December 26, 2010 - HWL Caged Rage - Houston, TX

HWL Caged Rage PPV
December 26, 2010
Toyota Center – Houston, Texas
Attendance: 6,230 (35%)

Fireworks shoot from the stage as Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to Houston, Texas for Caged Rage. They announce that five huge matches will take place tonight, and that three men will vie for the right to be named the new HWL Heavyweight Champion. The camera shows the steel cage structure sitting around the ring, as J.D reminds the audience that ever match tonight will take place within the confines of the steel cage. They send it down to the ring for the night's first match…

X-Division Title Match
Kyle O'Reilly vs. © D'Angelo Dinero

What a way to start off a pay-per-view! Things got off to a bang tonight, as the X-Division Title was on the line. O'Reilly had a huge chance to make a name for himself tonight, and he took every advantage he could to do just that. Dinero, once again, proved why he is the longest-reigning X-Division champion, as these two men absolutely destroyed each other throughout the match. The highlight of the match was Dinero's flying elbowdrop off the top of the cage! But, even after that move, he couldn't but O'Reilly away. Dinero tried everything – including hitting the DDE on FIVE separate occasions – but still couldn't put his challenger away. O'Reilly had his many shots at taking away the belt, hitting the Brain Buster on a handful of occasions as well, but also was unable to put “The Pope” away. The ending the match saw MONTEL VONTAVIOUS PORTER come down to ringside, with a pair of bolt cutters, and enter the ring. He attacked Dinero with the cutters, as O'Reilly watched on in shock. Suddenly, RANDY ORTON ran down and slid into the ring, surprising O'Reilly with an RKO! The referee had no choice but to call the match as a no-contest as HWL officials rushed down to the ring and separated the four men.

Kyle O'Reilly and D'Angelo Dinero battled to a draw in 0:30:00.
Rating: ¼
(D'Angelo Dinero retained the X-Division Title.)
[Montel Vontavious Porter interfered against D'Angelo Dinero.]
[Randy Orton interfered against Kyle O'Reilly.]

THE HART DYNASTY is seen, backstage, with Alisha Hicks. David Hart Smith says that he and Kidd are getting sick and tired of hearing every other team in the HWL saying that they have what it takes to beat the Dynasty for the Tag Team Titles. He says that every time has said it, but none of them have been able to actually do it. Kidd says that he is sick and tired of hearing all the second- and third-generation athletes say that their legacies are just as great – if not better – than those of The Hart Dynasty. He says that he and Smith have already beating Rhodes and DiBiase; they've already beaten Randy Orton; and tonight, they're going to beat the long-lost relatives of “Superfly Jimmy Snuka.

Also, backstage, VELVET SKY is seen in the catering area, speaking with a member of the crew, when she is approached by ANGELINA LOVE. The two of them stare at each other for a moment, before Love extends her hand, and says thank you for Velvet coming to her aide, Monday night, at Anarchy. Velvet shakes Angelina's hand, and brings her in for a hug. She says that they might've had their issues in the past, but Velvet couldn't stand by and watch “her friend” get treated that way. Velvet says that she will be cheering for Angelina tonight, because “someone needs to take the title away from that bitch”.

Tag Team Title Match
The Usos (w/Tamina) vs. © The Hart Dynasty (w/Natalya)

The Tag Team Titles were on the line in the next match of the evening. And, after the brawl that took place on Anarchy, Monday night, the tension was running high as the door was locked on the steel cage. Since debuting in the HWL, The Usos had proclaimed to be the greatest pair of third-generation stars that the company would ever see. However, there had always been one team that kept a firm hold of that title, as well as the Tag Team championships. Tonight, The Usos had their chance to take a big step into reversing their short-lived legacy in the HWL; all they needed to do was make either David Hart Smith submit, get a pinfall, or escape the cage. That task seemed like a tall order, as The Hart Dynasty put everything they had on the line. There were plenty of high-risk moves from both The Usos and Tyson Kidd, with the power coming from Smith. The Usos found themselves with a few chances to win the match, but at every turn, NATALYA was there to thwart them off. The end came as Kidd hit the Springboard Hart Attack to pick up the victory and retain the Tag Team Titles.

The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) defeated The Usos (Jimmy & Jey) when T. Kidd pinned Jey after the Springboard Hart Attack in 0:24:38.
(The Hart Dynasty retained the HWL Tag Team Titles.)

Backstage, Tim Hanson is seen with CODY RHODES. Hanson asks how Cody is feeling, knowing that later tonight, he will step into a steel cage against his former tag team partner, Ted DiBiase. Rhodes says that, over the past few months, he has had to put up with being blamed constantly for Legacy losing both the HWL and PCW Tag Team Titles. He says that, for one day, he achieved success without DiBiase by winning the PCW Tag Team Titles a second time. Rhodes says that he knew he wasn't the one to blame for losing the titles, because his partner left the company the next day; he says that DiBiase was just making up lies to cover up his own insecurities inside the ring. Rhodes says, that tonight, he would make DiBiase eat those lies, and prove once and for all that he was the one who carried Legacy through it all.

Near the stage entrance, Alisha Hicks stops NATALYA before her title defense, and asks what's going through her mind. Natalya says that word spreads pretty quick in the back, and that after she finishes with Angelina Love tonight, she's setting her sights on “that bitch”, Velvet Sky.

Women's Title Match
Angelina Love vs. © Natalya

Things between these two Vixens heated up quickly just six days ago on Anarchy, and tonight Angelina Love was hoping to come out of the fire victorious, and put an end to Natalya's reign over the Women's Division. Love came out strong, picking up a couple near falls, and even touching the concrete outside the ring with her hands, before Natalya pulled her back inside. Love went for the Lights Out, but Nataly was able to counter the move and hit a Tiger Driver. Natalya took advantage and locked in an airplane spin that caused Angelina to have trouble getting to her feet and keeping her balance. Natalya then climbed out of the cage, dropping to the concrete, and retaining the Women's Title.

Natalya defeated Angelina Love by escaping the cage in 0:08:25.
Rating: *** ½
(Natalya retained the HWL Women's Title.)

Tim Hanson is seen with TED DIBIASE, backstage, and asks him to respond to Cody Rhodes' comments earlier tonight. DiBiase laughs and says that Rhodes is delusional if he thinks he was the one that carried Legacy. DiBiase says that the facts prove that every time they lost the tag team titles, Rhodes was the victim of the fall. He says that the facts don't lie, and Rhodes can “shove it”. DiBiase laughs at Rhodes “finding success” in the PCW. He says that he and his partner were champions one night; and that his partner left the company because he didn't want to carry Rhodes around like he had to carry around his fat, retarded brother decades before. DiBiase says that tonight, he's going to stop wasting his time, one way or another.

Alisha Hicks is seen with a smiling KAZ backstage, and says that emotions must be running high tonight. Kaz says that he's had his fair share of title matches throughout his career, and that he's won some and loss some. But, he says that nothing beats the feeling he got when he eliminated Abyss, Monday night, during the battle royal. Kaz says that hearing his name announced as the winner – and the third person in tonight's main event – sent chills down his spine. He admits to not getting much sleep Monday night, because the excitement was coursing through his body. He says he's aware of the odds stacked against him, facing Kurt Angle and Matt Morgan, but says that he's honored just to have the chance to challenge for the Heavyweight Title. He says that, the only way it could get better, is if he walks out of Houston as the new Heavyweight Champion.

Ted DiBiase vs. “Dashing” Cody Rhodes

That has been a lot of bad blood between these two former Tag Team Champions over the past few weeks, ever since Cody Rhodes returned to the HWL, and vowed redemption against Ted DiBiase. They both got a piece of each other, Monday night, as a part of the six-man match on Anarchy. But tonight, they got exactly what they wanted: a match where neither of them could run, and had to face each other until there was a winner. Both men made it very clear that there hatred for each other was very real, as they both did whatever they could to physically harm one another. But, in the end, no real damage was done, but the “Dashing” one could claim that he got the better of his partner, as he Rhodes was able to escape the cage and secure himself a victory.

Cody Rhodes defeated Ted DiBiase by escaping the cage in 0:09:41.
Rating: ** ¾

KURT ANGLE is shown backstage, with Tim Hanson, wearing a bandage over his head. Angle says that, Monday night at Anarchy, he was a victim of an insecure jacked=up freak. He says that in the couple weeks he has been back in the HWL, he has already gotten into the mind of Matt Morgan; and because of that, Morgan's past concerns about what Angle had done to him, slowly crept back up, causing Morgan to attack Angle backstage. Angle says that Morgan attacked him because he wanted a little piece of “ease” heading into tonight, hoping that if Morgan could inflict enough damage then, that Angle wouldn't be at 100 percent tonight. Angle says that the bandage on his head, and the stitches in his flesh are nothing compared to what he's had to go through earlier in life. He says that the only thing Matt Morgan succeeded in doing, was making sure Angle stopped at nothing to inflict the same amount of punishment – if not worse – inside the steel cage tonight. Angle says the Heavyweight Title is on the line, but that beating Morgan was his biggest concern.

A preview for the up-coming pay-per-view, BRUTALITY, is shown. The event will take place on January 30, 2011, live from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

Heavyweight Title, Triple Threat Match
“The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan vs. Kaz

In one of the most anticipated matches of the year, these three men stepped inside the steel cage to see who would take claim to the vacant Heavyweight Title, left by Desmond Wolfe just two weeks ago. The arena rocked with tension as the crowd awaited the moment when Angle and Morgan would step into the ring against each other, but the early part of the match was side-tracked by a very impressive showing by the smaller challenger, Kaz. With help from his X-Division knowledge, and his speed, Kaz was able to get a couple quick near-falls over his bigger opponents; even using his superkick on both Angle and Morgan to nearly escape the cage. Eventually, the crowd in Houston got what they had come to see: Angle and Morgan inside the ring together; and they didn't disappoint. They brawled everywhere possible around the ring. Morgan used the cage to scrape Angle's face across the steel, opening up a small gash on Angle's forehead. Dazed, Angle still managed to kick out after Morgan hit the Carbon Footprint, that send “The Blueprint” into a rage that ended up costing him the advantage; as Morgan went for a second C.F., Angle ducked the move and connected with an Angle Slam! But, instead going for the pin, Angle climbed to the top of the cage and hit a picture-perfect moonsault onto Morgan! The ensuing pinfall was broken up by Kaz, as Angle and Morgan lie on the canvas, both holding their midsections in pain. Angle was the first to his feet, and he locked on the Angle Lock as Morgan shouted out in pain. But, once again, Kaz made the save, and he and Angle got into a shoving match. Morgan came from behind and clotheslined the back of Angle's head, sending him into the steel cage. As Angle reeled backwards, he was the victim of the Wave of the Future by Kaz, who only got a two-count, as Morgan was there to break it up. Morgan and Kaz went at each other as Angle lay prone on the canvas. Kaz ducked under the Carbon Football, and connected with the Wave of the Future on Morgan! But, instead of going for the cover, Kaz tried to scale the cage to victory, onto to be caught by Angle, and connected with another Angle Slam! Angle got to his feet, and slowly made the trek up the cage, scaling the outside wall as Morgan got to his feet… just in time to watch Angle drop to the concrete and be announced the NEW Heavyweight Champion!

Kurt Angle defeated Matt Morgan and Kaz by escaping the cage in 0:37:39.
Rating: ¼
(Kurt Angle won the HWL Heavyweight Title.)

Card rating: *** 1/2

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