August 17, 2010 Columbia, MO

PCW Wrestling
August 17, 2010
Mizzou Arena
Columbia, Missouri
(Attendance: 15,000)

[Quarter-Final Round]:
(#1) Justin Gabriel defeated (#8) Adam Cole via pinfall in 0:10:05.
Rating: ** ¾

Justin Gabriel left off where he started last week, picking up a victory against the #8 seed, Adam Cole, and advancing into the semi-final round later tonight.

[Quarter-Final Round]:
(#3) Hulk Hogan defeated (#6) Homicide with the Big Leg Drop in 0:16:11.
Rating: ***

The Hulkster was put to the test tonight, taking on an equally-sized – but younger – Homicide. The University of Missouri crowd was shocked to see Hogan stay in the match for as long as it was, but he took everything Homicide could throw at him and more. Hogan picked up the victory with the Big Leg Drop, and advanced into the semi finals, where he will face Justin Gabriel.

[2-Out-of-3 Falls Match for PCW Tag Team Titles]:
Kaval & Steve Corino defeated Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm & Robert Roode) 2 falls to 0:
x Kaval beat R. Roode via the Warrior's Way in 0:12:33.
x Kaval beat J. Storm via a tiger driver in 0:20:57.
Rating: *** ¼
(Kaval & Steve Corino won the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

Tonight, it was Robert Roode's night to bleed as Beer Money, Inc. tried to get a bit of redemption after last week. The pressure was on as the PCW Tag Team Titles hung in the balance, but Kaval seemed to feel no extra burden as he was able to put both opponents away to give his team the victory, and become the first-ever PCW Tag Team Champions! After the match, Kaval and Corino celebrated in the center of the ring as a bloody Roode and Storm made their way backstage.

[Quarter-Final Round]:
(#4) Jay Lethal pinned (#5) Kurt Angle with the Lethal Injection in 0:10:40.
Rating: *** ¼

This tournament match seemed like old times to the fans of the Horizon Wrestling League, as Lethal and Angle squared off for a chance to move on to the next round tonight. Lethal picked up a shocking victory after hitting the Lethal Injection for the 1-2-3.

[Quarter-Final Round]:
(#2) Daniel Bryan defeated (#7) Kofi Kingston by countout in 0:11:13.
Rating: ** ¼

Bryan appeared to have gotten much more than he was expecting tonight against the Jamaican superstar, as Kofi came out swinging, hoping to be the first – and only – upset winner in the first round. However, Daniel Bryan saw his opportunity as they battled outside the ring; and, with just seconds remaining before they were both counted out, Bryan slammed Kofi into the ring steps and slid into the ring as the referee finished the 10-count.


[Semi-Final Round]:
(#1) Justin Gabriel pinned (#3) Hulk Hogan with the 450 Splash in 0:06:56.
Rating: * ¼

Justin Gabriel appeared to be way too much for “The Immortal” in the second round, as the #1 seed made quick work of Hogan, who appeared to still be recovering from 15-minute-plus match earlier in the evening. Gabriel celebrated in the ring as Hogan slid outside and held his mid-section in pain on the concrete.

[Semi-Final Round]:
(#2) Daniel Bryan pinned (#4) Jay Lethal after a crucifix in 0:06:34.
Rating: ** ½
[Homicide interfered against Jay Lethal.]

Daniel Bryan got a little bit of unintended help in this match, as Homicide came down to the ring, and paid Jay Lethal a little payback for their match last week. Homicide tripped Lethal in the early going, and that's all it took to take Letha's mind off the match, as Bryan as able to secure a pinfall using the crucifix. After the match Homicide and Bryan assaulted Lethal in the center of the ring… until KURT ANGLE appeared and ran them out of the ring. The crowd went crazy as Angle hovered over Lethal until PCW officials could escort him backstage.


[Final Round]:
(#2) Daniel Bryan defeated (#1) Justin Gabriel when J. Gabriel passed out in a guillotine choke in 0:02:46.
Rating: ***
(Daniel Bryan won the PCW Heavyweight Title.)

Daniel Bryan made absolutely short work of Justin Gabriel tonight, locking in the guillotine choke just minutes into the match, giving Gabriel no chance to fight back. Bryan celebrated with the title belt, in the center of the ring, as the fans in Columbia looked on in amazement.

Card Rating: ** ½

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