December 06, 2011

PCW TV Special
December 06, 2011
Gill Coliseum (Oregon State University) - Corvalis, Oregon
Attendance: 4,576 (44%)

PCW Commissioner Rex Butler came out to the ring, to start the show, and said it was great to be on the campus of Oregon State for the first-ever live broadcast of PCW Wrestling on the NBC Sports Network. Butler introduced the commentators for the evening: Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield. Butler said that there were three huge title matches tonight, and that things would kick with the Television Title Match.

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Television Title Match
Rhett Titus vs. © Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez)

The first-ever PCW Television Special started off with none other than the Television Champion in-action. Alberto Del Rio has had a pretty lengthy title reign going for himself, since winning the title back in October. We haven’t seen much of Del Rio in recent weeks, all the more reason why he has been able to keep the title for so long. Tonight, he put the title on the line against a relative newcomer to PCW - Rhett Titus. Titus is more known for being a tag team wrestler, coming in with his partner Kenny King, but tonight he had the biggest chance of his short time in the company. Titus came out strong, holding his own against the veteran, even mounting a respectable amount of offense. But, eventually, the match found it’s way outside, where Titus became a victim of distraction by Rodriguez, who had insisted on holding the TV Title during the match. The distraction allowed Del Rio to attack Titus from behind, gaining the upper hand. Back in the ring, Del Rio focused on Titus’s arm, before locking in the Flying Armbar. Titus tried to fight to the ropes, but eventually relented, tapping out.

[Television Title Match]:
Alberto Del Rio made Rhett Titus submit to the Flying Armbar in 0:13:32.
Rating: ¼
(Alberto Del Rio retained the PCW Television Title.)

Del Rio kept the Flying Armbar locked in after the bell had sounded, and the referee tried everything to get the Champion to break the hold. Finally, the referee threatened to reverse the decision, and give Titus the belt, unless Del Rio released the hold. Thinking better about testing the official, Del Rio released the hold and slid out of the ring to celebrate with Rodriguez. Inside the ring, the official tended to Titus’s arm as the show went to commercials.

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Coming back from the break, Alfred Pressley introduces the at-home audience to Brooke Barlow - the new backstage reporter for the PCW. Brooke was backstage with the Tag Team Champions JAMES STORM and ROBERT ROODE. Storm said that Roode and he had different childhoods growing up, so his partner didn’t know what it was like growing up with a leather strap in his home. Storm said that he’s always been a trouble-maker, and that his “daddy would wear me out” with it; so he knew what kind of punishment can be caused by a leather strap. Storm said that, tonight, he and Roode were going to use those leather straps to punish Jay Lethal and Daniel Bryan; and remain the Tag Team Champions.

Ken Anderson vs. Lance Bravado

Both of these men came into tonight’s match having had a very bad month, albeit for completely different reasons. Anderson, who had come over from the HWL, found himself on the losing end in his first four matches in PCW, something he wished to correct by dropping down from the main roster. Bravado, on the other hand, had spent the last month watching his brother Harlem get injured at the hands of Eddie Edwards, and then protecting Harlem from any further attacks, which hadn’t gone so well. While still having his issues with Edwards, Bravado had enough in him to make this match a back-and-forth contest. Both Anderson and Bravado came in, filled with anger and frustration, and they let it out on each other tonight. In a match that was allowed to go over the 20-minute mark, both men jockeyed for position until Anderson connected with a DDT in the center of the ring. It wasn’t long after, that Anderson connected with the Mic Check, to pick up his first victory in PCW.

Ken Anderson pinned Lance Bravado with the Mic Check in 0:21:43.
Rating: ** ¾

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Strap Match for the PCW Tag Team Titles
Jay Lethal/Daniel Bryan vs. © Beer Money (James Storm/Robert Roode)

After the teams were introduced, Josh Daniels informed the at-home audience that there were only two ways to win this match: pinfall, or by touching all four corners in a row; count-outs and disqualifications did not matter. And, with the heat between these four men, neither of those results would’ve sounded good to them, because they were looking to tear each other apart. Weeks ago, Jay Lethal and Daniel Bryan beat the Champions by count-out, before saying that Beer Money was disgracing themselves and past title holders. In the weeks that followed, Storm and Roode enacted their revenge on Lethal and Bryan. This match was not a technical masterpiece by the slightest. It was a brawl. It was a match that looked greatly in favor of the Champions, but as Roode was heading towards the fourth turnbuckle, he was clotheslined by Bryan, allowing Lethal to quickly touch all four corners, crowning NEW Tag Team Champions!

[Strap Match for the PCW Tag Team Titles]:
Jay Lethal & Daniel Bryan defeated Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm & Robert Roode) in 0:11:15.
Rating: ***
(Jay Lethal & Daniel Bryan won the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Alfred Pressley previewed video footage shot over the weekend of James Westerfield’s sit-down interview with Heavyweight Champion Max Buck. Westerfield asked Buck about having to face The Big Show twice in three weeks, and what he learned from their first encounter. Buck said that he’s a two-time Heavyweight Champion, and that every time he steps into the ring, he learns something new about himself and his opponents. What he learned two weeks, against The Big Show, was that he would have to change his game plan heading into their Championship match. Buck gave The Big Show credit, saying he was indeed the largest athlete in the world, and that there was no doubt he’d have his work cut out for him. But, Buck said that he had faced challenges before, and he got through them. He said that this one was going to be bigger, but that he was confident he would walk out with the Heavyweight Title.

Kenny King vs. David Hart Smith

Since returning from a short hiatus nearly a month ago, David Hart Smith has been showing a more aggressive side then he had shown previous in the PCW and during his time in the HWL. He had quickly made his way through some big names on the PCW roster, positioning himself for a possible run at the Heavyweight Title. Tonight, he stepped into the ring with Kenny King, who has only had a few matches under his belt. On paper, this match should’ve been over before it started, but “The Canadian Bulldog” found a challenge that he had not been expecting. Kenny King, though new, showed that he was not going to let Smith’s reputation get the best of him, as he took what he was given, and gave it back as best he could. King picked up a couple near-falls, but it was not enough to seriously take Smith off his game. At the end of the match, Smith seemed to hit a different gear, wearing King down with power moves, before connecting with the Saito Suplex for the 1-2-3.

David Hart Smith pinned Kenny King with the Saito Suplex in 0:18:02.
Rating: **

Commercial Break

PCW Heavyweight Title Match
The Big Show vs. © Max Buck

Max Buck has had a very successful reign as Heavyweight Champion. He is a two-time Champion, and has beaten some of the best that the PCW has to offer. Last week, in a non-title match, Buck essentially met his match, as the “Largest Professional Athlete” defeated him in the center of the ring. With his victory two weeks ago, The Big Show earned the right to face Buck tonight, this time with the Title on the line. This time around, Buck was more prepared, as he used his speed in an attempt to tire out his much larger challenger. This tactic worked for a time, and gave Buck a couple of very surprising near-falls. But, The Big Show’s power was too much for Buck to handle. Sensing that he couldn’t take much more, Buck grabbed the referee, pulling him into the crosshairs of a Big Show right hook! Buck slid out of the ring, as The Big Show tried to help the referee. After a few moments, and with Buck watching from the stage, the referee disqualified Buck, and awarded the match to The Big Show.

The Big Show defeated Max Buck by disqualification in 0:14:23.
Rating: * ½
(Max Buck retained the PCW Heavyweight Title.)

After the match, The Big Show fumed inside the ring, pleading for Buck to get back and fight him like a man. Josh Daniels explained that because Buck was disqualified, he keeps the title, but The Big Show wins the match. Scott Michaels said that he would expect The Big Show to have something to say about that during the live show next week. Daniels hoped that the at-home audience enjoyed the first TV Special from the PCW, and thanked them for watch. The show went off the air as The Big Show stared at the stage.

Card rating: ** ¼

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