December 15, 2012 - End Of The Line - Chattanooga, TN

Commentators: Alfred Pressley & James Westerfield
Attendance: 6,487

-Alfred Pressley and James Westerfield welcome everyone to the home of the UTC Chippewas and the final PCW pay-per-view of the year. Seven matches will take place tonight, including the first-ever Gauntlet Match for the Tag Team Titles, set up by Commissioner Rex Butler this past Tuesday night. Also, Kenny King gets his first chance at the Heavyweight Title, taking on James Storm.

Claudio Castagnoli pinned Cody Rhodes with the Ricola Bomb in 8:12.
Rating: ** ¼

Tonight, in Chattanooga, we saw the returns of Cody Rhodes and former Heavyweight Champion “Double C” Claudio Castagnoli. The last time Castagnoli was seen on PCW television, he was vacating the title belt to focus more on his spot on the main roster. Will this be a one-night visit for Claudio, or will he stick around? Rhodes came into this match having battled some sort of personal issues, which have been pushed into the forefront over the past few weeks on HWL TV. Tonight, whether those issues were plaguing him or not, Rhodes fell victim to the Ricola Bomb in the opener.

-Backstage, Brooke Barlow asks Women’s Champion Natalya about the comments made by Brie Bella Tuesday night, and how Natalya feels after Kelly Kelly’s retirement two weeks ago. Natalya says that it’s a shame Kelly’s career got cut short – for whatever reason. She says it’s always hard to see a peer leave against their own wishes. But, Natalya says that Brie Bella went too far, blaming Natalya for ending Kelly’s career. She knows Brie is trying to play mind games, but the match will be won or lost inside those ropes.

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Women’s Title Match
©Natalya made Brie Bella submit to the Sharpshooter in 6:24.
Rating: *** ¾
(Natalya retained the PCW Women’s Title.)

For a month now, Brie Bella has been on making a path back to the Women’s Title after failing to defeat Natalya at British Beatdown. Claiming that her loss was the fault of her sister Nikki, Brie put the blame on everyone she could except herself. When that didn’t work, Brie resorted to guilt, telling Natalya that she was the reason for Kelly Kelly’s retirement. All this seemed to do was fuel Natalya heading into tonight’s match, which she won after locking Brie in the Sharpshooter. How will Brie respond to tonight’s loss in up in the air.

-Backstage, Harlem and Lance Bravado are seen complaining about having to defend the Tag Team Titles in the first-ever Gauntlet Match. They say that Rex Butler has never really wanted them to be champions, and tonight is how he takes the belts off of them.

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Tag Team Title Match (Gauntlet Match #1)
Kazarian & Luke Gallows defeated ©The Bravado Brothers (Harlem & Lance) when Kaz pinned Lance with the Fade to Black in 10:18.
Rating: ** ¼
(Kazarian & Luke Gallows won the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

After a month-long back-and-forth battle between these two teams, Kazarian and Gallows were finally able to pick up a victory over the Bravado Brothers, this time earning the Tag Team Titles for the first time. However, their celebration was cut short, as the two masked men that appeared on Tuesday night, came down to the ring. They stared across the ring at the new champions, refusing to take their masks off. The referee had no choice but to ring the bell…

Tag Team Title Match (Gauntlet Match #2)
Two Masked Men defeated ©Kazarian & Luke Gallows when Masked Man #2 pinned Gallows after a spin kick in 4:21.
Rating: **
(Two Masked Men won the PCW Tag Team Titles.)

Clearly, Kaz and Luke Gallows were winded from just competing in the previous match. Unfortunately, that is the nature of the Gauntlet Match. However, they were also caught off guard by not knowing who they were facing in this match. That make it much simpler for the two masked men to carry out what they wanted to do and pick up the Tag Team Titles. After being handed the titles, both men took off their masks, revealing themselves as JAY BRISCOE and THE ESPERANZA! Briscoe smirked at Kaz and Gallows before he and The Esperanza left the ring. Kaz and Gallows could just stand and stare as the new champs made their way up the ramp.

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Drew McIntyre pinned The Big Show with the Future Shock in 8:07.
Rating: ** ¼

McIntyre – and the audience – was in for a surprise tonight as, instead of David Hart Smith coming out to the ring, The Big Show took the place as McIntyre’s opponent tonight. Yet, the surprising sight of a much larger opponent didn’t seem to phase the Irishman, who was able to pick up the victory after hitting the Future Shock. Even with the win tonight, there is still unfinished business between McIntyre and Smith. Time will tell if those questions get answered or not.

-Backstage, Television Champion Chris Hero tells Brooke Barlow that he and David Otunga have traveled up and down the roads together. They’ve been in some brutal matches. And, they’ve even stepped into the ring with each other a time or two. He says no one knows Otunga like he does; and no one knows him like Otunga does. Hero says that tonight, the best man will walk out of the ring as Television Champion.

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Television Title Match
©Chris Hero pinned David Otunga after using a foreign object in 12:15.
Rating: ** ¾
(Chris Hero retained the PCW Television Title.)

Coming into this weekend, this match was one of the more anticipated matches on the card. As it was stated heading into tonight, Hero and Otunga knew each other better than anyone else on the roster. This was evident as both men had counters for each other’s attacks. Towards the end of the match, Otunga looked poised to win the title, having worn down the champion. But, no one expected what came next. Otunga had Hero backed up into the corner and was ready to suplex Hero, but the move was blocked. Hero fought out and pushed Otunga away. As Otunga came back, Hero decked him in the jaw before seemingly putting something back into his trunks. Hero made the cover as the crowd looked on in disbelief.

-Backstage, Heavyweight Champion James Storm is asked about Kenny King’s chances of winning the title tonight. Storm says that the question should be what his chances are of retaining the title, because they’re pretty damn high. Storm says he’s been in this position before, where King hasn’t. He says King is in a high-pressure situation, but anything is possible in this business. Storm says the title can only be won inside those ropes, so tonight, King will need to prove how badly he wants it.

Heavyweight Title Match
©James Storm pinned Kenny King after spitting beer into his face in 19:22.
Rating: ***
(James Storm retained the PCW Heavyweight Title.)

Earlier tonight, James Storm said that his chances of retaining the Heavyweight Title were “pretty damn high”. But, it’s safe to say that no one imagined that the match would end the way it did. King and Storm battled each other for nearly 20 minutes tonight, and throughout the match, it looked like King was going to pick up his first-ever Heavyweight Title win. However, for the first time since he became champion, Storm’s notorious bottle of beer that accompanies him to ringside, came into play. After thwarting Kings offense late in the match, Storm took a swig for the bottle – but instead of drinking it, Storm spat that alcohol into King’s eyes, before rolling him up for the 1-2-3.

The stunned crowd watched as Storm was handed his title belt before rolling out of the ring. Unlike his other post-match celebrations, Storm lowered his head and bee-lined it backstage as the announcers thanked everyone for tuning in.

Card rating: ** ½

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