December 13, 2011

PCW Live Show
December 13, 2011
Tacoma Dome - Tacoma, Washington
Attendance: 15,410 (67%)

#1 Contenders Match
Battle Royal

Seven men entered the ring tonight, with the chance of challenging Alberto Del Rio for the Television Title at the 1/3 Live Show. The crowd was shocked to see DESMOND WOLFE return to the ring tonight, nearly a year after being forced to retire due to illness. Wolfe started off battling with Jay Lethal, and both men battled back and forth, trying to toss each other over the top rope. Lethal took a huge step forward, hitting a power bomb on Wolfe, and continued working on Wolfe inside the corner.

The camera focuses on EDDIE EDWARDS and ALBERTO DEL RIO, who was a shocking replacement in a match where the winner would face him for the title belt. They brawl near an opposite corner, and Edwards attempts a running knee lift, only to have Del Rio move out of the way, making Edwards catch himself in the ropes. Del Rio grabbed Edwards and tossed Edwards over the top rope for the first elimination.

X Eddie Edwards eliminated by Alberto Del Rio in 01:36.

Del Rio wasn’t finished, as he quickly turned his attention to Jay Lethal, attacking him from behind. The distraction allowed Desmond Wolfe time to get back to his feet, and soon Wolfe and Del Rio were double-teaming Lethal in the corner. Heavyweight Champion MAX BUCK joins the assault, drop-kicking Lethal to the canvas. Wolfe locked Lethal in a Cobra Clutch, but out of nowhere, Del Rio kicked Wolfe in the gut, breaking the hold! Lethal and Wolfe continue to go at it, with Buck adding his assistance when needed. Wolfe attempted a second Cobra Clutch, only to have Lethal block the hold.

The six remaining men all spend the next few minutes wearing each other down, looking for the perfect opportunity to make their move. Max Buck and Jay Lethal were still going after each other, trading back punches, kicks and chops that could be heard throughout the Tacoma Dome. The changed as Del Rio came from behind and attacked Jay Lethal; but Lethal had just enough wherewithal to block a body slam attempt, as he and Del Rio settled to brawl instead. After recovering, Max Buck quickly came to the aide of Lance Bravado, and the two of them were able to flip THE GREAT KHALI over the top rope, for the second - and biggest - elimination of the night.

X The Great Khali eliminated by Lance Bravado & Max Buck in 05:10

Across the ring, Lethal and Del Rio were brawling. Del Rio had spend the last few minutes working over Lethal, and went for a clothesline attempt, only to have Lethal duck it. Del Rio’s momentum carried him to the ropes, and in the process of ducking the move, Lethal stopped, and shocked the TV Champion with a super kick that sent Del Rio flailing over the top rope.

X Alberto Del Rio eliminated by Jay Lethal in 05:56.

After the huge elimination, Bravado and Buck both thought the same thing, as they went after each other; brawling just inches away from the ropes. Soon, they become just another duo in the ring, again. Across the ring, Jay Lethal tried to throw Desmond Wolfe over the top rope, but Wolfe was able to hold on and slide back into the ring without his feet touching the floor. Wolfe hit the unsuspecting Tag Team Champion with a snap mare before throwing him over the top rope for the third elimination.

X Jay Lethal eliminated by Desmond Wolfe 07:10.

Either four men gone, it was down to Wolfe, Lance Bravado and Max Buck. Bravado and Buck treated Wolfe like he wasn’t a factor in the match, owning the ring. Wolfe stayed huddled in the corner, apparently holding his side. Bravado and Buck both nearly eliminated each other one more than one occasion, but the tide quickly turned as Wolfe rejoined the fight, going back and forth and both men. After a decent length of time, where the fans saw a minimal amount of actual wrestling - compared to the all-out brawl that was taking place - Wolfe worked over Bravado’s arm before locking it in an armbar. Bravado was quick to rake Wolfe’s eyes, breaking the hold. As Wolfe backed into the ropes, Bravado ran in and clotheslined Wolfe to the concrete, with the fifth elimination.

X Desmond Wolfe eliminated by Lance Bravado 16:32.

The match - and a chance to challenge for the TV Title - came down to the Heavyweight Champion and Lance Bravado. These two had already spend plenty of time working each other over in the match, and it was showing that they were running out of gas. Bravado was able to reverse a power slam attempt with a sunset flip, taking Buck off his game. Bravado jumped up to his feet, and chopped Buck, before dazing him with a jawbreaker. After a body slam, Bravado waited as Buck used the ropes to get back to his feet, before dropkicking Buck over the top rope for the final elimination of the match!

X Max Buck eliminated by Lance Bravado 17:56.

Bryon Saxton vs. David Otunga

Neither one of these men were on the TV Special last Tuesday night, so they missed their chance to show their skills to a television audience. But, two weeks ago, they both came up short in their respective matches. Tonight was one of their chances to redeem themselves from that loss in the hopes of possible getting seen on the 1/3 show. David Otunga is a former Television Champion here in the PCW, and a former Tag Team Champion in the HWL. He has proven over his short career that he can get the job done inside the ring. Byron Saxton is still rather new to the world of professional wrestling, with a few notable victories on his record. No one expected Saxton to come out the way he did tonight, and looks so well against Otunga. Saxton held control for a better part of this match, only allowing Otunga a small number of offensive chances. But, even with all the control Saxton had, he couldn’t find a way to put Otunga away. And, at the end of the match, as both men battled outside the ring, Otunga found the opening he was looking for as he reversed an irish whip into the steel ring steps. He rolled Saxton into the ring, and started working over Saxton’s lower back, before hitting the Verdict for the 1-2-3.

David Otunga pinned Byron Saxton with the Verdict in 0:24:55.
Rating: ***

The Great Khali vs. Hulk Hogan

In a match that reminded many of a match that took place nearly 25 years ago, HULK HOGAN stepped into the ring with a giant of man, in the form of The Great Khali. A lot of comparisons could be made about this match, but there was no animosity between either of these men, unlike the last time Hogan fought a man much larger than himself. This match was nothing more than the fans would’ve expected, as both men were limited to punches and kicks as their main sources of offense. Hogan was able to land in a number of shots, but the sheer strength and size of Khali allowed him to withstands the Hulkster’s attacks. And, in a very impressive showing of his abilities, Khali was able to power bomb Hogan in the center of the ring. Miraculously, Hogan kicked out at two, shocking Khali and the crowd. Hogan slowly fought his way back, and after a number of clotheslines, was able to knock Khali to the canvas. But, as Hogan set up for the Big Leg Drop, RAHJIN SINGH blasted him in the back with a steel chair! The referee quickly called for the bell as Hogan turned around and grabbed Singh by the jacket and flung him into the ring.

Hulk Hogan defeated The Great Khali by disqualification in 0:17:29.
Rating: -*** ½
[Rajin Singh interfered against Hulk Hogan.]

After the match, Hogan picked Singh up and tossed him into the corner as the crowd started changing for the Hulkster. Hogan moved in, but was cut off as Khali landed a vicious chop to Hogan’s collarbone. Hogan fell to his knees, as Khali locked in a nerve hold. Singh, no longer in harm’s way, jumped around Hogan, taunting him, as PCW officials rushed down to the ring. Khali turned his attention to the officials, and they scattered outside the ring. Finally, Singh got his man under control, and the two of them left the ring to a chorus of boos.

#1 Contenders Four Corners Match
The Big Show vs. David Hart Smith vs. James Storm vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez)

The final match of the night, also had the biggest implications, heading into the January LIVE show, as the winner would go on to face Max Buck for the Heavyweight Title. The fans were shocked to see Alberto Del Rio in this match - as he had taken part in the battle royal earlier in the show. But, Del Rio - a former Heavyweight Champion - was in the ring with another former Champion, James Storm; a man who is quickly making a name for himself since returning to the PCW in David Hart Smith; and the man who claims that this match was unnecessary, as The Big Show feels he should be given another shot at Buck due to the DQ last week.

All four men battled hard throughout the first 15 minutes of the match. And, in a match where it would come down to the final two men to determine a winner, no one was going to leave anything out. But, while brawling with David Hart Smith, Del Rio appeared to have the first elimination in order, as he whipped Smith into the ring post. Del Rio distracted the referee, to let Roberto Rodriguez get a couple cheap shots in, only to turn around to see that Smith had rid himself of Rodriguez. Del Rio was quickly back-pedaling, until Rodriguez came back with a shot to Smith’s legs. The distraction allowed Del Rio to take control, and attempt a Michinoku Driver, but Smith powered out of the move and rolled back into the ring. Having had enough, Del Rio and Rodriguez walked up the ramp as the referee counted to ten.

X Alberto Del Rio is eliminated by David Hart Smith in 0:19:53.

The match continued as The Big Show and James Storm took over in the ring. Storm tried to go straight at the “World’s Largest Athlete”, but The Big Show would have none of it. Show landed a stiff right hook to Storm, before tagging out to David Hart Smith, who continued to work on Storm. Smith clotheslined Storm over the top rope, and once again, the match was fought at ringside. Storm was out on his feet as Smith hit a body slam, before climbing up the ring steps and hitting a flying leg drop onto the concrete floor! Smith rolled back into the ring as Storm lay unconscious at ringside, while the referee counted him out.

X James Storm is eliminated by David Hart Smith in 0:25:55.

The Big Show was right on top of Smith as EMTs ran down to the ring to tend to Storm at ringside. Smith had been a major part of this match, and it was showing as the match hit the 30-minute mark. Smith tried to fight through all the massive shots The Big Show landed, but “The Canadian Bulldog” got caught with a Choke Slam that appeared to end the match, but Smith was barely able to get his shoulder up before the three-count! The Big Show slammed his fist on the canvas, and went after the referee, only to have Smith slowly get to his feet and roll up The Big Show. Taken off guard, Show fell backwards, as Smith held on to his tights, and the referee counted 1-2-3!

X The Big Show is eliminated by David Hart Smith in 0:38:31.

After the match, Smith rolled out of the ring, celebrating his victory, as The Big Show fumed. The crowd, shocked by the outcome of the match, was silent - with a few scattered boos - as Smith made his way up the ramp. Inside the ring, The Big Show turned his attention to the referee, who quickly fled and ran to safety. Now alone in the ring, The Big Show began to rip the turnbuckle covers off the ropes as PCW officials ran down to take control of the situation. The Big Show proved a lot harder to coral than expected, until Commissioner REX BUTLER appeared on-stage. Butler said that The Big Show would be suspended if he did not leave the ring. Reluctantly, The Big Show exited the ring, and made his way up the ramp as the show came to an end.

Card rating: -¼*

HEAVWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: David Hart Smith vs. © Max Buck
TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Lance Bravado vs. © Alberto Del Rio

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