August 9, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - Louisville, KY

Monday Night Anarchy
August 9, 2010
Freedom Hall
Louisville, Kentucky
(Attendance: 9,024)

Daffney vs. Gail Kim

Before this match started, it was announced that the winner would take on Natalya next week, to determine who would challenge Sarita for the Women's Title at Unbreakable. However, the crowd was looking forward to seeing “The Scream Queen” Daffney, but NIKKI BELLA came out in her place. Bella appeared out of sorts, and didn't seem to be called on to fill in for Daffney, as she was taken aback by Kim's onslaught once the bell rang. Bella tried to gain the upper hand, by attempting a high cross body block from the top rope, but Kim moved out of the way, and Bella landed on the referee! Kim then took the fight outside the ring, wearing down her unsuspecting opponent, before tossing Bella back into the ring and hitting the Eat Defeat for the victory.

Gail Kim pinned Nikki Bella with the Eat Defeat in 0:18:14.
Rating: ***

(Backstage, Alisha Hicks is with NATALYA, who says that she is still upset about losing the Women's Title last week… because she says she had already beaten Sarita at Justice, and wasn't happy that she was given a rematch just two weeks later. But, Natalya says that there's nothing she can do about it, except to go out to the ring and take her aggression out on Gail Kim next week. She says that she is determined to get into the title match at Unbreakable, and to take back what is rightfully her's.)

(In the dressing room, TYSON KIDD is seen getting ready for his match later tonight, alongside DAVID HART SMITH, who is holding both of the HWL Tag Team Titles. Kidd stands up from stretching as BRUTUS MAGNUS and ROB TERRY enter the dressing room, laughing. Magnus says that Kidd and Smith should hope that they don't face the same fate as their cousin did last week, and lose the Tag Team belts at Unbreakable. He says that The Hart Dynasty's goal of running the HWL will just continue to fall, piece by piece, until they are left titleless and scraping the bottom of the barrel in the wrestling business. Kidd and Smith, having heard enough from their challengers, attack, and the four men begin to brawl in the dressing room. Quickly, HWL officials rush into the locker room and break up the brawl as the four men are separated…)

Matt Morgan vs. CM Punk

“The Blueprint” came out tonight, looking to keep his winning ways going, after getting a count-out victory over AJ Styles two weeks ago, but he had a tough opponent in CM Punk. The one thing that Punk had going for him, is that he wasn't going to back down from the fight, unlike the current Heavyweight Champion. Punk and Morgan brawled back and forth, and nearly got themselves disqualified after catching each other in choke holds. However, Morgan was able to connect with the Carbon Footprint and put away the “Straight-edge Superstar”. After the match, Morgan attacked Punk's prone body, picking him up and setting Punk up in a Torture Rack. Punk screamed out in pain as the referee tried to get Morgan to realize the hold. Moments later, Morgan dropped Punk onto the canvas and left the ring and walking back up the ramp.

Matt Morgan pinned CM Punk after the Carbon Footprint in 0:16:26.
Rating: *** ½

Commercial Break

(As Anarchy returns, a large ladder is seen in the center of the ring, and Desmond Wolfe's music blares through the arena. Wolfe makes his way to the ring, and grabs a microphone before ascending the ladder – much to the awe of the crowd. Upon reaching the top, Wolfe sits on the top rung of the ladder, and addresses the crowd. He says that he has been in this business for a long time, and that he has seen his fair share of things take place; things that made him scratch his head and things that will probably live on in his mind for the rest of his life. But, he says that one thing he will never forget is how jealous AJ Styles was of him, and how desperate Styles was to take the HWL Heavyweight Title away from Wolfe. He says that he didn't think anyone could go as low as Styles did – to pay off Chelsea – as a way to get the title. But, Wolfe says, he's out tonight, to prove that it doesn't matter what Styles and Flair have in mind for Unbreakable, because nothing is going to stand in his way of regaining the Heavyweight Title.

The crowd begins to murmur as MR. ANDERSON jumps over the barricade and slides into the ring. Anderson gets to his feet and grabs a side of the ladder, slightly moving it back and forth, as the crowd groans out in horror. Anderson lets the ladder wobble before grabbing it and stopping it on the canvas. HWL officials rush down to the ring and stop Anderson before he can do anything else. Anderson is escorted out of the ring, laughing at Wolfe, who is catching his composure atop the ladder.)

(Backstage, Kaz is seen walking out of the dressing room, when he is joined by YOSHI TATSU. Tatsu says that their win last week was great and just what they needed. Kaz agrees, that their win was a step in the right direction, but tells Yoshi that he won't carry the team on his shoulders. Kaz says that he wants to see the fire and intensity that it takes to win a title, in Yoshi, and that tonight against Tyso Kidd would be a great time to show it. Kaz challenges Yoshi to prove that he has the fire to win the Tag Team Titles before walking away.)

Tyson Kidd vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi Tatsu was given an ultimatum by his tag team partner, Kaz, just minutes before stepping into the ring with one-half of the HWL Tag Team Champions. Yoshi was challenged to prove that he had what it took to be dominant inside the ring, and he appeared to have a bit of trouble with that as the match got underway. Tyson Kidd proved to be the more dominant of the two, taking an early advantage until getting a near-fall that he debated was a three-count with the referee. With Kidd's back turned, Tatsu locked on the Octopus Hold for 20 seconds before Kidd was able to reach the bottom rope – with a little help from Natalya. Kidd wasn't able to recover from the move, and relied on the former Women's Champion, who tripped Tatsu as he won into the ropes. The referee called for the bell, but Kidd ignored it, attacking Tatsu as Natalya looked on, cheering. KAZ ran down to the ring, to defend his partner, and Kidd slid out of the ring. He and Natalya smiled at their handy work as they made their way to the back; the crowd booing them.

Yoshi Tatsu defeated Tyson Kidd by disqualification in 0:07:56.
Rating: * ½
[Natalya interfered against Yoshi Tatsu.]

(Backstage, the camera shows KANE storming down the hallway, punching lockers and screaming out in anger. A crew member walks towards him, and Kane grabs him by the throat, thrusting him against the cement wall. The crew member crumbles to the ground as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels admit that Kane's loss to Jay Lethal may not sit well with the rest of the HWL…)

Commercial Break

(Coming from the break, ALEX SHELLEY and RANDY ORTON make their way to the ring; Orton is seen carrying a black leather strap, wrapped around his hand. As they enter the ring, Orton asks for a microphone, as Shelley looks on from the corner. Orton says that he was a little surprised last week, to see that Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase would stoop to such lows as to interfere in a match that meant nothing to either of them, just to prove a point. Orton says that the only point that they proved was that Cody Rhodes needs DiBiase to have his back, or he is likely to lose every time he steps into the ring. Orton says that Alex Shelley was just an innocent bystander in the brewing feud between Rhodes and himself, but says that he wouldn't pass up the chance to get into the ring with Rhodes before their match at Unbreakable. He then holds up the strap, snapping it into the microphone, and saying that if things get out of hand tonight, he wouldn't hesitate to give Rhodes a taste of what he can expect on August 29th…)

Alex Shelley/Randy Orton vs. Legacy

There was a little bit of question as to how Alex Shelley and Randy Orton would coexist as a team, having never teamed before tonight, but the answer seemed to be “pretty well”. Shelley was looking to gain back some confidence after the attack by Legacy last week, and Randy Orton was looking to send a message to Cody Rhodes. Shelley and Orton showed good team skills, tagging in and out at opportune times, and keeping the former Tag Team Champions away from each other for most the match. However, while battling with “The Viper” outside the ring, Ted DiBiase threw Orton into the ring post, opening up a small gash on Orton's forehead. Cody Rhodes looked on in sheer delight as DiBiase rolled Orton into the ring and pinned him… only for Orton to kick out at 2 ½! Furious, DiBiase began arguing with the official, unaware that Orton was slowly getting to his feet. With blood streaming down his face, Orton connected with the RKO as DiBiase turned around, pinning him for the 1-2-3! After the match, Orton and Shelley made their way up the ramp as Cody Rhodes watched on in disbelief.

Alex Shelley & Randy Orton defeated Legacy (Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase) when R. Orton pinned T. DiBiase with the RKO in 0:10:56.
Rating: ** ½

(In the back, RIC FLAIR and MR. ANDERSON are seen talking about the events that took place earlier in the evening with Desmond Wolfe. Their laughter is cut short as PETER BRADSHAW confronts them, getting into Flair's face. Bradshaw says that he doesn't understand why Flair thinks he can get away with what he's doing lately, and says that if anything happens to compromise the Heavyweight Title match at Unbreakable, whoever is responsible will be fired on the spot! Bradshaw then leaves the scene as Flair and Anderson continue their celebration.)

(Also backstage, D'ANGELO DINERO is seen heading towards the stage area – getting a good pop from the crowd – when he is confronted by RHINO. Rhino says that it's his turn to wish Dinero “good luck” tonight, and that if he has any hope of getting back the X-Division Title, Dinero has to go through “The Man Beast” first.)

Commercial Break

Jay Lethal vs. D'Angelo Dinero

It would seem that “The Pope's” confrontation with Rhino, backstage, hindered his abilities in the ring tonight, as his return to the ring – after suffering an injury two weeks ago – was very short-lived. Lethal, coming off a huge win last week, continued his winning ways using a Flatliner to pick up the victory in less than ONE minute!

Jay Lethal pinned D'Angelo Dinero after a Flatline in 0:00:56.
Rating: *

(Backstage, MATT MORGAN is seen leaving the dressing room with his bags packed, as he approaches KURT ANGLE. Both men stop, and stare at each other, as staff members prepare for what could come next. Morgan smiles and asks Angle if he saw what happened to CM Punk earlier tonight, because at Unbreakable, it could happen to Angle just as fast. He begins to laugh as he walks away, leaving Angle to stare at him, shaking his head…)

(A preview for “Unbreakable” is shown, highlight the newest match added to the card: the HWL Tag Team Title match between The British Invasion and the champions, The Hart Dynasty. The event will take place on August 29th, from the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska.)

Non Title Match
Evan Bourne vs. © AJ Styles (w/Ric Flair & Chelsea)

In what would appear to be common theme in the final two matches of the evening, the crowd was left wanting more as these two high-fliers squared off against each other. Right from the start, Styles connected with a DDT that signaled the end… and didn't waste any time hitting a 450 splash to pick up the quick non-title victory.

AJ Styles pinned Evan Bourne after a 450 Splash in 0:01:07.
Rating: **

Card Rating: **

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