December 19, 2011

Monday Night Anarchy
December 19, 2011
Webster Bank Arena - Bridgeport, Connecticut
Attendance: 5,490 (61%)

Highlights are shown from last night’s Caged Rage event, as “Public Enemy #1” plays in the background. The final scene is of CM Punk, holding the Heavyweight Title, victoriously, atop the steel cage structure.

As the highlights end, “Headstrong” plays along with the opening montage for Monday Night Anarchy. Inside the arena, fireworks shoot from the stage as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Bridgeport. They announce that, tonight, there will be two huge matches to determine the new number one contenders for both the Women’s and Tag Team Titles. Josh Daniels says that, after the events that took place in the Tag Team Title Match last night, he bets that David Otunga would love to have his cards in the deck. Scott Michaels agrees, but says that Otunga won’t be that lucky, and will have to watch two other men get their chance next month at Brutality. And, tonight’s main event will focus on the new number one contender for the Heavyweight Title - AJ Styles - as he takes on former champion Cody Rhodes. Daniels and Michaels discuss the long history that they have shared with each other, before sending things down to the ring for the first match of the night.

"Cult of Personality" blares through the arena, and the crowd starts to cheer and boo, as Heavyweight Champion CM PUNK emerges from the back. Punk enters the ring and stands on the turnbuckle, where he lifts up the belt and screams "Best in the World". Daniels and Michaels discuss the evenly-fought match Punk had with Kaz last night at Caged Rage, as Punk grabs a microphone and sits atop a turnbuckle.

Punk says that he wants to, first, congratulate Kaz for giving his all last night at Caged Rage. He says that Kaz "showed up", but that there was little threat in Punk's mind that he was going to lose the title. (crowd boos) Punk says now that Kaz is done living his "pipe dream" of challenging for the Heavyweight Title once a year, he can go back to achieving things more suitable, like coming up short in his attempt to win the X-Division Title, or his ill-fated tag team with Evan Bourne. Punk says that the month he spent getting ready for Kaz was time that he will never get back; and that, thankfully, he was ready to move on to bigger things.

But, before he can move on to bigger things, Punk says that he has to deal with AJ Styles, again. This brings out "The Phenomenal One", who interrupts Punk, accompanied by Chelsea and Ric Flair. Styles says that there is no one bigger in the HWL then he is. Styles reminds Punk that he has held the Heavyweight Title more times than anyone in the history of the company. Punk interjects himself and says that Styles has held the title more than anyone, but Kurt Angle still has a longer title reign than Styles does, combined.

Styles says that, if it weren't for Kurt Angle, he'd be the one standing in the ring tonight; but instead, he has to look at a man who takes advantage of others' weaknesses in order to get himself ahead. Punk says that Styles is no different from him, in that, he saw a chance to go after what he wanted, and he jumped at it. Punk asks if Styles would've been able to show his face tonight, if Matt Morgan and Rob Terry didn't drag Martin Maldonado's "broken body" to ringside, in order to sneak out of the cage and claim the Number One Contender-ship.

Styles says that it doesn't matter how he won the match, the only thing that matters is that he will finally get his chance to win back the title he never lost, at Brutality. Punk says he looks forward to the chance to prove that a former three-time champion is no match for the "best in the world".

Commercial Break

Luke Gallows vs. Jeff Hardy

Two weeks ago, Luke Gallows returned to the HWL, falling short in his match against Rami Sebei. Tonight, he was in action against Jeff Hardy, who also had not been in the ring for a number of weeks. Hardy came out with the attitude to win tonight, wanting to continue the success that gave him a spot in the Wicked Games tournament last month. Gallows, who has been out of action since leaving the PCW, held his own, but soon became overwhelmed by Hardy’s fast-paced aerial attack. Throughout the match, Hardy went for, and connected, with the Swanton multiple times; but each time Gallows was able to kick out or slide his foot onto the ropes. Seeing little option left, Hardy brought the match outside, using the steel barricade to further wear down Gallows. Back in the ring, Hardy played to the crowd just a little too long, as he went for another Swanton attempt, only to have Gallows roll out of the way. Gallows was able to catch his breath, and while still showing signs from the earlier onslaught, was about to take over the match, hitting the Gallows Pole to pick up the victory.

Luke Gallows pinned Jeff Hardy with the Gallows Pole in 0:18:47.
Rating: *** ¾

Commercial Break

Returning from the commercial break, SHANE HAGADORN walks through the backstage area, smiling from ear to ear, as J.D. says that, thanks to Hagadorn's dispicable actions last night, Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards were able to retain the Tag Team Titles. As Hagadorn turns the corner, he is blind-sided by DAVID OTUNGA, who recieves a huge ovation from the crowd. Otunga chokes Hagadorn against the wall, and tells says that he should've listened to his conscience; and that it's his fault for letting Shane continue to manage Chris and himself. Through gritted teeth and shortened breaths, Hagadorn says that Otunga wasn't cut out to be a champion; and the only reason he can call himself one is because of Hagadorn and Chris Hero. Otunga reels back to hit Hagadorn, but he's attacked by STEVE CORINO and EDDIE EDWARDS! Corino and Edwards do a number on Otunga, while Hagadorn barks out orders, having gotten his confidence back. After a few moments, Hagadorn calls off Corino and Edwards, and they walk down the hallway, leaving Otunga prone on the floor.

Vixens Battle Royal

As the scene goes back to the ring, Josh Daniels explains that tonight, all five women would be vying for the chance to face Velvet Sky, next week, for the Women’s Title. From the start of the match, Natalya and Nikki Bella had be going back and forth, trading blows, and reversing each others’ moves. Across the ring, Daffney and Hamada continue their feud from the past few weeks, but this time with a little more meaning behind it. On multiple occasions, Daffney thought she had Hamada eliminated, only to have Hamada roll back under the ropes to stay in the match. The Bella Twins got involved, going after Daffney, but Natalya cleared them out, focusing on Nikki Bella. As Daffney and Hamada got to their feet, Daffney tossed Hamada over the top ropes, but this time, saw her hang onto the top rope, and kneed her in the back, breaking her grip for the first elimination.

X Hamada is eliminated by Daffney in 0:05:04.

The match continued as Daffney and Brie Bella and Natalya and Nikki Bella cornered themselves off from each other. Neither Vixen attempted to eliminate the other for a while, as they tried to wear each other down as the match wore on. After dropping Nikki with a clothesline, Natalya teamed up with Daffney to attack Brie. They whipped her into the ropes, and connected with a double kick to the midsection. Daffney then went over to Nikki, as Natalya ran into the ropes again, only to get back dropped over the top rope to the concrete floor!

X Natalya is eliminated by Brie Bella in 0:18:54.

Brie quickly turned her attention to helping out her sister, attacking Daffney from behind. Daffney found herself with her back against the wall, as she faced the task of taking on both Bella twins. She is due a lot of credit, because at no time did she back down from the fight, managing to separate the two, making things a little easier for herself. Daffney choked out Nikki, in the corner, before connecting with a Northern Lights suplex on Brie. As Nikki tried to catch her breath in the corner, Daffney tossed Brie over the top rope and kneed Brie in the back as she hung on to the top rope for the third elimination.

X Brie Bella is eliminated by Daffney in 0:21:42.

The match, and the chance to face Velvet Sky for the Women’s Title, came down to Nikki Bella and Daffney. Daffney continued to assault Nikki, who had finally made it to her feet, taking her down with a Northern Lights suplex. Daffney, who seemed close to having the match put away, hit the Lobotomy in the center of the ring. But, instead of trying to throw Nikki over the top rope, she stood on the four corners of the ring and proclaimed that “her” title would be coming back. Nikki got back to her feet, she caught Daffney in a Samoan Drop that rocked the crowd with excitement. Nikki then was able to hit a quick burst of offense before picking Daffney up and tossing her over the top rope for the win!

X Daffney is eliminated by Nikki Bella in 0:23:42.

After the match, Nikki is announced the winner, and she crumples to the canvas as Daffney re-enters the ring, screaming. Daffney attacks Nikki, pulling at her hair and scratching at her face. Daffney sets up for The Lobotomy, but BRIE BELLA runs down the ramp and enters the ring, breaking up the move. Daffney rolls out of the ring, promising revenge, as Brie stands over her sister.

Commercial Break

Coming back from the break, an advertisement for "Brutality" is shown, announcing the event for January 15th, 2012, live from Vancouver, British Columbia.

In the arena, KURT ANGLE'S music hits, as he and a bandaged-up Martin Maldonado make their way down to the ring. Josh and Scott go over the hellish night that Maldonado faced at Caged Rage, and how Angle's match with AJ Styles unfolded. Inside the ring, Angle says that AJ Styles, Ric Flair and the rest of the Conglomerate better be "very proud" of their actions last night. Angle says that he isn't surprised that they would stoop to the level that they did, just to keep AJ a contender for the Heavyweight Title. Angle says that he doesn't care whether the crowd likes him or not; but that he can stand in the ring and say that he did everything he said he was going to, without cutting corners. Angle says that if AJ is upset about losing the title last month, he had his chance to get back at Angle inside the ring. But, instead of facing Angle like a man, Styles and Flair already had a way to screw him. Angle says that the last thing on his mind tonight is the Heavyweight Title, but rather, making sure The Conglomerate pays for what they did to Martin Maldonado.

Maldonado then grabs the microphone, as the crowd boos, and says that all The Conglomerate did last night, was add insult to injury. Maldonado says that he didn't get the job done against Cody Rhodes, and that alone should be enough for him to want to make everyone on the HWL roster feel his wrath. But, he says that what Matt Morgan and Rob Terry did will lead to them facing the full extent of his fury at Brutality. Maldonado says that he and Angle want to see what Morgan and Terry can do when they have to face each other a "full tilt". Maldonado promises that the results will be very, very different.

Angle and Maldonado leave the ring, as Josh says that the gauntlet has been set, and it's up to Morgan and Terry to accept the challenge. Scott says that Angle and Maldonado may be biting off more than they can chew, knowing that they will lose the numbers game against The Conglomerate.

Commercial Break

Fatal Four Way Tag Team Elimination Match
Matt Morgan/Rob Terry (w/Chelsea & Ric Flair) vs. Colt Cabana/Yoshi Tatsu vs. Evan Bourne/Kaz vs. Kurt Angle/Martin Maldonado

It is announced, as the action started, that the winning team would receive a title shot, against Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards at Brutality. Josh and Scott mentioned that all four teams were hungry for their shot at the titles; that it would be a huge “feather in the cap” of Ric Flair to have his charges challenging for significant titles in the same night. On top of the possibility of becoming the new number-one contenders, Rob Terry and Matt Morgan had their sights set on dominating the match, but more specifically, Angle and Maldonado.

All eight men gave all they could possibly give for the right to challenge for the Tag Team Titles at Brutality. It was evident from the start that Angle, Maldonado, Terry and Morgan would do anything to their hands on one another after the events that transpired last night at Caged Rage. There were plenty of opportunities for them, but others were broken up by the other four men in the match. After over 40 minutes, all eight men looked out on their feet. In the ring, Maldonado had been using his size and strength to wear down Kaz, who was just coming off a brutal match with CM Punk last night. Maldonado thought he had Kaz finished, after hitting a massive hiptoss; but he played to the crowd too long, and when he tried to whip Kaz into the corner, Kaz reversed the move, giving him a bit of life. Kaz, somehow, had enough strength to lift Maldonado with a gut wrench suplex for the 1-2-3.

X Martin Maldonado is eliminated by Kaz in 0:44:06.

The match continued as Yoshi Tatsu and Colt Cabana became the main focus for Kaz and Evan Bourne. The history between Kaz and Tatsu has been well established over the last year, and outside of the feud they had at the beginning of the year, this was the first time they had been in the ring with one another. It took a little bit for Tatsu to get up the nerve to get into the ring with his former partner, but when he did, it was obvious that the hatred he had for Kaz was still evident. Yoshi came out with a fury of offense, but a miscue on an enzurgiri attempt gave Kaz the opening he was looking for. Kaz got his bearings back, and started taking the offense to Yoshi, nearly connecting with the Wave of the Future. Yoshi was able to escape the attempt and tagged in Cabana, the fresher man. Cabana and Kaz battled back and forth for a while, allowing Matt Morgan and Rob Terry to catch their breath. Cabana connected with the Colt .45, but was unable to make the pinfall as he was distracted by Morgan and Terry at ringside. Kaz fought his way back, and connected with the Wave of the Future, getting only a two-count, as Morgan broke up the pin attempt. Morgan then used his size to wear down Kaz. Morgan whipped Kaz into the ropes, only to have RIC FLAIR pull down the top rope, hoping that the referee wouldn’t see the interference. However, the referee did see, and quickly disqualified Morgan and Terry!

X Matt Morgan is eliminated by Kaz in 1:00:03.

Moments after Morgan and Terry was eliminated from the match, Angle and Maldonado ran down to the ring and began brawling with them, as HWL officials tried to break it up. With the officials concerned with the action taking place outside the ring, Bourne, Kaz, Tatsu and Cabana were more worried with who would walk out as the new number one contenders. Tatsu and Cabana tried to turn the tide in their favor using double-team moves, but Bourne and Kaz held their ground and didn’t allow themselves to be taken advantage of. The end of the match saw Tatsu and Bourne in the ring. Tatsu locked in an armbar submission, but Bourne was close enough to reach the ropes, breaking the hold. Tatsu then went for a clothesline, only to have Bourne counter it with a crucifix for the 1-2-3!

X Yoshi Tatsu is eliminated by Evan Bourne in 1:08:56.
Rating: *** 3/4

After the match, Bourne dropped to the canvas out of exhaustion as he and Kaz were announced the winners and the new number one contenders for the HWL Tag Team Titles. Josh and Scott said that all eight men put their bodies on the line for over an hour, all for the chance to challenge for championship gold. Now, Bourne and Kaz have written themselves tickets to Vancouver, will they will face Eddie Edwards and Scott Corino. Josh then asked what Shane Hag adorn - the champions’ new manager - will have to say about their new challengers next week.

Commercial Break

The camera shows PETER BRADSHAW sitting in his office as the show returns from commercials. Bradshaw says that, based on the events that took place earlier tonight, he has signed a match for next week, in Green Bay. The Tag Team Champions, Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards, will face David Otunga and a partner of his choosing, in a non-title match. Also, Bradshaw announces that due to the events of the Vixens Battle Royal earlier tonight, a singles match has been signed between Natalya and Brie Bella for next week.

Non Title Match
Eddie Edwards (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. © Rami Sebei

Just moments after finding out that he and Steve Corino would be in action next week, Eddie Edwards found himself in a great position to put his name in the hunt for the X-Division Title in the future. Rami Sebei came into this match, having gone through hell less than 24 hours before, in a grueling cage match with Adam Cole. By coming out successful, Sebei showed that he is able to rise to the occasion whenever he needs to. Tonight, he needed to.

Not only did Sebei have to contend with Shane Hagadorn, who was at ringside, but moments after the match started, ADAM COLE made his way to ringside, looking to get some retribution for losing the title belt. Sebei was on his guard throughout the match, and while he was still able to put on an excellent contest - for over 20 minutes - the numbers would prove to be his demise. He and Edwards traded high-risk moves, back and forth, and both men took tremendous falls to the concrete at ringside. Edwards, with help from Hagadorn, showed how dominant he could be in the ring, when he has a clear advantage. The Tag Team Champion did all he could to put Sebei away, even locking in an Achilles hold for over a minute! But, somewhere, Sebei found the resolve to keep going, even managing to hit a Brainbustah that nearly finished off Edwards. By the end of the match, both men looked to be running on fumes. Hagadorn jumped onto the ring apron, distracting the referee, as Cole smashed a steel chair over Sebei’s back. Edwards was quick to lock in the Achilles hold again, only to have Sebei tap out.

[Non-Title Match]:
Eddie Edwards made Rami Sebei submit to the Achilles Lock in 0:23:00.
Rating: ¼
[Adam Cole interfered against Rami Sebei.]

After the match, Edwards rolled out of the ring, and was met by Hagadorn, who had the Tag Team Title over his shoulder. Hagadorn said that Edwards and Corino were the greatest wrestlers in the HWL, and that soon, they would be the dominant force in professional wrestling. At ring side, Adam Cole threw the X-Division Title to Sebei, as Sebei slowly got to his feet, hobbling on the injured left foot. Cole said that he wanted his title back, and stared at Sebei, as Anarchy went to commercials.

Commercial Break

Cody Rhodes vs. AJ Styles (w/Chelsea & Ric Flair)

For months, after being screwed out of the Heavyweight Title in his rematch, Cody Rhodes has been foaming at the mouth at the thought of getting back into the ring against AJ Styles. Although the title played no part in this match, Rhodes had to hate the fact that Styles was on his way to facing CM Punk for the belt at Brutality. Both men had just come off a very physical night, at Caged Rage, emerging from the steel cage with a number of injuries - seen and unseen. They also came into this match having achieved the same goal: dispatching a nemesis. Rhodes finally ended his feud with Martin Maldonado after a brutal beatdown in the middle of the ring, and Styles got the better of Kurt Angle - with some help from The Conglomerate - to earn the shot at Punk next month. With Cheslea and Flair at ringside, Rhodes came in well aware of what they were capable of, but it was apparent that his only focus was on defeating Styles any way he could.
As Rhodes and Styles braced for the start of the match, they were both interrupted by CM PUNK’s music. The Heavyweight Champion joined Daniels and Michaels on commentary as the referee started the match. Punk said that he was out here to make sure everything went the way it was supposed to, and when asked if he was out for the sake of Rhodes - to even the playing field with The Conglomerate - Punk said that he didn’t care what happened to Rhodes, because he was going after Punk’s title, just like everyone else in the HWL.

As the match went on, it was clear that Ric Flair was going to be a lot for the referee to handle. After Styles connected with a Pele kick that sent Rhodes outside the ring, Flair ran around the ring and threw Rhodes back under the ropes, as Styles distracted the referee. Seeing this, Punk said that if AJ Styles wants to be taken seriously as the self-proclaimed “greatest” champion in HWL history, then he needed to do it on his own. And, with that, Punk got up from his chair and clocked Flair in the back of the head with the Heavyweight Title! Styles turned around, saw Punk standing over Flair, and ran to the ropes, demanding Punk enter the ring. Punk jumped on the apron, as Rhodes rolled up Styles, but only got a two count. As Styles got to his feet, Punk smashed the title belt in to his face, and the referee tossed Punk from ringside!

The crowd was a mix of cheers and boos as Punk made his way up the ramp, holding the Heavyweight Title in the air. But, from behind, Rob Terry and Matt Morgan came down and sent Punk crashing into the ramp. They stomped on Punk as officials rushed to the scene. The referee inside the ring, seeing all the action at ringside, called for the bell, and the match was announced as a no-contest.

AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes fought to a no-contest.

After the bell sounded, Styles rolled out of the ring and checked on Flair as, on the ramp, officials were struggling to separate Morgan and Terry from Punk. Anarchy went off the air as the scene unfolded on the ramp.

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