August 13, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Ontario, CA

Monday Night Anarchy
August 13, 2012
Citizens Business Bank Arena – Ontario, CA
Attendance: 5,958 (55%)

Highlights from last night’s Unbreakable pay-per-view are shown. Fireworks shoot through the arena as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Anarchy. They announce that newly-crowned Women’s Champion, Nikki Bella, will be in action. Also, the first two matches of the Number One Contender Tag Team Tournament will be tonight!

Adan Cole’s music begins to play as the former Heavyweight Champion makes his way out to the ring. Cole says that he is out tonight, demanding to have his rematch with Randy Orton, tonight. Cole says that he had everything under control, and was going to put Orton away, but Kurt Angle messed it up for Cole. Cole says that Angle had one job to do and he couldn’t get it done. This brings out Angle, who comes to the ring and tells Cole that he didn’t attack Orton to help Cole, but to try and make sure that Orton didn’t become champion. Angle says that Orton shouldn’t be champion; that’s he’s holding a title that should be Angle’s. Angle says he was screwed out of his title shot last week. Cole tells Angle that he screwed himself because he wanted to break Orton’s ankle. Angle gets into Cole’s face, challenging Cole to put his rematch clause on the line, so that Angle could break his ankle tonight. Cole tells Angle that the only way he’ll put his rematch on the line, is if Angle puts him something equally as important. After Angle takes a moment to think things through, he stuns the crowd by saying that he would be his career on the line, tonight, for a shot at Cole’s title rematch! Cole tells Angle to say his goodbyes because it’ll be the last time he steps foot inside an HWL ring. Cole drops the microphone and leaves the ring as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Mike Sydal vs. Edwin Colon

Mikey Sydal is introduced first, coming down to the ring in a Metallica t-shirt and sunglasses. He gets a mixed reaction as he enters the ring. Edwin Colon is then introduced. The former Tag Team Champion makes his way into the ring, where Sydal stuns him with a dropkick to the knees! The referee calls for the bell as Sydal brings Colon up to his feet. Sydal runs into the ropes, hitting a flying clothesline. Sydal connects with an Explosion Moonsault out of nowhere, covering Colon, but only getting a two-count. Sydal argues with the referee as Colon slowly gets to his feet. As Sydal turns around, Colon rocks him with a right hand. Working out his knee after the dropkick, Colon bodyslams Sydal. Colon gingerly runs into the ropes, only to have Sydal bring him down with a drop toe hold. Sydal springs to his feet, and in the same motion, hits a second Explosion Moonsault for the shocking victory!

Mike Sydal pinned Edwin Colon with the Explosion Moonsault in 7:35.
Rating: **

Commercial Break

Backstage, Kaitlyn approaches Leva Bates in the locker room. Kaitlyn says that if it weren’t for Brie sticking her nose where it didn’t belong last night, no one knows if Kaitlyn would’ve walked out with the Women’s Title. Kaitlyn challenges Leva to a match, next week, to see who is more fit to be Nikki’s opponent at Hostile Takeover. Before Leva can respond, Kaitlyn walks away.

Number One Contenders Tag Team Tournament
(#6) Tyson Kidd & Eddie Edwards vs. (#3) The A-List Knockouts (Chris Hero & David Otunga)

The month-long tournament to decide which team will get the chance to face newly-crowned champions, The Briscoe Brothers, at Hostile Takeover got underway tonight with two teams that have previously held the titles themselves. The recently reunited team of Hero and Otunga was introduced first. Kidd and Edwards are then introduced, just 24 hours after losing the titles in a brutal Tables Match. Hero and Edwards started things off. These two know each other very well, having feuded over the Tag Team Titles last summer. Their feud ended when long-time manager, Shane Hagadorn, shut a cage door into Hero’s head, allowing Edwards and then-partner Steve Corino to win the belts. It seems like Hero held onto that betrayal, as he went after Edwards. The referee, on numerous occasions as to pull Hero away from Edwards. Frustrated, Hero tagged in Otunga. Otunga and Edwards traded lefts and rights in the center of the ring. Edwards takes control after s knee to the midsection. He whips Otunga into the ropes, before tagging in Kidd. Kidd and Edwards double-team Otunga until the referee forces Edwards outside the ring. Kidd goes to work on Otunga, keeping him isolated from his corner. Kidd drops Otunga with a standing dropkick before hitting a springboard elbowdrop for a two-count. Kidd climbs to the top turnbuckle, and begins to ask for support from the crowd. After getting a decent response, Kidd stands on the turnbuckle, just in time for Otunga to stumble over and body press slam Kidd onto the canvas! Otunga slowly makes his way to the corner and tags in Hero, who runs across the ring, knocking Edwards off the apron. Hero stands up Kidd and connects with the Hero’s Welcome! Hero makes the cover, but before the referee count count, CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI attacks Hero from behind, ending the match.

[Tag Team Tournament – Round 1]
Chris Hero & David Otunga defeated Tyson Kidd & Eddie Edwards by disqualification in 15:03.
Rating: **
[Claudio Castagnoli interfered against Chris Hero.]

After the match, Castagnoli escapes the ring, laughing. He makes his way up the ramp as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

In the parking lot, outside the arena, Alisha Hicks catches up with new Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton, who is seen limping from his car. Alisha asks Orton how he’s feeling tonight and announces that Kurt Angle and Adam Cole will face off for the chance to face him at Hostile Takeover. Orton says that there’s better feeling than winning the Heavyweight Title. He says that he had both Angle and Cole trying to take him out over the course of the past seven days, but he came out – injured but not beaten – to reclaim what was taken from him. As for the match, Orton says that no matter who wins tonight, he will heal, and they will have to face “The Viper” at 100 percent.

Non-Title Match
Becky Bayless vs. © Nikki Bella

Becky is introduced first, getting a lot of heat from the crowd. She mouths back to a few members of the crowd at ringside before getting into the ring. Nikki is introduced next, getting a good reaction. She wears the Women’s Title around her waist as she enters the ring. As she poses in the ring, holding up the title, Becky attacks her from behind! Becky works over Nikki, before whipping her into the turnbuckle. Nikki hits the corner awkwardly with her shoulder. The referee checks on Nikki as Becky walks over, screaming at the champion. The referee lets the match continue, and Becky walks back over to Nikki, only to get hit with a hard right. Nikki goes after Becky, but the shoulder is a weak spot. Becky lands a hard right of her own into the shoulder/collarbone of Nikki, sending her down to one knee, grimacing in pain. Becky grabs Nikki and throws her outside the ring. Becky leaves the ring, taunting Nikki, who is struggling to get to her feet. The referee starts his 10-count as Becky grabs Nikki and throws her shoulder-first into the ring steps! Nikki crumples to the concrete, holding her shoulder, as Becky reenters the ring. The referee counts Nikki out, giving Becky a huge upset victory over the new champion!

[Non-Title Match]:
Becky Bayless defeated Nikki Bella by countout in 7:19.
Rating: DUD

After the match, Becky leaves the ring to a chorus of boos, as medical personnel run to the ring and tend to Nikki. The camera focuses on the scene at ringside as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

John Cena’s music is heard as Anarchy comes back from break. Cena gets intense heat from the crowd, but he walks down the ramp, paying no mind. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone, as his music dies down. Cena says he’s not going to waste time tonight, and calls out Michael Tarver. Tarver makes his way to the ring, facing Cena. Cena tells Tarver to stand in the ring and listen to what Cena has to say. Cena has one question for Tarver: What happened last night? Tarver goes to answer, but gets cut off. Cena says there’s only one answer: You screwed up! Cena says he hand-picked Tarver to be a part of something bigger, something great; and when he had the chance to show his gratitude for that, Tarver blew it. Cena tells Tarver he’s lucky he doesn’t get his ass kicked right now. Tarver shows signs of getting angry as Cena walks away, calming himself. Cena says there’s one way Tarver can get back into his good graces. Cena tells Tarver to make it right. Cena exits the ring, leaving Tarver standing, furious, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Number One Contenders Tag Team Tournament
(#8) Ink, Inc. (Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore) vs. (#1) AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston

In the second match of the tournament, the team of Neal and Moore stepped into the ring with Styles and Kingston, who have formed a quick friendship over the last couple weeks. Neal and Moore were going to have quite the mountain to climb in order to get a shot at the Tag Team Titles, but having been a team a little longer than the two singles’ competitors gave them an advantage heading into the match. They used that advantage by making quick tags and isolating their opponents in their won corner. Neal nearly picked up the win after hitting a spear on Styles, but Kingston was able to break up the pinfall. Moore went out after Kingston, and the two of them started to brawl outside the ring. In the ring, Neal and Styles traded shots back and forth, before Styles was able to connect with a flying forearm. Outside the ring, Kingston reversed and irish whip, sending Moore into the ring post. Kingston hopped onto the apron as Neal slowly made his way into the ring. Styles tagged in Kingston, who went to work on Neal. Kingston connected with a Trouble in Paradise and went for the cover, but Moore, who was getting back to his feet, pulled Kingston off, breaking up the pinfall. The distraction allowed Neal to attack Kingston from behind. Neal tagged in Moore, who went after Kingston. Moore went for a double axe-handle from the second turnbuckle, only to get shocked by a dropkick from Kingston as he flew through the air! Kingston made his way over, making the tag to Styles, who cleared the ring. Styles hit Moore with a flying forearm and then hit a perfectly placed Pele kick for the 1-2-3!

[Number One Contenders Tag Team Tournament]:
AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston defeated Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore when Styles pinned S. Moore after the Pele Kick in 12:47.
Rating: ** ¾

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, it is announced that next week two more first round matches in the Tag Team Tournament matches will take place. Also, Kaitlyn will face Leva Bates for the chance to face Nikki Bella for the Women’s Title at Hostile Takeover.

Ted DiBiase, Jr. vs. Kevin Steen

As of late, Kevin Steen has been making himself a presence when it comes to the X-Division Title. In the lead up to Unbreakable, Steen made it very clear to Christopher Daniels that he would be seeing more of Steen if he won the title. Daniels pulled through on his side of things, 24 hours ago. Tonight was Steen’s first action since making those claims, and tonight he wanted to send a message to the new champion. However, he found himself in the ring with a very eager opponent. Ted DiBiase was making his first in-ring appearance since his altercation with Colt Cabana, backstage, a number of weeks ago. DiBiase was still holding an undefeated record since returning to the HWL, and a victory over Steen tonight would be huge. DiBiase came in, ready to start from where he left off, and appeared to have taken Steen by surprise. In a match that left the crowd stunned, DiBiase connected with the Dream Street to pick up the victory!

Ted DiBiase defeated Kevin Steen with the Dream Street in 5:30.
Rating: ¼

Commercial Break

A preview for Hostile Takeover is shown with “Absolute Zero” playing in the background. Hostile Takeover will be LIVE from Toronto, Ontario, on September 9th!

Number One Contender Match
Adam Cole vs. Kurt Angle

Tonight started off with a bang, as Adam Cole came out, demanding a rematch against Randy Orton. Things got turned up a notch when Angle upped the ante by saying he would put his career on the line for a shot at facing Orton on September 9th. These two men are certainly no stranger to each other, as they have been in the running for the Heavyweight Title all summer long. Cole was determined to get his rematch with Orton, but with so much riding on Angle’s decision, it was obvious he would stop at nothing to come out on top. That decision was almost helped along by JOHN CENA and STEVE CORINO, who came to ringside halfway through the match. Cena l to toss Cole a chair, as Corino distracted the referee, but Angle intercepted it, cracking the chair over Cole’s head! Still conscious, Cole had no choice but to tap out after Angle locked in the Ankle Lock.

[Number One Contenders Match]:
Kurt Angle made Adam Cole submit to the Ankle Lock in 5:57.
Rating: *** ½
[John Cena interfered against Kurt Angle.]

After the match, Angle stands in the ring, holding the steel chair, watching as Cena and Corino backtrack up the ramp. Anarchy goes off the air with them staring at each other from across the arena.

Card rating: ***

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