August 16, 2011 - PCW Wrestling - Terre Haute, Indiana

Hulman Center
Attendance: 4,386 (43%)

DANIEL BRYAN made his way to the ring as the show kicked off tonight, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Inside the ring, Bryan said that the crowd shouldn’t be afraid to cheer him; that they shouldn’t be afraid to cheer for the man who has done everything in the PCW. Bryan said he was out her e to add another item to the list of things he’s accomplished during his year-plus in the PCW. He says that people have never taken him seriously as a contender for anything - especially Heavyweight Titles - something he has won on three separate occasions. He says that he’s used to have the odds stacked against him, just like they were last week, when he stepped into the steel cage against The Great Khali. Bryan says that not only was he locked inside a cage with the tallest man to ever step foot in a wrestling ring, but he had to deal with a psychopathic manager, who would stop at nothing to see his monster win. Bryan then played a clip of the closing moments from last week’s main event, when he escaped the cage, by dropkicking the door into Ranjin Singh’s face, before exiting the cage. After the video ends, Bryan stands, smiling, for a moment, before saying that the real reason he was out tonight, was because he had his sights set on higher things, now that he had defeated Khali. Bryan says that it has been a long time since he has challenged for the Heavyweight Title; and that after getting the best of the biggest Superstar on the roster, it’s the only logical place to go.

This brings out the PCW Heavyweight Champion, JUSTIN GABRIEL, who makes his way to the ring, and gets into Bryan’s face. Gabriel says that he has been battling for his title for the past five months, while Bryan sat in the back and did nothing. Now, all of a sudden, after beating Khali, Bryan wants a title shot. Gabriel says that he’s more than willing to give Bryan a title match, but Bryan has to do more than just beat The Great Khali in a steel cage match to do it. Gabriel says that Bryan has to prove that he wants it, because if Gabriel is going to steel the show, with the title on the line, it has to be someone that deserves it. Gabriel then leaves the ring, as Bryan stands shocked…

Commercial Break

David Hart Smith pinned Lance Bravado with the Saito Suplex in 0:04:17.
Rating: ½

David Hart Smith made his debut tonight, under the moniker of “The Canadian Bulldog”, an incarnation of his late father’s most gimmicks. Smith made quick work of Lance Bravado tonight, hitting the Saito Suplex to pick up the victory.

Television Champion, JAMES STORM, is seen backstage, confront General Manager REX BUTLER. Storm says that he knows damn well who attacked him last night, keeping him from facing Justin Gabriel: Tyson Kidd. Storm demands that he face Gabriel and Kidd tonight, in a tag team match, if he’s able to find a partner of his choosing. GM Butler agrees, and says that if Storm can find a partner, the match will happen later tonight.

[Non-Title Match]:
Jay Lethal & Claudio Castagnoli defeated Max Buck & David Otunga when Lethal pinned D. Otunga with the Lethal Injection in 0:06:03.
Rating: *

The Tag Team Champions have been on a very impressive roll since winning the titles back in May, defeating everyone that has come after their belts. Tonight the titles weren’t on the line, as they stepped into the ring against Max Buck and David Otunga - two men who have both tasted gold previously in the PCW. Buck and Otunga gave a strong effort tonight, but their lack of experience working as a team was no match for the champions’, as Lethal connected with the Lethal Injection on Otunga to pick up the victory.

After the match, Otunga got into the fact of the referee, complaining about a fast count, and threatening a lawsuit against the referee for unfair practices. The referee declared that his decision was final, and Otunga pushed him to the canvas, before turning his attention to Jay Lethal. Otunga attacked Lethal from behind, knocking him to the canvas, as the crowd looked on in shock. Lethal rolled out of the ring, and was helped by Castagnoli as Otunga fumed inside the ring.

Commercial Break

As the show returns, James Storm is seen exiting the locker room, when is he approached by HULK HOGAN. Hogan says that he’s heard Storm is looking for a partner tonight, and offers his services. Hogan says that he wants another crack at the Heavyweight Title, and he wants a piece of Justin Gabriel.

Alberto Del Rio made Primo submit to the The Flying Armbar in 0:10:27.
Rating: *
[Roberto Rodriguez interfered against Primo.]**

Two weeks after facing Justin Gabriel for the Heavyweight Title, and coming up short, Primo stepped into the ring with Alberto Del Rio tonight, hoping to get himself closer to another title shot in the future. But, Del Rio had other plans, as he controlled the match with his size advantage. With help from Roberto Rodriguez, on the outside, Del Rio was able to apply The Flying Armbar, which gave Primo no other option but to tap out.

After the match, THE GREAT KHALI makes his way to the ring, as Del Rio and Roberto run for cover on the top of the stage. Inside the ring, Khali stalks Primo as Primo slowly gets to his feet, holding his shoulder in pain. As Primo turns around, Khali catches him with a double choke slam, slamming him to the canvas as Ranjin Singh tells Khali to continue the attack. As Khali picks Primo back up, PCW officials rush down to the ring, and plead with Khali to leave. Khali connects with a huge chop to Primo’s head, before raising his arms into the air, as the crowd boos wildly. The officials continue to try getting Khali to leave the ring as the show goes to commercials.

Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel defeated James Storm & Hulk Hogan when J. Gabriel pinned J. Storm with the 450 Splash in 0:13:22.
Rating: ** ¾

Earlier tonight, Hulk Hogan made his intentions clear: he wants a shot at Justin Gabriel and the Heavyweight Title. He attacked Gabriel before the bell rang, and the match was on. Hogan and James Storm had the advantage early on, until Storm - after being tagged in - missed an elbow, that allowed Gabriel to tag in Kidd, who ripped into Storm. These two men have had a strong history as of late, and Kidd nearly picked up the cover after hitting the Springboard Elbowdrop, but Hogan broke up the count. Both teams swapped the advantage for the next few minutes, until Gabriel missed a clothesline and Storms grabbed his arms as Hogan entered the ring. Hogan attempted to hit the Big Boot, but Gabriel moved out of the ring, and Hogan connected on Storm. Gabriel threw Hogan out of the ring, and climbed to the top rope as Tyson Kidd used a suicide dive to the outside, on to Hogan. Gabriel hit the 450 Splash to pick up the victory.

After the match, as Gabriel celebrated inside the ring, ROBERT ROODE appeared at ringside, and attacked Tyson Kidd, throwing him into the ring steps. Before leaving the ring area, Roode said that, next week, he’d see Kidd in the ring, and that he will finish Kidd off once and for all. The show goes off the air, as Gabriel exit’s the ring to check on Kidd.

Card rating: ***

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