December 26, 2011

Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the brand new Barclays Center, in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. They wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and announce that we are just three weeks away from Brutality in Vancouver, Canada. Tonight, Nikki Bella will get her chance to win the Women’s Title as she takes on Velvet Sky. Also, in a match signed by Peter Bradshaw last week, David Otunga and a partner of his choosing, will take on the Tag Team Champions - Steve Corino and Eddie Edwards - in a non-title match. And, in the main event, Heavyweight Champion CM Punk will be in action against Brutus Magnus.

AJ Styles’s music plays as the number one contender makes his way on-stage, flanked by Chelsea and Ric Flair, as Josh and Scott review the events of last week’s main event against Cody Rhodes. Inside the ring, Styles says that last week, 24 hours after earning the right to face CM Punk for the Heavyweight Title at Brutality, Punk stuck his nose in Styles’s business. Styles says that he had the chance to do to Cody Rhodes what he has waited months to do, but because of the actions of Punk, Styles was unable to do that. Styles says he’s not too upset about having his match end the way it did last week, because he got to see Punk’s moment of glory crash and burn on the ramp, in front of the world! Styles says that Punk will leave Vancouver, in three weeks, with a loss on his record; and that Styles will walk away with the Heavyweight Title for the fourth time. But, Styles says that, until January 15th, he and The Conglomerate will make Punk’s life a living hell; and that Punk deserves everything he has coming to him. Styles drops the microphone, and all three leave the ring, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Coming back from the break, Alisha Hicks is backstage with Evan Bourne and Kaz. Alisha says that both men should be excited about the chance to get into the ring and challenge for the Tag Team Titles at Brutality. Bourne says that he couldn’t be happier about this title shot, because it is his chance to become the only person in HWL history to hold two different title belts. Kaz says that there is obviously personal goals that he and Bourne want to accomplish from this match, and that he can’t deny that he’s happy about getting a shot at another title after coming up short two weeks ago against CM Punk. But, Kaz says that he and Bourne have busted their butts since joining together as a team, and that last week was their reward for their hard work. He says that, at Brutality, they are going to have a tough challenge on their hands, but that they fought tooth and nail to get the chance; and that Corino and Edwards have no idea what they’ve got coming.

Women’s Title Match
Nikki Bella vs. © Velvet Sky

Last week, Nikki Bella earned the chance to challenge for the Women’s Title after winning the Vixens’ Battle Royal. It was just another challenge on the short list that Velvet has gone up against since she won back the title. But, tonight, Velvet looked to have her hands full, as Nikki came out eager to knock Velvet off her throne as champion. Velvet thought she would have some help, from the unlikeliest of choices, as DAFFNEY made her way down to ring, and interfered against Nikki. But, even with the interference, and having to deal with two opponents instead of one, Nikki was able to hold her ground, and connect with the Sitout Facebuster to pick up the victory and become the new Women’s Champion!

Nikki Bella pinned Velvet Sky with the Sitout Facebuster in 0:09:18.
Rating: ** ½
(Nikki Bella won the HWL Women’s Title.)
[Daffney interfered against Nikki Bella.]

After the match, Nikki was handed the Women’s Title as Daffney slammed her hands against the canvas, before making her way back up the ramp. Nikki celebrated in the ring as Josh and Scott wondered why Daffney was at ringside, wanting to help a women Daffney has never gotten along with.

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As Anarchy returns, the camera shows Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk, walking through the backstage area. J.D. says he’d love to hear Punk’s reasoning for getting involved in last week’s main event. Then, from behind, Matt Morgan and Rob Terry blindside Punk! Michaels says that they are just starting where they left off last week, while J.D. calls them despicable. Morgan and Terry throw Punk into a table covered with equipment, before tossing the Heavyweight Title into the wreckage. Morgan tells Punk that his beating was courtesy of the next Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles.

Returning to ringside, J.D. says that he can’t believe what he just witnessed, as the Heavyweight Champion became a victim of some sadistic plan by The Conglomerate. Michaels says that it’s no secret that Styles and Flair will stop at nothing to bring the Heavyweight Title back to their stable. He says that Punk has started a war with a group of people, and he should expect for The Conglomerate to not take it lightly.

Natalya vs. Brie Bella

During her time in the HWL, Natalya has guaranteed herself a spot in the record books with the longest Women’s Title reign in history. And, having held the title for as long as she did, over time she had stepped into the ring with ever Vixen that graced the roster. But, last week, Natalya took her elimination from the battle royal very seriously, and was reported to be ecstatic when Peter Bradshaw announced that she would face Brie Bella tonight. Brie Bella was hoping to come out and pick up a victory, just like her sister did to start off the show, but Natalya was more than ready to make Brie pay for costing her a shot at the Women’s Title at Brutality. Brie held her own, in this quick match, was no match for the former Champion. Natalya ducked a clothesline attempt and locked on a crucifix to pick up the victory.

Natalya pinned Brie Bella after a crucifix in 0:04:43.
Rating: * ¾

After the match, Alisha Hicks is shown backstage, with the HWL Tag Team Champions. Eddie Edwards, circled by Shane Hagadorn and Steve Corino, reminds everyone that he defeated Rami Sebei in the center of the ring last week. Alisha says that Edwards did have help from Adam Cole, who came down and attacked Sebei, but Edwards says that she should shut her mouth and stick to doing what she gets paid to do: hold a microphone and look pretty. Edwards says that Cole has his own issues with Sebei, but that Cole had nothing to do with Edwards making the X-Division Champion tap out in the center of the ring. He says that, with his victory, he should be the top choice to challenge for the title, no matter who has it after Brutality. Corino tells Edwards to not get ahead of himself, and that Edwards’ focus, for now, is keeping the Tag Team Titles. They walk away as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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Coming back from the break, Adam Cole makes his way out to the ring, and says that he is going to make his message short and sweet. He says that his actions last week should have been a clear enough message to Rami Sebei; but if they weren’t, Cole says that he is out here tonight to use his rematch clause, and challenge Sebei for the X-Division Title at Brutality. Cole says that Sebei’s victory was a fluke, and that Cole will win his title back - by any means necessary.

In his office, Peter Bradshaw says that earlier tonight, the world witnessed a heinous attack on the HWL Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk; and that after being treated by the medical staff, Bradshaw reports that Punk will not be able to compete in tonight’s main event against Brutus Magnus. Bradshaw says that Punk’s status will be monitored week by week, and that as of now, Punk’s title defense against AJ Styles is still scheduled to take place at Brutality.

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As Anarchy returns, a replay of the confrontation between David Otunga and Shane Hagadorn is shown, as Daniels and Michaels announced that, due to the injuries suffered as a result of that attack, Otunga would not be able to take part in the scheduled tag team match tonight. But, Otunga did have a message for Hagadorn and the Tag Team Champions.

The video begins with Otunga sitting in his house, in Hollywood, California. His ribs are bandaged, and his face is swollen from the attack last week. Otunga says that Hagadorn, Corino and Edwards should feel “pretty damn happy” with themselves, because they’ve put Otunga out of action - at least for this week. He reminds them that it was easy to get to Hagadorn once, and that it’d be easy to do it again. Otunga says that he is not finished with the three of them, and that tonight, the world will be introduced to his new tag team partner: someone who knows a thing or two about winning gold, with a willingness to stop at nothing in order to get it. Otunga says that he can’t wait to get his hands on Corino and Edwards again; and that the time will be here before they know it.

Non Title Match
© Steve Corino/Eddie Edwards (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. Colt Cabana/Santino Marella

The Tag Team Champions were introduced first tonight, as the crowd in Brooklyn anticipated who would come out as David Otunga’s new partner. Daniels and Michaels reported that Colt Cabana would be taking his place in this match, and when Santino Marella’s music began to play, the crowd went crazy. The three-time PCW Heavyweight Champion made his way down to the ring, and the question was, How would these two fare together as a team, going up against a cohesive unit like Edwards and Corino? Cabana and Marella were able to hold their own for a time. Cabana showed a unique strength, by hitting three power bombs in succession on Edwards, but was only able to get a two-count. That would prove to be the closest Cabana and Marella came to picking up the win, as Hagadorn got involved in the match. With Edwards and Cabana in the ring, Hagadorn came over and grabbed the boot of Marella - keeping him from breaking up the Achilles Lock - eventually leading to Cabana tapping out to end the match.

[Non-Title Match]:
Steve Corino & Eddie Edwads defeated Colt Cabana & Santino Marella when E. Edwards made Cabana submit to the Achilles Lock in 0:09:28.
Rating: ¼

After the match, Steve Corino ran across the ring and blindsided Marella with a clothesline, sending him crashing down to the concrete. At the order of Hagadorn, Corino and Edwards assaulted Marella. They left Marella laying on the concrete, as they made their way up the ramps, while Cabana tried to get to his feet inside the ring. J.D. said that they champs should be ashamed of themselves. Michaels said that they were just trying to send a message to Marella and Otunga. J.D. said that Marella definitely got that message, but that it’s just fueling the fire inside Otunga.

Commercial Break

Once again, Peter Bradshaw is shown in his office, as Anarchy returns from commercials. Bradshaw announces that, due to the events earlier tonight, he has scheduled a tag team match for next week. In this match, The Bella Twins will face the team of Natalya and Daffney. And, to make things interesting, Bradshaw says that the special referee for the match will be former Women’s Champion, Velvet Sky.

As soon as Bradshaw is finished with his announcement, AJ Styles appears in his office, with an ear-to-ear grin on his face. Bradshaw wants to know what Styles wants. Styles says that, since CM Punk is unable to compete tonight - and because Brutus Magnus still needs an opponent - he will take Punk’s spot in the main event. Styles reminds Bradshaw that his match last week again Cody Rhodes was a no-contest. Bradshaw reluctantly says that Styles has a point, and agrees to let Styles fill in for Punk tonight.

Alex Shelley vs. Adam Cole

Last week, Adam Cole made a bold statement to new X-Division Champion, Rami Sebei. Cole attacked Sebei after his match against Eddie Edwards, and demanded his rematch. While waiting for an answer from the champ, Cole stepped into the ring with Alex Shelley tonight. Shelley and Cole know each other pretty well from their short feud over the X-Division Title when Cole still held the belt, and their knowledge of each other was on display tonight. For nearly 30 minutes, both Cole and Shelley were able to keep each other from taking a firm hold of the match, reversing each others’ moves, and seeing what the other would do before it was done. Shelley did take advantage in the match while outside the ring, after whipping Cole shoulder-first into the ring steps. Cole soon fell victim to the Sliced Bread #2, but was close enough to the ropes to break the count. Cole soon fought back into the match, and as Shelley attempted a senton from the second rope, Cole lifted his knees, catching Shelley in the small of the back! That was the tide that turned the match, because soon afterward, Cole connected with the Panama Sunrise to pick up the 1-2-3.

Adam Cole pinned Alex Shelley with the Panama Sunrise in 0:27:34.
Rating: ¾

Cole lays on the canvas, and is announced the winner, as RAMI SEBEI’S music begins to play. Sebei makes his way down to the ring, and stand over Cole. Sebei says that he’s not going to lay a finger on Cole because he’s above repeating Cole’s actions. Sebei says that Cole will get his rematch at Brutality; and Sebei says, to prove that he is a better champion than Cole, he will allow Cole to choose the stipulation for their match. Sebei drops the microphone and leaves the ring, as J.D. says he thinks Sebei could be setting himself up for failure on January 15th.

Commercial Break

Anarchy returns as an add for the upcoming pay-per-view event, Brutality, is shown. J.D. and Michaels give a rundown of the matches signed for the event. Brutality will take place on January 15th, live from the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Brutus Magnus vs. AJ Styles (w/Chelsea & Ric Flair)

Brutus Magnus was set to step into the ring with the Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk tonight, but due to the heinous attack by The Conglomerate - and the selfish, quick thinking of the number one contender, AJ Styles headlined his second straight Anarchy. With Punk incapacitated for the night, Styles was able to put on a match without fear of interference on Magnus’s behalf. However, it was Flair’s interference that helped allow Styles to take over the match after Magnus came out looking very impressive from the beginning. A surprising thing about this match was that Styles never attempted the Styles Clash. J.D. and Scott Michaels made a note of that fact, saying that it appeared as if Styles was wanting to send a message to Punk - as if that message hadn’t already been sent. Brutus kept fighting strong, but as he attempted an elbow off the top rope, Flair jumped onto the apron, causing Magnus to hang himself on the turnbuckle. This gave Styles the chance to hit a hurancarana off the top rope for the 1-2-3!

AJ Styles pinned Brutus Magnus after a hurrancarana off the top rope in 0:11:27.
Rating: *** ¾
[Ric Flair interfered against Brutus Magnus.]

After the match, Styles leaves the ring and celebrates his victory by shaking hands with Flair and hugging Chelsea, as the crowd roars with boos. J.D. and Michaels thank everyone for watching as Anarchy goes of the air.

Card Rating: *** ¾

HWL Brutality PPV - 01/15/12 - Vancouver, British Columbia
Heavyweight Title Match: AJ Styles vs. (c) CM Punk
X-Division Title Match (of Adam Cole's choosing): Adam Cole vs. (c) Rami Sebei
Tag Team Title Match: Evan Bourne/Kaz vs. (c) Steve Corino/Eddie Edwards

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