August 29, 2011

Monday Night Anarchy
August 29, 2011
Coca-Cola Dome - Johannesburg, South Africa
Attendance: 14,040 (78%)

Fireworks explode, as “Headstrong” blares through the arena, and Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Johannesburg, South Africa. They give a run-down of tonight’s card, just 20 days away from Hostile Takeover in Dallas, Texas.

KEN ANDERSON’s music plays as he makes his way down to the ring, showing signs of the attack last week at the hands of Rob Terry and Skip Sheffield. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone…

KA: “I know a lot of you are expecting me to come out her and give you my little spiel, and all that; but it’s not going to happen tonight, because I’m certainly not in the mood to pander to the fans. (slight booing) Yeah, I know. You can boo me all you want to, but after what happened last week, the last thing on my mind is making you - the crowd - happy. I’m out here, and I am not leaving this ring until I get a match with either one of those two brain-dead bouncer wannabes!

Anderson begins to pace around the ring, not getting a response from anyone…

KA: “No? That’s fine. I’ve got all night. But this’ll give me a chance to get some other things off my chest. First things first: Ric Flair. I know everyone has been saying it for years, but sooner or later you’re going to realize that you’re nothing but a washed-up has been that serves no purpose being in this business for as long as you have been. None of these people give a damn about you anymore; and the only reason you’re still around is because you think you can actually help AJ Styles become something. This will be the only time you hear me say this, but AJ was something before you came around, Ric. Now… now, he’s just another one of your pathetic puppets. Just like those two big goons you had attack me last week. They are former Tag Team Champions, and now, they’ve lowered themselves to just being yes men. It’s a disgrace.”

Anderson continues to walk around the ring, still getting no reply from his earlier request…

KA: And that brings me to you, AJ. All this time, you’ve been walking around backstage, in this very ring, and everywhere else that people are in the range of your voice, saying that you are an elite wrestler; and that no one in the HWL - except for Desmond Wolfe - will ever be at the same level as you. Yes, you’re a three-time Heavyweight Champion. There’s no denying that fact. But, to think that you did it on your own is beyond crazy. At Unbreakable, you didn’t even has the chance to face the man you wanted to for the title. You had to face some rookie, and he took your ass to the limit two nights in a row! (crowd cheers) You treated your win at Unbreakable like it was best night of your life. And, the only reason that is, is because you didn’t have to step into the ring against Cody Rhodes. (crowd pops) But, since Cody’s out for a while, and seeing as how it would be one of my proudest moments to see the look on your face when I beat you, why don’t you give me - someone who you think is under you - a chance to take that title from you at Hostile Takeover?”

The crowd cheers wildly as Anderson leans against the ropes, waiting for a response. Finally, RIC FLAIR appears on-stage with ROB TERRY.

RF: “So, the quiet one finally decides to open his mouth; and everything you’ve said you actually think you can back up?”

Anderson nods his head from the ring…

RF: “Well, then, Mr. Anderson - or, can I even call you that anymore? - I’ve talked it over with both Big Rob, and YOUR Heavyweight Champion - Wooo! - and they’ve both agreed to your challengers. So, tonight, you can expect to get the ass kickin’ of a lifetime, baby! Woo! You better just be hopin’ that Big Rob, here, leaves some of you for AJ to finish off at Hostile Takeover! Woooo!”

Flair’s music plays as he and Terry exit the stage. Inside the ring, Anderson watches with a satisfied smile on his face…

Commercial Break

Kaz vs. CM Punk

CM Punk stepped into the ring tonight, for his first singles match since returning to the HWL, and showed off a variety of new moves that he had picked up during his time away. Throughout the match, Punk used all sorts of kicks to Kaz’s legs and midsection, hoping to wear his opponent down. Out of desperation for the onslaught, Kaz threw Punk outside the ring, where he was able to whip Punk into the guardrail and catch a short breather. Back in the ring, Kaz connected with a German suplex but only got a two-count. Punk fought his way back, though, and connected with a backbreaker; followed by a German suplex of his own; and an inside cradle - all three times, Kaz kicked out barely before the three. The match continued as both men jockeyed for the advantage. Punk attempted the G.T.S, but Kaz reversed it into an inside cradle, getting a close two-count. Punk rolled out of the ring to catch his bearings, but was followed outside by Kaz. As Kaz went to grab Punk, Punk landed a huge uppercut that stunned Kaz, before Punk whipped him into the steel ring steps. Punk re-entered the ring as the referee started his count. Kaz re-entered the ring at the count of nine, only to be blindsided by a low blow by Punk, just out of view from the referee. Punk hoisted Kaz up and connected with the G.T.S for the 1-2-3

CM Punk pinned Kaz with the G.T.S. in 0:16:59.
Rating: *

[quote] After the match, Punk rolled out of the ring with a sly smile on his face, as the dome filled with boos. Punk acknowledged the booing crowd by waving to them as he made his way up the ramp. [/quote]

Commercial Break

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with RAMI SEBEI…

AH: “Rami, last week, CM Punk had some pretty harsh things to say about you and your move to the HWL roster. Would you like to respond?

RS: “Punk, you did have a lot to say about me last week, eh? You sure did come out and let me have it, didn’t ya? The name change, not feeling that I was worthy of challenging for the Heavyweight Title. You give me credit for doing my best in the ring, and then say that you’re more deserving of a title shot because you were the Heavyweight Champion somewhere else? `The thing is, Punk, I’m doing what I know is best for my career. You, on the other hand, want to make things personal, because all you’ve ever done during your time here is run your mouth about not getting a fair shot, and then picking up your ball and running home. You may have all the talent in the world - and I will give you that - but, the only thing you’ve done in the HWL is complain. So, unless you plan on changing things - and showing everyone what you can do in the ring, like I have - then you will have to just get used to being overlooked.”

With that, Sebei walks away from Alisha, as the camera goes back to the ring…

Daffney vs. Nikka Bella

After coming up short in her title defense against Brie Bella at Unbreakable, Daffney stepped into the ring with Brie’s sister Nikki; and the “Demonic Princess” made sure to start where she left off in Fargo. Just moments after the bell rang, Daffney hid behind the referee as Nikki attempted a clothesline, knocking the referee to the canvas. As Nikki looked on in shock, Daffney jumped at the chance, jumping onto Nikki and connecting with numerous rights and lefts. Finally, the referee got back to his feet, and pulled Daffney away, but the damaged had been done. Nikki spent the better part of the match trying to stay away from Daffney. After Daffney threw her outside the ring, and started playing to the crowd’s boos, Nikki appeared to have had enough, and was waiting when Daffney exited the ring. Daffney grabbed Nikki in an attempt to hit the Lobotomy onto the concrete, but Nikkie reversed it with a suplex. Nikki quickly rolled Daffney into the ring and went for the cover, only to have Daffney put her foot on the ropes. Distraught, Nikki started to argue with the referee, as Daffney rolled her up with an inside cradle, but only got a two-count of her own. Back on their feet, Daffney reversed an irish whip with a short clothesline, and followed it up by hitting the Lobotomy in the center of the ring, getting the 1-2-3.

Daffney pinned Nikki Bella with the Lobotomy in 0:10:43.
Rating: * ½

[quote] After the match, Daffney stood over Nikki as the referee raised her hand in victory, but quickly jumped on top of Nikki, continuing to land rights and lefts onto her head. Nikki tried to fight back, but as she tried to escape, Daffney began tearing at her clothes, getting shocked oohs and aahs from the crowd. Nikki, frightened, backed into the corner - as Daffney stalked her - until BRIE BELLA ran down to the ring, attacking Daffney from behind. The two Vixens brawled in the ring, until Nikki got the courage to help her sister, and together, they knocked Daffney out of the ring, much to the delight of the crowd. As Daffney walked up the ramp, holding the back of her head, the Bellas celebrated inside the ring. [/quote]

Commercial Break

X-Division Champion, Tyson Kidd makes his way down to the ring as “Anarchy” returns from commercials. Kidd says that, last week, he was appalled to see Alex Shelley stoop to such a low, smacking Bret Hart and blaming him for losing at Unbreakable. Kidd said that he wasn’t surprised to hear Shelley demand a rematch for Hostile Takeover, but said that Shelley’s reasoning was not grounds for one. Kidd said that Bret Hart did not physically interfere in the match; and that Shelley only had himself to blame for getting distracted. Kidd said that, if the roles were reversed, Shelley would’ve come out to the ring and bragged about his victory. Kidd said that if Shelley wanted to earn his rematch, at Hostil Takeover, he has a couple weeks to do so. Kidd then leaves the ring as “Anarchy” goes back to commercials.

Commercial Break

Colt Cabana/William Regal vs. Chris Hero/Steve Corino

After the attack on David Otunga, Chris Hero was in need of a parter to face Cabana and the newly signed William Regal. Steve Corino appeared from the back, and offered his services to Hero, as both Hero and Shane Hagadorn looked on in disbelief. Other than the obvious distaste Hero showed for having to team up with Corino, they worked very well together, keeping both Cabana and Regal isolated from each other for different stretches throughout the match. Cabana and Regal were able to stage a slight comeback, but it was too little too late as Corino hit Cabana with the Sliding Lariat to pick up the 1-2-3.

Chris Hero & Steve Corino defeated Colt Cabana & William Regal when S. Corino pinned Cabana with the Sliding Lariat in 0:12:35.
Rating: *** ½
(David Otunga no-showed.)

[quote] After the match, Chris Hero got on the microphone and declared that, when he finds Sheffield and Terry, he will leave them in a pool of their own blood. Hero and Hagadorn then leave the ring, with the crowd booing their every step, as Corino watches from inside the ring. [/quote]

Commercial Break

Backstage, Eddie Edwards finds Peter Bradshaw backstage, as the Owner makes his way to his office. Edwards says that, earlier tonight, Tyson Kidd is not issuing a rematch to Alex Shelley; and that, last week, he defeated Kidd. Edwards says that, because of those two factors, he should be the new number one contender or the X-Division Title. Bradshaw says that he agrees with Edwards; and gives him credit for his victory last week, but says that Tyson Kidd doesn’t have the authority to decide who does and doesn’t get a title shot. Bradshaw says that, as of right now, Alex Shelley IS the number one contender, but that Edwards will have a chance to change that next week. Bradshaw announces that Edwards will face Alex Shelley in a number one contenders match. Bradshaw then enters his office as Edwards walks away, smiling.

Ken Anderson vs. Rob Terry (w/Chelsea & Ric Flair)

After being blindsided by Terry and Skip Sheffield last week, Anderson demanded to get in the ring with one of them tonight, but it was quickly established that he would have his back against the wall, as MATT MORGAN, AJ STYLES and Sheffield made their way to ringside as the match progressed. Flair and Styles interfered, causing a great distraction that Terry wasted no time in taking advantage off. The referee admonished both of them, leaving just Sheffield and Chelsea at ringside for the rest of the match. Anderson did whatever he could to fight back against the odds, eventually surprising Terry with a reverse neck breaker. Anderson went for the cover, but before the referee could count, Morgan entered the ring and broke up the pinfall, disqualifying Big Rob.

Ken Anderson defeated Rob Terry by disqualification in 0:10:46.
Rating: ** ¼
[Ric Flair, AJ Styles and Matt Morgan interfered against Ken Anderson.]

[quote] After the match, Morgan and Terry continued to assault Anderson as Flair, Styles and Sheffield made their way back to the ring. Inside the ring, Flair called out the shots as the other men decimated Anderson in front of a roaring crowd. Finally, Flair cleared the way, and locked in the Figure Four as the others continued their attack. HWL officials ran down to the ring, clearing the ring, as Flair and his boys congratulated each other on a job well done. The officials tended to Anderson as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels said how appalled they were at what they just watched happen… [/quote]

Commercial Break

Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels announced that this was going to be the very first time a lie detector test would be taking place inside a wrestling ring, in front of the world, on live television. Sitting in the center of the ring, where two chairs, and a table holding the testing machine. The crowd rumbled with anticipation as Peter Bradshaw made his way to the ring, being followed by another in a suit. Inside the ring, Bradshaw introduces the man as the test specialist, who will be monitoring the machine throughout the test. Bradshaw then wastes no time and asking Kurt Angle to join them in the ring…

Angle’s music hits, as he walks on-stage to a tremendous amount of boos from the crowd. He makes his way down the ramp, entering the ring, and stands in front of Bradshaw and the specialist, staring at them as the tension boils. Angle gets on the mic, and tells Bradshaw that he’s wasting his time, and that he has said all along that he had nothing to do with Randy Orton’s attack at Unbreakable. But, Angle says if he has to come out and be a part of Bradshaw’s dog and pony show, just to clear his name… then that is what he’ll do.

As Angle sits down, and the specialist hooks him up to the machine, Bradshaw announces to the crowd that he is going to ask five yes/no questions that Angle will answer. Bradshaw says that, based on the results of tonight’s test, and the answers provided by Angle, his fate - as a HWL Superstar - will be decided. Getting the “OK” from the specialist, Bradshaw’s first question is: “Is it true that you have made it clear in the past that you do not like Randy Orton?” Angle smirks and answers “Yes.”

Bradshaw’s second question: “Is it true that, if he’s healthy, you are looking forward to getting into the ring with Randy Orton once again?” Angle’s answer: “Yes.”

Bradshaw’s third question: “Did you enjoy knowing that Randy Orton was out for a number of weeks with an injury?” Angle’s answer: “Yes.”

Bradshaw’s fourth question: “Would you be happy if Randy Orton was forced to retire, and never stepped foot into a wrestling ring again?” Angle’s answer: “Absolutely.” The crowd roars with boos as Bradshaw appears stunned by Angle’s quickness to answer that question. Angle, sitting in his chair, stares at Bradshaw, clearly confident in his answer.

Bradshaw takes a minute to ask his fifth question: “Kurt, yes or no. Were you behind the wheel of the car that struck Randy Orton, last Sunday night, at Unbreakable…?” Before Angle can answer the question, Orton’s music plays, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Angle jumps to his feet, sending the testing machine and specialist crashing to the canvas, as he waits for Orton’s appearance on-stage. The crowd roars in cheers as Orton appears from within them, and enters the ring, standing behind Angle, stalking him. As Angle turns around, Orton connects with an RKO in the center of the ring, as the crowd roars with approval. Orton stands over Angle and looks at Bradshaw, before posing for the crowd, as “Anarchy” goes off the air.

Card rating: ** 1/2

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