August 9, 2011 - PCW Wrestling - Springfield, Massachusetts

MassMutual Center
Attendance: 868 (13%)

Leo Lewis and Rodney Johnson welcome everyone to Springfield, for the first episode of PCW Wrestling to be aired on Fox SportsNet. It is announced that, tonight, Television Champion James Storm will take on Heavyweight Champion Justin Gabriel in a non-title match. The match was signed last week, after Justin Gabriel interfered in Storm’s match against Tyson Kidd. Also tonight, Daniel Bryan will try to put an end to his feud with The Great Khali, as they step inside a Steel Cage in tonight’s main event.

Randy Orton pinned David Otunga with the RKO in 0:10:09.
Rating: ** ¾

The Viper, Randy Orton, made his return to the PCW tonight, after injuring his back in mid-July. But, Orton wasn’t given an easy match for his return, as he stepped into the ring with David Otunga. Orton came out strong, showing no signs of ring rust from his three weeks off, as he quickly went for the RKO, but Otunga slid out of the ring and tried to compose himself. Back in the ring, Otunga tried to fight toe-to-toe with Orton, and garnered some offense, but it wasn’t enough to keep “The Viper” down, as Orton connected with a second RKO to pick up the victory.

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, a video is show from “Last Week” of Justin Gabriel interfering against James Storm. Storm said that he was still trying to figure out why Justin Gabriel stuck his nose where it didn’t belong. Storm said that, three weeks ago, Gabriel got his victory over Storm fair and square; and that he retained the PCW Heavyweight Title in the process. And, since that time, Storm had not come in contact with Gabriel for one second. Storm asked that, if someone such as the Heavyweight Champion takes it upon himself to interfere in something that doesn’t concern him, should her deserve the fans’ cheers? Storm said that he was glad that Rex Butler signed this match tonight, because it’ll give Storm the opportunity to give Gabriel something to be upset about, and that Storm was sorry about his damn luck.

PCW Heavyweight Champion, Justin Gabriel is seen backstage. He said that it’s true: he did beat James Storm in the center of the ring, three weeks, to retain the title. But, he said he’s not the kind of person that’s going to sit around and watch Storm and Robert Roode take advantage of Tyson Kidd, in the name of getting a victory. Gabriel said that he did what was right, and that he’d do it again. Gabriel said that he too was glad Rex Butler signed the match because, with neither title on the line tonight, he can just focus on teaching Storm another lesson.

Non-title Match:
Justin Gabriel pinned Byron Saxton after an inside cradle in 0:04:04.
Rating: *
(James Storm no-showed)

Backstage, The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh are seen with Amber Mendiola. Singh says that Daniel Bryan has been a thorn in The Great Khali’s side for far too long, and that last week, he was lucky to survive with a double countout. But tonight, Singh says that Daniel Bryan will have nowhere to run from Khali’s wrath. Singh says that The Great Khali will end up victorious tonight, and that he will leave Daniel Bryan a shell of his former self in the process.

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Amber Mendiola catches up with Daniel Bryan as he heads towards the ring, and asks for a response to Rajin Singh’s comments earlier tonight. Bryan says that Singh wants everyone to believe that The Great Khali is someone to be feared; that he’s someone that should be the king of the PCW. Bryan says that he’s not taking anything away from what Khali has been able to accomplish in the PCW, but that there is no man that he fears. He says that a lot of people will think that the odds are stacked against him tonight, being placed in a steel cage with the largest man to ever compete for the company. But, he says, that he has never needed anywhere to run from Khali, and that the steel cage is a perfect setting for them toe end their feud once and for all. He says that, in the past, it has been Khali who has run when he realizes that the match can’t be won, and that he can’t do that tonight - nor can Rajin Singh interfere on his behalf. Bryan says that he feels confident, and that he can’t wait to see the looks on Khali and Singh’s faces when he exit’s the ring first.

A video recap shows the brewing history between Daniel Bryan and The Great Khali as Leo Lewis and Rodney Johnson hype the steel cage match.

Steel Cage Match:
Daniel Bryan defeated The Great Khali by escaping the cage in 0:12:48.
Rating: * ¼

After the introductions of both men, the crowd waited in anticipation, as the cage was lowered from the rafters. Once the cage was in place, the door was locked, and the bell sounded. Bryan went on the offense, using his speed and kicks to wear down Khali, but The Punjabi Giant grabbed Bryan, and sent him to the canvas with a monstrous double choke slam. Khali tried to escape the cage, as Ranjin Singh held the door open, but Bryan was able to lock in an Achilles hold, stopping Khali in his tracks. The move sent Khali off his feet, and allowed Bryan the chance to connect with numerous kicks to Khali’s chest and upper body. Bryan kicked Khali in the head, before ascending the cage, but before he could reach the top, Khali grabbed his foot. Hanging on for dear life, Bryan was able to kick Khali away, before jumping off the top rope and delivering a missle dropkick that finally dropped Khali to the canvas. Byran headed for the cage door, still being manned by Singh, where they had a battle of strength over the door. Suddenly, Bryan ran into the ropes - as Khali slowly started getting to his feet - and used a baseball slide to kick the door, sending Ranjin Singh into the barricade as the door swung open. Just as Khali got to his feet, Bryan slid out of the ring and was announced the winner.

After the match, as Bryan retreated to safety on the ramp, Khali began manhandling the cage, shaking it violently as the crowd watched on in horror. PCW Officials made their way down to the ring, trying to coax Khali out of the ring as the show went off the air.

Card rating: * ¼

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