August 23, 2011 - PCW Wrestling - Jamestown, North Dakota

Jamestown Civic Center
Attendance: 2,562 (42%)

Leo Lewis and Rodney Johnson welcome everyone to Jamestown, North Darkota to tonight’s episode. They announce that tonight, after weeks off with an injury, Robert Roode will step back into the ring to face Tyson Kidd, in a match that has had the PCW fans’ attentions since Day One.

HULK HOGAN makes his way out to the ring, to start off the show, getting a mixed reaction from the small town crowd. Hogan says that the people that are booing him should shut their mouths, because they’re being graced with the presence of the most popular wrestler in the history of the business. And, that if it weren’t for Peter Bradshaw and Rex Butler trying to make something of this company based off his name, he would never know Jamestown, North Dakota ever existed. (Crowd boos louder) Hogan says that the only reason he’s out here, is because he has had to listen to Daniel Bryan say - for weeks - that he should be getting a title shot against Justin Gabriel. Hogan says that Daniel Bryan claims he beat The Great Khali, and that alone should make him number one contender; but Hogan says that he beat Andre the Giant, some 20+ years ago, so Bryan isn’t the first man to beat a “Giant”. Hogan says that he’s the biggest name in this business, and that if anyone deserves a shot at Justin Gabriel and the Heavyweight Title, it should be the man that will single-handedly turn this company around. Hogan then challenges Daniel Bryan to a Number One Contenders Match, right now…

Hulk Hogan pinned Daniel Bryan with the Big Leg Drop in 0:05:25.
Rating: *

Hogan came out as the aggressor tonight, wanting to stake his claim as a relevant contender for the Heavyweight Title. He used his experience and power to get the better of Bryan, but Bryan was able to reverse an irish whip into the ropes and connect with a dropkick. Hogan, having trouble getting to his feet, quickly became the victim of a cross arm breaker, that sent “The Hulkster” scrambling for the ropes. Byran began to argue with the referee for not breaking the hold after Hogan grabbed the ropes, allowing Hogan to get back to his feet. As Bryan turned around, Hogan connected with a big boot before hitting the Big Leg Drop and making the cover for the 1-2-3.

After the match, Hogan celebrated his victory as Leo Lewis and Randy Johnson announced that, next week in Durban, South Africa, Justin Gabriel will defend the Heavyweight Title against Hogan.

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Backstage, DAVID OTUNGA is seen getting ready for his match, when he is confronted by Commissioner Rex Butler. Butler says that Otunga had no right to put his hands on the referee of his match last week; and seeing as how intelligent Otunga claims to be, he should’ve known that. Otunga gets into Butler’s face and says that, if he wanted to, he could sue Peter Bradshaw for everything he owns, and could run this company if he chose to. Butler says that’s great, and that Otunga can’t just walk around threatening to sue everyone he comes in contact with, because it makes him look like a coward. So, in order to prove that he’s not a coward, Butler says Otunga will have a match against Jay Lethal - the man who he attacked after their match last week. Butler walks away as Otunga fumes…

**Claudio Castagnoli & John Cena defeated The Bravado Brothers (Harlem & Lance) when J. Cena pinned Harlem after a rolling reverse cradle in 0:18:34.
Rating: ** **

With Jay Lethal dealing with some issues of his own tonight, Claudio Castagnoli was in search of a tag team partner to take on The Bravados. The crowd in Jamestown lost their minds as John Cena was announced as Claudio’s partner. But the Tag Team Champion and Cena didn’t have as easy of time as they appeared to have on paper. The Bravados took everything that was given to them, and dished it out just as much. Cena nearly picked up a pinfall, after hitting the Attitude Adjuster, but Lance was able to get his foot on the ropes to break the count. The match continued with the Bravados sending Cena to the outside, using the ring area to wear him down. Back inside the ring, Cena was able to fight back, and eventually tag out to Castagnoli, but the Bravados were still able to hold their own against the fresher man. The Bravados were able to isolate Castagnoli in their corner, wearing him down. But, a failed clothesline attempt allowed “Double C” to tag out to Cena, who cleaned house. Cena went for another AA, but was rolled up into a sunset flip, which he kicked out of at two. Cena then rolled up Harlem, with an inside cradle as he was arguing with the referee, and picked up the 1-2-3!

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Backstage, Amber Mendiola is seen with ROBERT ROODE. Roode said that he is very glad to have finally gotten medical clearance to come back and be allowed to actively participate on Tuesday Night Rampage. He said that, over the past few weeks, he had been feeling better each week, and that by attacking Tyson Kidd, he wanted to remind Kidd that things were still not settled between the two of them. Roode said that he was looking forward to stepping into the ring with Kidd no matter what, but now that he’s become the HWL X-Division Champion, beating Kidd would be that much sweeter.

David Otunga pinned Jay Lethal with the Verdict in 0:05:07.
Rating: *

After last week’s brutal post-match attack by David Otunga, Commissioner Rex Butler gave Jay Lethal the chance to even the score in this one-on-one contest. Unfortunately for the Tag Team Champion, Otunga was still furious from, what he thought, was being wrongfully pinned during last week’s tag team match. Otunga took his frustrations out on Lethal, and quickly ended the match after hitting The Verdict for the 1-2-3.

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Coming back from the break, Amber Mendiola is seen with HULK HOGAN, who is quickly confronted by Heavyweight Champion, JUSTIN GABRIEL. Gabriel says that he isn’t surprised by Hogan thrusting his name into the contendership race, or that he found a way to earn at shot at Gabriel’s Title. The champ says that, next week, they’re going to be in his homeland, and that there will be thousands of people cheering for him. And, because of that, and because he will not allow himself to lose to someone who stopped being relevant 15 years ago, Gabriel says that Hogan will need to bring his absolute best to take away his title. Gabriel then pushed by Hogan as Hogan stared angrily into the distance…

Robert Roode pinned Tyson Kidd after a spine buster slam in 0:14:21.
Rating: ** ¾

After weeks of using his tag team partner, James Storm, to get to Tyson Kidd - and sneaking in cheap shot where he could - Robert Roode finally returned to action tonight, against a man who had been anticipating this match more than anything. Roode looked impressive when the ball rang, showing very little signs of ring rust as he took the fight to Kidd. Roode held onto the advantage after tossing Kidd outside the ring and throwing him into the ring steps. When Kidd made his way back into the ring, Roode rolled him up, but only got a two count. The match turned when Kidd ducked a clothesline attempt and connected with a dropkick that sent Roode rolling back outside the ring. Kidd then used a springboard plancha to the outside, which got the crowd going! Kidd used the referee’s 10-count to get as much damage done to Roode as he could, with help from the ringside surroundings. At eight, Kidd rolled Roode back into the ring and went for the cover, only getting a two-count. Kidd braced himself, and went for the Springboard Elbowdrop, but Roode moved out of the ring, giving him time to catch his breath. Kidd ran into the ring, but Roode surprised everyone by hitting a spine buster slam, and grabbing Kidd’s trunks as the referee counted the 1-2-3.

After the match, Roode rolled out of the ring, celebrating his victory, as Kidd looked on in shock from the center of the ring.

Card rating: ** 3/4

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