August 30, 2011 - PCW Wrestling - Durban, South Africa

Tuesday Night Rampage
August 30, 2011
ICC Durban Arena - Durban, South Africa
Attendance: 5.600 (56%)

PCW Heavyweight Champion, Justin Gabriel, comes out to the ring, getting a huge ovation from the Durban crowd. Gabriel says that he had always dreamed about performing in front of his hometown crowd, and that the dream was only sweeter if he were Champion. He says that, tonight, he finally gets to live out that dream; and that it’s against a man he grew up idolizing. Gabriel says that, just like all the kids in America, during the 1980s, he lived by the words of “The Hulkster” Hulk Hogan. Gabriel said that he took his vitamins and said his prayers… all because, one day, he wanted to be just like Hogan. He says that he was just as heart-broken, all those years ago, when Hogan turned his back on the fans, and became the face of everything that was wrong with professional wrestling. Soon, Gabriel says, he became one of the many former fans who started to despise everything that Hogan stood for; and nowadays, he is one of the millions of wrestling “fans” who think that Hogan has overstayed his welcome in the business. Gabriel says that there would be no greater thrill then coming back to South Africa as Heavyweight Champion, beating Hulk Hogan, and walking out with the Heavyweight Title over his shoulder. Gabriel says he knows he’s ready for tonight’s match, and that with his the South African crowd behind him, there would be no way for him to lose.

David Hart Smith vs. Bryon Sexton

“The Canadian Bulldog” stepped into the ring tonight, taking on Bryon Sexton, who hasn’t been heard of from some time lately, but made a huge statement tonight. Sexton was able to withstand Smith’s power display, and out of nowhere, stunned Smith - and the crowd - with a kick square to Smith’s temple. Sexton, shocked as much as anyone else, made the cover and was awarded the victory.

Byron Sexton defeated David Hart Smith via pinfall in 0:05:03.
Rating: * ¾

[quote] After the match, Sexton left the ring and celebrated with a select group of people that were cheering him on at ringside. Inside the ring, Smith was tended to by the official as “Anarchy” went to commercials. [/quote]

Backstage, David Otunga confronts PCW Commissioner, Rex Butler, and says that he still isn’t happy with the way things went down, two weeks ago; and that if giving him a match against Jay Lethal was supposed to make things right, then Butler is sadly mistaken. Otunga says that he is one-half of the HWL Tag Team Champions, and that he should treated as such but everyone in the PCW. Butler says congratulates Otunga on becoming HWL Tag Team Champion, but says that if it hadn’t been for his time in the PCW, he would’ve never been called up to the main roster. So, instead of demanding that everyone treat him like royalty, Otunga should be thanking every single person on the PCW roster who is still fighting tooth and nail to get their call-up. Butler says that he has a compromise. He says that he will allow Otunga to hand pick his opponent, for a match next week, under one condition: his opponent must be someone who Otunga things is on his level; and that by announcing who his opponent is, Otunga will be announcing to the world where he thinks his level is at. Butler walked away as Otunga stood, staring off into the distance…

Backstage, John Cena is seen walking through the hallways, when he is approached by PCW Tag Team Champion, Claudio Castagnoli. Castagnoli says that he just wanted to thank Cena for stepping in for Jay Lethal last week; and that if there was anything he could do to repay Cena, to just name it. Cena thanks “Double C” for the offer, and says that he will think about it. The two of them part ways as “Rampage” goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Max Buck vs. © James Storm (PCW Television Title Match)

Tonight, Max Buck got another chance to face the man who beat him for the Television Title last month, and he took out all the stops in an attempt to get the job done. But, Storm was resilient, and fought his way back from betting busted open - after getting thrown head-first into the ring post - to come back and even things up. Having fought each other in the past, both men were able to counter out of the other’s finishing moves, adding another aspect to the match. But, after hitting Buck with a low blow - and with the referee’s back turned, Storm was able to take a drink of his beer. As buck turned around, Storm spit the beer in his eyes, and rolled Buck up for the 1-2-3.

James Storm pinned Max Buck after an inside cradle in 0:10:29.
Rating: ***
(James Storm retained the PCW Television Title.)

[quote] After the bell rang, Storm rolled out of the ring, grabbing his beer and the TV Title, before making his way up the ramp. He celebrated on-stage, by taking a drink of beer and spraying the rest of it into the crowd, as they booed loudly. In the ring, Max Buck struggled to find the ring ropes as he tried to regain his vision. [/quote]

Commercial Break

As “Rampage” returns, Robert Roode makes his way to the ring, as the crowd showers him with boos. In the ring, Roode says that, for the past six weeks, he has been doing nothing but getting back into the best physical condition of his life, and making Tyson Kidd’s life a living hell. Roode says that everything he was doing was building up to last week’s match with Kidd - a match in which Roode pinned the HWL X-Division Champion in the center of the ring. Roode says that, since he beat Kidd so decisively, he was going to move on from that part of his career. Roode says that if Kidd isn’t happy with losing last week, that he would just have to deal with it. Roode, on the other hand, says that it’s time for himself to look to bigger and better things. Roode says that, whether the fans hate him or not, they all know that he is one of the best - if not THE best - wrestler on the PCW roster. And, because of that, he should be stepping in line for a title shot. Roode says he doesn’t care what title he challenges for, because no matter what title it is, when the bell rings, he is going to be the new champion. Roode tells Commissioner Rex Butler to be thinking about what title shot he’s going to get, because Roode will be expecting an answer next week. Roode leaves the ring, to even more boos, as a backstage shot shows Hulk Hogan getting ready for tonight’s main event.

Straight Edge Society (CM Punk & Luke Gallows) vs. © Jay Lethal & Claudio Castagnoli (PCW Tag Team Title Match)

The crowd was shocked by the appearance of CM Punk and Luke Gallows as the opponents for the Tag Team Titles tonight. The match was very fast-paced, with a number of near-falls for both teams. Punk and Gallows - who haven’t teamed together in a number of months - looked like they had not lost a single step since their last tag match; while Lethal and Castagnoli proved, once again, why they are the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in PCW history. Neither team could score a pinfall or submission, and the match was called at the 20-minute mark.

Jay Lethal & Claudio Castagnoli and the Straight Edge Society (CM Punk & Luke Gallows) battled to a draw in 0:20:00.
Rating: **
(Jay Lethal & Claudio Castagnoli retained the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

[quote] After the match, all four men entered the ring and began brawling, much to the satisfaction of the crowd. The referee tried to restore order, but was quickly pushed outside the ring, as the brawl continued. Commissioner Rex Butler came out to the ring, and ordered all four men to a respective corner. Butler said that, since there was not a decisive winner tonight, that there will be a rematch, next week. Butler says that, to ensure that there is a definite winner, the match will have no time limit, and will be two-out-of-three falls. The crowd roars with approval as Butler leaves the ring, and all four men stare at each other as the show goes to commercials. [/quote]

Commercial Break

Hulk Hogan vs. © Justin Gabriel (PCW Heavyweight Title Match)

The crowd as pumped up for this match, as they wanted nothing more than to see their hometown favorite walk away with a huge victory over one of the sports’ biggest names. Hogan started out, showing an intensity that hadn’t been seen from him in a while; the possibly of becoming Heavyweight Champion obviously playing a part. Hogan used his power to take advantage of Gabriel, sending the champ through the ropes with a clothesline. Hogan played to the crowd, giving Gabriel enough time to recover outside, and when Hogan finally made his way through the ropes, Gabriel was ready, sending Hogan into the ring post. Gabriel rolled Hogan back into the ring, and body slammed him in the corner, before hitting the 450 Splash. Hogan, however, was able to get his foot on the rope, breaking the count, and forcing the match to continue. Hogan tried his best to come back, but Gabriel connected with a flying shoulder block before pinning Hogan for the 1-2-3.

Justin Gabriel pinned Hulk Hogan after a flying shoulder block in 0:22:24.
Rating: * ½
(Justin Gabriel retained the PCW Heavyweight Title.)

[quote] After the match, Gabriel rolled out of the ring, and grabbed the Heavyweight Title, as Hogan got to his feet and argued with the official. Gabriel celebrated his victory, as the hometown crowd went crazy, and “Rampage” goes off the air. [/quote]

Card rating: **

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