August 27, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Boston, MA

Attendance: 10,539 (60%)

“Headstrong” plays as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Boston, just 13 days away from Hostile Takeover. A video package plays, showing the ending of last week’s episode, when Kurt Angle attacked Randy Orton on the stage. After the package ends, Randy Orton’s music plays. Irate, Orton makes his way to the ring and is handed a microphone. Orton says that ever since he won the title for the second time, things haven’t been going his way. Orton says he’s not out here to bitch and complain, but to do something about changing things. Orton says he will not wait until Hostile Takeover to beat the hell out of Kurt Angle. After what Angle did last week, Orton wants to put the title on the line tonight!

Kurt Angle’s music begins to play as the number-one-contender makes his way onto the stage. Angle says that he completely understands why Orton would be angry. Angle says that Orton got embarrassed last week, and now he’s out here to salvage any sort of ego he has left. Angle says that he would love more than anything to beat Orton in the middle of the ring and walk out of Boston as the Heavyweight Champion, but that won’t be happening tonight. Angle says he knew that Orton would be in a foul mood, so he took matter into his own hands and spoke to Peter Bradshaw about keeping the two of them separated. A team of police officers appear on-stage as Angle says that Bradshaw has given Orton the night off, and that he will be escorted out of the arena if he doesn’t go on his own. The guards surround the ring as Angle’s music plays. Anarchy goes to commercials as Orton stares down the officers.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, a video is shown of Randy Orton leaving the arena.

Mike Sydal defeated Shannon Moore by disqualification in 5:35.
[Adam Cole interfered against Mike Sydal.]

After the match, Cole continued his assault on Sydal. Cole hit the Panama Sunrise in the center of the ring before walking out to the sounds of his music. Cole made his way up the ramp as the announcers questioned his motives for the attack.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Chris Hero. Alisha asks if, after defeating Randy Orton last week, he has any aspirations about challenging for the Heavyweight Title. Hero says that it’s a big plus, getting a huge victory over the Heavyweight Champion, but the title isn’t on his mind. Hero says that he’s focused on going through the Tag Team Tournament with David Otunga and winning the Tag Team Titles. Hero walks away as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Tag Team #1 Contenders Tournament – Semi-Final
The A-List Knockouts (Chris Hero & David Otunga) defeated The Independents (Claudio Castagnoli & Steve Corino) when Hero pinned Corino after a roll-up in 14:33.
Rating: **

After the match, Hero rolls out of the ring and celebrates with Otunga. Hagadorn slaps the canvas on the other side of the ring as Castagnoli looks on in disbelief. The announcers say that Hero and Otunga have secured their spots in the number one contenders’ match, next week, in Montreal. The camera shows the celebration continue as Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Kaitlyn is seen walking through the hallways, when she is approached by Nikki Bella. The Women’s Champion says she’s impressed by Kaitlyn’s tenacity and her willingness to fight for a title shot. But, she tells Kaitlyn that Hostile Takeover will be a success or failure due to her own actions and no one else’s. Kaitlyn says she’s prepared and ready to take Nikki’s title.

Kelly Kelly pinned Becky Bayless after the K2 in 5:03.
Rating: -3/4*

Commercial Break

John Cena’s music hits as Anarchy returns from commercials. The crowd boos as Cena enters the ring and grabs a microphone. He talks about how everyone, at one point or another, during their lives have had to deal with someone who has let them down. He knows that everyone has that one person who they can no longer rely on, so they should be able to relate to what he’s about to say. Cena says that there was someone who he put a good amount of trust in, that decided to take his ball and go home. Cena says that he’s out here tonight to do what Michael Tarver couldn’t – or wouldn’t – do. Cena calls Tarver a quitter before calling out Brutus Magnus to the ring.

Magnus’ music plays as he comes to the ring. He stands across from Cena and says that it’s about time they stood in the same ring as he each other. Cena smiles and says that it was only matter of time. Cena says that plans have changed, and things are going to happen sooner than expected. He stuns Magnus with a shot to the temple, using the microphone. He lands a number of punches on Magnus before hitting the F-U in the center of the ring. Cena does the “You Can’t See Me” before challenging Magnus to a match at Hostile Takeover. Cena’s music plays as he leaves the ring, and Anarchy goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Tag Team #1 Contenders Tournament – Semi-Final
AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston defeated Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon when Kingston pinned Colon after the Trouble in Paradise in 16:03.
Rating: ***

After the match, Styles and Kingston celebrate in the ring. The announcers state that the finals for the tournament have been set. Styles and Kingston will challenge Chris Hero and David Otunga for the chance to face The Briscoe Brothers at Hostile Takeover for the HWL Tag Team Titles!

Backstage, the camera shows a shaken-up Brutus Magnus attempting to get his composure after his altercation with John Cena earlier tonight. It’s announced that he will be facing Ted DiBiase, Jr. after the break.

Commercial Break

Ted DiBiase, Jr. defeated Brutus Magnus via pinfall in 5:33.
Rating: ** ¼

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Alisha Hick is seen standing back with Peter Bradshaw. Bradshaw announces that, effective immediately, the HWL Tag Team Titles have been vacated. Therefore, Bradshaw announces that the final round match of the #1 Contenders’ Tournament scheduled for next week will not be pushed to the Hostile Takeover pay-per-view, and will now be for the vacated Tag Team Titles.

Kurt Angle made John Cena submit to the Ankle Lock in 10:10.
Rating: *** ½
[Brutus Magnus interfered against John Cena.]

After the match, Kurt Angle exits the ring and makes his way up the ramp. Brutus Magnus enters the ring as Cena uses the ropes to get to his feet. Magnus tells Cena that payback’s a bitch, and that they will see each other on September 9th. On the ramp, Angle watches the scene unfold in the ring, as Randy Orton’s music begins to play. Surprised, Angle turns towards the entrance, waiting for an attack. The crowd cheers as Orton jumps over the barricade and stalks Angle on the stage. As Angle turns around, Orton hits him with an RKO onto the steel! Anarchy goes off the air with the Heavyweight Champion standing over Angle.

Card rating: ** ¼

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