December 18, 2011

Attendance: 8,056 (62%)

A video montage is shown of the Superstars taking part in tonight’s event, as “Public Enemy No. 1” by Megadeath plays in the background. The video ends with a picture of HWL Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk, holding the title belt over his shoulder. As the video ends, the exterior of the Dunkin Donuts Center is shown, with the marquee announcing “HWL Caged Rage - Tonight!” Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Providence, as pyrotechnics shoot through the air and the crowd screams all around. Sitting in the middle of the arena, is the ring, surrounded by the steel cage. Daniels says that “tonight is one of the most brutal nights on the HWL calendar.” Michaels adds that “the men and women that step into this ring will walked out changed people… no matter what the outcome.” They go over the lineup for tonight, before sending things down to the ring.

Steel Cage Match:
Hamada vs. Daffney

The feud started a few weeks back, when Daffney was “upset” by Hamada, and claimed that she would get her revenge. The weeks following their match-up, both Vixens did whatever they could to get inside each other’s mind, even to the point of an all-out brawl backstage. Tonight, there was nowhere to run or hide; and Daffney was given her best chance at exacting her “revenge”. “The Demonic Princess” had a difficult time with that task, as Hamada came out very strong in her first pay-per-view appearance for the HWL. Both women hit huge moves throughout the match, including a hurancarana by Daffney from the side of the cage. Hamada got her big move in, as Daffney tried another huranacarana, but that one was countered into a top-rope power bomb! Hamada seemingly, also had to fight slow counts from the referee, but it wasn’t enough to deter her. The end of the match saw Hamada connect with a moonsault, before exiting the cage to a huge cheer from the crowd.

Hamada defeated Daffney by escaping the cage in 0:13:08.
Rating: ¼

After the match, Hamada celebrated the victory, holding his stomach, as she made her way up the ramp. Inside the ring, the referee tended to Daffney, who shrugged him off and slowly got to her feet. She grabbed hold of the ropes and let out a blood-curdling scream before staring evilly at the referee. She exited the ring, limping, and also made her way up the ramp.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with RAMI SEBEI, has he was just moments away from the X-Division Title Match against Adam Cole. Sebei said that he had felt Cole’s vicious streak, first hand, and that Cole had proven himself as a worthy X-Division Champion. But, Sebei said, that he had spent the better part of his career putting his body on the line - even when no titles were on the line. He said that, because of his history in “hardcore” matches, a cage match against Cole would be a “great way to prove himself and walk away as the new Champion.”

Also backstage, Ted Hanson was seen with THE A-LIST KNOCKOUTS - David Otunga and Chris Hero. Noticeably absent from the scene was Shane Hagadorn. Both men said they were ready to step into the ring with Edwards and Corino, even more so because there was nowhere for them to hide. Hero said that he didn’t think this match was going to happen; and that he was surprised Hagadorn was able to pull it off. Otunga said that he and Hero had been waiting a month to get back into the ring with the champs, and that tonight, the belts would be coming back home, where they belong.

Steel Cage Match for X-Division Title:
Rami Sebei vs. © Adam Cole

It hadn’t been too long since Rami Sebei tossed his name into the hat of possible contenders for the X-Division Title. But since the day he chose to, he had been on a tear up the X-Division rankings, getting the attention of Adam Cole, who had been looking for a “quality opponent”. The two of them had shared verbal jabs in the days leading up to this match, with neither man gaining the upper hand. Tonight, after the cage door was slammed shut and locked, Sebei came out with every intention on walking away as the new champion. Sebei owned a majority of the offense throughout the match, but Cole was able to counter into a number of moves that appeared to end the match. Cole had enough gusto to climb to the top of the cage and hit a flying clothesline from 18 feet in the air, but the landing seemed to take a lot of whatever energy he had left out. Cole tried to hold on to the advantage after that, but the pounding he took earlier in the match began to take its toll, and he found himself the victim of a Brainbustah! Sebei made the cover for the 1-2-3 and become the new X-Division Champion.

[X-Division Title Match:]
Rami Sebei pinned Adam Cole with the Brainbustah in 0:14:44.
Rating: ***
(Rami Sebei won the X-Division Title.)

After the match, the referee handed Sebei the X-Division Title as he exited the ring. Josh Daniels said that Sebei had finally achieved his dream of winning gold in the HWL, after coming so close a few months back. Scott Michaels gave credit to Sebei for putting his body on the line to get the title, but promised that Cole would be coming back for it soon enough.

STEVE CORINO and EDDIE EDWARDS are stopped backstage by Ted Hanson, looking to get a statement before they defend their titles. Hanson shared the comments made by Hero and Otunga, which caused the champs to laugh. Corino said that Shane Hagadorn was incompetent, and that he had proven it time and time again. Corino said that after all the work Hagadorn had done to secure this match, he was just setting Hero and Otunga up for failure. Edwards said that it was clear Hero and Otunga had their doubts coming into tonight, and that those doubts would only make it easier for himself and Corino to retain the titles.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with MARTIN MALDONADO and KURT ANGLE. When asked about his match tonight, Maldonado said that he “doesn’t have anything else to say to Cody Rhodes,” and that he was going to let the “destruction” of Rhodes speak for itself. Angle quickly chimed in, and said that after tonight, he and Maldonado were going to be a “force” in the HWL. Angle then looked into the camera and said that CM Punk - if he retains the title tonight - should be on guard “twenty-four, seven”.

Steel Cage Match for HWL Tag Team Titles
The A-List Knockouts (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. © Steve Corino/Eddie Edwards

The culmination of a month’s worth of sweat, blood and hard work finally paid off tonight, as Chris Hero and David Otunga were finally allowed their rematch against the two men who beat them for the Tag Team Titles. Sweet revenge was on the minds of both former champs as they made their way inside the steel cage, wanting nothing more than to exact punishment on Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards. As the officials shut and locked the cage door, Josh Daniels reminded everyone that Shane Hagadorn had - according to his own word - pulled some strings in order to get Hero and Otunga their rematch, after inadvertently costing them their first rematch on an episode of Anarchy. When the bell rang, Hagadorn showed no hesitation as to who he was rooting for tonight: he wanted to see the belts back around the waists of the A-List Knockouts. But things didn’t look good for Hero and Otunga at the beginning of the match, as Corino and Edwards came out with a fury of offense that clearly took the challengers off their game. Corino and Edwards used a number of quick tags to keep each other fresh, and seemingly took pleasure in wearing down one member at a time. But, with the titles on the line, it was going to take more than a physical beating to keep the Knockouts down. Hero and Otunga slowly made their way back into the match, evening things up, and getting the crowd behind them. Outside the ring, Hagadorn’s spirits lifted with each offensive move from his charges. The match turned into an all-out brawl as the time limit neared. Hero and Edwards were brawling across the ring as Otunga and Edwards went at it near the door. Otunga landed a stiff shot before hitting The Verdict near the ropes. Seeing this, Hagadorn quickly opened up the door, leaving an opening for Otunga. But, as Otunga made his way through the ropes, Hagadorn swung the door with all his might, smacking Otunga in the face!! Otunga fell through the ropes, motionless as the crowd went crazy. Across the ring, Hero made his way towards the cage, screaming at Hagadorn, when from behind, Corino connected with a vicious low blow! Laughing, Hagadorn reopened the door as Corino stepped through the ropes and exited the cage. The referee announced Corino and Edwards the winners, as the crowd roared in anger.

[Tag Team Title Match]:
Steve Corino & Eddie Edwards defeated Chris Hero & David Otunga by escaping the cage in 0:18:15.
Rating: ½
(Steve Corino & Eddie Edwards retained the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

After the match, Corino pulled Edwards out of the ring as Hagadorn ran and grabbed the Tag Titles. Handing the belts to their owners, Hagadorn jumped up and down, celebrating the victory as the fans at ringside tossed trashed into ringside. As the three men began walking up the ramp, Chris Hero pulled himself up to this feet, using the ropes, and stared at Hagadorn as he made his way up the aisle. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels agreed that what they just witnessed might be the biggest travesty ever witnessed in the HWL. Michaels said that even though it’s a travesty, Hagadorn proved that he is a very conniving mastermind. Daniels said that’s true, but that Otunga and Hero were going to do whatever they could to get their hands on him… sooner or later.

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with CODY RHODES. Rhodes says that over the past few weeks, Martin Maldonado has started to show his true colors, because everything else that he’s tried has gotten him nothing. Rhodes says that everyone who has required Maldonado’s services have been left unsatisfied, and that Maldonado should think about that as he prepares to step into the cage tonight. Rhodes says that Maldonado stopped him from getting back what should still be his - the HWL Heavyweight Title. And tonight, their feud will come to an end… and when it does, Rhodes will be one step closer to regaining his championship belt, and Maldonado will be one step closer to finding his way out of the HWL.

Backstage, Dan Hanson is seen with AJ STYLES and the rest of The Conglomerate. He says that he has never liked the agreement that was made between Kurt Angle and Ric Flair two months ago, because since losing the belt, Angle hasn’t done anything to deserve a shot. Styles says that he’s the only one that should get a rematch, because he was never pinned and never tapped out. He says that he’s putting his rematch clause on the line because he wants to get inside the cage, alone with Angle, and prove to everyone that Angle is not on the same level. The Conglomerate walks away as Daniels says that he has a feeling things are going to get turned up a notch or two as the pay-per-view draws to a close.

Steel Cage Match
Cody Rhodes vs. Martin Maldonado

The arena was abuzz with anticipation as Josh and Scott ran down the events that have taken place, leading up to what many feel would be the last match between Cody Rhodes and Martin Maldonado. It all started when Rhodes returned from the injury that cost him to vacate the Heavyweight Title. When he returned, he secured himself a match against new champion, AJ Styles, only to see Maldonado - the hired help from Ric Flair - interfere, costing Rhodes the match and a shot at the title. Daniels and Michaels continued to go over the history between the two men during introductions, and throughout the securing of the cage, saying that Rhodes and Maldonado both seemed more interested in getting each other out of the Heavyweight Title tournament, last month at Wicked Games, then in ever challenging for the title. They both succeeded as their match ended in a draw. With no winner, a rematch was signed for tonight, inside the steel cage.

Going in, everyone in attendance knew that this match wasn’t going to be a technical masterpiece, but rather a full out brawl where no one could escape to safety. They were exactly right. Both men came out swinging with everything they had, once the bell rang, and they took turns rocking each other with stiff shots. Early on, it appeared that Maldonado had the match in-hand after hitting a superplex, but he was unable to put Rhodes away with the pinfall attempt. Rhodes was able to eventually fight back, using punches and kicks to take the bigger man off his game. Daniels noted a lack of “big offense” by Rhodes, assuming that Rhodes didn’t want to put his body - or the match - at risk if they came up short. But, what Rhodes did do, was use the steel cage to his advantage, scraping Maldonado’s face against it, causing Maldonado’s forehead to open up. Slowly, blood began dripping from the cut, but as the match continued, it came out more and more rapidly. Michaels said that Rhodes had a clear advantage at this point, because Maldonado couldn’t see. Rhodes took every bit of his aggression out on Maldonado, bringing him into a corner, and pummeling him with kicks to the midsection. Blood began running down Maldonado’s chest and abdomen as Rhodes connected with the Cross Rhodes for the 1-2-3.

[Steel Cage Match]:
Cody Rhodes pinned Martin Maldonado with the Cross Rhodes in 0:06:27.
Rating: *** ½

After the match, Rhodes jerked his hand away from the referee, and continued to focus on Maldonado, stomping his head and chest, spilling blood onto the canvas. The referee tried to restrain Rhodes, only to get pushed down to the canvas, as HWL officials rushed down to the ring. As the officials struggled to open the chain holding the cage door shut, Rhodes locked in a figure-four on Maldonado. Screaming in pain, and with blood running into his mouth, Maldonado struggled to get out of the move, but he was too weak to reverse it. Rhodes kept the hold locked in as the cage door swung open, and HWL officials ran into the ring. Daniels said it looked as if Maldonado was nearly passed out, as the officials forced Rhodes to release the hold, and lifted him to his feet. Trainers and EMTs ran down to the ring, and attended to Maldonado, as the officials escorted Rhodes out of the ring, and up the ramp. The crowd cheered Cody on, as he stared at the scene inside the ring.

Dan Hanson is seen backstage with KURT ANGLE, who admits that AJ Styles is due his rematch for the Heavyweight Title, because one way or the other, he lost the belt at Wicked Games. But, everyone has wanted to know why Angle felt like he deserved a rematch. Angle says that he made a verbal agreement with Ric Flair, for the right to face AJ Styles for the title, only to have CM Punk slither his way into their match, and ultimately walk away with the Heavyweight Title. And, because of that, he was not given the match that was agreed upon. Angle says that tonight, he will get the same satisfaction as winning the title, when he beats Styles and becomes the new Number One Contender.

Also backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with KAZ, and asks how he feels about being in the main event for the second straight year, at Caged Rage. Kaz says that he’s excited about being a part of the main event again, and that his chances are better this year because it’s just going to be him and CM Punk inside the cage. Alisha then asks how Kaz has been preparing for tonight’s main event. Kaz says that he has been watching Punk ever since last month, and that he has formulated a game plan. But, he says that there is never a good way to plan for being inside the steel cage. He calls the cage a “game changer”, and that it could have an impact on the outcome of the match. Alisha then asks how confident Kaz feels about winning the Heavyweight Title. Kaz says that he’s very confident. He’s been in this situation before, whereas Punk is defending the belt, for the first time, inside the cage. Kaz smiles and walks away as the scene cuts back to ringside.

Contenders - Steel Cage Match
Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles (w/Chelsea & Ric Flair)

Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels ran down the events leading up to this match as both men were introduced. It was noted that Chelsea and Ric Flair accompanied Styles to the ring, whereas Angle came down alone. As the match began, it was clear that both men were trying to finish things quickly, hitting an array of big moves, to the enjoyment of the crowd. After missing a running clothesline into the corner, Angle lost control of the match, as AJ began working over his chest and upper body. AJ whipped Angle into the turnbuckle and connected with a dropkick to the chest, before heading towards the cage door. Flair stopped AJ from walking through the door, telling him that Angle “still needed to learn not to screw with them”. AJ froze for a moment, before turning back and continuing his attack on Angle. As the match progressed, Styles continued to have the upper hand, and connected with a Styles Clash. He went for the cover, only for Flair to scream “get up”. Stunned, Styles went over to the cage, and started to argue with Flair about not letting him finish the match. Flair said that Angle wasn’t suffering enough, and that Styles needed to make him pay for costing him the Heavyweight Title. Before Styles could turn around, he was caught in a belly-to-belly suplex, that nearly got him a two count! Angle was then able to fight his way back into the match, throwing AJ into the cage, and setting up for the Angle Slam. As Angle lifted Styles up, MATT MORGAN and ROB TERRY appeared on-stage, dragging a bloody and beaten MARTIN MALDONADO behind them. Angle, wide-eyed, dropped Styles and began trying to scale the cage. From the outside, Flair opened up the cage door, as Styles crawled his way through. As Angle got to the top of the cage, Styles exited, and the bell rang, ending the match!

AJ Styles defeated Kurt Angle by escaping the cage in 0:09:10.

Flair helped Styles away from ringside, as Angle continued to scale down the cage. When he landed, Angle ran up the ramp, only to get caught in a two-on-one brawl with Morgan and Terry. Angle held his own, but soon succumbed to the numbers, as Morgan and Terry beat him down. After a few moments, Flair called them off, and The Conglomerate stood on the stage, as Maldonado and Angle lay beneath them.

Alisha Hick is shown backstage, with Heavyweight Champion CM PUNK, who says that Kaz’s confidence could easily be mistaken as ignorant arrogance. He says that yes, Kaz was in the main event of this event last year, but he walked away the same way he walked in: without the Heavyweight Title. He says Kaz is right - this is his first title defense - in a steel cage or ever. But, Punk says that it certainly isn’t the first time he’s ever been in a match where the object could cause more damage if put in the right hands. Punk says that Kaz is still “way out of his league” against him, and that there is no way a “never should’ve been” will beat The Best in the World. Punk pats the title over his shoulder and walks away…

A preview for the next HWL pay-per-view event, BRUTALITY, is shown. Brutality will take place January 15, 2012, live from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Steel Cage Match for the HWL Heavyweight Title
Kaz vs. © CM Punk

CM Punk’s method of intimidation heading into this match was to constantly tell Kaz that he wasn’t good enough to step into the steel cage and challenge for the Heavyweight Title. Punk made every effort possible to show up Kaz in the weeks leading up to this match, while Kaz continued to go about his daily business as normal, seemingly not affected by Punk’s threats. Tonight, there was no more time for talking, and Kaz would have his chance to make Punk eat his words. From the beginning of the match, it looked like that was exactly what was going to happen, as Kaz and Punk spent the better portion of this match brawling in the ring. Whenever either man found their opportunity, they were head up the cage walls or straight to the door, in the hopes of escaping to victory. But, every time, their opponent pulled them back in, continuing the match as the crowd’s interest grew. Both men started to wear down, after trading shots and being thrown against the cage all night, but neither of them were willing to give up. But, out of nowhere, Punk ducked a clothesline attempt, and shocked Kaz by connecting with the G.T.S. Punk made the cover and retained the Heavyweight Title!

[Steel Cage Match for the HWL Heavyweight Title]
CM Punk pinned Kaz with the G.T.S. in 0:09:48.
(CM Punk retained the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

After the match, Punk walks over to the corner and demands to be given “his” Heavyweight Title. When he is handed the belt, Punk straps it around his waist and begins to climb up the cage. Punk sits on the corner of the cage, undoes the belt, and raises it into the air as the crowd greets him with a cheers and boos. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels thank everyone for being a part of Caged Rage, as Punk shouts that he is “The Best in the World”. The event goes of the air as Punk’s music plays in the background.

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