August 23, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Kansas City, MO

Monday Night Anarchy
August 23, 2010
Sprint Arena
Kansas City, Missouri
(Attendance: 14,183)

Women's Title Match
Gail Kim vs. © Sarita

A week after picking up a huge victory over former Women's Champion Natalya, last week, Gail Kim squared off against Sarita with the title on the line. The HWL crowd hadn't seen Sarita over the last few weeks, but she appeared to have not lost a step since she was last in the ring, as she hit the Tiger Driver to picked up the victory and retain the Women's Title.

Sarita pinned Gail Kim with the Tiger Driver in 0:08:18.
Rating: *** ½
(Sarita retained the HWL Women's Title.)

(The HWL Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles, Ric Flair and Chelsea are seen entering the area, and the crowd echoes with boos. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels discuss tonight's non-title main event between Styles and Kaz.)

(A highlight package is shown, from last week's episode of “PCW Wrestling”, showing Kaval and Steve Corino winning the PCW Tag Team Titles. Also shown is Daniel Bryan's run to the PCW Heavyweight Title, and the post-match attack by Bryan and Homicide. It is announced that, tomorrow night, there will be an eight-man Battle Royal for the PCW Television Title.)

Alex Shelley vs. Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya)

A week after stepping into the ring with a much larger opponent, Alex Shelley took on one-half of the Tag Team Champions in Tyson Kidd. These two men put on quite a show for the crowd, swapping aerial maneuvers and countless near-falls. Tyson Kidd was determined to not give Shelley the same fortune he had last week, when Skip Sheffield went down with an injury, and did his best to not face the same fate, kicking out of two separate Air Raid Crash attempts! However, the choice was made my Natalya, who put Kidd's foot on the bottom rope – if full view of the referee – forcing the match to be called in Shelley's favor. After the match, Shelley slid out of the ring, as Tyson Kidd looked on in shock at Natalya outside the ring.

Alex Shelley defeated Tyson Kidd by disqualification in 0:13:29.
Rating: ** ½
[Natalya interfered against Alex Shelley.]

Commercial Break

(Backstage, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are seen with Alisha Hicks, who asks for their opinion on their opponents tonight: The Usos. Cody Rhodes says that The Usos made a point to talk about their family's heritage in the wrestling business, last week, and that they wanted to continue their legacy. Rhodes says that the only people making their own legacy are the two men the Usos will step into the ring with tonight. Rhodes walked away from the camera, leaving DiBiase standing in front of the camera, shaking his head.)

(Standing alone, backstage, KANE says that he is not – and will not be – content with just a victory over Matt Morgan. He says that he has sat by for too long, especially being in the main event for the Heavyweight Title, back in April. He says that he will no longer let himself be held back, and that a new fury will be unleashed across the HWL like never before. He says that, at Unbreakable, he will begin his new path back to the top.)

The Usos (w/Tamina) vs. Legacy

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase have appeared to be on tense terms with one another since losing the Tag Team Titles back in July, and there were required to be on the same page tonight, as they took on The Usos. The Usos, however, were looking for their first victory in the HWL since arriving a few weeks ago, and got off to a good start tonight. However, with Rhodes and DiBiase seemingly on the same page, and using their extensive experience over their rookie opponents, they were able to pick up the victory as DiBiase connected with the Dream Street on Jimmy Uso for the 1-2-3.

Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase) defeated The Uso (Jimmy & Jey) when T. DiBiase pinned Jimmy with the Dream Street in 0:14:54.
Rating: *** ½
[Tamina interfered against Ted DiBiase.]

(Backstage, Alisha Hicks is with MATT MORGAN. Morgan says that he still isn't very happy about his loss to Kane last week; saying that it killed a lot of personal momentum he had coming into Unbreakable. He says that his mind is still focused on Kurt Angle and their submission match on Sunday night, but that it appears Kurt's mind isn't in the same place. Morgan says that he was quite surprised to see Angle show up in PCW a couple weeks ago, and that he hopes Angle isn't more concerned with winning a second-rate title instead of getting humiliated at Unbreakable. Morgan says that he has an idea that would bring Angle's attention back to their final match. He smirks and walks away, leaving Alisha – and the fans – with questions.)

Commercial Break

(A video package plays, showing DESMOND WOLFE arriving in Omaha, NE, and walking through the streets of the city, on his way to the Qwest Center. In a voice over, Wolfe says that he has worked too hard to get where he is in the business, and put his body and life on the life too many times, to have what is rightfully his “stolen” from him. A second clip shows Wolfe standing in the center of the arena, looking at the thousands of empty seats. The voice over continues, and Wolfe says that in just a matter of minutes, AJ Styles happened to ruin Wolfe's life… and he did it in front of thousands of people. But, Wolfe says, that paybacks are a bitch, and that there is no way he is letting AJ get the better of him on Sunday night. The voice over ends with Wolfe saying that he will be waiting for AJ…)

Evan Bourne vs. Matt Morgan

“The Blueprint” was coming off a very a momentum killing loss to Kane last week, and he didn't try to hide his frustration tonight, making very quick work of his much smaller opponent. Morgan hit a vertical suplex side slam for the victory.

Matt Morgan pinned Evan Bourne after a vertical suplex side slam in 0:01:23.
Rating: * ¾

(Backstage, RANDY ORTON is seen on his way to the stage area when, for the second week in a row, he is stopped by Alex Shelley. Shelley says he was sorry to see Orton lose last week, especially in front of all his family and friends. Orton became visibly upset as Shelley said he wasn't sure if he should wish him luck or not. Orton turned to Shelley sand said that he was beginning to get on Orton's nerves, and that Shelley should just leave well enough alone. Orton walked away as Shelley looked on in shock.)

(In the dressing room, KAZ and YOSHI TATSU are seen discussing their victory last week. Tatsu says that he thinks he's proving himself, and got the pinfall over David Hart Smith last week. Kaz said that he hated to burst Yoshi's bubble again, but without the superkick, Kaz isn't sure that Yoshi would've been able to beat Smith. Yoshi shakes his head in disbelief as Kaz says that he still sees a lot of potential in his tag team partner, and says that he should really take notes about how to get the advantage over your opponent tonight, when Kaz faces off against AJ Styles. Kaz pats Yoshi on the shoulder before leaving the dressing room, and Yoshi just stares off-camera, shaking his head…)

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

Orton started off the match with the advantage, again trying to show a preview of what Cody Rhodes could look forward to this Sunday, at Unbreakable. After wearing down Punk, Orton hit the RKO and went for the cover, but Punk was able to put his foot on the ropes to break up the count. Punk eventually took over, hitting numerous kicks to Orton's lower body, trying to take that part of his game out of play. But, as Punk ran into the ropes for a clothesline, Orton bounced up and connected with a second RKO – out of nowhere! - and covered Punk for the 1-2-3.

Randy Orton pinned CM Punk with the RKO in 0:09:53.
Rating: ***

Commercial Break

(The final preview for Unbreakable is shown, highlighting the matches that have been announced. The event will take place THIS SUNDAY at the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska!)

(Backstage, KANE is seen walking out of the arena, when YOSHI TATSU comes from behind and smacks him in the back with a steel chair. Unfazed by the shot, Kane stops and turns around, grabbing the chair out of Tatsu's hands and throwing it to the ground. Showing an unseen aggression, Yoshi goes on the attack, hitting punches and kicks to “The Big Red Monster”, but Kane fight back, pushing Yoshi into the brick wall surrounding the parking area. Kane grabs Yoshi and Irish whips him back into the brick wall, before grabbing him by the throat and whispering into his ear that he just made the biggest mistake of his life. Kane laughs and asks how stupid Kaz is going to think Yoshi is for this… before landing a hard shot into Yoshi's midsection, dropping him to the ground. Kane walks away, laughing, as the camera shows Yoshi laying on the pavement…)

Non-Title Match
Kaz vs. © AJ Styles (w/Ric Flair & Chelsea)

Just six days away from having to put the Heavyweight Title on the line against a very pissed off former champion, AJ Styles had Ric Flair and Chelsea down at ringside for the final time before Unbreakable this Sunday night. Neither of them seemed to be an issue for Kaz, who came into this match with the intention on showing his partner – Yoshi Tatsu – the right way about proving one's self-confidence. Both men fought hard, and the match was very physical, with each man connecting with multiple finishing maneuvers… only for their opponents to kick out before the count of three. From the outside, however, Ric Flair had seen enough, and slid inside the ring with a steel chair, and hit Kaz in the back with a vicious shot! The referee called for the bell as Styles and Flair continued to assault Kaz in the middle of the ring… until DESMOND WOLFE ran from the back and cleared house! Styles, Flair and Chelsea fled the ringside area as Wolfe begged them to come back, as “Anarchy” went off the air.

Kaz defeated AJ Styles by disqualification in 0:12:17.
Rating: * ½
[Ric Flair interfered against Kaz.]

Card Rating: ** ¼

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