December 27, 2011

Attendance: 8,060 (52%)

The show begins as Alfred Pressley introduces the Television Champion, Alberto Del Rio, who joins Pressley on the interview platform. Pressley asks how Del Rio feels heading into next week’s title defense against Lance Bravado, and Del Rio mentions that he was raised in a very wealthy family; and that if he ever wanted anything, he could just ask for it, and it was his. Unlike Lance Bravado, who Del Rio can only assume grew up poor, his parents barely scraping by, making just enough money to keep them afloat. Del Rio says that Lance may think he has paid his dues, and that Lance feels like he has put everything he has into this business, but that he is not accustomed to greatness. Del Rio is. Del Rio says that he grew up with the finer things in life, and that he couldn’t see himself living any other way. And, because of that, the thought of Lance Bravado holding Del Rio’s television makes Del Rio sick to his stomach. Del Rio says that he is going to teach Lance an important message next week: that no matter how good someone thinks they are, there will always be someone better, and more deserving of the things you want.

Lance Bravado vs. The Great Khali (w/Ranjin Singh)

Just one week away from challenging Alberto Del Rio for the Television Title at the next PCW live event, Lance Bravado stepped into the ring with PCW’s resident giant - The Great Khali. Not only did Bravado have to contend with Khali, and his manager Ranjin Singh at ringside, but Del Rio joined in on commentary during the match, adding another presence for Bravado. Khali dominated for the better part of this match, but Bravado found opportunities to use his speed to get the better of Khali every now and then. On one such occasion, Bravado landed a springboard dropkick that dropped Khali to the canvas. Bravado jumped at the chance to make the pinfall, but Del Rio slid into the ring, and broke up the count by attacking Bravado. The referee called for the bell, as Del Rio kept up his assault.

Lance Bravado defeated The Great Khali by disqualification in 0:17:20.
Rating: -** ½
[Alberto Del Rio interfered against Lance Bravado.]

After the match, Del Rio continued to attack Bravado, as PCW officials rushed down to the ring. Del Rio was overheard telling Bravado that he didn’t deserve the Television Title; and that he was beneath it. Del Rio said that he was doing him a favor by waiting until next week to embarrass him. Del Rio left the ring, through the throng of officials standing at ringside.

After Eddie Edwards is introduced before the start of the second match, HARLEM BRAVADO returns to a mixed reaction from the crowd. In the ring, Edwards is shocked to see Harlem, as James Westerfield says that the PCW medical staff cleared Harlem for action over the weekend. Harlem says that for weeks, he has been thinking of ways to get even with Edwards, for taking Harlem out of action. Harlem says that he is back, and that he has every intention on paying his debt to Edwards - on the same night that his brother will become the new Television Champion! Harlem then challenges Edwards to a Street Fight next week. The crowd roars with cheers as Edwards agrees to the match. Harlem smiles, says nothing else, and leaves the aisle as Edwards awaits his opponent.

Non-Title Match
Eddie Edwards vs. © Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez)

Just moments after allowing Lance Bravado a victory over The Great Khali, Television Champion, Alberto Del Rio, returned to the ring to face Eddie Edwards. The response Del Rio got as he was introduced was not surprising, but Del Rio soaked in their boos and had a smile on his face as the match started.

As the match begin, a huge roar erupted from the crowd as LANCE BRAVADO hobbled his way down to the ringside area. Bravado has had a history with Edwards, and it’s obvious his issues with Del Rio, so there was a question of what Edwards’ intentions were. He quickly made them known, tossing Del Rio a steel chair, that Del Rio cracked over Edwards’ head. The crowd began to boo Bravado as he walked back up the ramp, while Del Rio took control inside the ring. Edwards tried to fight his way back into the match, but the chair shot clearly had taken him off his game, and Del Rio picked up the victory with a hurancarana.

[Non-Title Match]:
Alberto Del Rio pinned Eddie Edwards after a hurrancarana in 0:12:04.
[Lance Bravado interfered against Eddie Edwards.]

After the match, Del Rio stood in the ring, staring at Bravado, as he made his way back up the ramp.

PCW Commissioner, Rex Butler, makes his way out to the ring and says that he has an announcement to make; one that he knows the crowd will not like to hear. Butler says that, last week, during a tag team contest last week, Max Buck injured his back, and will be out of action for a month. Because of his injury, Buck will not be cleared to wrestle next week, nor will he be able to defend the Heavyweight Title against David Hart Smith. Therefore, Butler says that effective tonight, Buck has been stripped of the Heavyweight Title. Butler announces that a Heavyweight Title Match will take place next week, but that a battle royal earlier in the show, will determine who faces Smith for the now-vacated title.

Four Corners-Elimination Match
Alex Payne/Ken Anderson vs. Byron Saxton/David Otunga vs. The All-Night Express vs. Beer Money

As the four teams were introduced for this match, it was announced that the winners would move on to face Jay Lethal and Daniel Bryan for the PCW Tag Team Titles, next week on the live broadcast. The match started off with a fury, as all eight men made quick tags, not wanting to stay in the ring for too long, in order to keep their bodies fresh. It was clear, from the start, that the pairing of Otunga and Saxton worked well as a team, as they went toe-to-toe with the All-Night Express. Alex Payne tagged himself in, by slapping Saxton on the back, and locking Rhett Titus in a boot choke in the corner. But, his agerness got the better of Payne, as he did not break the referee’s five count, and was disqualified - also eliminating Ken Anderson.

X Alex Payne is eliminated by Rhett Titus (DQ) in 0:11:13.

The match restarted with Robert Roode and David Otunga now in the ring. Roode and Storm made quite the show of themselves during their latest reign as Tag Team Champions. No other team in this match had more incentive to win then Beer Money, after losing the titles to Lethal and Daniels at the beginning of the month. Roode was a force, taking on Otunga, Saxton and Kenny King; but neither of them could be away the former champions. Otunga attempted a clothesline, only to have Roode turn it into a crucifix for the 1-2-3.

X David Otunga is eliminated by Robert Roode via pinfall in 0:15:19.

Again, the match was restarted, with the chance to challenge for the titles on the line. James Storm and Rhett Titus were in the ring, and from the start, Titus used his speed to get the better of Storm, wearing him down with clotheslines and dropkicks. Rhett hit two frogsplashes, but both time, only got a two-count on Storm. Rhett worked Storm over in the ANE corner, making it impossible to tag in Roode. Titus went for a roll-up, but Roode distracted the referee, and there was no count. As Titus went over to get the referee, Storm connected with a low blow. With the referee back on top of things, Storm took control of the match, until he ran into the ropes and was kicked in the back by Kenny King, standing on the apron. King gets tagged in and heads to the top rope, and goes for his own frogsplash, only to have Storm roll out of the way! Outside the ring, Roode runs over and pulls Titus off the apron, as Storm takes over the match. Soon, Storm connects with the Last Call, picking up the win and a rematch next week!

X Rhett Titus is eliminated by James Storm via pinfall in 0:18:31.
Rating: ** ¾

A video segment, recorded earlier in the day, is played of Brooke Barlow with DAVID OTUNGA. Brooke asks Otunga about his interaction with Heavyweight Champion, Max Buck, after their tag team loss last week to Bryon Sexton and Robert Roode. Otunga says that for the last week, too many people have been making something out of nothing. Otunga says that he has no problems with Max Buck; but he won’t lie, and say that he’s not happy that, if Peter Bradshaw strips Buck of the title, that a new champion can be crowned shortly. Otunga says that, just like everyone else in the locker room, he would look great with the PCW Heavyweight Title around his waist.

David Hart Smith vs. The Big Show

Two weeks ago, The Big Show felt that he was cheated out of a victory - and a shot at the Heavyweight Title - by David Hart Smith. Last week, The Big Show bullied his way into this one-on-one contest with “The Canadian Bulldog”, saying that Smith didn’t have the guts to face him in a match, let alone win. Tonight, though, Smiths’ demeanor was different from that of startled shock, as he gave The Big Show everything he had. This match was not going to be a technical classic, as both men traded mammoth rights and lefts, just trying to beat the other one down. Unable to get things settled inside the ring, the match spilled onto the concrete at ringside, where nothing was safe from either men. The Big Show whipped Smith into the steel guardrail, followed by the ring apron, and then the steel ring steps. The use of the objects at ringside finally wore Smith down, but The Big Show looked to have no thoughts of finishing the match inside the ring. Show grabbed a chair from ringside, and cracked it over Smith’s skull, laying him out on the concrete. Show rolled back into the ring as the referee gave Smith the 10-count.

The Big Show defeated David Hart Smith by countout in 0:16:42.
Rating: * ½

After the match, The Big Show left the ring as EMTs rushed down to ringside, coming to Smith’s aide. Show watched from the ramp as the show came to a close.

Card Rating: ** 1/4

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