August 16, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - St Louis, MO

Monday Night Anarchy
August 16, 2010
Scottrade Center
St. Louis, Missouri
(Attendance: 17,430)

(The HWL Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles, and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair come out to the ring to start off the program. Styles gets on the microphone and says that, for years, he was the main focal point of TNA Wrestling, and that he was able to achieve that success alone… without people watching his back. He says that all changed after a few years when the fans started turning their backs on him, saying that he didn't have what it took to be the face of the franchise. People started taking advantage of him, knowing that there would be no one to save him; Ric Flair changed that. Styles says that Flair came in and saw the potential that Styles had… and knew that with a little tuning, he could be the next great champion in professional wrestling. He says that, with Flair's guidance, Styles will be remembered for years to come.

Flair then got on the microphone and said that he wasn't surprised by the fact that Peter Bradshaw is trying to throw his weight around backstage, because he's a new player in the game of professional wrestling. But, Flair says, he was surprised that Bradshaw is obsessing with making sure nothing happen to Desmond Wolfe before the Heavyweight Title match at Unbreakable. Flair says that for years men and women have been breaking into this business, only to pay their dues and get their asses kicked, and hoping to one day break through and win the “Big One”. Flair says that Desmond Wolfe attained that success on the indy level, and was fortunate enough to have serious winning streak when he first came into the HWL; even winning the Heavyweight Title. But, Flair says, it's time Wolfe realizes that there are bigger names in this company, and sooner or later he will see that he just don't have what it takes to “hang”. Flair says that Bradshaw is “babying” Wolfe, because Bradshaw doesn't like AJ Styles as the top man in the HWL, but that it's something the owner is just going to get over. With his guidance, Flair says, that AJ Styles is going to stay on the top for as long as he wants to. Wooo!)

(Backstage, Alisha Hicks is with KANE, who said that he had never been so humiliated during his career as he was two weeks ago. “The Big Red Monster” said that sooner or later Jay Lethal would feel his wrath, but tonight, he would take all that pent up frustration on Matt Morgan; and that he intended on making his trip to Unbreakable as painful as possible.)

Number One Contenders Match
Natalya vs. Gail Kim

Over the past couple weeks, Natalya had claimed that she would do whatever it took to get back in the ring with Sarita, for a chance to win back the Women's Title. Last week, having to wait and find out who she would be facing for that chance, seemed to have fueled the final inside the former champion as she came out swinging against Gail Kim. But, showing a resilience that a lot of fans hadn't seen in the past, Gail Kim took what Natalya threw at her and kept coming back for more, eventually wearing her down enough to hit the Eat Defeat for the victory. After the match, Gail celebrated inside the ring as the crowd watched on in shock.

Gail Kim pinned Natalya with the Eat Defeat in 0:10:16.
Rating: ¼

(Backstage, D'ANGELO DINERO was seen walking through the hallway, when he bumped into Peter Bradshaw. Bradshaw said that he was looking Dinero, because he had something to tell him about the Number One Contenders match tonight tonight. Bradshaw said that, for some unknown reason, Rhino had not shown up at the arena tonight. And, because of that, Bradshaw had made the decision to replace him with Cody Rhodes. Bradshaw patted Dinero on the arm and walked away as “The Pope” appeared confused.)

Commercial Break

(Coming back from the break, DESMOND WOLFE is seen entering the arena, and is met by Alisha Hicks, who shares with him what AJ Styles and Ric Flair had to say to start off the show. Wolfe said that they were both full of s**t, and that their perception of things is completely wrong. He said that Peter Bradshaw is in no way “babying” him, and that the only person being babied is Styles. Wolfe said that it's true, Bradshaw doesn't like Styles as Heavyweight Champion, but who would after the way he won it? He said that if AJ Styles wanted to prove that he wasn't being babied, and that he was able to win the belt by himself, then once again, he should tell Flair, Chelsea and Mr. Anderson to stay backstage at Unbreakable…)

Alex Shelley vs. Skip Sheffield

Neither Alex Shelley nor the crowd in St. Louis knew who would be Shelley's opponent tonight, and everyone was taken aback when the bigger Skip Sheffield appeared on-stage. Shelley was stunned at first, but quickly took the fight to Sheffield after the bell rang. Sheffield used his size and power to fight back, but appeared to injure his leg, allowing Shelley to connect with a springboard back elbow to pick up the victory. After the match, Shelley left the ring as Sheffield rolled around on the canvas, grabbing his leg in pain. The referee called for the medical staff, who slowly take Sheffield out of the ring, and escort him to the backstage area.

Alex Shelley pinned Skip Sheffield after a springboard back elbow in 0:09:08.
(Skip Sheffield tore his right PCL. He will be out approximately 7 weeks.)
Rating: *** ½

(A preview for tomorrow's episode of “PCW Wrestling” highlights the debut of “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan last week, and announces that the PCW Heavyweight Champion will be crowned in an eight-man tournament.)

(Backstage, MATT MORGAN is seen standing alone, looking into the camera. He said that he's got a lot on his mind tonight: his submission match against Kurt Angle at Unbreakable and the match he's about to have with “The Big Red Monster” Kane. Morgan said that he knows Kane is pissed off about losing to Jay Lethal, but that he isn't scared of what Kane is capable in the ring. Morgan said that Kane can come down to the ring as angry as he wanted, but Morgan was the one that had something to prove. He said that he intended to continue sending a message to Kurt Angle, and if Kane got more upset in the process, that he couldn't blame anyone but himself…)

Commercial Break

Matt Morgan vs. Kane

These two behemoths of the HWL stepped into the ring tonight, both with something to prove, but “The Big Red Monster” was the one who walked away having done what he said he would. Morgan was intent on sending a message to Kurt Angle, heading into their Submission Match at Unbreakable, and seemed to try too hard to get Kane to submit; the plan back-fired as Morgan took himself out of the “power game” and was slightly over-matched by Kane. Kane hit the Chokeslam From Hell to pick up the victory. After the match, Kane got onto the microphone, and told Jay Lethal if had what it took to step into the ring with Kane one more time at Unbreakable, to see if Lethal could pull another upset “out of his ass”.

Kane pinned Matt Morgan with the Choke Slam From Hell in 0:11:45.
Rating: ** ¼

(Backstage, in the locker room, KAZ and YOSHI TATSU are seen getting ready for their match. Kaz said that he was proud of Tatsu for going out to the ring and showing the fire that he knew Kaz had in him, last week against Tyson Kidd. Kaz said that it was disappointing to see Tatsu win by DQ, but said he knew that Natayla was trying to save Kidd for Unbreakable. He told Tatsu, that tonight, he has another opportunity to take the fight to Kidd – and David Hart Smith – and that they have a chance to prove something to everyone in the HWL. Kaz said that a win against the Tag Team Champions would be very hard to come by, but that it would be a huge highlight for both of them. He slapped Tatus on the shoulder before leaving the locker room…)

(Also backstage, ROB TERRY and BRUTUS MAGNUS are seen standing around a television. They say that the greatest thing they could ask for tonight, would be to see Yoshi and Kaz beat The Hart Dynasty. Magnus said that the Dynasty is already on its way down, and that all the time the spent making themselves sound like the best thing in wrestling was nothing but wasted breath. He said that watching them lose tonight would be almost as good as winning the Tag Team Titles at Unbreakable…)

Non Title Match
Yoshi Tatsu/Kaz vs. © The Hart Dynasty

Yoshi Tatsu and Kaz have been on a pretty significant winning streak as of late, and they had a big challenge ahead of them tonight in the form of the Tag Team Champions. Stepping into the ring with the current champs didn't hinder Tatsu or Kaz from doing what has made them successful, using their speed and quick tags to their advantage; but, The Hart Dynasty showed why, in fact, they are the Tag Team Champions, taking everything their opponents could throw at them and not giving up. At the end of the match, all four men were in the ring – Tatsu and Smith the two legal men – and Kaz connected with a superkick on Smith, allowing Tatsu to lock on an inside cradle for the victory. After the match, Yoshi celebrated in the ring as Kaz looked on unimpressed. Kaz left the ring to leave Yoshi staring at his partner in disbelief.

Yoshi Tatsu & Kaz defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) when Y. Tatsu pinned D.H. Smith with an inside cradle 0:08:04.
Rating: ** ¼

Commercial Break

(Backstage, CODY RHODES was seen getting ready for his impromptu Number One Contenders Match, when TED DIBIASE walked into the locker room. DIBIASE said he wanted to know “where the hell [Rhodes's] mind was” last week, when Randy Orton hit the RKO to win the match. DiBiase blamed Rhodes for not having his back, when he should've let DiBiase know that Orton was getting back to his feet. Rhodes shot back, saying that if DiBiase hadn't been aruging with the referee, he would've stayed on Orton, and the match would've have ended the way it did. Rhodes then said that he was finished talking about it, because he had a match to win. He walked out of the locker room, leaving DiBiase fuming…)

(DESMOND WOLFE was seen walking through the backstage area, and as he turned a corner, was met by AJ STYLES. Styles said that he was surprised to hear what Wolfe had to say about him and Flair tonight, basically challenging his manhood. Wolfe said that someone had to challenge it, because he was the only one that saw it as fake. Wolfe stared into Styles's eyes and said that they both knew, that without Ric Flair by his side, Styles would be nothing in the HWL. Wolfe said there was only one way to prove that he was “man” enough to hold the Heavyweight Title, and before he could finish, Styles accepted the stipulation of leaving managers backstage… for the second straight match. The two of them stared at each other, saying nothing for a moment, before Wolfe smiled and walked away…)

Cody Rhodes vs. D'Angelo Dinero

The crowd in St. Louis – and the at-home audience – had been waiting a week to see what would happen between D'Angelo Dinero and Rhino, as they battled for the chance to face Montel Vontavious Porter at Unbreakable. However, that match did not take place, as detailed earlier in the evening, and Dinero had to settle with facing Cody Rhodes tonight. Rhodes appeared to be a little flustered, having not expected a match tonight – especially one that had title implications – and it showed, as he was just not able to battle with Dinero. A ref bump, late in the match, made things interesting, but Dinero still hit the DDE, and picked up the victory as the referee made the slow three count.

D'Angelo Dinero pinned Cody Rhodes after the DDE in 0:09:03.
Rating: ** ½

(The crowd went crazy as RANDY ORTON was seen, walking backstage, and was joined by ALEX SHELLEY. Shelley said that it wasn't like him to do something like this, before thanking Orton for having his back the last couple weeks against Legacy. Orton said that it was just another chance to get the better of Cody Rhodes before Unbreakable, and that he was glad he and Shelley could got the win last week. Shelley then wished Orton luck in the main event, saying that he might not need it, with the hometown crowd behind him. Shelley then walked away, as Orton continued to the stage area…)

Commercial Break

(A preview for “Unbreakable” is shown, announcing that “just tonight”, the X-Division Title Match was added to the card, as Montel Vontavious Porter will defend the title against D'Angelo Dinero on August 29th, live from the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska!)

Randy Orton vs. Desmond Wolfe

The hometown crowd was squarely behind “The Viper” tonight as he stepped into the ring against Desmond Wolfe, who was coming off a disappointing loss two weeks ago to MVP. Wolfe appeared to still be dealing with some mental issues stemming from the events that took place at Justice, and Orton was clearly in control. Somehow, though, Wolfe was able to push off an RKO attempt, and connected with a vicious Jawbreaker Lariat to pick up the victory. After the match Wolfe stood in the center of the ring, starring down at Orton, as he held his throat in pain.

Desmond Wolfe pinned Randy Orton after the Jawbreaker Lariat in 0:06:43.
Rating: ** ¾

Card Rating: ** 1/2

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