December 18, 2012 - PCW Wrestling - Jackson, TN

Attendance: 3,976

-A highlight package from End of the Line is shown. A live shot from inside the arena follows, as Alfred Pressley welcomes everyone to the city of Jackson, Tennessee.

The introduction gets cut short as Television Champion Chris Hero’s music starts to play. Hero comes out to an ovation of boos, and he smirks while making his way to the ring. Inside the ring, Hero grabs a microphone as the boos get louder. He asks if the crowd is going to let him speak, and the arena shakes with jeers. Hero continues to speak, through the boos, saying that he has come out tonight to explain why he did what he did at End of the Line. Hero reminds everyone that he is the longest-reigning Television Champion in the history of the company – and that means something to him. Hero says he’s sorry for what happened to David Otunga on Saturday night, but keeping the title is more important than their friendship. Hero smirks as the boos get louder, before saying that anyone who knows what it’s like to be a champion would say the same exact thing. But, Hero says, he doesn’t have to explain himself to Otunga or anyone in the back.

This brings out Commissioner Rex Butler, who stands on-stage with a microphone of his own. Butler says that Hero doesn’t need to explain himself, but that he will find out who he’ll be defending the Television Title against at New Beginning very shortly. Butler announces that, starting tonight, a four-man tournament will be held to name a new challenger for Hero’s title. Butler announces Drew McIntyre, Harlem Bravado, The Big Show, and David Otunga as the four men competing in the tournament. Butler leaves the stage as the show goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Lance Bravado defeated Luke Gallows by disqualification in 8:04.
Rating: ¼*

The opening match saw two men who, as of late, have been struggling with trying to get away from the bottom rung of the ladder. Tonight, one of them would get a little closer to taking the much-needed step up, and it wasn’t who the crowd was expecting. Gallows came into the match with the obvious size and strength advantage, but Bravado showed a tenacity that hasn’t been seen from him lately. His quick offense was enough to drive Gallows out of the ring in frustration. When Bravado came out after him, Gallows cracked a steel chair over Bravado’s head, leading to a quick DQ. Bravado picked up the victory, but not in the way he was wanting, surely.

-Backstage, a determined-looking David Otunga is with Brooke Barlow. Otunga says that he’s not angry at what Chris Hero said earlier tonight; that the friendship was less important than the Television Title. He’s saddened by it. But, Otunga says, there’s only one thing that can be done about it – winning the tournament and getting another shot at someone he used to consider a friend. Now, Otunga says, Chris Hero is only the man holding what he wants – the Television Title.

Commercial Break

Television Title Tournament – Semi-Final
The Big Show defeated Harlem Bravado by countout in 8:01.
Rating: DUD

Tonight, Harlem Bravado was looking to get one step closer to the title that his brother has won twice before; but standing across the ring from him was a giant who was looking to get another shot at the man who defeated him two months ago at Britain Beatdown. The Big Show dominated this match, as the smaller Bravado couldn’t muster enough offense to wear the big man down. Show tossed Bravado outside the ring and manhandled him around the ringside area before clearing off the announcer’s table. Show chokeslammed Bravado through the table, leaving him in a heap on the concrete floor. Show re-entered the ring and demanded the referee count Bravado out, which is exactly what happened.

-After the match, The Big Show grabs a microphone while standing next to the rubble at ringside and says that what lays before everyone is a message. A message to Drew McIntyre, David Otunga, and especially, Chris Hero. A message that nothing is going to stand in The Big Show’s way of becoming the next Television Champion. For good mood measure, before leaving, Show grabs Bravado and chokeslams him onto the broken pieces of the announce table! Officials rush to separate Show, and he makes his way backstage, as Bravado is tended to.

Commercial Break

Shinya Ishikawa & Sheamus defeated Oberhausen Terror Corps (Carnage & Bad Bones) when Sheamus pinned Carnage after a Broque Kick in 9:10.
Rating: **

Tonight, saw the debut of four men who have been champions all around the world. Most noticeably was former WWE World Champion Sheamus, who picked up the victory for himself and partner Shinya Ishikawa, after a Broque Kick. The Oberhausen Terror Corp – from Germany – showed an impressive skill set tonight, and it’s clear that they could have a future in the Tag Team division in the PCW. All four of these men will be seen again someday soon.

-It is announced that, next wee, KENNY KING will make a statement about his match at End of the Line.

Commercial Break

-Returning from the break, Alisha Hicks is seen backstage with PCW Tag Team Champions JAY BRISCOE & THE ESPERANZA. Briscoe says that he knows everyone has been asking why he chose the man beside him to be his tag team partner. Briscoe introduces The Esperanza as a man who has been in the business for almost 30 years. Briscoe says that it took a lot of time to persuade Esperanza to come out of retirement, but he was the best possible partner Briscoe could find. Together, they’ve already proven their dominance in the tag division; and they are the new Tag Team Champions.

Television Title Tournament – Semi Final
David Otunga pinned Drew McIntyre with The Verdict in 10:12.
Rating: **

In tonight’s main event, Drew McIntyre – who has been on a well-earned run as of late in the PCW, stepped into the ring with David Otunga – a man who once considered TV Champion Chris Hero a friend. After the events that took place on Saturday night, Otunga had made his intentions clear of getting another chance at Chris Hero at New Beginning. Even though McIntyre put up as much of a fight as he could, it simply wasn’t even to overcome Otunga’s intention. Otunga hit The Verdict for the 1-2-3.

Card rating: * ¼

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