December 12, 2011

Attendance: 7,181 (42%)

The show started off with the Number-One Contender, KAZ, walking through the backstage area, when he is approached by Heavyweight Champion, CM PUNK. Punk said that he was impressed by Kaz's victory over Kurt Angle last week and that he "might be peaking at the right time". But reminded Kaz that he beat the man who thinks he "should" be Heavyweight Champion… not the man who "is" Heavyweight Champion.

Kaz said that he doesn't care who "should be" or who "is" Heavyweight Champion; and that last week Kurt Angle underestimated him. He said that he's been under the radar for a while, but that he's just as dangerous in the ring as anyone else. Kaz said that he hoped Punk's ego wasn't so big that he wouldn't make the same mistake that Angle did.

Punk said the last thing Kaz needed to worry about was Punk's ego; and that Punk knows better than to underestimate anyone. But, Punk said that if Kaz wanted to get a first-hand look at what the Heavyweight Champion could do in the ring, then he would save him a seat at ringside for tonight's main event.

Kaz accepted the invitation, and said he hoped the pressure of having him at ringside wouldn't be too much for the "Best in the World". Kaz walked off as Punk stood, staring…**

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Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels said that the confrontation put a very tense vibe on the show, and it was just starting! Just six days away from the final pay-per-view event of 2011, and Daniels and Michaels welcomed the at-home audience to the great Northwest. Tonight, there were going to be five matches on the last Anarchy before Caged Rage, including The A-List Knockouts - the hopeful Number One Contenders for the Tag Team Titles - in action; and, as it was announced moments ago, Heavyweight Champion CM Punk will be in the main event, taking on "The Viper" Randy Orton. Daniels sent it to the ring for the night's first match.

Brutus Magnus vs. Evan Bourne

What a way to start off the program! Both Magnus and Bourne came into this match after picking up victories, two weeks ago in Memphis, and both trying to prove that they were worthy of more attention on the roster. They certainly proved that point here tonight. This match was a back and forth contest, but it ended up being more of a struggle of Bourne, as Magnus resorted - on more than one occasion - to using choke holds to wear him down. Magnus would utilize the referee’s five-count, always breaking the holds before being disqualified, and the tactic proved to be beneficial. Bourne, constantly trying to catch his breath, was able to use his quickness to get in some offense, hitting multiple moonsaults, but only picking up two-counts. After another chokehold, Magnus was able to regain control of the match, powerslamming Bourne to the canvas, and only getting a two-count. Brutus argued with the official, accusing him of making a slow count, and then went on a rampage, never allowing Bourne any chance of offense. Brutus ended the onslaught with a power bomb for the 1-2-3.

Brutus Magnus pinned Evan Bourne after a power bomb in 0:20:59.

After the match, Magnus got to his feet, exhausted from the match as the referee raised his hand in victory. Magnus jerked his hand away from the officials and pushed him to the canvas! Magnus backed the official into the corner, screaming that the match should’ve been over sooner. Magnus stomped on the official before leaving the ring to an arousing roar of boos. Daniels wondered what had gotten into Magnus, while Michaels said that he’s clearly frustrated by not having a bigger impact; and that he just made his impact known tonight.

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Alisha Hicks is seen backstage with RAMI SEBEI. Hicks asked Sebei about his challenge to X-Division Champion Adam Cole for this Sunday night at Caged Rage. Sebei said that he had been bouncing around the roster since his one big shot, against AJ Styles, for the Heavyweight Title. He said that he had felt overlooked, even though he proved that he could hang with the top contenders in the HWL. Sebei said that he just felt that, over the past couple weeks, his was his time to make a name for himself. So, he said, after his victory last week, he wanted another chance to challenge for a title. Sebei said that Cole had six days to accept his challenge…

And, as if on cue, ADAM COLE attacked Sebei from behind, with the Title belt, causing Alisha to scurry from the scene. Cole continued his assault by whipping Sebei into the brick wall in the hallway. The sound of bones smacking brick filled the area, as Sebei slumped down to the ground. Cole stomped on Sebei, before getting inches from his face, and accepting the challenge for Caged Rage. Cole then walked away from the scene as Alisha returned to check on Sebei.

Back at ringside, Daniels said that Cole had lost his mind. He had already put Evan Bourne on the shelf with an injured arm earlier this year, and now he had turned his attention to Sebei, his challenger this Sunday. Michaels said that COle might beg to differ with Josh; that he hadn't "lost his mind", but maybe he was trying to send a message. Daniels said he thought Sebei got the message "loud and clear".**

Natalya vs. Hamada

Last week, Hamada demanded a match against “The Demonic Princess” Daffney at Caged Rage. She then had to sit back and watch as Daffney picked up a victory over her fierce rival - and current Women’s Champion - Velvet Sky. Tonight, is was Hamada’s turn to send a message as she stepped into the ring against the longest-reigning Women’s Champion in HWL history, Natalya. Hamada shocked everyone in attendance - but most importantly - Natalya, as she came out with a flurry of offense. The match quickly went outside, where Hamada whipped Natalya into the guardrail, before dropping her face-first into the concrete with a Jumping DDT! Hamada rolled back into the ring as the referee counted out the former Champion.

Hamada defeated Natalya by countout in 0:02:18.
Rating: ** ¾

Commercial Break

As Anarchy returned, Daniels and Michaels went over a recap of the first-ever live telecast of Premiere Championship Wrestling on the NBC Sports Netork last Tuesday night. The night was highlighting by Jay Lethal and Daniel Bryan defeating Beer Money in a Strap Match to become the new Tag Team Champions.

After the recap, AJ STYLES made his way to the ring, flanked by the other members of The Conglomerate. Daniels said that there had been a lot of speculation as to what Styles would have to say about his attack on Kurt Angle last week.

Inside the ring, Styles said that the past few weeks had been a struggle for him, since losing the Heavyweight Title, because the only thing he could think of was that Kurt Angle was hired to do a job… and he did everything but! Styles said that, if it weren't for Angle, he'd be standing in the center of the ring as the Heavyweight Champion - not CM Punk. Styles then demanded that Angle meet him in the ring.

After a few tense moments, KURT ANGLE made his way to the ring, getting to Styles's face. Angle grabbed the microphone from AJ, and said that he did exactly what he was paid to do: he kept Cody Rhodes from becoming Champion. "That was my job, and I did it." After that, Angle said, it was time for AJ to hold up his end of the deal - which he did - and Angle had no obligation to "safe" him. Angle again said that AJ, Punk and everyone in Seattle, knew that he be the rightful Champion.

Styles grabbed the microphone back from Angle and said that if anyone should be "rightful Champion", it should be the former Champ. After moment of pause, Styles said that he was willing to put his rematch clause on the line at Caged Rage, if Angle was willing to keep his mouth shut if he lost…

Angle quickly agreed, and out of nowhere punched Styles, and the two men began brawling in the ring. Their fight went over all the ring, and spilled out into the ringside area, causing Daniels and Michaels to leave the announce table. Finally, HWL officials rushed down and broke up the brawl, as Daniels said that Angle and Styles will have a lot to settle in just six days, in Providence. Anarchy went to commercials as Angle and Styles are restrained from each other.**

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Colt Cabana/Yoshi Tatsu vs. The A-List Knockouts (Chris Hero/David Otunga) (w/Shane Hagadorn)

The A-List Knockouts have been on a roll as of late, all in the hopes of getting the attention of the Tag Team Champions Eddie Edwards and Steve Corino. With six days left until Caged Rage, this was their last chance to send a message. Chris Hero hasn’t seen much action lately, but David Otunga came in on a high note, beating Jeff Hardy last week - for the second time in a month; whereas Cabana and Tatsu came into this match after a loss to Evan Bourne and Kaz two weeks ago. If Otunga and Hero were hoping to send a message to the Champions tonight, they came across the wrong team to do it. Cabana and Tatsu came prepared to fight, and that’s exactly what they did, stunning the hopeful number one contenders with their offense. Tatsu showed a technical side that he hadn’t previously shown, locking Hero in a multitude of submission moves throughout the match. Sensing danger, Shane Hagadorn jumped onto the apron and distracted the referee, allowing Hero to connect with a low blow, turning the tide in their favor. Colt Cabana jumped off the apron and chased Hagadorn up the ramp, as Tatsu fell victim to the Hero’s Welcome for the 1-2-3.

The A-List Knockouts (Chris Hero & David Otunga) defeated Colt Cabana & Yoshi Tatsu when Hero pinned Tatsu with the Hero’s Welcome in 0:17:47.
Rating: *** ½
[Shane Hagadorn interfered against Yoshi Tatsu & Colt Cabana.]

When the bell sounded, CABANA stopped and turned towards the ring, to see that Hero and Otunga were announced the winners. Furious, Cabana turned to go after Hagadorn, but he was nowhere to be seen. Daniels said that Hagadorn’s tactic are getting more and more controversial, but somehow they keep helping Hero and Otunga win. Michaels says that it’s not Hagadorn’s fault that his ideas are good; he’s just making up for costing them the Tag Team Titles.

Commercial Break

As Anarchy returned from the break, CHRIS HERO and DAVID OTUNGA are seen backstage, celebrating their victory earlier in the show, when SHANE HAGADORN appears with a huge smile on his face. Hero and Otunga ask him where he'd been, and Hagadorn said that he was off making sure tonight ended on a high note. Hero and Otunga said that they won their match, so their nights were going to end well, but Hagadorn said that it got better. Hagadorn told them that he just heard back from Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards, and that they have agreed to put the belts on the line, this Sunday night, at Caged Rage! Hagadorn said that he had finally repaid his debt to them, and hoped that they could trust him from now on. The three of them congratulated each other as Daniels announced that all three Titles were not going to be defended this Sunday night.

Non-Title Match
Alex Shelley vs. © Adam Cole

Two weeks ago, these two men had different results in their matches, as Alex Shelley lost to Brutus Magnus, and Adam Cole defeated Eddie Edwards in a Non-Title Match. It’s hadn’t been lost that these two did battle over the X-Division Title over the Summer, with Shelley walking away victorious; and it was obvious that another victory over Cole would’ve been a huge boost to Shelley’s self-esteem. Shelley did all that he could to get the better of the Champion, but for everything Shelley threw at him, Cole had a counter. Shelley did get in some offense throughout the match, but towards the end, it started playing a toll on his psyche - not being able to put Cole away. After a power slam pinfall attempt that ended in a two-count, Shelley had had enough, as he grabbed the referee and tossed him over the top rope. He stood at the ropes, taunting the referee, as Cole got to his feet and stunned Cole with the Panama Sunrise! Slowly the referee got to his feet, calling for the bell, and awarding the match to the X-Division Champion.

[Non-Title Match]:
Adam Cole defeated Alex Shelley by disqualification in 0:10:19.
Rating: ***

After the match, Cole rolled out of the ring, and grabbed his Title belt before heading up the ramp. As he made his way to the stage, RAMI SEBEI came from backstage, and attacked Cole on the ramp! The crowd went crazy as the two men started brawling in the aisle. Sebei started to get the upper hand, but HWL officials rushed to the scene and separated the two, as Daniels and Michaels agreed that, Sunday inside the steel cage, these two were going to tear each other apart.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match
Randy Orton vs. © CM Punk

Before the main event, the Number-One Contender, KAZ, was introduced to the crowd, as he made his way to the broadcast table as a guest of Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk. Kaz said that he was excited to see if Punk could back up his words from earlier tonight, and that he wasn’t hoping for Orton to win, but to see Punk get a fight; because that’s what Kaz is going to give him in six days. When introduced, RANDY ORTON appeared poised for an upset, after coming within one match of facing Punk at Caged Rage - falling to Kaz in the Finals. When Punk was introduced, he made it very clear to Kaz that he was Heavyweight Champion, walking over to the broadcast table and holding the title in front of Kaz’s face. Punk told Daniels and Michaels that he was the “Best in the World”, before sliding into the ring to start the match. After the bell sounded, Punk came out with a flurry of punches and kicks, stunning Orton. Then, in a move that shocked the crowd, Punk tricked the referee into thinking that Kaz was going to interfere, which gave Punk enough time to low blow Orton and lock in a side headlock. Bringing Orton over to the ropes, in front of the announce table, Punk tightened the hold, taunting Kaz. Punk’s grip was enough to force Orton to pass out, and the referee called for the bell.

[Non-Title Match]:
CM Punk made Randy Orton submit to a side headlock in 0:01:08.
Rating: **

Punk released the hold, and Orton’s body dropped to the canvas, as Punk rolled out of the ring, “All in a day’s work,” Punk said as he walked past Kaz at the announce table, grabbing the Heavyweight Title and heading back up the ramp. Daniels said he was shocked by what he just witnessed, and asked Kaz what was going through his mind. Kaz said that it’s just something else he has to prepare for, but that he should be ready for anything Punk has to offer in six days. Michaels warns Kaz to beware of the side headlock, as Daniels thanks everyone for watching, and Anarchy goes of the air.

Card rating: ** ¾

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