December 16, 2012 - HWL Caged Rage - Nashville, TN

HWL Caged Rage PPV - December 16, 2012 – Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN
Commentators: Josh Daniels & Scott Michaels
Attendance: 16,400

-A video package opened up the show, highlighting the fact that all of tonight’s matches would be taking place inside a steel cage. When the video ended, a live shot inside the arena is shown, focusing on the ring which is enclosed by the cage, as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcomed everyone to Nashville, the home of the HWL. They announced that eight huge matches will take place tonight, before sending thing to ringside.

Cage Match
Tyson Kidd defeated Edwin Colon by escaping the cage in 14:38.
Rating: *** ¼

The opening match tonight saw two men vying for a win, in the hopes of moving closer to an eventual X-Division Title shot. This match was very fast-paced, and both men left everything inside the cage. Colon looked to have things won early on after hitting a Backstabber, but Kidd was able to get his shoulder up before the three count. The tide turned in this match after Kidd backdropped Colon off the cage in a move that clearly took its toll on both men. However, Kidd was the first to his feet, and he connected with a vicious Discus Punch that send Colon to the canvas. Kidd took advantage of this and walked out the cage door for the victory.

-Backstage, Alisha Hicks asked Leva Bates about the stepping into the ring with a chance to win the Women’s Title for a second time. Bates said that she has been an afterthought lately but reminded Alisha that she beat Nikki Bella for that title over the summer. Now that Brie Bella – someone that Bates considers a friend – is in the match, it’s going to be interesting how things turn out after the final bell rings.

-A video package showed the retirement of Kelly Kelly and the subsequent vacating of the Women’s Title. The video ended with the announcement from Peter Bradshaw of the Fatal Four Way Cage Match set for tonight.

Fatal Four Way Cage Match for vacant Women’s Title
Brie Bella defeated Leva Bates, ODB, and Nikki Bella:
X Bates beat DOB via the Superhero Kick in 13:27.
X N. Bella beat Bates after a roll-up in 23:40.
X B. Bella beat N. Bella after escaping the cage in 24:41.
Rating: ¼*
(Brie Bella won the Women’s Title.)

A first for the Horizon Wrestling League, tonight saw the first-ever Fatal Four Way Cage Match; and for all the things – the Women’s Title. The Vixens of the HWL came into this match knowing what they were getting themselves into in a match with different rules. The first two eliminations would take place inside the cage – either through pinfall or submission. The final elimination would be by escaping the cage only. The fans were shocked to see the favorite heading into this match – ODB – become the first eliminated at the hands of Leva Bates. Bates held her own after the elimination, lasting another ten minutes before being caught off guard by Brie’s distraction that Nikki was able to roll her up for the second elimination. Finally, it came down to the Bella Twins locked inside the cage. However, the anticipation was smothered after Brie raked Nikki’s eyes and tossed her head-first into the steel cage, before walking through the door to become the new Women’s Champion.

-Backstage, Alisha Hicks was seen with Martin Kirby and Eric Young as they prepared for their match against AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston. Hicks asked the two how they felt about facing a team that, since joining together, have not lost a match; and have been Tag Team Champions going on nearly four months. Young said that everybody is wondering who will finally knock down Styles and Kingston. No one has been able to as of yet, but he said that tonight things are going to be different. Neither Kirby nor Young would need to pin the champions. All they would need to do is leave them so incapacitated that they could walk through the door and win the Titles. Kirby chimed in and said that not everything is as hard as people make it seem.

Cage Match for the HWL Tag Team Titles
© AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston defeated Martin Kirby & Eric Young when Styles pinned Young after a Pele Kick in 15:40.
Rating: *** ¼
(AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston retained the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

Since debuting nearly two months ago, Eric Young has been on a mission to take the Tag Team Titles off of Styles and Kingston. At first, that plan involved Young and Ted DiBiase. Those plans changed and DiBiase was replaced by former PCW Tag Team Champion Kirby, whom Young felt was a better partner. But, a lot can be said for a team that has won every match they’ve been in since joining together, and that’s exactly what Styles and Kingston have done. Not since The Hart Dynasty has the HWL seen such a dominant run in the tag division. Tonight, inside the steel cage, Kirby and Young gave it everything they had, but in the end, it just wasn’t enough to dethrone the champions. Styles picked up the win for his team after hitting Young with the Pele Kick for the 1-2-3.

-Backstage, Steve Corino and Shane Hagadorn are seen backstage. Hagadorn said that he was amazed at how overlooked Corino had been lately. Hagadorn asked how someone with Corino’s talent could not be a focal point of the HWL. Hagadorn said that he’s glad Peter Bradshaw finally came to his senses and gave Corino at match tonight. He said that Brutus Magnus shouldn’t get too confident, because it’s obvious who will win this match.

Cage Match
Steve Corino defeated Brutus Magnus when Magnus passed out in a sleeper hold in 2:36.
Rating: ***

In a match that, to most, was shocking fast, Corino took full advantage of the “no disqualification” rule by, slipping a small rag out of his trunks while waiting for Magnus to get back to his feet. Soon after, Corino locked in the sleeper hold, placing the rag over Magnus’ mouth and nose. Quickly, Magnus was unconscious, and the referee had no choice by to call the match for Corino. After the match, Corino tossed the rag out of the ring as he exited the cage to a tremendous roar of boos.

-A video package played, highlighting the feud between Matt Morgan and Kevin Steen over the X-Division Title.

Cage Match for the HWL X-Division Title
©Kevin Steen pinned Matt Morgan after a small package in 17:52.
Rating: *** ½
(Kevin Steen retained the X-Division Title.)

In what could be debated as the best match of the night, it was certainly the bloodiest. Steen and Morgan battled all over inside the steel structure, using everything they possibly could to open each other up. By the end of this brawl, both men wore crimson masks and the canvas was stained with their DNA. Neither men showed signs of wanting to exit the cage, instead wanting to beat their opponent inside the ring. Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint early on, but Steen was able to kick out. Steen, in return, attempted the backpack piledriver but was unable to lift Morgan up for it. This left the champion with little option. But, with no threat of being DQ’d, Steen lowered the bar. After stunning Morgan with a low blow, Steen ran Morgan into the steel cage, moving him closer to the corner where Steen had exposed a turnbuckle. Steen rammed Morgan’s head into the corner and then rolled “The Blueprint” up for the pin.

-Backstage, Delirious and Daizee Haze were seen with Alisha Hicks. Haze told Hicks that tonight Randy Orton would get welcomed back to the ring in a way he never imagined. She promised that Orton’s anticipated match against Kevin Steen would mean nothing after he lost to Delirious tonight. She laughed manically before she and Delirious left the scene.

Cage Match
Randy Orton defeated Delirious (w/Daizee Haze) by escaping the cage in 17:29.
Rating: *

“The Viper” returned to the ring tonight and, it’s safe to say, had never looked better. In what could be called a “warm-up” match for Orton before he steps into the ring with X-Division Champion Kevin Steen, he and Delirious tore the roof off of the arena. Delirious looked poised to make good on the promise laid out by Daizee Haze before the match, nearly beating Orton on a number of occasions. But, Orton – who showed no signs of lingering injury from his time away – kept himself in this match. As is common during this event, both men used the cage to open up gashes on each other’s foreheads, resulting in both men bleeding profusely. Late in the match, when it looked like Delirious was on his final leg, Haze knocked down the official manning the cage door and managed to unlock the chain keeping it shut. Haze – who’s screams could be heard all over the arena – encouraged Delirious to crawl toward the door. Orton saw this and stomped on Haze’s hand on the cage before grabbing the steel and swinging it back onto the skull of Delirious! As Haze was dealing with her hand, inside the cage, Orton stalked Delirious before connecting with an RKO in the center of the ring. Orton and Haze both scrambled to the cage door, with Haze getting their first, holding it shut. However, Orton is much stronger, and he kicked the door open, knocking Haze to the concrete. Orton, with blood running down his face, walked down the ring steps and was announced the winner.

-A video package is played highlighting the on-going situation between Jay Briscoe and the returning Cody Rhodes.

Cage Match
Jay Briscoe defeated Cody Rhodes by escaping the cage in 30:24.
Rating: ¼
[Eddie Edwards interfered against Cody Rhodes.]

Cody Rhodes made a huge splash when he returned to the HWL, attacking Jay Briscoe during last month’s Wicked Games Tournament. But something seemed different about Rhodes upon his return. He wasn’t the same backstage and his abilities inside the ring were diminished. Briscoe, over this course of time was insinuating that Rhodes had some sort of alcohol problem – even going as far as to report it to Peter Bradshaw. However, heading into tonight, there was no evidence or proof that Briscoe’s claims were true. Tonight, Rhodes had his chance to get even with Briscoe for his allegations over the past month, and to get both a win in the books and a moral victory. These two men tore each other apart inside the steel cage, and neither man was willing to quit and giving the other the satisfaction of winning. But, late in the match, that task got a lot harder for Rhodes as EDDIE EDWARDS made his way to ringside. Inside the cage, Briscoe knocked Rhodes to the canvas, where Edwards quickly grabbed Rhodes leg, pulling it through the cage. Briscoe watched as Rhodes struggled to get his hands on Edwards before calmly walking through the door and touching the concrete. After the match, Edwards released Rhodes and left through the crowd as Briscoe walked up the ramp victorious.

-A video package is played, highlighting CM Punk’s journey through the Wicked Games Tournament last month and John Cena’s victory over Kurt Angle to win the Heavyweight Title.

Cage Match for the HWL Heavyweight Title
CM Punk pinned John Cena with the GTS in 19:40.
Rating: ½
(CM Punk won the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

Over their careers, John Cena and CM Punk have been known for their ability to use their verbal skills to incite hatred in their opponents. Cena had claimed that, since winning the Heavyweight Title, he had ascended to his rightful place within the HWL, and that the fans and other superstars should pay him the respect he deserved. Punk, making his returning close to the beginning of the Wicked Games Tournament, announced that there was only one man who could shut Cena up. And, after winning the right to face Cena, Punk said he was the one who deserved respect, citing Cena’s underhanded tactics to beat Kurt Angle for the title. Their month-long war of words finally came to a conclusion tonight, inside the 15-foot high steel cage, in which neither man showed intention of escaping as this match went on. For nearly 20 minutes, both Cena and Punk tried to stake their claim as the best wrestler in the HWL. After a brutal match, which included a number of finishing move attempts, Punk was able to stun Cena with the GTS for the pin. After the match, Punk was awarded the title belt, and he ascended the cage wall. Atop the wall, Punk celebrated his victory as the event went off the air.

Card rating: 1/4

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