them down, sending Styles crashing onto the concrete floor! Sebei began putting the boots to Styles, as Tarver distracted the referee. However, Styles was able to fend off both the pain and Sebei’s assault. Styles slid back into the ring, shocking Tarver with a flying forearm. Styles went for the cover, only to have Sebei break it up, causing the referee to call for the bell.

After the match, Sebei and Tarver continue their assault on Styles, as the bell repeatedly rings. They exit the ring, leaving Styles in a heap, as HWL official rush down from backstage. Standing in the crowd, Sebei and Tarver raise their arms triumphantly, as the crowd around them boos.

AJ Styles defeated Michael Tarver by disqualification in 8:03.
Rating: ** ¼
[Rami Sebei interfered against AJ Styles.]

Backstage, Ted Hanson is seen with Brutus Magnus. Ted asks Magnus about the comments made by John Cena moments ago. Magnus shakes his head and smiles, before saying that he’s happy that Cena feels so comfortable speaking his true feelings to the public. Magnus admits to not having the biggest following in the business, but says that there are certainly people out there that cheer him on. He thanks them. He then says that, no matter what, Cena needs to remember that without those people, he would be nothing. Magnus would be nothing. Magnus has never claimed that he was going out to do anything for the fans, because his issues with Cena are personal. But, tonight, he’s going to do something that he’s sure some fans would love to chance to do: shut John Cena up.

Also, backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Matt Morgan, who is still showing signs of injury after the attacks – two weeks in a row – at the hands of Claudio Castagnoli and Steve Corino. Morgan says he might be injured, but that’s because he’s been willing to go out and get into Claudio’s face. And, instead of facing Morgan like a man, all Claudio has done is use Corino to take him down. Tonight, on two good legs or just one, Morgan promises to make sure Claudio does not leave Sacramento on his own.

Brutus Magnus vs. John Cena

The feud between Brutus Magnus and John Cena has been brewing for close to three months now, all over Cena blaming Magnus for costing him a shot at the X-Division Title during a battle royal. Last month, during a 5-on-5 elimination tag match, Cena and Magnus were the final two remaining inside the ring. Cena pulled out the victory after Magnus was attacked by the soon-to-be-created CeNation. This time around, the fans would finally get to see Cena and Magnus go at each other one-on-one. Magnus seemed more than eager to get his hands on Cena, as he was warned by the referee multiple times throughout the match about releasing submission holds. Cena was able to get back into the match, and eventually hit an Attitude Adjustment, but Magnus kicked out at two. Cena began arguing with the referee, allowing Magnus to recover. As the match progressed, Cena resorted to underhanded tactics when either Magnus took control or Cena could not gain an advantage. Cena connected with another “AA”, but Magnus was able to get his foot on the rope, breaking the pinfall. Frustrated, Cena grabbed the referee and threw him into the turnbuckle! Cena grabbed Magnus just as MICHAEL TARVER ran down to the ring. Tarver, pulling a pair of brass knuckles out of his trunks, attempted to hit Magnus. Magnus, however, ducked the swing, and Tarver connected with Cena’s jaw! Magnus tossed Tarver out of the ring and covered Cena just as the referee was coming to, for the 1-2-3!

Brutus Magnus defeated John Cena by pinfall in 16:20.
Rating: ** ½

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Claudio Castagnoli and Shane Hagadorn. Alisha repeats with Matt Morgan said moments ago, about Claudio not leaving the arena under his own power tonight. Claudio tells Alisha to think of who was saying those words and take them with “salt grain”. Claudio says that Morgan is the one hobbling around with an injured knee. Claudio advises Morgan to worry less about whether or not he’ll keep Claudio down, and more on making sure he doesn’t end up a bloody heap.

Also backstage, Ted Hanson is seen with The Briscoe Brothers, who will be challenging for the Tag Team Titles in a Tables Match tonight. The Briscoes have a huge following through the independent circuit, and tonight are getting their first chance at the Tag Team Titles in a match they’ve made famous. Mark Briscoe says you don’t earn a cult following by playing it safe. Jay Briscoe wants to know if Kidd and Edwards are prepared to lose the titles tonight.

Street Fight
Claudio Castagnoli (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. Matt Morgan

Last month, these two men stood on opposite sides of the ring, as part of a massive 10-man Elimination Tag Team Match. During that match, Morgan played a part in getting Castagnoli eliminated, which prompted retaliation on Claudio’s part 24 hours later. The situation between these two go so heated, that it was decided their match tonight would have no rules other than pinfalls must take place inside the ring. A lot of this match did, as you’d expect, take place outside the ring. The ring steps were used in heavy amounts by both me. Castagnoli brought out a table during the match, but was unable to used it, as he turned around and got hit with Morgan’s second Carbon Footprint of the night. Inside the ring, Morgan became distracted by Shane Hagadorn, and Castagnoli took control, but it was short-lived. The abuse Claudio’s body took outside the ring as too much, as Morgan was able to fight back, hitting a powerslam. Hagadorn pulled Morgan’s foot, breaking up the count, but Morgan ducked a clothesline attempt by Claudio, connecting with his third Carbon Footprint of the night for the 1-2-3.

[Street Fight]:
Matt Morgan pinned Claudio Castagnoli with the Carbon Footprint in 13:13.
Rating: ** ¾

Backstage, Ted Hanson catches up with the Tag Team Champions, Tyson Kidd and Eddie Edwards. Edwards, who has faced off against the Briscoes before, in Ring of Honor, sticks with his thought that they are an unpredictable team, and that anything can happen tonight. Kidd says that he and Edwards have been training, preparing for tonight every chance they get. Kidd feels confident that they will walk out with a successful title defense.

Also backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with X-Division Champion, Martin Maldonado. Maldonado tells Alisha that it has taken him some time to get onto solid footing as a single’s competitor, but that he wasn’t going to be defined as Kurt Angle’s henchman. Maldonado says that he worked his ass off to get where he’s at – and to hold the X-Division Title. He calls himself a well-oiled machine. He says that Christopher Daniels has one hell of a mountain to climb tonight, and he doesn’t think Daniels will make it to the top.

Tables Match for the HWL Tag Team Titles
The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark) vs. © Tyson Kidd & Eddie Edwards

A scan around the arena, before the match, showed a number of tables leaned up against the barricade and lining the aisle up the ramp. The Briscoes were introduced, and it was clear that they felt very much at home surrounded by the hardware at ringside. When the Tag Team Champions were introduced, they came to the ring confident, choosing not to look at the numerous tables scattered around the ring; choosing, instead, to focus on their opponents inside the ring. From the start, it was told that the only way to win this match would be to put either member of the opposing team through a table. It was also mentioned that, starting tomorrow night on Anarchy, the team that walks out of here unsuccessful will contend with seven other teams in a tournament to determine who will face the champions at Hostile Takeover next month.

With the history they have, the Briscoes were taken aback by how undaunted Kidd and Edwards were. The champions, called the underdogs in this match – for not having the history as a team like the brothers, and for not having been in this type of punishing match – held their own throughout the entirety. That lack of experience in these matches didn’t rear its ugly head until late in the match, where Edwards locked Jay in a half Boston crab – trying to add to the damage caused during their altercation two weeks ago on Anarchy. However, with only one way to win the match, a submission would not allow Edwards and Kidd to keep the titles. The submission was broken up as Mark smashed a title belt across the back of Edwards’ head! With his brother hobbled, Mark exited the ring, rolling Kidd under the bottom rope. After landing a number of kicks to Kidd’s body, Mark send Edwards through the ropes, crashing onto the concrete. Limping, Jay helped Mark set up a table in the center of the ring. Mark landed a few punches to Kidd, before hoisting him up; Jay ran into the ropes and connected with a springboard Doomsday Device through the table!

After the match, the Briscoes were awarded the titles, while HWL staff rushed to ringside, tending to Kidd and Edwards.

[Tables Match for the HWL Tag Team Titles]:
The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark) defeated Tyson Kidd & Eddie Edwards after Jay send Kidd through a table in 18:00.
Rating: ½
(The Briscoe Brothers won the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

Alisha Hicks is seen with Christopher Daniels, backstage, and asks to comment on Martin Maldonado’s statement from earlier. Daniels says that Maldonado may, very well, be a well-oiled machine; but, whether or not he admits it, Maldonado knows what Daniels can do inside a ring and with a ladder. Daniels says that Maldonado is worried about Daniels climbing a mountain to get the X-Division Title; but all he has to do is climb a ladder. Daniels tells Alisha that’s only one of the reasons why he’s famous.

In the parking garage, Adam Cole is seen walking into the arena carrying the Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. Ted Hanson tries to approach Cole, asking for his thoughts about defending the title against Randy Orton, but Cole just stares at him and walks away.

Ladder Match for the X-Division Title
Christopher Daniels vs. © Martin Maldonado

Daniels is introduced first. He stretches inside the ring, looking up at the title, hanging 15 feet above him. Maldonado is introduced, and greeted with a round of boos from the crowd. He shrugs off the jeers and enters the ring. Maldonado and Daniels meet in the center of the ring, sharing words. Maldonado pushes Daniels to the canvas and the match officially begins.

Daniels gets to his feet and charges Maldonado. They lock up, only to have Maldonado throw Daniels to the mat once again. Daniels gets to his feet and they begin trading right hands. Maldonado lands a stiff shot before whipping Daniels into the corner. Daniels ducks a clothesline attempt and connects with a running dropkick that sends Maldonado through the ropes. Maldonado slaps the canvas in anger; taking a moment to compose himself. Reentering the ring, Maldonado and Daniels lock up. Maldonado connects with a knee to the midsection, before whipping Daniels into the turnbuckle. Maldonado lands a number of kicks to Daniels’ abdomen before sending him to the canvas with a huge right hand. Maldonado grabs Daniels and sends him crashing onto the concrete at ringside. Maldonado leaves the ring, grabbing a ladder from against the barricade, and slides it under the ropes. As Maldonado enters the ring, Daniels runs across the mat, dropping him with a DDT.

Daniels sets the ladder up in the corner, before going back to work on Maldonado. Daniels hits a number of kicks to Maldonado’s legs and midsection. Trying to lift Maldonado up, Daniels gets an ax-handle in the back. Maldonado turns and whips Daniels into the ladder in the corner. Maldonado runs into the corner, attempting a splash, but Daniels slides away, and Maldonado runs full-force into the steel. Daniels quickly tosses Maldonado out of the ring and sets the ladder in the center. As he gets near the top of the ladder, Maldonado reenters, grabbing Daniels by the ankle, dragging him down the steel, and sending him to the canvas with a single-arm powerbomb.

Maldonado folds up the ladder and smashes it into Daniels’ lower back. Tossing the ladder onto the canvas, Maldonado picks Daniels up and bodyslams him onto the ladder. Daniels screams out in pain, rolling off the ladder to show the legs have now been dented. Maldonado tries to stand the ladder up, but it leans heavily to one side. Maldonado dumps the ladder outside the ring, before rolling under the ropes to grab another from the barricade. Setting it up in the center of the ring, Maldonado starts climbing towards the belt. Daniels, now on his feet, stops Maldonado’s ascent with a shot to the back. Daniels goes to the other side of the ladder and begins to climb, while both men trade shots to the ribs and kidneys. Both men stand at the top of the ladder, just inches away from the belt, trading right hands. Daniels connects with a shot to the jaw, and blocks Maldonado’s return shot, grabbing his head and smashing it into the top rung of the ladder. Daniels jumps over Maldonado, bringing both of them crashing onto the canvas with a sunset flip powerbomb! A “holy shit” chant starts as both men lay motionless on the mat.

Maldonado rolls out of the ring, as Daniels struggles to get to his feet using the ropes. Maldonado gets to his feet, using the apron, and grabs Daniels’ ankle, pulling him outside the ring. Maldonado lands a big right hand before whipping Daniels into the ring steps. Daniels crumples to the concrete as Maldonado drops to one knee. Maldonado begins searching under the ring before pulling out a table – getting a roar of cheers from the crowd. Maldonado slides the table into the ring, before going over to the ring steps and landing a couple more shots to Daniels. Maldonado slowly enters the ring and sets up the table next to the ladder, leaning onto the ropes. Maldonado sets the ladder back up and slowly begins to start climbing. Reaching the halfway point, the crowd starts getting to their feet. Daniels enters the ring and grabs Maldonado’s ankle; just enough to bring him down a rung or two. Maldonado kicks Daniels off and starts to climb again. Daniels, again, goes to the other side of the ladder and starts climbing. Reaching the top of the ladder, both men are once again trading shots. With each shot, both men appear to be losing their grips on the ladder. Maldonado attempts another shot, but Daniels blocks it, connecting with a short jab to Maldonado’s jaw. Maldonado begins to sway on the ladder. Daniels grabs ahold of the ladder’s top and connects with an enzuigiri to the side of Maldonado’s face. Maldonado drops off the ladder and shatters the table! With the crowd roaring in approval, Daniels reaches for the hook and pulls down the belt. The bell rings and Daniels is announced the winner.

[Ladder Match for the X-Division Title]:
Christopher Daniels defeated Martin Maldonado in 14:09.
Rating: **
(Christopher Daniels won the X-Division Title.)

Backstage, Randy Orton tells Ted Hanson that he’s never been one to think of himself as lucky; but the way he got his rematch tonight was surely nothing but luck. Orton says that Angle let his anger get the better of him, and now Orton is the one stepping into the ring with a shot at the Heavyweight Title. When asked about his ankle, Orton says it’s sore, but it’s nothing he can’t handle.

A preview for the next HWL pay-per-view, Hostile Takeover, is aired with “Absolute Zero” in the background. Hostile Takeover will take place in Toronto, Ontario on September 9th!

No Disqualification Match for the Heavyweight Title
Randy Orton vs. © Adam Cole

After a highlight package, Cole is introduced first. He comes out to the ring with the title snapped around his waist, shrugging off the boos from the crowd. Orton is introduced and is still limping from the attack by Kurt Angle Monday night. Orton poses in the corner by gets blindsided by Cole as the referee starts the match. Cole focuses his attack on Orton’s ankle, trying to take away his ability to stand on his own power. Orton fought off Cole and rolled out of the ring, limping badly on the ankle. Outside the ring, Cole went after Orton, only to get rocked back with a stiff right hand. A brawl ensues at ringside. Sensing he is losing control, Cole kicks Orton’s ankle, and whips him hard into the metal barricade. Cole brings Orton back into the ring and goes for the cover, getting a two-count. Cole stays on Orton as he tries to get to his feet, using the ropes, working him into the corner. Cole whips Orton across the ring, but Orton stumbles midway and falls to the canvas. The referee tends to Orton, asking if he wants to continue the match, while Cole shouts at Orton to get up. Cole goes after Orton, but Orton grabs Cole’s trunks and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post!

Orton pulls Cole out of the corner and covers him, getting a one-count. Cole rolls under the ropes, stretching out his shoulder. Orton follows suit, and the two begin brawling outside the ring again. Cole connects with a knee to the midsection, doubling Orton over. Cole runs from the barricade, but Orton hits a quick powerslam onto the concrete floor! Cole rolls around in pain as Orton gingerly gets back to his feet, limping over to the announcers’ table and grabbing a steel chair. Orton repeatedly smashes the chair over Cole’s injured shoulder – retribution from Orton’s ankle. Orton picks Cole up to his feet and sends him face-first into the ring apron. Orton reenters the ring and grabs Cole by the hair, bringing him up onto the apron and through the top and middle ropes. Orton connects with a suspended DDT and goes for the cover, getting a very near three-count, but Cole is able to get his good shoulder off the canvas.

Orton walks over to the corner and stalks Cole, as the crowd gets to their feet. Cole is on all-fours, but before Orton can leave the corner, KURT ANGLE grabs his ankle, distracting him. Orton and Angle begin to brawl on the apron, while Cole gets to his feet. Cole attacks Orton from behind. Cole and Angle take Orton outside the ring and double-team him. Cole tells Angle to bring Orton back into the ring, while Cole walks around, grabbing the steel chair, and bringing it into the ring. Angle gets Orton to his feet as Cole stands, wielding the chair. Cole talks trash to Orton before swinging the chair at his head. Before contact is made, Orton evades the chair, as it connects with Angle! Cole turns around, right into an RKO! Orton made the cover for the 1-2-3.

[No-DQ Match for Heavyweight Title]:
Randy Orton pinned Adam Cole with the RKO in 12:42.
Rating: *** ¾
(Randy Orton won the Heavyweight Title.)

After the match, Orton is awarded the Heavyweight Title. He poses in the corners with the belt. He leaves the ring and walks up the ramp as HWL staff attend to Angle and Cole. Unbreakable goes off the air.

Card rating: *** ½

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