December 20, 2011

Attendance: 4,039 (33%)

Kenny King vs. Ken Anderson

Kenny King and Ken Anderson came into this match hoping that the week off would recharge their batteries enough to help them pick up a victory in this opening contest. King came out strong in the opening moments, only allowing Anderson a few punches and kicks off offense. The crowd wasn’t sure who they wanted to root for as both men garnered their share of boos throughout the match, but it seemed with Anderson as he took advantage of the match. Anderson showed what he could do in the ring, and used his power to wear down his smaller opponent, hitting two somersault slams, but only getting near falls with each attempt. Anderson set up for the Mic Check, but King was close enough to hold onto the ropes, and when Anderson went down, he landed awkwardly on his shoulder. King jumped at the chance, and started working over the injured arm, locking in an armbar submission that Anderson eventually tapped out to.

Kenny King defeated Ken Anderson when Anderson tapped out in an armbar submission in 0:14:17.
Rating: ***

After the match, Alfred Pressley is seen, standing off to the side of the aisle. He introduces DAVID HART SMITH as the man who will face Max Buck in two weeks for the PCW Heavyweight Title. Pressley asks Smith about the ending of the match last week, in which he was named the new challenger to Max Buck, and Smith said that he’s aware that people are claiming that he cheated; and that if it were to happen again, the results would be different. Smith says that nothing - not even the fans protesting and complaining - can change the fact that he is the man who will face Buck for the title - and eventually leave the ring as the new Heavyweight Champion.

The Big Show’s music begins to play, stopping the interview, as The Big Show makes his way to the interview platform. He says that the fans aren’t the only ones complaining; and that deep down, Smith knows he cheated to beat Show last week. Show says that he likes the proposed idea that he and Smith meet in the ring, to see who could really beat the other one. Smith says he didn’t propose anything, and The Big Show asks Smith if he doesn’t think he can beat Show. Smith gets into Show’s face, says that there’s not a man in the PCW he can’t beat, and agrees to face Show next week. Smith walks away as the crowd starts chanting for The Big Show.

Rhett Titus vs. Daniel Bryan

The second match of the night saw Kenny King’s partner, Rhett Titus, stepping into the ring with Daniel Bryan. Over the years, Bryan has proven his skills as a mat technician, and during his stint in the PCW, those skills have garnered him multiple title reigns. Tonight, those skills were on show, as he put Titus in a number of submission moves. It appeared that Bryan could’ve had the match won on a number of occasions, but he chose to keep things going. In a fluke incident, at the end of the match, Titus ducked a clothesline attempt by Bryan, only to get hit flush in a temple with the point of Bryan’s elbow. The move sent Titus to the canvas, as Bryan made the cover for the 1-2-3.

Daniel Bryan defeated Rhett Titus via pinfall in 0:08:19.
Rating: *** ½

Byron Saxton/Robert Roode vs. © Max Buck/David Otunga

It was announced, at the beginning of the match, that Byron Saxton was taking the place of James Storm tonight, due to Storm’s flight to Boston cancelled due to inclement weather. Saxton had his chance to show what he could do in the ring with two former champions and the current Heavyweight Champion. Saxton was impressive, holding his own through the match, filling in nicely for James Storm.

This match went back and forth, with both teams resorting to brawling instead of much wrestling. The high spots for the match were reserved for Buck and Saxton, and they both hit their’s at the opportune time. At the latter part of the match, Buck attempted a cross-body off the turnbuckle, but was met with a dropkick by Roode. Buck appeared to have landed awkwardly on the canvas, and soon rolled out of the ring. For the rest of the match, Otunga was left to fend for himself, and that proved to be more than he could handle. After trying to pick up the win for his team after a battle with Roode, Otunga looked to not have much left in his tank, as Saxton - now in the ring - connected with a belly-to-back suplex for the shocking 1-2-3!

Byron Saxton & Robert Roode defeated Max Buck & David Otunga when B. Saxton pinned D. Otunga after a belly-to-back suplex in 0:16:55.
Max Buck suffered a back injury. He will be out for approximately 4 weeks
Rating: **
(James Storm no-showed.)

After the match, trainers run down to the ring and tend to Buck as Saxton and Roode celebrate their victory. Otunga rolls out from under the ropes and heads up the ramp, not bothering to check on his tag team partner.

Back at the interview platform, James Westerfield introduces LANCE BRAVADO, the man who will challenge Alberto Del Rio for the Television Title on January 2nd. Bravado says that it’s no secret that he hasn’t had a lot of success during his time in the PCW, but that his determination - and that fact that he has been on the roster for most of the company’s life - has finally rewarded him. He says that, especially over the last few weeks - with the issues surrounding his brother Harlem - knowing that he can walk out with the TV Title, would be a boost to the month’s his family has been having. Bravado says that Del Rio has been a fighting champion, and is on a tremendous reign, but Lance has something to prove on the 2nd, and he plans on walking out as the new champion.

Alex Payne vs. The Big Show

Alex Payne debuted tonight, and quickly found out that the last person your want your first match to be against is a very upset giant, but that’s exactly who Payne stepped into the ring with, as he took on The Big Show in the main event. The Big Show was still fuming over the ending of last week’s Four Corners Match, when he was defeated by David Hart Smith, and he took his anger out on Payne throughout this match. Though, credit should be given to Payne for holding his own, and getting a decent amount of offense in during the contest, but in the end, Big Show’s size, mixed with fury, was no match for the rookie. The Big Show ended the match with the Choke Slam for the victory.

The Big Show pinned Alex Payne with the Choke Slam in 0:14:23.
Rating: **

Card rating: ** ¼

12/27/11 - ALBANY, NEW YORK
David Hart Smith vs. The Big Show

TELEVISION TITLE MATCH: Lance Bravado vs. © Alberto Del Rio
HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: David Hart Smith vs. © Max Buck

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