August 28, 2012 - PCW Wrestling - Worcester, MA

Attendance: 11,988 (81%)

“This Is War” plays as a video shows Wade Barrett winning last week’s battle royal. The video ends as Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield welcome everyone to Worcester. We are less than two weeks away from Canadian Collison, and we finally know who will facing Bobby Roode for the PCW Heavyweight Title…

The PCW Tag Team Champions, Wade Barrett and Martin Kirby make their way to the ring, accompanied by a chorus of boos. Barrett says he knows he’s not the person everyone was hoping would come out victorious last week. He beat nine other men to earn the shot, so he might not be the challenger they wanted, but he’s the challenger they have. He tells the crowd to deal with it, which brings on more boos. Barrett says that he has a chance to win the Heavyweight Title at Canadian Collison, making him a dual champion, because he has no reason why he and Kirby shouldn’t retain the Tag Team Titles the same night.

Rex Butler walks on-stage, bringing an end to Barrett’s comments. Butler congratulates Barrett on winning last week’s battle royal. He also says he respects Barrett’s confidence about retaining the Tag Team Titles. Butler says there’s only one problem: challengers haven’t been named. He says that he’s out to fix that. Butler announces that, tonight, a Triple Threat Match will take place to determine who will face Barrett and Kirby for the titles. The Bravados, The All-Night Express, and the team of Kazarian and Luke Gallows are named as the three teams. Butler also tells Barrett that, in the interest of keeping the talent safe, Barrett would not be wrestling twice at Canadian Collison. Instead, the winners of tonight’s match will receive that title shot, next week! Butler walks away as Barrett and Kirby look on in shock.

Commercial Break

David Hart Smith pinned Alex Payne with the Saito Suplex in 4:03.
Rating: ** ¼

Backstage, Melina asks Alisha Hicks if she saw what Melina did last week. For those that didn’t see, Melina reminds them that she upset Women’s Champion, Bayley, in the center of the ring. Melina says she should be challenging for the title at Canadian Collison based on that fact alone. Melina gets interrupted as Beth Phoenix appears, stretching out her shoulder. Beth tells Melina that there’s only one woman getting a shot at Bayley – her.

It is announced that Beth Phoenix will be in action, after the break!

Commercial Break

Tamina pinned Beth Phoenix after a Samoan Drop in 8:38.
Rating: * ½

The Bravado Brothers are seen standing backstage. They tell Brooke Barlow that this is the second time in so many months that they’ve had to take part in some sort of elimination match. They say that they should be the outright number one contenders, since they were the former champions. They say that Rex Butler’s decision is in injustice, and it’s not the last people will hear about it.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Kazarian and Luke Gallows are seen backstage. Kazarian says that the fans haven’t seen much of he and Luke tagging, and that their limited amount of matches together doesn’t matter. He says that they are confident that they can leave tonight as number one contenders. Gallows tells Brooke that, with him, they are the strongest team going into the match, and that gives that an advantage; the same advantage they will have when they face Barrett and Kirby for the titles next week.

The Big Show pinned Justin Gabriel after a Russian legsweep in 5:10.
Rating: ** ¾
(Delirious no-showed.)

Going backstage, Rhett Titus and Kenny King are seen with Brooke Barlow. They say that this is all something they’ve seen before from Rex Butler. All in the name of making things interesting. They say that The Bravados think they’re being put into an unfair position; but King and Titus ran the gauntlet to get a title shot, only the be put into the same position. So, if anyone can shout “injustice”, it’s them. They say the difference between them and The Bravados is that they will go out and do something to make things right.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, the announcers say they’ve just received word of a video that was shot earlier tonight. The video shows Drew McIntyre attacking Delirious backstage before his scheduled match. The announcers speculate as to what Rex Butler will say about this development.

Number One Contenders’ Match
The All-Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King) defeated The Bravado Brothers (Harlem & Lance) and Kazarian & Luke Gallows:
X R. Titus beat Gallows via countout in 14:03.
X R. Titus beat Harlem via a lariat in 28:10.
Rating: ** ¼

After the match, Titus collapses onto the canvas as he and King are announced the winners. King enters the ring and celebrates with Titus, slowly pulling Titus up to his feet. They stand in the ring, with the crowd booing, as the show goes off the air.

Card rating: ** 1/4

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