December 3, 2012 - Monday Night Anarchy - Minneapolis, MN

Commentators: Josh Daniels & Scott Michaels
Attendance: 6,968

-A video is shown recapping the events of last week’s main event, ending with CM Punk standing over Heavyweight Champion John Cena, taunting him, saying “You can’t see me”.

-Intro video is played. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to cold and snowy Minneapolis, just 13 days away from Caged Rage. After the events of what happened last week, there is speculation on what John Cena will have to say tonight, when or if he arrives at the arena. They also announce that tonight CM Punk will face off against former Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle.

-Women’s Champion Kelly Kelly comes out to the ring dressed in street clothes, carrying the title belt over her shoulder. Kelly says that just a number of years ago, she came into this business looking to try something new. She says that for so long she was just a pretty face – a “dumb bimbo” if you would. So, to change that, she got into the ring and learned what it takes to be a professional wrestler. She admits that it was hard, and there were times when she wondered if she could quit; but she stuck with it, and because of that, she stands before everyone tonight as the HWL Women’s Champion. But, due to some unforeseen circumstances – a back injury that just doesn’t seem to be getting better – the doctor’s have told Kelly that, in order to make sure she can live life without a wheelchair, she has to make a change. So, Kelly announces that here, tonight, she is retiring from professional wrestling and vacating the Women’s Title. Kelly says she knows the next Vixen to hold that title is backstage tonight, and she wishes each and every one of them the best luck in attaining their goals in this business. She thanks the audience for their time and leaves the ring to a standing ovation from the crowd.

Commercial Break

-Returning from the break, Kelly Kelly is seen handing the Women’s Title to Peter Bradshaw. Bradshaw hugs Kelly and wishes her the best of luck with recovery. Kelly walks off and is met by the other women on the roster. They all hug and wish Kelly luck. ODB walks up to Kelly and offers her hand. Kelly reluctantly shakes it while ODB says that it’s a shame Kelly’s leaving before they had a chance to face each other that Caged Rage. She wishes Kelly luck in life before Kelly walks away. ODB says that there’s nothing stopping her from becoming the next Women’s Champion.

Bobby Roode pinned Rami Sebei with the Payoff in 6:38.
Rating: ** ¾

Roode picked up a much-needed victory over Rami Sebei tonight in a short opening match.

Commercial Break

-Returning from the break, a recap of Kelly Kelly’s announcement is shown.

ODB defeated Brie Bella by DQ in 9:07.
Rating: * ¼

The on-going feud between ODB and Brie Bella continued tonight, on the very same night that the Women’s Title was vacated due to Kelly Kelly’s retirement. ODB had made it known that she had set her sights on Kelly for Caged Rage, but she would have to contend with one-half of the Bella Twins first. And, Brie – not one to like being overlooked – was ready for a fight tonight. Brie and ODB took their match outside the ring which almost resulted in both Vixens getting counted out. Later in the match, ODB took the advantage and, after laying Brie out with a Samoan Drop. She then took a drink from her flash and played to the crowd. By this time Brie had gotten back to her feet, and when ODB turned around, she was met with a low blow that dropped her to her knees. The referee quickly called for the DQ, but Brie wasn’t finished. She grabbed ODB’s flask and hit ODB across the face with it! With ODB laying on the canvas, Brie poured the contents of the flask onto ODB was screaming at her. The referee had to restrain Brie and escort her out of the ring as ODB slowly got to her feet with a small cut on her cheek.

Commercial Break

Non-Title Match
© AJ Styles & Kofi Kingston defeated Colt Cabana & Edwin Colon when Styles pinned Colon with the Styles Clash in 5:58.
Rating: *** ½

After picking up a victory last week, Cabana and Colon earned a shot to do what nearly all the teams on the roster have been unable to do as of late: give Styles and Kingston a notch in the LOSS column. Tonight, was no different, as Styles and Kingston took what their opponents gave them but continued to show why they seem capable of holding onto the Tag Team Titles for quite some time. Styles picked up the victory after a Styles Clash on Colon. After the match, STEVE CORINO and CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI made their way down to ringside, taunting Cabana and Colon – the team who beat them last week. They attacked Cabana, who was standing on the apron, throwing him to the concrete floor. Inside the ring, they double-teamed Colon. Castagnoli attempted the Giant Swing, but quickly fell to the canvas, holding his knee. Corino landed a few quick stomps to Colon before assisting Castagnoli out of the ring. They made their way up the ramp to a roar of boos as Anarchy went to commercials.

Commercial Break

-John Cena’s music played as Anarchy returned, and the Heavyweight Champion made his way to the ring. Cena blamed his loss against AJ Styles last week on the interference of CM Punk. Cena said that Punk had no business getting involved in his match, and that if Punk wanted a piece of Cena, then he could come get some. Punk came out to the stage and told Cena that, though he’d like to “get some” of Cena, he would be main-eventing tonight against Kurt Angle. Cena wanted to know what kind of man Punk was for sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. Punk said he knew what kind of man he was – the kind that keeps men like Cena from cheating their way to the top. Punk questioned what type of man Cena was for trying to use the title as a weapon last week when he knew he couldn’t beat AJ Styles on his own. Cena said that he’s the type of man who gets things down at any cost. Punk said that’s great, but he’s the type of man who embarrasses men like Cena and promised to do exactly that at Caged Rage.

Commercial Break

Christopher Daniels defeated Steve Corino by DQ in 12:59.
Rating: ¼
[Shane Hagadorn interfered against Christopher Daniels.]

Earlier in the evening, Corino had to help his partner Claudio Castagnoli backstage with an apparent leg injury. So, he came out tonight with Shane Hagadorn in his corner – naturally – ready to take on “The Fallen Angel”. A well-fought match that had the crowd on the edge of their seats was sadly given a disappointing end when Hagadorn grabbed Daniels’ leg, pulling him off of Corino during a pinfall attempt. The referee called for the bell, DQ’ing Corino. After the match, Daniels chased Hagadorn around the ring until he was met by a vicious clothesline from Corino to the concrete outside the ring. Corino and Hagadorn left ringside as Daniels was shown holding the back of his head.

Commercial Break

-Returning from the break, Alisha Hicks is seen backstage with Matt Morgan. Morgan said that he expects Kevin Steen to be somewhere in the arena tonight, smiling because he was able to pull one over on Morgan last week. He said that Steen can think that he’s getting the better of Morgan all he wants, but the fact is, at Caged Rage there won’t be anywhere for Steen to run and hide. Morgan told Steen to keep playing his games and see who comes out on top when the time comes to face Morgan like a man.

Chris Hero pinned Alex Riley with the Hero’s Welcome in 8:19.
Rating: *** ¼

These two men have become familiar with one enough, with this having been their third match-up since the Wicked Games pay=per-view. However, with all the time they’ve spent in the ring against one another, Chris Hero has managed to find a way to bring something new to each match. Riley, looking to get back on a winning streak the likes of his from earlier in the year, has had a rough time trying to get the best of “The Young Knockout Kid”. Tonight, was no different, as Hero seemed to have a counter for everything Riley threw at him. Hero finished things off with a Hero’s Welcome for the 1-2-3.

Commercial Break

CM Punk pinned Kurt Angle with the GTS in 13:11.
Rating: ** ½

Gearing up for his contest in 13 days against John Cena at Caged Rage, CM Punk stepped into the ring with the man whom he beat for the Heavyweight Title just over a year ago. Even with the threat of retaliation from the current Champion in the back of his mind, Punk and Angle put on a very impressive match for tonight’s main event. Punk was able to counter an Ankle Lock into one of his own before Angle quickly grabbed the ropes to break it up. The end of the match saw Angle attempt an Angle Slam, only for Punk to slide off his back, duck a clotheslines and hoist Angle up for a quick – but successful – GTS for the 1-2-3.

Card rating: ***

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