August 3, 2009 - Monday Night Anarchy - Wichita, KS

Kansas Coliseum, Wichita, Kansas
G4 Network

"Anarchy" comes on the air showing the closing moments of last week's main event between AJ Styles and Randy Orton. Then, Greg Daniels and Chris Michaels welcome everyone to Wichita, Kansas, just three weeks away from "Turning Point".

HWL Commissioner, Tim Jacobs, comes out to the ring with a microphone and says that he has an announcement that will finally determine what is going to happen at "Turning Point" on August 23. He says he wants both Randy Orton and AJ Styles to join him in the ring…

"I Am" begins to play as the crowd in the Kansas Coliseum go crazy! AJ Styles appears, in street clothes, and makes his way to the ring, where he shakes Jacobs's hand. He and the commissioner wait for Randy Orton to join them…

After a long pause, "Voices" begins to play, and Randy Orton - also in street clothes - appears on-stage to a tremendous roar of boos from the crowd. He pays no attention to the jeers as he enters the ring and gets inches away from Styles, causing the crowd to boo louder. Jacobs gets between the two of them and tells Orton to "cut the bullshit". He says that Orton can be the hard-ass all he wants… but, Jacobs says that as Commissioner, he's the one who makes the rules. (Huge crowd pop)

Jacobs says that he wants there to be a definite Number One Contender; he wants to find out who the best man is to take on Matt Morgan for the Heavyweight Title. He admits that last week didn't end the way he had wanted it: with no absolute winner. But, he says that he has devised a plan that will give him - and the crowd - a clear winner of the #1 Contender battle. He says that the plan is to have both men face off against the Heavyweight Champion over the next two weeks in non-title matches. Whoever is able to win his match against Matt Morgan, when then go on to face him, for the title, at "Turning Point". He then says that if neither of them are able to beat the champion, then a tournament will be held in two weeks to determine a new number one contender. Jacobs ends the announcement by saying that, tonight, Randy Orton will have the chance to earn himself a title match on August 23.

Commercial Break

Match #1
Tyler Black vs. Kory Chavis

Tyler Black was set to start off tonight's program in a match with "The Straight-Edge Superstar" CM Punk, but Punk was nowhere to be seen when his music started. Moments later, Kory Chavis - of the Dark City Fight Club - came down to the ring as Punk's replacement. Black made quick work of Chavis, in a match that surely wouldn't have ended as fast with his scheduled opponent. Rumors were circling around the backstage area as to what happened to CM Punk…

Tyler Black pinned Kory Chavis with the God's Last Gift in 0:02:29.
Rating: **

After the match, a backstage camera shows Kurt Angle attacking CM Punk inside Punk's locker room. Angle throws Punk into a locker, snapping the wooden seat, before cracking a steel chair over Punk's skull! Angle walks over to his fallen victim and grabs a CM Punk T-shirt and drapes it over Punk's motionless head. Angle then gets down to Punk's face and whispers to Punk that Angle hasn't forgotten that he was the reason Angle has yet to get a Heavyweight Title shot. Angle then walks away as "Anarchy" goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Coming back from commercials, Alisha Hicks is seen backstage with the newest "group" in the HWL - Angelina Love and Maryse. Alisha asks what Maryse thinks about putting her trust in Angelina to win her the right to choose her opponent for the vacant Womens Title at "Turning Point". Maryse says that Angelina proved that she was incredibly capable of taking care of last weekend at "Rebellion", and says that tonight is going to be no different. She says that she is so sure of Angelina's ability to win tonight, that she already has an opponent picked out. Angelina, excited by the news, interrupts the interview and wonders if she is the one getting the title shot. Maryse says that the only way Angelina - and the rest of the HWL - will find out, is if she wins later tonight.**

Match #2
Non-title Match
"The One Hit Wonder" Cloudy vs. (c) Kenny Omega

Cloudy - one-half of the team Up In Smoke - squared off against Kenny Omega in his first match after winning the X-Title at "Rebellion". Like any match in this division, both men were willing to put their bodies on the line in the hopes of coming up with a victory. Early in the match, Cloudy got a close two-count after hitting a quick DDT but, Omega was able to get his shoulder up. Frustrated with the call, Cloudy got into referee Earl Hebner's face, debating the quickness of the count. Omega quickly rolled Cloudy in a school boy, but Cloudy was able to kick out, as well. The battle soon made it's way outside the ring, where both men became very familiary with the guardrails at ringside. Omega eventually got the better of Cloudy was attempting to hit the Electric Chair German suplex to the concrete, but Cloudy was able to grab a hold of the second rope and pull himself inside the ring. However, at the end of the match - after both men had beaten each other into exhaustion - the champ was able to muster enough strength to hit the Electric Chair German suplex for the 1-2-3!

Kenny Omega pinned Cloudy with the Electric Chair German Suplex in 0:13:28.
Rating: * 1/2

Kenny Omega is announced the winner as Earl Hebner hands him the X-Title. The crowd cheers as Omega stands on the turnbuckles and holds the title into the air in celebration. However, Omega doesn't see AUSTIN ARIES from down from the stage and slide into the ring. Aries stalks Omega as the champ slowly gets off the turnbuckle. As he turns around, Aries connects with a vicious kick to the midsection before hitting a Brianbuster in the center of the ring! The crowd's cheers instantly turn to boos as "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" begins to play inside the arena. "Anarchy" goes to commercials as Aries stands over the motionless X-Champion.

Commercial Break

"Anarchy" returns as a groggy Kenny Omega makes his way through the backstage area. He stumbles up against a cement wall and composes himself. He sees Austin Aries standing down the hall and starts to run towards his attacker, smashing Aries to the ground with a running forearm to the back! Omega and Aries start to brawl through the backstage area as HWL employees do what they can to get out of the way. Omega whips Aries into the cement wall before grabbing a small metal pipe. Walking over to Aries, Omega swings the pipe, but Aries kicks him in the midsection. Aries quickly picks up the pipe and begins to choke out Omega as referees rush to the scene. Comissioner TIM JACOBS runs over to the scene as the two men are seperated and announces says if they want to go at each other so bad, they can do it at "Turning Point", for the X-Title… in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

Commercial Break

Match #3
Angelina Love vs. Tara

Tara pinned Angelina Love with the Widow's Peak in 13:59.
Rating: *** 1/2

After the match, Maryse entered the ring and attacked Tara from behind, allowing Angelina the time she needed to rolls out of the ring. Maryse continued the assualt - as the crowd booed her - until, MELINA ran down from the backstage area! Melina slid into the ring and grabbed Maryse by the hair, slinging her down to the canvas. Melina, positioned for a fight, waited until Maryse got back to her feet. However, Maryse quickly grabbed the ropes and slid out of the ring, joining Angelina at the base of the ramp. Melina stared at both women as "Anarchy" goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

"The Blueprint" Matt Morgan is shown - in his ring attire; the Heavyweight Title over his shoulder - making his way towards the stage, when he is approached by AJ Styles. Morgan tells AJ that he's focused on beating the hell out of Randy Orton tonight, and that he doesn't have time for someone who had to settle for being "Legends" Champion in TNA. Infuriated by the comment, Styles steps in Morgan's way, pushing him in the chest. Styles says that he may've had to settle for being "Legends" Champion during the ending days of TNA… but, that Matt Morgan couldn't win a single title during his tenure there. Styles says that Morgan may be focusing on Randy Orton tonight, but that at "Turning Point", he can bet Styles will be gunning for Morgan's title.

Match #4
Jon Davis/Consequences Creed vs. The Colons

… Jon Davis enters the ring to make it two-on-one.Carlito enters the ring, but gets cut off. Consequences Creed and Jon Davis hit Primo with a double knee to the face. Jon Davis hits Primo with a lariat. Consequences Creed takes Primo down with a rolling reverse cradle. Nick Patrick counts: One, two, Robert Roode breaks the pin. Nick Patrick calls for the DQ. You could hear a pin drop.

Jon Davis and Consequences Creed defeated Carlito and Primo when Creed defeated Primo by disqualification in 0:14:07.
Rating: * 1/4
(Jay Lethal no-showed.)

The bell sounds as Robert Roode continues his attack on Consequences Creed. James Storm enters the ring and throws Jon Davis over the top rope before assisting on the attack. They beat Creed down before moving him to the ropes and trying his arms between the top and second ropes. Creed kicks wildly at whatever he can touch as Storm and Roode laugh at his plight. Roode demands a microphone and tells Creed that his chance of becoming HWL Tag Team Champion is getting slimmer by the hour. A video appears on the big screen above the stage, showing Jay Lethal hogtied to a chair, with a bandana stuffed in his mouth. Creed struggles to get free from the ropes, and screams at Beer Money, but their only response is laughter. Roode says that, next week… Creed has a chance to find out where his partner is. All he needs to do is find himself a suitable partner, and defeat a team of Beer Money's choosing. But, if they lose, Creed and Lethal forfeit their title match at "Turning Point". Roode then throws the microphone at Creed as he and Storm leave the ring. "Anarchy" goes to commercials as the referee pulls Creed's arms out of the ropes.

Commercial Break

Matc #5
Non-Title Match
"The Legend Killer" Randy Orton vs. (c) "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan
Randy Orton reenters the ring. Andrew Thomas counts: 1
Andrew Thomas counts: 2
Andrew Thomas counts: 3
Andrew Thomas counts: 4
Andrew Thomas counts: 5
Andrew Thomas counts: 6
Andrew Thomas counts: 7
Andrew Thomas counts: 8
Andrew Thomas counts: 9
Andrew Thomas counts: 10
Matt Morgan is counted out. Randy Orton is starting to get more cheers than boos.

Randy Orton defeated Matt Morgan by countout in 0:02:47.
Rating: * 1/4

After the match, Randy Orton is announced the winner. He celebrates inside the ring as AJ STYLES appears on-stage. He stares at Orton and the motionless body of Matt Morgan as "Anarchy" goes off the air.

Card Rating: * 3/4

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