February 07, 2011

Attendance: 5,373 (51%)

The closing moments from last week's episode are shown, as Abyss is able to escape an Angle Slam from the Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle. The clip ends as Angle mouths the words “this close”, and the scene goes black. “Headstrong” begins to play through the arena, fireworks shoot off from the stage, and the camera pans the crowd, who is cheering and waving signs in the air. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels welcome everyone to the Coliseum, and announce that tonight, Kyle O'Rielly will take on “The Pope” D'Angelo Dinero in a non-title match. Also, tonight, the first of three five-man battle royals will take place, to determine the entry order for the Best of the Best battle royal on February 27th.

“The Monster” Abyss makes his way to the ring, the crowd booing him all the way. He says he knows the fans are looking at him, and wondering what's wrong with him. He says he knows that he doesn't have the appearance of someone that should challenging for the Heavyweight Title, but that the crowd will never give him the credit he deserves, because they never have throughout his career. He says that he has been a former Heavyweight Champion; and that to be a champion, you must possess the ability to out-smart your opponent. Abyss says that last week, he began the process of working his way into Kurt Angle's mind. He says that Angle couldn't stand knowing that Abyss got the better of him, to start the show, and he wanted to get his revenge… only to have Abyss escape from the Angle Slam. Abyss says that he out-smarted Angle twice, in the same night. Abyss says that Angle did get “that close” last week, but that Abyss is more concerned with giving Angle the fight of his life at Best of the Best…

Before Abyss could continue, “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan made his way to the ring, also to a roar of boos from the crowd. Morgan says that he would make things short, before demanding that he face Cody Rhodes right now. Morgan blames Rhodes for costing him the Heavyweight Title at Brutality, and says that he is going to pay…

Peter Bradshaw makes his out to the stage, and says that Abyss will have the chance to give Angle the “fight of his life”, just as Angle will have the same chance, at Best of the Best. Bradshaw also says that he agrees with Matt Morgan, and that Cody Rhodes did play a significant part in him not being able to win the Heavyweight Title. Bradshaw says that he's signing the match out of fairness… not because Morgan is demanding the match. But, Bradshaw says, he's also into giving the fans what they want to say, announcing that tonight, Abyss and Matt Morgan will be teaming up to face Cody Rhodes and Kurt Angle in tonight main event. The crowd went crazy as Morgan and Abyss stare at each other. Bradshaw leaves the stage as “Anarchy” goes to commercials…

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(1) Eddie Edwards vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Very quick match, with Tatsu picking up the victory after hitting a Northen Lights suplex in under two minutes! After the match, Tatsu continued to assault Edwards, as the referee tried to intefere. Repeating his actions from last week, Tatsu turned his attention to the referee, who quickly fled the ring in fear. Edwards slowly rolled out of the ring as Tatsu started slapping his face, and screaming at the top of his lungs. Josh Daniels and Scott Michaels speculate as to what is making Tatsu act this way…

Yoshi Tatsu pinned Eddie Edwards after a Northern Lights suplex in 0:01:32.
Rating: **

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Coming back from the break, Alisha Hicks is seen with Sarita, who admits to laughing out loud at Natalya's challenge to her last week. Sarita says that Peter Bradshaw isn't the one that Natalya needs to come ask for a match. She stops herself, and says that Natalya doesn't even need to ask for a match, because Sarita wants to face Natalya… but, that Natalya will have to wait to have her match, at Best of the Best. Sarita apologizes to Natalya before walking away…

(2) Daffney vs. Michelle McCool

The newly crowned Women's Champion, Velvet Sky, came down to the ring for commentary before the match, and said that it was ironic that the women she beat, just a few weeks ago, is now the one challenging for the title at Best of the Best. McCool picked up the victory after Daffney pulled the referee in front of a clothesline attempt, getting herself disqualified. After the match, McCool grabbed Daffney, whipping her into the ropes, and connected with a big boot. McCool assaulted Daffney before sliding out of the ring, and telling Velvet, what she saw, is what she can expect to happen to her at Best of the Best. McCool left ringside, with Velvet fuming, as “Anarchy” went to commercials.

Michelle McCool defeated Daffney by disqualification in 0:11:26.
Rating: 1/2*

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The Hart Dynasty make their way out to the ring, as Anarchy returns from the break. Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith carry the Tag Team Titles over their shoulders, and Natalya walks behind them, clapping her hands, as they enter the ring. D.H. Smith says that he and Kidd heard the challenge issued by Skip Sheffield and Rob Terry last week. He says that The Hart Dynasty is looking for a fight, but he isn't sure if they're going to get it from them. Smith says that, as a member of the British Invasion, Rob Terry always came up short when he and Brutus Magnus challenged for the titles. He says that Skip Sheffield is just hoping to hold on to, what could be, his final chance to make a name for himself in the business. Smith says that Sheffield is one major injury away from watching his career go down the drain. Smith does concede that Sheffield and Terry beat them a few weeks ago, but says that he and Kidd always find a way to get the job done, when the belts are on the line… and that, at Best of the Best, that will not change.

Natalya then grabs the microphone and says that Sarita may think that she has the upper hand, waiting to face her at the pay-per-view, but that all she's doing is delaying the inevitable. The three of them leave the ring as “Anarchy” goes to commercials…

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(3) 5-Man Battle Royal

Kaz, Ted DiBiase, Mr. Anderson, AJ Styles, and Randy Orton were all introduced before the first-of-three battle royals to determine entry into the Best of the Best match on February 27th. Orton was a dominant force during the match, making the last three eliminations of the match; but he found himself having some trouble with Mr. Anderson at the end. Orton and Anderson battled in the ring for nearly 15 more minutes, jockeying for position to win the match. Anderson appeared to have won early on, when Orton hit the concrete, but it was seen that “The Viper” did not go over the top rope. The decision to start the match over again apparently took the wind out of Anderson's sails, as he was the victim of a low blow, and easily tossed over the top rope for the final elimination. After the match, Orton celebrated in the ring, as the crowd looked on in shock…

Randy Orton won a 5-man Battle Royal:
x Styles threw out Kaz after a spin kick in 0:02:24.
x R. Orton threw out Styles in 0:05:30.
x R Orton threw out DiBiase in 0:12:59.
x R. Orton threw out Anderson after a low blow in 0:26:04.
Rating: *** 1/2

Commercial Break

Backstage, Alisha Hicks is seen with Alex Shelley, who is slated to be in next week's five-man battle royal. Shelley says that he got what he wanted at Brutality: the chance to get his anger out against Randy Orton. He says that he came up a little bit short in that match, but that he can't let what happened stop him from obtaining a singles title in the near future. He says the quickest way to do that, is to win the battle royal at Best of the Best, and go on to face the Heavyweight Champion in March. Shelley says that all he hopes to do is have a good showing next week, and see where he winds up..

(4) Kyle O'Reilly vs. © D'Angelo Dinero (Non-Title Match)

Adam Cole made his way to the ring during the match, and on multiple occasions, interfered against the X-Division Champion. Cole's initial interference only hindered Dinero, but “The Pope” was able to fight his way back into the match. However, Dinero won the match, as Cole pulled the referee out of the ring during the three-count after Dinero hit the DDE on O'Reilly. The referee called for the bell as, inside the ring, Dinero began to scream at Cole. From behind, O'Reilly attacked “The Pope”, and Cole slid back into the ring, joining in on the assault. HWL officials rushed down to the ring, breaking up the attack, and escorting Cole and O'Reilly out of the ring. The referee tended to Dinero as Cole and O'Reilly celebrated their actions on the stage, to a roar of boos from the crowd.

D'Angelo Dinero defeated Kyle O'Reilly by disqualification in 0:18:45.
Rating: *** ½
[Adam Cole interfered against D'Angelo Dinero.]

Commercial Break

(5) Matt Morgan/Abyss vs. Cody Rhodes/Kurt Angle

With the on-going feud between these four men, the way this match ended was quite shocking. With Matt Morgan and Cody Rhodes brawling inside the ring, Abyss and Angle – the two legal men – made their way outside, where Abyss connected with a Black Hole Slam on the concrete, knocking Angle unconscious! Abyss rolled back into the ring and blindsided Rhodes as the referee counted Angle out. After the match, inside the ring, Abyss hit Rhodes with the Black Hole Slam, before Morgan connected with the Hellevator! Both men stood victorious, in the ring, as HWL officials rushed down to tend to both Rhodes and Angle.

Matt Morgan & Abyss defeated Cody Rhodes & Kurt Angle when Abyss defeated K. Angle by countout in 0:03:30.
Rating: ** ½

Card rating: ** 3/4

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