August 20, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - New York, NY

Attendance: 16,840 (85%)

“Headstrong” plays as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to “The Big Apple”. They announce two more tag team tournament matches will take place tonight, as well as the number one contender’s match between Kaitlyn and Leva Bates.

Randy Orton’s music hits as the HWL Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring…
RO: “First thing’s first, I want to come out here tonight and congratulate Kurt Angle for becoming number one contender for my Heavyweight Title. It’s a certain amount of guts to come out here and put your career on the line, knowing that it could be the last time you step into the ring. And, despite the fact that you, Kurt, tried to break my ankle two weeks ago, I can still give credit where it’s due. Now this won’t be the first time that you and I have fought for this title, Kurt. We’ve had plenty of battles inside this ring; but, this time, I’m coming in as Champion. And I do not plan on leaving the ring on September 9th empty-handed.”

Kurt Angle’s music hits as the number one contender makes his way to the ring, carrying a microphone of his own…
KA: “Well, Randy, I have to say I’m shocked that you could come out here and be a man and show some class for once. Thank you! It did take guts to come out and put my livelihood on the line, but that’s what people of true integrity do. I proved last week that I wanted another shot at that title more than Adam Cole wanted to end my career. And, at Hostile Takeover, I’m going to finish what I couldn’t with you two weeks ago. I’m going to break your ankle, Randy! Not only that, I’m going to walk out of Toronto with that title around my waist! Oh, it’s true!”

Orton, fuming, gets into Angle’s face…
RO: “Let me make one thing perfectly clear, Kurt. And you can go backstage and ask Adam Cole how true this statement is. I am one – ONE – RKO away from retaining the Heavyweight Title.”

Orton drops his microphone and leaves the ring as his music plays. Orton heads up the ramp as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Mike Sydal pinned Adam Cole with the Explosion Moonsault in 7:23.
Rating: ***

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Becky Bayless…
AH: “Becky. Last week, you picked up an impressive victory over the Women’s Champion, Nikki Bella. How are you feeling a week after that win?”
BB: “Well, you know, Alisha… I told myself that there were going to be big things in my future once I got called up to the main roster. And, what did I do on my first night? I beat the biggest bitch in the yard! Now, if that doesn’t put the rest of the Vixens on notice, I don’t know what does!”
AH: “Well, you certainly have every right to feel confident, that’s for sure. What are your thoughts on tonight’s number one contender’s match between Kaitlyn and Leva Bates?”
BB: “Oh, I’ll be keeping an eye on that one, for sure.”
Becky walks away as the camera goes back to ringside…

Tag Team Tournament – Quarterfinal
Edwin Colon & Colt Cabana defeated The CeNation (Rami Sebei & Michael Tarver) when Cabana defeated M. Tarver by countout in 14:59.
Rating: ** ¼

After the match:
Tarver turns his back to the ring and walks up the ramp as Colon and Cabana are announced the winners. Rami Sebei stands on the apron, dumbfounded, as his partner leaves the stage area, and Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning back from the break, a camera shot shows Becky Bayless sitting in the Vixens’ locker room, watching a monitor.

Number One Contender’s Match – Women’s Title
Kaitlyn pinned Leva Bates after an inverted DDT in 4:08.
Rating: -1/2*

Commercial Break

Returning from commercials, Kevin Steen’s music hits as he makes his way out to the ring. The crowd boos him as he paces around the ring with a microphone in his hand…
KS: “No, no. That’s quite alright. Every one of you people can just shut your mouth!
The crowd boos louder…
KS: “For weeks, I have been walking around backstage, telling everyone that my day was coming. I’ve been coming out, to this very ring, and proving that my time was coming. The only thing I was waiting on was that one moment for it all to come together. Well, it finally did, when Christopher Daniels won the X-Division Title.
The crowd pops for Daniels…
KS: “That’s real cute. What won’t be cute is when we step foot inside this ring, on September 9th, and I beat him for that title in front of my friends and family in Toronto, Canada!”
The crowd boos as Steen paces around the ring. The boos suddenly turn to cheers and Daniels’ music plays. Daniels carries his title into the ring and gets into Steen’s face….
CD: “I’m sorry, Kevin. I couldn’t sit back there and let this continue any longer. I know you’ve worked hard for a number of weeks to put yourself in a position to challenge for this belt. And, maybe, in your head you deserve a chance. But, after the performance you put on in this ring last week, I’m surprised you can come out here with a straight face.”
Daniels starts to chuckle as Steen fumes…
KS: “You think that’s funny, do ya? Well, who’s gonna be laughing when I beat your ass in two weeks?”
Steen hits Daniels in the head with the microphone, and a brawl ensues. Steen and Daniels trade blows back and forth, but Steen gains the advantage and lands a number of stomps to the champion’s ribs. HWL officials rush down to the ring, breaking the assault up, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, a camera shows Christopher Daniels being tended to by the training staff. It is mentioned that Daniels will be facing Eddie Edwards later tonight.

Tag Team Tournament – Quarterfinal
The Independents (Claudio Castagnoli & Steve Corino) defeated The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry) when S. Corino pinned R. Terry after the Discus Punch in 16:09.
Rating: ** ¼

After the match:
Castagnoli and Corino are seen celebrating in the ring, as a screenshot appears, showing the semi-final matches that will be taking place next week on Anarchy.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match
Eddie Edwards made Christopher Daniels submit to the Achilles Lock in 6:46.
Rating: ***

After the match:
Edwards celebrated his victory while leaving the ring. On his way up the ramp, he passes Kevin Steen, who is heading towards the ring. Steen enters the ring and starts trash-talking Daniels, who is slowly getting up to his feet. Steen pushes past the referee and gets into Daniels’ face. Steen runs his mouth more, and gets sent to the canvas by a hard right hand! Steen rolls out of the ring, holding his jaw, as Daniels motions for a microphone. Daniels tells Steen that if he wants a shot at the X-Division Title, he’s got one! Steen smirks, backing up the ramp, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

A preview for Hostile Takeover is shown. Three matches have already been announced for the September 9th event, including, Kaitlyn and Nikki Bella for the Women’s Title; just announced: Steen and Daniels for the X-Division Title; and the main event: Angle and Orton for the Heavyweight Title.

Non-Title Match
Chris Hero pinned Randy Orton after a lariat in 6:53.
Rating: ** ¾

After the match:
Hero celebrates in the ring, as Orton rolls out to the floor, holding the back of his head. Grabbing the title, Orton makes his way up the ramp. The camera quickly changes to the stage, where Kurt Angle is seen attacking Orton from behind! Angle hits the Angle Slam onto the metal stage, leaving Orton writhing. Anarchy goes off the air with Angle staring down at Orton.

Card rating: ** ¼

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