August 14, 2012 - PCW Wrestling - Fresno, CA

Attendance: 6,528 (42%)

A recap of Battle at the Bay is shown, highlighting Bobby Roode’s victory over The Big Show for the Heavyweight Title. When the video ends, Kazarian makes his way out to the ring and is met with a roar of jeers from the crowd. Inside the ring, Kazarian says that last night, everyone saw what he did to Chris Hero. He says he knows there are at least two people backstage who are not that happy with his actions, but he is out here to clear the air. Kazarian says that, for too long now, he has been held back He defends his actions by saying that there are men on the roster that deserve a chance to fight for title belts, and he wants to challenge for the Television Title.

Kazarian is interrupted as The Great Khali and Rajin Singh make their way out to the ring as well. Singh, speaking on behalf of Khali, says that Kazarian makes a nice argument for his actions, but defending himself still does not answer for why he screwed Khali out of his chance to become Television Champion. Singh says that there is no answer that Kazarian can give, but says he has a way to make things right; for Kazarian to prove that he’s worthy of challenging for any title in PCW: a Number One Contenders Match between Kazarian and Khali, next week! Before Kazarian can respond, Khali grabs him by the throat and hits a double-handed chokeslam! Khali and Singh leave the ring as the show goes to commercials.

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Non-Title Match
Melina vs. © Bayley

Both women came into tonight’s match after huge nights, respectively, at Battle at the Bay. Melina picked up a victory over Kelly Kelly while filling in for Becky Bayless. And, Bayley walked out of San Francisco with the PCW Women’s Title after a hard-fought match with Tamina. As Bayley’s first opponent after winning the title, Melina came in with experience on her side, and it showed, as she took the fight to the young up-and-comer. Bayley fought back towards the end of the match, with the crowd cheering her on; but her comeback was short-lived. Melina connected with the Sunset Split to pick up the victory and gain some serious traction as a viable threat to Bayley’s reign.

[Non-Title Match]:
Melina pinned Bayley with the Sunset Split in 9:03.
Rating: ***

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, newly-crowned Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode makes his way to the ring with the title belt wrapped around his waist. Roode says that Saturday night was a big test for him. A test to prove whether or not he was really ready to branch out on his own and make a name for himself. Roode says that for so long, he was known as a part of Beer Money, with James Storm. Roode says that Storm is still in the back, so he wants him to listen. Roode thanks Storm for being the best partner a guy could ask for in this business, and that he plans on holding onto this title for a long time. So, whenever Storm gets his chance at the Heavyweight Title, it will be against Roode. But, until that day comes, Roode says he will take on all comers. He knows The Big Show is pretty upset because he thought the match was in the bag Saturday night, but Roode says not all things go according to how Show wants them.

This brings out Rex Butler, who apologizes for interrupting Roode’s speech. Butler says that Roode makes an interesting point, about wanting to face all comers. He says that’s very noble of Roode, but there’s only one problem. As of tonight, no one knows who that first challenger is going to be. But, Butler says he’s out here to fix that. He announces that, next week, there will be a 10-man battle royal to determine will who face Roode for the Heavyweight Title at “Canadian Collison” on September 8th.

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Harlem Bravado vs. David Hart Smith

Harlem Bravado made his way down to the ring, twenty-four hours after he and his brother were defeated by Wade Barrett and newcomer Martin Kirby, losing the Tag Team Titles at Battle at the Bay. Still feeling the frustration of no longer being champion, Bravado had to focus his mind to prepare to face former Heavyweight Champion David Hart Smith. However, when Smith’s music began to play, he was nowhere to be found. Bravado, the referee and the crowd waited for Smith to appear, but he was M.I.A. Bravado turned to the referee and asked for Smith to be counted out. Reluctantly, the referee relented and gave a ten-count before officially calling for the bell. Bravado, a huge smile on his face, left the ring while the crowd wrapped their heads around what just happened.

Harlem Bravado defeated David Hart Smith by countout in 0:11.
Rating: Dud

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow is seen with Bobby Roode backstage. She asks Roode for his thoughts on the announcement of a 10-man battle royal to be held next week. Roode says that he sticks by what he said earlier tonight: that he will welcome all challengers to his title. Roode says that this is his chance to prove what he can do on his own. He says that Butler has actually made that easier for him because, after next week, he will know exactly who will be coming for his title at Canadian Collison.

Before they can continue, The Big Show appears, and tells Roode that he better hope Show doesn’t win the battle royal next week. He tells Roode that Show should be the only one he worries about and no one else.

Commercial Break

Wade Barrett vs. James Storm

The Tag Team Champions made their way to the ring as the show returned from break. Martin Kirby sat down at the commentary table, holding both title belts, as Barrett loosened up in the ring. James Storm was introduced next, and as he entered the ring, Barrett attacked him from behind. Barrett continued the assault, even throwing Storm outside the ring. Barrett hit a sidewalk slam onto the concrete, and Kirby cheered his partner on from ringside. Barrett continued to work on Storm, throwing him into the guardrail. Barrett went over toe celebrate with Kirby, and was rocked by a hard right hand when he returned. Storm whipped Barrett into the ring post as this match turned into more of a brawl than an actual wrestling match! Barrett stunned Storm with a low-blow before rolling back into the ring. Inside the ring, Barrett distracted the referee as Kirby, getting up from the commentary table, smashed one of the title belts into Storm’s head! Kirby headed towards the ramp as Barrett left the referee alone. Seeing Storm laying on the concrete, the referee started counted him out, awarding the match to Barrett.

Wade Barrett defeated James Storm by countout in 20:15.
Rating: **

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, it is announced that, due to the events that took place to begin tonight’s show, Kazarian will face off with The Great Khali in single’s action. The chance to face Chris Hero, for the Television Title at Canadian Collison will be on the line!

Non-Title Match
The match between Rhett Titus and Chris Hero was called a no-contest.

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