February 06, 2012 - Honolulu, HI

Monday Night Anarchy
February 6, 2012
Stan Sheriff Center - Honolulu, Hawaii
Attendance: 7,725 (75%)

- A highlight video package is shown from last week’s Anarchy. Kurt Angle’s victory in the Best of the Best Qualifying Match, and Angle being helped to the back afterwards is shown.

- Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the Aloha State, and the city of Honolulu. It is announced that Kurt Angle will speak later tonight, and will participate in the Triple Threat Match to determine the final three spots for Sunday’s Best of the Best battle royal.

- Rami Sebei is met with a mixture of cheers and boos as he makes his way to the ring, carrying the X-Division Title over his shoulder. Sebei enters the ring as Josh and Scott talk about the non-title match Sebei will have against Heavyweight Champion CM Punk, this Sunday, at Best of the Best. On the mic, Sebei says that he is still reeling from the comments made by Punk two weeks ago. Sebei says that he still considers Punk a friend, but isn't sure if Punk's ego can allow him to say the same thing. Sebei says that it doesn't matter either way, because he's not going to let that affect how he prepares for their match this Sunday night. Sebei says that Punk calls himself "The Best in the World"; and that right now, he is the best in the HWL. Sebei says that he has stepped into the ring with a number of athletes who thought they were the best, and was able to hold his own against them. Sebei says that neither Adam Cole nor AJ Styles will admit it, but he is sure they have a new-found respect for what Sebei can do inside the ring. Sebei says that he can raise his game to the level of his opponents - it's something he's done his entire career - and that he will, undoubtedly, have to do that very thing Sunday night. But Sebei says, when the night is over, whether he beats Punk or he doesn't, he expects Punk to respect him.

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Jeff Hardy vs. Evan Bourne

Six days before the Best of the Best pay-per-view, both of these men were looking to correct their luck over the past couple weeks. In that time, we’ve seen Hardy lose a heart-breaking match to Colt Cabana; and Bourne finish third in the qualifying match for the battle royal this Sunday night. Bourne will have a full plate on Sunday where, along with taking part in the 15-man battle royal, he and Kaz will team up in a Triple Threat Match for the Tag Team Titles. A victory tonight would put Bourne in the right frame of mind, heading into his title shot, but Hardy was looking to put an end to that tonight. Hardy used his agility, in one instance tonight, to hold onto the top rope, lock Bourne in a head scissors, and toss Bourne to the concrete outside! Hardy was also able to lock Bourne in a Texas Cloverleaf, that nearly caused Borne to pass out, but Bourne was able to reach the ropes and break the attempt. Bourne spent most of the match coming back; and it looked as if Hardy would stop the attempt, but Bourne was able to connect with a koppo kick that stunned Hardy, to get the 1-2-3.

Evan Bourne pinned Jeff Hardy after a koppo kick in 0:06:06.
Rating: *** ½

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- Backstage, Daffney is seen with Alisha Hicks. Daffney says that, last week, she proved again that she can anyone who carries the Women's Title. Daffney says that neither one of the Bellas have ever deserved to call themselves "champions". Daffney says that, she has been one of the most dominating Women's champions in the history of the HWL, and that she will be watch - very closely - to wins Sunday night. She says the Women's Title will be back in it's rightful place sooner or later, before leaving the scene.

Hamada vs. Velvet Sky

Hamada has become an overnight fascination, ever since she won the right to face Nikki Bella for the Women’s Title, this Sunday night at Best of the Best. Tonight, she took on one of the more popular Vixens in the company, Velvet Sky, who is also a two-time Women’s Champion. Tonight’s match looked to be a challenge for Hamada, as Velvet came out fearlessly against the number one contender. After a head scissor takedown, Velvet got a near fall, but that was the closest she’d come to victory. Velvet held control until Hamada reversed a Northern Lights suplex. Hamada then placed Velvet on the top rope and connected with a top-rope hurracarana for the quick 1-2-3.

Hamada pinned Velvet Sky after a top-rope hurracarana in 0:04:02.
Rating: ** ½

After the match, as Hamada was leaving the ring, Nikki Bella appeared on-stage. Nikki said that Hamada may have been lucky to beat Velvet tonight, and reminds everyone that Nikki beat Velvet to become Women’s Champion, so it’s not something that’s hard to do. Nikki tells Hamada that she’s crazy if Hamada thinks she can beat Nikki like that this Sunday night. Nikki leaves the stage, leaving Hamada to look around in confusion, as Anarchy goes to commercials.

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- Highlights are again shown of the qualifying match from last week. Kurt Angle makes his way down to the ring, followed by Martin Maldonado. Angle's forehead is bandaged, and he is walking with a noticeable limp. Josh and Scott talk about Angle's "gutsy" performance last week. The crowd chants for Angle as he grabs a microphone. Angle says that he has put his body on the line many times during his career in wrestling. he says that his training, preparation, and desire to be the best in this business are all things that helped get his hand raised last week. Angle says he respects the four other men that were in the ring with him, and no offense to them, but the better man won. Angle says that each and every one of them deserve their place in the battle royal on Sunday night, but that he would not be satisfied with just any entry. Angle says that there are three spots left to be filled, and just like the 1996 Olympics, he has no intention of finishing second or third. Angle say that there is only one spot that he wants… the #15 spot… the final entry in the battle royal. Angle says nothing - not even the injuries he suffered last week - will stop him from beating Eddie Edwards and Randy Orton tonight, and earning the right to be the last one in the ring on Sunday night. Angle says when all is set and done, at the end of Sunday night, he will once again be the number one contender for the Heavyweight Title; and that he can't wait to get his hands on CM Punk.

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Santino Marella/David Otunga vs. Colt Cabana/Luke Gallows

Tonight saw the paring of Marella and Otunga for the first time since Otunga went down with an injury a few weeks ago, taking on at team of two Chicago natives who both have ties to the Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk. For a match between two teams that don’t have a lot of history with each other, it was very evenly fought. Neither team was able to get a true advantage throughout the match, as all four men brawled their way through the affair, looking to make an impact for themselves or for their teams. The end of the match came, after Otunga had thrown Cabana outside of the ring, and waiting for his return. As Cabana re-entered the ring, Otunga connected with The Verdict for the 1-2-3.

Santino Marella & David Otunga defeated Colt Cabana & Luke Gallows when Otunga pinned Cabana with The Verdict in 0:12:16.
Rating: ** 3/4

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- Backstage, Brutus Magnus is shown walking through the hallway, and is approached by Chelsea. Magnus wonders what Chelsea wants, and whether or not AJ Styles knows where she is. Chelsea says that AJ and she aren't dating, and that their relationship is strictly business. She then says that she just wanted to see how Magnus was doing after his match against Styles last week. Magnus says he feels fine, and thanks Chelsea for her concern. Chelsea walks off as the scene pans out to reveal Rob Terry listening in from around the corner.

Rob Terry (w/Chelsea & Ric Flair) vs. Steve Corino (w/Shane Hagadorn)

One-half of the tag team champions was in action tonight, as Steve Corino took on the massive “Big Rob” Terry in singles action. During the introductions, Josh and Scott mentioned that Terry kept looking suspiciously at Chelsea as they were walking down the ramp. The match was very even despite the size difference between the two men. Corino was able to shock Terry - and the crowd - with a power bomb early on in the contest, but it seemed that having to deal with Terry’s size was weighing on Corino towards the end. Terry was able to take over the match, using his strength to further wear down the Tag Team Champion. During the match, MARTIN MALDONADO made his way down to the ring, making sure to stay out of the way of both Flair and Hagadorn. When Corino ducked a big boot from Terry, hitting a back elbow and making the cover, Maldonado slid inside the ring and attack Corino. The referee called for the bell, awarding the match to Corino.

Steve Corino defeated Rob Terry by disqualification in 0:09:45.
Rating: ** ¼
[Martin Maldonado interfered against Steve Corino.]

After the match, Kaz and Evan Bourne, Kurt Angle, and Eddie Edwards all rushed down to the ring as the crowd went crazy! Terry, Chelsea and Flair fled up the ramp, while the five men inside the ring started brawling. Edwards and Hagadorn pulled Corino out of the ring, letting the others continue the fight, as HWL Officials ran down to the ring. The officials separate the four men, who all stare at the ramp, where the Tag Team Champions stand on the stage, holding the Tag Team Titles in the air.

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Best of the Best Qualifying Match
Eddie Edwards (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle

In the final match before Sunday’s battle royal, these three men were fighting for the 15th and final entry spot. Edwards, Orton and Angle all won very brutal matches on their way to tonight’s main event; and with the anticipation building for what this match might become, they did not let the crowd in Honolulu down. Three very different styles were on display tonight. Edwards is a high-flyer, who uses his speed and agility to get the better of his opponents. Orton is a brawler, plain and simple. And, Angle is a world-class athlete who has had success on different levels throughout his career. This was Edwards’s first time being on this “stage”, with a former HWL Heavyweight Champion - in Angle - and a multi-time Champion in Orton; but they don’t call him “Die Hard” for nothing. Edwards was able to hold his own against the veterans, upping his game to their level tonight. But, the pressure felt by these three must have been too much for Edwards, as he soon found himself on the outside looking in as Orton and Angle turned the Triple Threat Match into a singles contest. Orton connected with an RKO, but Angle was able to get his foot on the ropes. After working his way back, Angle locked in the Ankle Lock on Orton, but Edwards broke it up, allowing the match to continue. Angle and Orton continued to work each other over, as Edwards and Hagadorn could only look on from the apron. Orton went for another RKO, but Angle reversed it, planting Orton with a DDT. Angle, again, went for the Ankle Lock. This time, when Edwards tried to break it up, Angle was ready, catching Edwards with an Angle Slam! Angle locked in the Ankle Lock on Orton, again, and fell to the ground, wrapping Orton’s leg, giving “The Viper” no option but to tap out!

[Triple Threat Match]:
Kurt Angle defeated Eddie Edwards and Randy Orton when Angle made Orton submit to the Ankle Lock in 0:32:34.
Rating: ¼
[Shane Hagadorn interfered against Randy Orton.]

After the match, Angle released the hold and rolled away from Orton, falling into the corner, as the crowd gave a standing ovation. Edwards and Hagadorn made their way up the ramp while the official checked on Orton. Josh and Scott said that the final order was set, and everything was in place for Sunday night. They thanked everyone for tuning in as Anarchy went off the air.

Card rating: *** ¼

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