August 22, 2011

Monday Night Anarchy
August 22, 2011
Alerus Center
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Attendance: 13,505 (73%)

A video package is shown from last night’s Unbreakable pay-per-view. Fireworks explode inside the arena, as “Headstrong” plays. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Grand Forks, and the first-ever show at the Alerus Center. They announce tonight’s main event as a rematch from Unbreakable, as Rami Sebei takes on new Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles, in a non-title match. Also tonight, Eddie Edwards faces new X-Division Champion Tyson Kidd, and Tommy Dreamer will team up with Brutus Magnus to take on Evan Bourne and Kaz.

The camera goes to the stage as Peter Bradshaw makes his way down to the ring with a very stern expression on his face. Bradshaw enters the ring, grabs a microphone and says that after the events that took place last night at Unbreakable, he wanted to let everyone know the condition of “The Viper” Randy Orton. Bradshaw says that Orton was taken to t hospital last night, and was diagnosed with having suffered a concussion from the drive-by attack. Bradshaw that there is no set time-table for Orton’s return, but that the entire HWL family wishes him a speedy recovery. He then says that he wants to ask someone a very direct question, and that he wants to do it in front of the fans. Bradshaw then calls out KURT ANGLE, demanding that he meet Bradshaw in the ring.

After a few minutes of waiting, Angle makes his way down to the ring, getting booed with every step. He enters the ring, defiantly grabs the microphone and asks Bradshaw what he wants. Angle says that Bradshaw and everyone else in the locker room has been asking him about what happened last night. He says that the answer is going to be the same no matter how many times he’s asked: he didn’t have anything to do with what happened to Randy Orton. In fact, Angle says that what happened to Orton last night was better for him, than what would’ve happened had their match taken place. (crowd boos) Bradshaw says that, if Angle is telling the truth, then next week, he would have absolutely not problem taking a lie detector test, in the middle of the ring. Angle, trying to keep his composure, stares at Bradshaw and says that he has nothing to hide before throwing down the microphone and leaving the ring.

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Adam Cole vs. Steve Corino

Cole and Corino came into tonight having had different endings to their night at Unbreakable, with Cole defeating Yoshi Tatsu in a Chairshot Survival Deathmatch, and Corino being forced to tap out in the Sharpshooter by Natalya. Cole kept his momentum going tonight, hitting the Panama Sunrise to pick up the victory.

Adam Cole pinned Steve Corino with the Panama Sunrise in 0:12:11.

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Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with CM PUNK, who made his return to the HWL, last night at Unbreakable. Asked about his return last night, Punk says that he left earlier in the year because he was tired of getting mistreated and underused by Peter Bradshaw and the rest of the HWL. Punk says that he went back to the WWE, where he ultimately became the biggest star they’ve had in recent years. He says that the WWE, just like the HWL, didn’t know what they had when Punk was sitting on the top with their Heavyweight Title, and that when management got a little pissed off over something he said, they fired him. Punk says that he knew that Bradshaw would love to have his name back on the roster, so he offered up a contract that started last night. Punk says that this time around he was not going to sit around and let his talent be wasted.

Punk then changes gears, and says that, speaking of wasted talent, he was wondering why El Generico agreed to the name change that he took before coming up from PCW. Punk says that Rami Sebei is above that, and that last night, against AJ Styles, Sebei proved that. Punk gives Sebei credit for winning the battle royal, and for going the distance against Styles, but says that if there’s anyone that deserves a title shot against Styles, it’s Punk. He walks away as the camera goes to another area of the arena…

RIC FLAIR is seen walking through the hallways, with a huge smile on his face, when he is approached by EVAN BOURNE. Bourne says he wants to know what reason Flair had for interfering in the battle royal last night. He says that Flair cost him a shot at the Heavyweight Title. Flair, in return, said that Bourne wouldn’t have known what to do with his shot if he had won the battle royal, because Flair doesn’t think Bourne will ever be a main event caliber talent. Enraged, Bourne makes a move towards Flair, only to be blindsided from behind by MATT MORGAN. Morgan continues to assault Bourne, before throwing him into a number of trash cans off to the side. Morgan and Flair leave as the camera zooms in on Bourne…

Maryse vs. © Brie Bella (Non-Title Match)

The new Women’s Champion, Brie Bella, came down to the ring still showing signs of the attack from Daffney, and from the match last night at Unbreakable. But, the taped ribs and other unseen injuries couldn’t keep Brie down as she took on Maryse tonight. Brie enjoyed a comfortable advantage early on, but Maryse was able to hit a kick to the midsection and apply a side headlock, bring Brie to the canvas, putting pressure on Brie’s injured ribs. However, Brie was able to recover, and hit the Bella Buster for the 1-2-3.

Brie Bella pinned Maryse with the Bella Buster in 0:08:03.
Rating: ½*

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As Anarchy returns, ALEX SHELLEY makes his way to the ring, as Josh and Scott talk about him losing X-Division Title to Tyson Kidd last night. In the ring, Shelley acknowledges the boos, saying that the crowd could live up the fact that he lost the title, but that each and every one of them knew that it wasn’t due to Tyson Kidd being a better wrestler than him. Shelley said that he was in total control of their match last night, and was on the brink of retaining the X-Division Title, when Bret Hart showed up and distracted him. He says that Kidd took advantage of that and is now carrying around a title that doesn’t belong to him. Shelley says that he knows both men are in the arena, before calling out Kidd and Hart.

Wasting no time, TYSON KIDD and BRET HART make their way to the ring, with Kidd proudly showing off his newly won title belt. Inside the ring, Kidd says that Shelley is just upset because he was beat by his own game, and because of it, he’s now a former champion. Kidd asks how many times Shelley had used distractions to get the better of his opponents; or how many times Shelley had used some kind of cheap shot to steal a victory. Kidd says that he was just doing what was par for the course.

Flustered by Kidd’s words, Shelley only says that because he is the former champion, he is entitled to a rematch; and that he would be invoking his rematch clause at Hostile Takeover. Shelley walks closer to Kidd and tells him to enjoy his title reign, because it’s going to be a short one. He then moves over to Hart, and says that if he is going to be at Kidd’s side from now on, then he should expect that anything and everything can happen. Shelley then slaps Hart across the face before fleeing the ring as Hart runs to the ropes. The crowd roars in boos as Shelley makes his way up the ramp, while inside the ring, Kidd and Hart stare at him, fuming.

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Tommy Dreamer/Brutus Magnus vs. Kaz/Evan Bourne

Kaz started the match against Tommy Dreamer, and used not only his speed - but his age - to gain the upper hand as Dreamer was unable to counter much of Kaz’s offense. The mood, and advantage, changed as Brutus Magnus was tagged in, and he ducked a flying clothesline from Kaz. Brutus then went on the offensive, using power moves to wear Kaz down, but only getting a two-count on his pinfall attempt. Brutus kept up the offense until Kaz reversed an irish whip into the turnbuckle, and tagged in Bourne, who lit the ring on fire. Bourne - the fresher guy - lit up Magnus, sending up to the concrete at ringside with a dropkick. Outside the ring, Bourne sent Brutus into both the ring steps and the ring post before re-entering the ring. Magnus tried coming back, kicking Bourne in the ribs, and sending him into the ropes; but Bourne reversed the power slam attempt into a swinging neck breaker. Jumping onto the top rope, Bourne connected with the Shooting Star Press, as Tommy Dreamer could only watch the referee count to three.

Evan Bourne & Kaz defeated Tommy Dreamer & Brutus Magnus when E. Bourne pinned Magnus with the Shooting Star Press in 0:13:14.
Rating: ***

Commercial Break

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with NATALYA. Congratulated on her victory over Steve Corino last night, Natalya says that despite what everyone else was saying about her facing a male superstar, she had no doubt that she would come out victorious. When said that Corino was previously injured by her Sharpshooter, Natalya said that everyone wants to make excuses for why he lost last night. She says that she didn’t do anything differently from what the male superstars on the roster do: they stalk out their prey, and attack. Then, when the time comes, they finish the job when it counts. She says that, last night, she proved that she’s not afraid to get into the ring with any male superstar on the roster; and because of that, she is setting her sights on one day challenging for a major title. She walks away, confidently, as the camera goes to another area backstage…

In the locker room of new Heavyweight Champion, AJ STYLES, RIC FLAIR, MATT MORGAN, SKIP SHEFFIELD, ROB TERRY and CHESLEA are all seen celebrating with glasses of champagne. Laughter is heard as small conversations are taking place around the room, when MR. ANDERSON enters the room. Tapping Flair on the leg, Styles motions towards Anderson, and asks what he’s doing. Anderson said that, the last time he could remember, he was still a part of their group, and that he did what he could to help Styles win the belt last night; he says that he should be allowed to celebrate, too. Styles tells Anderson that he appreciates everything that he’s done for him, and offers him a glass of champagne. As Anderson takes a sip, Sheffield and Terry attack him from behind, sending everyone else in the room scattering. Minutes after the attack, Styles bends down beside Anderson and says the appreciates what he did, but that it just wasn’t enough. The camera goes back to the ring as Josh and Scott mention how despicable Styles’ actions were.

Eddie Edwards vs. © Tyson Kidd (Non-Title Match)

Eddie Edwards came out strong tonight, taking the fight to the new X-Division Champion, locking in an abdominal stretch that nearly caused Kidd to submit. Kidd was able to reach the ropes, and fought his way back - thanks to a series of reversals from both men - before connecting with a DDT. Kidd ran into the ropes, only to have them pulled down by ALEX SHELLEY from the outside, and soon became the victim of a two-on-one assault. BRET HART ran down to the ring, to get the referee’s attention, but Edwards rolled Kidd back into the ring before any discipline could be handed out. Back on his feet, Kidd began limping, and Edwards focused on the injury, before locking in the Achilles Lock. Kidd, in the center of the ring had no choice but to tap out. From outside the ring, Shelley smiled as he made his way to the back.

Eddie Edwards made Tyson Kidd submit to the Achilles Lock in 0:05:19.
Rating: ***
[Alex Shelley interfered against Tyson Kidd.]

Commercial Break

Rami Sebei vs. © AJ Styles (Non-Title Match)

Coming off the heels of last night’s Ladder Match, Peter Bradshaw signed a non-title rematch between Sebei and Styles; and they did not disappoint. Again, this match was a contest of two similar styles of wrestling, with both men relying on high-risk maneuvers and speed to get their better of each other. Sebei started the match off, surprisingly using a ground game to slow down Styles. Styles struggled to get out of the various holds Sebei locked in, eventually sliding to safety outside the ring. As Styles got a few pointers from Ric Flair, Sebei attempted a suicide dive that Flair pushed Styles out of the way of, taking the brunt of the move instead. Styles jumped into action, attacking Sebei, and sending him into the steel ring steps. Back inside the ring, Styles focused on the shoulder and neck area, weakening that part of Sebei’s body. Styles kept up the assault, and went for the Styles Clash, but Sebei rammed Styles into the corner, catching a break. Styles ran out of the corner and was met with a dropkick. Sebei went for the cover, but Flair - who was back on his feet - pulled Sebei off. Sebei got to his feet and started arguing with Flair, when Styles connected with a forearm smash, rolled Sebei up, and grabbed his tights as the referee counted to three.

After the match, Styles quickly left the ring with Flair, as Chelsea grabbed the title belt and joined them on the ramp. Inside the ring, Sebei pled his case about having his tights pulled. As Styles, Flair and Chelsea looked on, MR. ANDERSON came from the back, and blindsided Styles, sending the crowd into a frenzy! Anderson attacked both Styles and Flair as Chelsea looked on, screaming. Anderson threw Flair into the steel stage set-up before hitting the Mic Check on Styles onto the stage! Anderson stared down at the two men as Anarchy went off the air.

AJ Styles pinned Rami Sebei after a forearm smash in 0:17:17.
Rating: *** ¼

Card rating: ** 1/2

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