August 24, 2010 - Lincoln, NE

PCW Wrestling
August 24, 2010
Bob Devaney Center (University of Nebraska)
Lincoln, Nebraska
(Attendance: 10,665)

[Battle Royal for vacant PCW Television Title]:
Adam Cole won an 8-man Battle Royal:
x Hogan threw out Kaval after a facerake in 0:08:09
x Hogan threw out J. Gabriel after a roundhouse right in 0:08:19.
x A. Cole threw out S. Corino after a flying forearmm in 0:08:55.
x A. Cole threw out R. Roode after a Yakuza Kick in 0:12:38.
x A. Cole threw out Hogan in 0:13:34.
x A. Cole threw out J. Storm after a dropkick from the second rope in 0:13:40.
x A. Cole threw out Kofi after a spinning backbreaker in 0:13:53.
Rating: *** ¼
(Adam Cole won the PCW Television Title.)

Adam Cole was absolutely unstoppable in tonight's Battle Royal, eliminating five other PCW Superstars in under five minutes! With the victory, he has become the first-ever PCW TV Champion.

Homicide & Daniel Bryan and Jay Lethal & Kurt Angle battled to a draw in 0:20:00.
Rating: ** ¾

No resolution came out of this week's tag team main event, as Jay Lethal will still be looking for retribution the next time he steps into the ring with either Homicide or the PCW Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan. After the match, as all four men were brawling in the ring, MATT MORGAN jumped out from the crowd, slid into the ring, and attacked Kurt Angle from behind! Blindsiding Angle allowed Homicide and Bryan to double up on Lethal, as Morgan focused on Angle. PCW officials rushed down to the ring, and after a few minutes were able to break up the assault. Morgan, Homicide, and Bryan left the ring – as the crowd booed them – while the officials looked over Angle and Lethal.

Card Rating: ** ¾

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