December 20, 2010 - Monday Night Anarchy - San Antonio, TX

Monday Night Anarchy
December 20, 2010
AT&T Center – San Antonio, Texas
Attendance: 9,774 (52%)

A video montage is shown, replaying DESMOND WOLFE'S retirement announcement. Another montage is shown, highlighting Wolfe's greatest moments in the HWL. The final image is of Wolfe holding the Heavyweight Title in the air after defeating Kane at Downfall.

“Headstrong” by Trapts plays inside the arena as fireworks shoot from the stage. The cameras inside the arena pan around to show the crowd and the various signs being held into the air. Josh Daniels and Scott Micheals welcome everyone to San Antonio, just 6 days away from Caged Rage. They announce, that tonight, a nine-man battle royal will take place to determine the third participant of Sunday night's Triple Threat Match for the vacant Heavyweight Title. Also, tonight, its announced that a six-man tag match will take place as The Usos team up with Cody Rhodes to face The Hart Dynasty and Ted DiBiase.

PETER BRADSHAW starts off the show, walking down to the ring, and nodding go the fans as he grabs a microphone. He says that he is not coming out to waste too much of anyone's time, because there is a lot of great action taking place tonight; but, Bradshaw says that, due to some backstage issues, the X-Division Title match at Caged Rage has been changed. He says that, currently, D'Angelo Dinero does not have an opponent for Sunday, but that will all change here tonight. Bradshaw announces that a Fatal-Four-Way elimination match will take place between Evan Bourne, Alex Shelley, Yoshi Tatsu, and Kyle O'Reilly, to determine who will face “The Pope” at Caged Rage. He thanks the crowd for their time before leaving the ring. Daniels and Michaels discuss the match as “Anarchy” goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

Angelina Love vs. Sarita

Just six days before stepping into the steel cage, and getting her first chance at the Women's Title, Angelina Love was loking to grab a little more momentum heading into the pay-per-view; but Sarita had other plans for her fellow Canadian. This match started off quickly, with a lot of back-and-forth action. These two Vixens have met plenty of times before, and Sarita showed that she had Love's game plan scouted. Sarita easily picked up the victory after hitting the Tiger Driver, stopping any chances of momentum Love may've had. After the match, THE HART DYNASTY made their way to the ring. Sarita stood near the announce table, not wanting to face the trio, as they entered the ring. Smith and Kidd grabbed Angelina and restrained as she tried to kick and scratch her way to freedom. Natalya, with title belt in hand, got into Love's face and told her that it would be the closest she ever came to the Women's Title. But, before Natalya can inflict any damage, VELVET SKY entered the ring and attacked her from behind! Velvet quickly left the ring as Smith and Kidd advanced towards her. From outside the ring, SARITA grabbed Love and pulled her to safety, outside the ring. The Hart Dynasty and Velvet stared across the arena as “Anarchy” went to commercials.

Sarita pinned Angelina Love with the Tiger Driver in 0:05:50.
Rating: ¼

Commercial Break

Backstage, KURT ANGLE is seen walking through the hallways of the arena, when he is blindsided by MATT MORGAN! Morgan and Angle brawl through the hallway, sending each other into the cement walls. Angle whips Morgan into the chain-link fence that surrounds the interview area. Props are scattered across the backstage area as the two men control to brawl. Morgan connects with a low blow, and sends Angle into a locker room door, denting it as he slides to the ground. Morgan continues the assault, kicking Angle until HWL officials rush over and separate them. Morgan says that Angle got what he wanted… and that it's a mistake he'll have to live with from now on.

X-Division Match
Adam Cole vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards

Tonight, two former members of the HWL's D-League, PCW, debuted in their first-ever X-Division match. Edwards came into this match with a limited amount of matches under his belt, as he used primarily as a substitute or tag team wrestler in the PCW. Cole, however, enters the HWL as the first-ever PCW Television Champion. Cole was coming off a lengthy hiatus away from the ring, but showed no signs of slowly down as these two went all over the the ringside area at a furious pace. But, in the end, Cole was able to hit the Panama Sunrise to pick up his first victory on the main roster.

Adam Cole pinned Eddie Edwards with the Panama Sunrise in 0:09:31.
Rating: ** ½

Commercial Break

RANDY ORTON comes out to the ring as “Anarchy” returns from the break. He says that the situation surrounding the Heavyweight Title seems eerily familiar to when he, Matt Morgan, and AJ Styles were starting up the company. Orton says that all three of them went through hell to be named Heavyweight Champion, and that's exactly where they find themselves again. He says that the only difference is, that Morgan and Styles have each held the Heavyweight Title, and it's his time to be the face of the Horizon Wrestling League.

This brings out AJ STYLES, who makes his way to the ring, and stands face-to-face with Orton. He says that there's only been one other man to hold the Heavyweight Title on two occasions; and Desmond Wolfe isn't going to be an issue any more. Styles says that it's only a matter of him winning the Battle Royal tonight, before he walks into Caged Rage and leaves with the Heavyweight Title around his waist. He says that, in the past, Orton was no match for him inside the ring, and that tonight would be no different.

Orton takes offense to the comment and attack Styles, and the two men begin to go back and forth inside the ring. One by one, the other participants of the battle royal make their way down to the ring, and an all-out brawl ensues. Daniels and Michaels plead for officials to put an end to it…

PETER BRADSHAW makes his way out to the stage, with a microphone, and demands that everyone stop what they're doing. He says that if the ring isn't cleared within 30 seconds, the battle royal later tonight will be canceled, and none of them will get a shot at the Heavyweight Title. Bradshaw watches as HWL officials make their way down to the ring and escort the superstars out of the ring; some of them still sharing words with one another as “Anarchy” goes to commercials.

Commercial Break

The Usos/Cody Rhodes (w/Tamina) vs. The Hart Dynasty/Ted DiBiase (w/Natalya)

There haven't been many six-man tag matches in the HWL, to-date, and tonight was one that was anticipated by many in the audience. The Usos and The Hart Dynasty were looking to heat up their rivalry just six days before meeting for the Tag Team Titles; and Rhodes and DiBiase were looking for an excuse to go after one another. But, unfortunately, neither the six men in the match or the thousands in attendance got to see what they had hoped to. Just minutes into the match, Natalya proved that she would do anything to save her team, when she felt the need to. She tripped Cody Rhodes, and the referee quickly called for the bell, disqualifying the Champions and DiBiase. After the bell rang, all six men began to brawl inside the ring as the referee hopelessly looked on. All six men paired off against each other as the brawl made its way outside the ring. The Usos and The Hart Dynasty battled each other at ringside as Rhodes and DiBiase brawled up the ramp and into the backstage area. Officials rushed down to the ring and broke up the two teams, as Daniels and Michaels wondered what was going on between the two former tag team partners.

The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) & Cody Rhodes defeated The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) & Ted DiBiase when C. Rhodes defeated D.H. Smith by disqualification in 0:04:32.
Rating: * ¼
[Natalya interfered against Cody Rhodes.]

Commercial Break

A preview for Caged Rage is shown, highlighting the five matches already signed. The event will take place on December 26th, live from Houston, Texas… only on pay-per-view.

Fatal Four-Way, X-Division Match
Kyle O'Reilly vs. Yoshi Tatsu vs. Alex Shelley vs. Evan Bourne

This match was the chance of a lifetime for all four of the participants. Aside from both Tatsu and Shelley getting chances at the Tag Team Titles, neither of these men had been given a chance to challenge for a singles title during their time in the HWL. However, tonight would change that for the one who was lucky enough to come out on top. Tonight, Kyle O'Reilly was that man. However, O'Reilly will never be able to say that he won this match on his own. In a scene that stunned everyone in the arena, RANDY ORTON made his way to the ring and insisted on aiding O'Reilly with every elimination in the match, except for that of Orton's parter, Alex Shelley. Orton threw in the ring bell to help eliminate Evan Bourne; he then spent most of the night attacking Yoshit Tatsu, wearing him down so that O'Reilly could put him away. And, Orton did nothing as Shelley tried his best to earn a shot to challenge for the X-Division Title. However, he came up short, falling victim to the Brain Buster to become the final elimination of the night. After the match, O'Reilly looked on, shocked at Orton's help, as Shelley slowly made his way out of the ring. Shelley got into Orton's face, demanding to know the reason Orton was at ringside, but the only answer he got was an RKO to the concrete floor! Orton stood over Shelley's prone body, laughing, as the crowd booed.

Kyle O'Reilly defeated Yoshi Tatsu, Alex Shelley and Evan Bourne:
x O'Reilly beat E. Bourne after a side step in 0:15:27.
x O'Reilly beat Y. Tatsu via the Brain Buster in 0:26:39.
x O'Reilly beat A. Shelley via the Brain Buster in 0:29:55.
Rating: *** ¾
[Randy Orton interfered against Evan Bourne.]
[Randy Orton interfered against Yoshi Tatsu.]

Commercial Break

#1 Contenders Battle Royal

Nine men stepped into the ring in tonight's main event, vying for the final spot in Sunday night's Triple Threat Match for the vacant Heavyweight Title. All nine men had gotten into a very heated brawl earlier in the evening, and when the bell rang to “officially” begin, they picked up right where they left off. Rob Terry quickly used his strength to manhandle “The Viper” Randy Orton over the top rope. Terry become a victim, himself, at the hand of Tommy Dreamer, about thre
e minutes later. Dreamer would last another three-plus minutes in the match before being the only elimination made by “The Monster” Abyss. All through the match, Kaz had kept himself relatively quiet, battling it out with the others, and doing whatever he could to keep himself in the match. After Abyss's elimination of Dreamer, Kaz went on a tear, eliminating every other participant in the match, finally eliminating “The Monster” with a picture-perfect dropkick, that sent Abyss stumbling to the concrete. After the match, Kaz celebrated with the fans as “Anarchy” went off the air.

Kaz won a 9-man Battle Royal
x R. Terry threw out R. Orton in 0:00:49.
x T. Dreamer threw out AJ Styles in 0:03:05.
x Dreamer threw out Terry in 0:03:42.
x Abyss threw out Dreamer in 0:06:38.
x Kaz threw out A. Cole in 0:09:57.
x Kaz threw out S. Sheffield in 0:12:38.
x Kaz threw out Mr. Anderson after a headsmash into the turnbuckle in 0:13:00.
x Kaz threw out Abyss in 0:14:05.
Rating: ** ¾
(Montel Vontavious Porter no-showed.)

Card rating: ** ¾

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