August 21, 2012 - PCW Wrestling - Albany, NY

Attendance: 7,371 (48%)

“This Means War” plays as Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield welcome everyone to Albany. They announce the Number One Contenders’ Match between Kazarian and The Great Khali for the right to face Chris Hero at Canadian Collison. Also, there is a Ten-Man Battle Royal tonight, for the chance to face Bobby Roode for the Heavyweight Title at Canadian Collison.

Commissioner Rex Butler walks out to the ring, with a microphone in-hand…
RB: “Over the last week, we’ve been hearing from you all about not being able to see last week’s main event between Rhett Titus and Television Champion Chris Hero. I realize how upset you, the fans, would be after being promised something and it not being delivered. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, both men were unable to make it to Fresno last week. But, after speaking with Peter Bradshaw, I am out here to announce that there will be a rematch between those two superstars here tonight. In fact, that match will be taking place… right now!”
The crowd cheers as Butler leaves the ring and takes a seat at ringside.

Non-Title Match
Chris Hero pinned Rhett Titus after the Discus Punch in 10:06.
Rating: ** ¾

After the match:
Chris Hero exits the ring, celebrating his victory, as the referee tends to a motionless Titus inside the ring. The show goes to commercials as Hero makes his way up the ramp.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow is seen with The Big Show…
BB: “Big Show… tonight you are one of the participants in the ten-man battle royal. How confident are you that you can walk out with a shot at the man who beat you for the Heavyweight Title, Bobby Roode?”
TBS: (smiling) “I think it’s funny that you have to throw in the fact that Roode beat me for that title. But, nonetheless, I’m very confident! I’m the largest professional athlete in the world! I’m going to stand head and shoulders above every other person in that ring tonight. Rex Butler should go ahead and award me that number one contender’s spot because there’s no one that’ll beat me tonight.”
The Big Show walks away, as we head back to the ring…

#1 Contenders Match – Television Title
The Great Khali pinned Kazarian with the Punjabi Plunge in 6:37.
Rating: ¾*

After the match:
The Great Khali celebrates the victory, while the crowd boos him. The announcers talk about Khali getting his rematch against Chris Hero at Canadian Collison before the show goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Brooke Barlow is seen backstage with James Storm…
BB: “James Storm… tonight you have the chance to earn a shot at Bobby Roode and the Heavyweight Title. How would winning this battle royal affect your relationship with your tag team partner?”
JS: “To be honest, I’m sure winning tonight would put a ripple or two in our relationship, Brooke. But, we all heard what Bobby said last week. If I earn a shot at him and that title belt, then so be it. Let’s see who the better man is! But, Bobby Roode will always be one-half of Beer Money.”
Storm walks away as the camera goes back to ringside…

Before the match, Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode came down to ringside and joined Alfred and James on commentary…

10-Man Battle Royal - #1 Contender’s Match – Heavyweight Title
Wade Barrett won a 10-man Battle Royal:
X Harlem Bravado was eliminated in 0:40.
X Justin Gabriel was eliminated in 0:43.
X Drew McIntyre was eliminated in 1:04.
X David Otunga and Jack Swagger were eliminated in 2:23.
X Kenny King and James Storm were eliminated in 3:51.
X The Big Show was eliminated in 13:55.
X Delirious was eliminated in 16.00.
Rating: ***
[Daizee Haze interfered against Drew McIntyre.]

After the match:
Wade Barrett celebrates his victory as his tag team partner, Martin Kirby, joins him in the ring. Barrett stands on the turnbuckles and shares words with Roode, who is standing next to the commentary table. The show goes off the air with both men staring at each other.

Card rating: ** ¼

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